The Katzman Collection (MM), Volume 1

Katzman 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 116,565
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M] [Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M, HEA]
THE KATZMAN'S MATE: 30 years after his father, the High Ruler of Katzmann, was murdered, Commander Chellak Rai has finally returned to reclaim his birthright. What he finds is more than he expected or could ever have hoped for. 
DREAM MATE: Katzman Trajan found his mate when he rescued Saris from a pleasure slave training center, spiriting him off the planet in his ship. When they are attacked, they have to leave in the escape pod landing on a nearby planet. Now he just has to convince the doctor that they are mates before they are found.
PRIDE MATE: Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al'Abdalha couldn't forget Anjali or the time they spent together. If it hadn't been for the death of his father, Bogden never would have left his mate. And he knows Anjali is his mate. They dream together.
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Katzman Collection (MM), Volume 1
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Katzman Collection (MM), Volume 1

Katzman 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 116,565
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet




Vedek stomped up to the table and slapped an ownership disk down on the table. “Here! Is this what you wanted?”

Chellak picked up the disk and carefully went over the data. He handed it to Sorina for her consideration. “Is this everything I need for ownership of the brüter?”

Sorina read over the data as carefully as Chellak did before shaking her head as she handed the disk back to him. “No, while this is the correct data file, there is still the official certificate of ownership and the ring.”

Vedek huffed and puffed. “How dare you, you insolent slave. You will be severely punished for this, Sorina.”

Sorina stood up tall and proud as she could and she looked Vedek right in the face, defying his dictate of thirty years that said she couldn’t and smiled. “You can’t punish me, Vedek. I don’t belong to you anymore.”

“Oh, and you think your new master won’t punish you? He will, mark my words, he will punish you,” Vedek sneered.

“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong, Vedek. Chellak’s not my new master. He just freed me. I won’t be punished by anyone, certainly not you.” The astonished and outraged look on Vedek’s face was almost worth the last thirty years…almost. Taking the brüter from him would be the icing on the cake.

“Now, Vedek, I believe that Matriz Sorina said something about an official certificate and a ring of ownership? Please hand it over to her.”

“To her? Why would I give it to her?”

“Because I am putting Matriz Sorina in charge of the brüter.”

Vedek shot glares of hatred at Chellak and Sorina. He dug out the official certificate of ownership out of his robes, tossing it on the table. Pulling the ring off of his finger, he tossed it down as well.

As guards escorted Vedek from the room, Sorina smiled bigger than she had in years. She turned to Chellak to thank him only to be surprised when he handed her the data disk, ownership papers, and ring.

“When you believe I am ready, Matriz Sorina, when you feel you can trust me, please return these to me. Until then, I leave the brüter safely in your hands. If anyone gives you any problems about it, come to me and I will take care of it.”

“I believe you’re ready now, Chellan Rai,” she stated as she handed everything back to him. She nodded to the small group of people on the other side of the room.

Chellak turned to the small group, surprised when their ranks divided to reveal a small figure in a white hooded cape. The small figure came forward several steps before stopping in front of Sorina.

“Chellak Rai, I give you the brüter, Demyan. Demyan, you’re new master.”

The small figure dropped to his knees before him and small delicate hands reached up to lower the hood, revealing the exquisite man beneath.

Chellak felt the world drop out from beneath his feet at the sight of the beauty before him. As one of the katzmen race, he immediately knew he looked at his future, his mate.

The brüter was small and delicate looking, his features fine boned, and nearly pearly white. He couldn’t have been more than 5’4” and maybe 125 pounds. A soft white leather shirt stretched over his chest, white leather pant covered his legs. A long, white blond braid fell nearly to his knees.

Chellak felt the blood in his body begin to boil at the site of the young man. He had never seen anyone so perfect in his life. The smell of delicate moonflowers and summer rain filled his nostrils to overflowing. His cock thickened in his tight leather pants.

But the scent of fear overshadowed his pleasure and brought Chellak back to reality. The small man kneeling before him, head bowed, was terrified. His submissive behavior provoked Chellak’s possessive instincts, while his vulnerability called forth his protectiveness.

He had an overwhelming need to take the fear from the small man, protect him from the world, and to possess him for himself. Chellak had never felt anything like it, ever. It was all he could do to not pull the delicate man into his arms and spirit him away.

