Kickstart Her Heart (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,496
8 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Small Town, MFMMMM, HEA]

Casey Lane isn't looking for romance. She has her career and her new life. She doesn't want or need a man right now. Her ex cheated on her and she can't let down her guard just yet. She gets asked out a lot but no one does it for her except her two kickboxing instructors, Brian and Luke McMurphy.

The two McMurphy brothers don't want any trouble or damsels in distress and she sure isn't either one of those things, or so she thinks. Then her ex appears and threatens her. Of all the men to be around when it happens, she's lucky it's her instructors brothers.

When the sparks fly between her and Brian, Luke, Quincy, Clint and Gus McMurphy, she insists that all is well and lets go, finally opening up her heart.

After losing her dad at an early age, Casey thought she picked the wrong first boyfriend. She did, but these five new lovers make her feel complete and nothing her ex can do will destroy that. She's in love and happier than she's ever been before but when things get out of hand, she must fight for her life to get back to her men for the happily ever after they all truly deserve.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Kickstart Her Heart (LoveXtreme)
8 Ratings (4.6)

Kickstart Her Heart (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,496
8 Ratings (4.6)
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“Are you going to make a move or are you and your brothers going to just stare at her all night?” Jackson asked Gus as they sat at a high top after their poker games and hung out while the women were all talking.

“What do you mean?”


“I don’t know her.”

“Brian and Luke do and that’s what having conversations are all about. Finding out things,” Jackson teased.

“Jackson, just because you robbed the cradle, don’t make the rest of us interested in doing the same thing,” Gus said and Jackson remained serious. He glanced toward Arianna, who was talking with her friends, Casey included, and the conversation looked serious. He wondered if Casey were confiding in them. He sure hoped so because he was concerned. She broke up with Mike Cosgrove a year ago, and the guy had some citizen complaints that he was over aggressive during arrests and traffic stops. He thought about Casey and what happened only a couple of nights ago. He was angry.

“Shit,” Gus said and leaned back in the chair and held Jackson’s gaze. “What do you know? What’s her trouble?”

“What do you mean?” Jackson asked.

“Jackson, we’ve known one another since we were kids. I know that look. She trains with Brian and Luke, and I saw her at the shooting range with Lt. this morning getting shooting lessons.”

Jackson firmed his lips. “It isn’t my place to give any information. She’s a sweet, gorgeous young woman, who has declined every single set of men who set their eyes on her.”

“Maybe she is seeing someone and they have a hold on her?” Gus said.

“Maybe, but I don’t think so. She works hard. She’s very classy and professional and is good people.”

“That you know of.”

“I’ve been doing this a long time.”

“Jackson, we don’t date, we don’t know her, and we aren’t interested.” Jackson nodded and the conversation was over.

* * * *

“I can’t believe he struck you. You must have been so scared,” Arianna said to Casey and squeezed her hand.

“I was shocked. God, I was just so numb, and I couldn’t understand why, after a year, and after he cheated on me, would he even do this,” she replied.

“Maybe he got jealous when that other guy, the cop he knows, was hitting on you. Obviously someone called him,” Olivia said.

“Maybe,” Casey replied.

“You can’t go back there, to your mom’s and Grammy’s. It’s obvious this guy has people watching you there,” Lea said with concern.

“I’ve thought about that, and I’ve come a long way, you know? Being independent, moving here to Fayetteville, having a great job and making great money, and some man, an ex no less, who was disrespectful isn’t going to make me live in fear,” Casey said to them.

“That isn’t too smart at all,” Magenta said and took a sip from her cocktail. Her friend was stunning and she held her gaze.

“We’ve seen enough trouble, and heard some stories about men who stalked their exes and the women wound up hurt or dead. You should press charges, or have the Sheriff make a call to the sheriff in Paris County and handle it legally. It will put your ex on notice and let him know you’re not taking any of his crap. In the interim you take your kickboxing classes, you go shooting at the range and you get good and comfortable with that gun, Casey. You learn to carry it with you and be confident. That ex comes sniffing around, you call the police and you be ready. Men like him, they push and push until they get what they want,” she said and they were all silent and Casey felt tears fill her eyes.

“What does he want from me? It’s been a year and he cheated on me. I moved on. I can’t even let my guard down to date anyone, and even as I considered it, this happens and I’m back to square one.”

“No you aren’t and you don’t need to be. You live your life and do what you want. You have all of us and the Sheriff, their men, and a shit load of other men that will help and protect you. That’s why this town is so great. You be smart and you take precautions,” Magenta added.

“She’s right. You should explore your options. Start with Brian,” Maria said and Casey gasped but the ladies all started cheering and laughing, drawing attention to them and Casey shook her head. She wouldn’t even tell them what happened today with Brian. As it was he was here, and so was Luke, their brother Gus, who was good looking and rugged, but even bigger than Luke and Brian. Add in the other two, who Olivia said were their brothers as well, and those two looked like killers. She definitely didn’t have a death wish. She was turning twenty-five in a couple of weeks, and those men looked older, experienced and like they could eat her up alive. She needed safe men, or perhaps to be alone and stay single a bit longer.




Quincy leaned back and gave her hip a tap as Clint lifted her up off of him and then lowered her down onto the other lounge chair. She ran her fingers through his hair as Clint continued a path along her lips and neck and then down to her breasts. He suckled hard and she caressed his muscles, making him feel crazy with need. He wanted her hands on his chest, his hips, his cock.

He released her breast with a pop and she gasped.

“Gorgeous,” Brian said and lowered down, cupped her cheeks and kissed her lips. Quincy went lower, kissed along her belly, licked and flicked her belly ring as she moaned and lifted her hips. He slid his palms along her thighs and then began to pull down her bottoms. She pulled from Brian’s lips.

“Quincy?” she questioned and looked around them.

“No one can see. We own a lot of acres of land, have the woods, the area blocked,” he told her as he slid her bottoms lower. He held her gaze and Brian kissed her again, then lowered to kiss her neck and breasts as Quincy slid her bottoms down to her ankles and lowered his mouth right to her cunt.

His heart was racing as he plunged his tongue into her pussy that was bare and pink, prepped for them. She wanted them as much as they wanted her. She was amazing and perfect as she moaned and then thrust her hips upward.

“That’s it, baby. You let go with us,” Brian said to her.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Outside,” she said and Luke chuckled.

“This will be one of many days and even nights like this, Casey. You come first, honey, always,” he said and as Quincy glanced up he saw Luke kissing her next. Brian moved down as Quincy alternated fingers and tongue into her pussy.

“You are so fucking wet and taste delicious. Taste her, Brian. We all need to,” he said and moved to the side and Brian took his place. His brothers stroked her cunt and lifted her thigh up over his shoulder.

She lifted her hips and Luke released her lips.

“You’re so responsive,” he said to her.

“She tastes incredible. Your body knows, Casey. Come for me. For all of us,” Brian said and she moaned and then cried out her release.

“Me,” Gus said and he took Brian’s place.

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