The little man still would not raise his head to look at him. Chellak looked over at Sorian, confused by the man’s presence. She had said that this beautiful man was the brüter. But how could that be?

“Sorina? I don’t understand. He is the brüter? I thought it was a jewel or something. Not a man.”

“In his own way, he is the most precious of jewels. And now you are his master. He belongs to you,” she smiled indulgently as if she knew something he did not.

“Belongs to me? Sorina, I can’t be his master,” he said disgusted at the thought of owning another person, but unable to deny that joy filled him at the thought of having this beautiful creature to himself. “I’m trying to outlaw slavery, not encourage it. How can I possibly do this to him? Wouldn’t it be easier if I just set him free?”

“You can’t. He can never be set free. It is a condition set down by his original owner. He has to have a master. If you don’t take him, Vedek can reclaim him. Why do you think he gave in so easily? He knows you agreed with the Federation to outlaw slavery. He’s counting on that.”

“What in the hell am I supposed to do with him?”




Walking quietly across the room he knelt down at Chellak’s feet and grabbed his arms, pulling them away from his strained face. Knowing it was wrong for him to do so, he looked up at Chellak, reaching up with his hand to smooth back the hair at his temple.

With his fingers, he gently caressed his cheeks, trying to wipe away the lines of stress. Feeling slightly brave, and a little reckless, Demyan leaned up and gave Chellak a gentle kiss on his lips. He was totally unprepared for Chellak’s reaction to his kiss.

Strong arms wrapped around him and pulled him flush against Chellak’s naked chest. Chellak’s mouth plundered his, his tongue sweeping in to brush against his. Hands reached under the blanket and roamed over his naked flesh.

Demyan barely registered it when Chellak picked him up and carried him into the bedroom to lay him down in the middle of the bed.

Chellak pulled the blankets completely off of Demyan and crawled over to lie between his legs. His lips reclaimed Demyan’s as he pushed his cock against his.

Chellak groaned as he felt his hard cock press against Demyan’s naked flesh. The warmth of his skin against his, the soft feel of Demyan’s body…it all aroused Chellak to a fever point. He had to have him. He couldn’t stop himself this time. He didn’t want to stop himself. He had to claim his mate.

Using one sharp claw, he sliced a small cut in his chest just above his heart. He rolled onto his back and pulled Demyan’s lips to his chest, holding his mouth against the cut. “Take it, beautiful, drink from me,” he ordered, groaning when Demyan began sucking at the small wound.

“Gods…yes…Demyan…” He groaned as he felt his release coming closer. He pulled Demyan from his chest. Rolling him back under his body, Chellak sank his teeth into the soft skin between Demyan’s neck and collarbone, growling at the sweet taste of his mate.

Licking the small bite closed he reached into the small basket beside the bed and grabbed a small bottle of oil. Pouring a small bit on his fingers, he reached down to rub them against Demyan’s tight hole.

As he softly bit down on Demyan’s nipple, he inserted one finger, moving it around, stretching him until he could add a second finger, then a third. All the time he licked and nipped Demyan’s soft skin.

When he felt that the tight skin around his fingers was stretched enough to not hurt, Chellak lifted his hips until his cock pushed against Demyan’s hole and pushed his hips slowly forward until he felt his balls press against Demyan’s ass. The feeling of Demyan’s tight heat wrapped around his hard cock was pure ecstasy.

Grabbing Demyan’s legs with his hands he wrapped them around his waist and held them there as he rocked his hips against him. He thrust into Demyan as deep as he could go before pulling out until just the tip remained, then thrust forward once again.

His mind a haze of passion, Chellak hammered himself into Demyan until his cock erupted. His back arched up as he roared out his release, the knot at the end of his cock extending to lock him into place, filling Demyan with his seed.

He had never experienced the katzman’s knot before but as his orgasm continued with each pulse of his cock, he was eternally grateful for it. It was something only to be shared with one’s mate, reinforcing his knowledge that Demyan was his.

Demyan watched in awe as Chellak came, his head thrown back, the muscles in his neck tightened, and his jaw clenched tight. He couldn’t remember ever seeing a more beautiful sight.

He was bewildered as to why he felt that way until Chellak collapsed on top of him, his head buried in Demyan’s neck. Chellak’s tongue occasionally licked the small bite there, sending electrical shocks throughout his body with each swipe of his tongue.

Just when he started to get uncomfortable with Chellak’s weight, he rolled to his back pulling Demyan with him.

“Sleep, beautiful,” Chellak murmured quietly as he pulled the blankets up over the both of them. He tucked Demyan’s head under his chin. His hands gently stroked Demyan’s back and hair.

Demyan closed his eyes, too tired to figure out what had just happened. He would worry about it in the morning. Right now, all he wanted to think about was how good Chellak’s arms felt around him, how safe he felt for the first time in years.




Saris stared at the magnificent man standing before him with a bit of awe. He vaguely remembered him, but he didn’t know where he remembered him from. Noting the rising bulge in the man’s pants, he wondered if they were lovers.

“Do I know you?” Saris asked.

After a small hesitation the man nodded. “We’ve met.”

“Are we lovers?” Well, he had to ask.



“Are we going to be lovers?”

“I kind of hoped for a little more than that,” the man replied, an easy grin playing across his lips.

Saris took another step into the room. “More?” Oh, he could definitely see them doing a lot more, but right now, he just wanted to get down to the lover part, plain and simple. He took another step, grinning when the man mirrored his action.

“Just what did you have in mind?” Saris asked. He could feel his pulse speed up. He had a lot of things in mind, but he wanted to be sure that the man before him thought the same thing.

Just when Saris thought the man might take hold of him, he suddenly stepped back, a stoic look dropping down over his face. Saris became confused, not quite understanding the small ache the look gave him in the pit of his stomach.

“How are you feeling?”

“Feeling?” Saris repeated absently. He couldn’t explain how he felt. Too many emotions spiraled through him for him to even pick one to concentrate on. Having suppressed his emotions most of his life, the emotions filling him bewildered him.

“You’ve been drugged,” the man supplied.

“You drugged me?” Saris gasped.

The man quickly shook his head. “No, no, I would never drug you, I swear. You were already drugged when I found you. I’ve just been waiting for the effects of the drugs that they gave you at the Vergnügen Center to wear off.”

“The Vergnügen Center? What in the hell was I doing at the Vergnügen Center?” A spurt of hungry desire spiraled through Saris when the man’s face flushed. He couldn’t believe how incredibly hot that looked.

“I went to Elquone to find a doctor for my commander’s mate. He’s a brüter and due to give birth any day. Your High Ruler offered me your contract so that you could accompany me back to Katzmann but—”

“You bought my contract?” Saris’s desire of a moment before went up in flames as he realized that he stared at his new master. His greatest fear realized. He had been sold to another, never to have a will of his own again.

“No!” The man exclaimed his objection so forcibly that Saris took a step back. A part of him was shocked at the man’s denial. Another part felt almost insulted. Did he lack something that made this man not want him?

“So, if I don’t belong to you,” Saris asked, holding the sheet against his body with one hand, the other hand landing on his hip, “then what in the hell am I doing here?”

“I can explain.”

“Then start explaining,” Saris replied sharply. “And it had better be good.”




All of the blood in Trajan’s head seemed to drain down and pool in his groin at Saris’s husky words. While his cock seemed to always be hard around Saris, now it ached, needing his mate.

“Sari,” Trajan groaned.

He knew this conversation with Saris was important, that they had a lot of things that they needed to work out. He just couldn’t quite remember exactly what they were. The only thought that made sense to him at that moment was feeling Saris’s naked body pressed against his.

Trajan’s hands went to the hidden zipper on Saris’s bodysuit. He worked the zipper down slowly until his knuckles brushed against Saris’s abdomen. He chuckled when he heard Saris moan, glad that he wasn’t the only one aroused.

He placed one hand on each of Saris’s shoulders and pushed the bodysuit off his shoulders and down his body, baring Saris’s naked skin inch by glorious inch. With the bodysuit down around Saris’s waist, his arms still trapped in the sleeves, Trajan knelt on the ground in front of him.

“This is where the fun begins,” he said just before he pushed the bodysuit down enough to free Saris’s cock. Impressed, Trajan growled as it bounced up and nearly hit him on the chin. It was a beautiful cock.

Trajan leaned forward and blew across the purplish head, feeling the long shudder that passed through Saris’s body. He glanced up. Saris had his lips caught between his teeth, his eyes closed tight.

“You ever have someone take your cock into their mouth before?” When Saris rapidly shook his head, Trajan chuckled. “Then you’re going to love this.”

Trajan leaned forward again and licked the drop of pre-cum gathering on the head of Saris’s cock. He wasn’t surprised the delicious taste of Saris mirrored his sweet scent. He licked again and again, savoring each taste.

Finally, he wrapped his lips around the tip and swallowed all of Saris’s cock. His hands gripped Saris’s hips as he began moving his head back and forth, lavishing Saris’s length with his tongue.

He could hear Saris above him whimpering and crying out every time he moved up or down. It spurred him on to do more. As he continued to suck the cock in his mouth he grabbed the bottle of oil he began carrying this morning out of his pocket.

Quickly lubing his fingers, Trajan moved his hand between Saris’s legs. He pushed against him with his shoulder, encouraging Saris to spread his legs. It worked. Saris spread his legs enough for Trajan to reach between them and find his hole.

He sucked Saris’s cock into his mouth at the same moment he pushed his finger into Saris’s puckered hole. Saris cried out above him. Trajan began a slow rhythm of moving his finger in and out of Saris at the same time he sucked his cock up and down.

Trajan wanted Saris so far gone that he would be thinking of nothing but Trajan fucking him. After a few minutes, Trajan added another finger. Saris started bucking his hips. Trajan moved faster.

A third finger made Saris’s legs tremble. His cries had turned into one long continuous whine. Needing to feel Saris wrapped around him immediately, Trajan pulled his fingers from him and grabbed the edges of his bodysuit with both hands, ripping it down his body.

Trajan didn’t care if it tore. He’d replace it. Right now, having Saris naked was more important. Getting to his feet, Trajan lifted Saris up in his arms. He pulled on Saris’s legs until he got the idea and wrapped them around Trajan’s waist.

“You ready for me, Sari?” Trajan asked, his voice sounding unsteady even to him.

“Yes, gods yes, I need to feel you in me,” Saris groaned. “I need you to claim me.”




“I’ve found him.”

“Him?” Hassan asked, arching an eyebrow curiously. “Who him? Could you be more specific, brother?”

“My mate,” Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al’Abdalha said simply as he looked across the table at his brothers. He folded his hands together to keep from drumming his fingers anxiously on the table as he waited for his brothers’ responses.

“Many blessings upon you, brother,” Urik said, pounding on Bogden’s back so hard he grunted and fell forward. Urik was strong, the strongest of all the brothers physically. The man could crush someone if he wasn’t careful.

Bogden was just grateful that his brother never challenged him for leadership of their pride. Urik might win. Luckily, he said time and time again that he didn’t want the mantle of leadership. He much preferred not being in charge of the pride—just himself.

“Thank you, brother,” Bogden said after righting himself.

“So, where is he?” Hassan asked as he plopped down in a chair across the table from Bogden. He looked excited, but not as excited as Bogden felt that he could share this news with his brothers. “When do we get to meet him?”

“That part is not so easy.” Bogden grimaced. “I do not believe he knows we are mates.”

“He doesn’t know?” Hassan asked. “How can that be? A mate always knows.”

“He’s not a Katzman.” Bogden grimaced as he watched the surprise and shock on his brothers’ faces as he imparted that bit of information. “I found him when I was in service to the High Ruler. Anjali is from Elquone, like Commander Chellak Rai’s mate.”

Bogden couldn’t help but smile as he remembered the sexy little man he’d discovered while on a rescue mission with Commander Rai. He’d known the moment he spotted Anjali inside the cave that they were meant to be together.

“Ashu!” Urik swore softly. “You really know how to make things complicated, don’t you?”

“What are you going to do?” Hassan asked.

“Offer a contract for him?” Bogden asked. He hated the idea of offering a contract for his mate, but he couldn’t think of any other way to get the man now that Anjali had returned to his home planet of Elquone. “What else can I do?”

“Meet him?” Hassan asked.

“We’ve already met, Hassan. We rescued Anjali along with Trajan and Saris after they crashed on that deserted planet.” Bogden grinned proudly. “Anjali is the one that knocked Toc Jerell on his ass.”

“Then ask him if he’s even interested in being with you. Get to know him a little better.”

“And if he says no?” Urik snapped. “You know what will happen to Bogden if he’s denied his mate, his mayht. Is that what you want for him?”

“No, of course not, but…” Hassan shook his head.

“I will have my mate, Hassan.”

“Isn’t there just some way you can—I don’t know…” Hassan waved his hand absently in the air, “work him into it slowly or something? Do you really have to purchase his contract?”

“Hassan!” Bogden snapped then immediately regretted it when his youngest brother’s head dropped forward. “Look, Hassan,” he said, calming his voice and his facial features, “I promise to give him whatever time I can, but now that I know he is out there, I can wait no longer to claim him.”

He really didn’t need Hassan’s agreement to claim his mate. It was an instinctual imperative to claim a mate once that person had been found. Bogden could no more deny that natural part of himself than he could stop breathing. Anjali was his.

It helped that Bogden had recently been appointed the Shaikh of the Leonid Pride upon his father’s death. Bogden now ruled all of the Province of Leonidia as his father had done before him. His word was law and final. Still, it made things easier to have his brothers’ agreement and support.

“So, will you help me obtain my mate?” Bogden asked hopefully as he looked across the large wooden table at his brothers. They nodded their heads. “All right, I’ll have Yasir get the ball rolling first thing in the morning.”

“What if he says no, Bogden?” Hassan asked.

“Why would he? I’m offering him a good life here. As my mate, he’ll help me rule our people. He’ll be the Hahyda, the heart of our pride.”

“I don’t know, Bogden.” Hassan shrugged. “It all seems so cold and calculating to me. I mean, come on, a contract? Weren’t those outlawed by the Federation of Planets? Look at all the trouble Chellak Rai went through when he had a contract with his mate. He almost went to prison.”

“Hassan,” Bogden said, “you know I don’t have any other choice. I need my mate. As for the contract, that is what is needed to bring Anjali to our province. I figure if we complete the mating ceremony when he arrives, then no one can say anything.”

“I know. I just feel bad about—”

“Hassan, things are still precarious on Katzmann. You know that,” Bogden said. “Our life here is dangerous even without the interference from the Federation of Planets. I have to bring Anjali here as fast as I can and complete the mating before his contract is sold to someone else. I don’t have time to romance him.”

“Yeah, but it’s like you’re buying him. Why can’t you just get to know him first? Isn’t that what normal people do?”

“Hassan, we are not normal people.” Bogden chuckled.

“No, I guess not, but this still feels wrong.”

“Once I get Anjali here and complete the mating ceremony, I’ll make sure that there is nothing that he wants for. If he’s anything like most people I know, he’ll be in heaven.”

“If you say so,” Hassan grumbled. “But I still don’t like it.”

“Would you rather I didn’t send for him?” Bogden asked, his voice hardening with aggravation. Everyone knew what would happen if Bogden didn’t have his mate now that he’d found him. The separation would drive Bogden insane.

“No, but—”

“Look, let’s just do this, and we’ll deal with the fallout after he’s here, okay?” Urik said, looking between the brothers.

“Urik.” Hassan laughed. “Ever the voice of reason.”

“Bite me!” Urik snarled, making Hassan laugh even harder.

“Okay, I’m going to go talk with Yasir. I’ll be back in a little while,” Bogden said as he stood to his feet. He could barely stop himself from rolling his eyes at his brothers. They were always arguing with each other.

Maybe it came from growing up together, but he knew neither of them would hurt the other or him. They were brothers, with Bogden born first, then Urik, and last, Hassan.

They were also closer than he believed most brothers were. Bogden knew that his brothers would do anything for him, just as he would for them. Needing his mate wasn’t going to change that. Bogden wouldn’t let it.




“My mayht, how I’ve missed you.”

A small cry fell from Anjali’s lips, and he arched into the air when Bogden began planting small kisses over his heated skin. Anjali panted heavily, aching with need. He felt this way every time Bogden touched him—lost, out of control. Only Bogden seemed to be able to keep him together.

He never dreamed Bogden’s hands would feel so warm, so gentle. The man was a warrior. He wielded a sword, fought for Commander Chellak Rai. He had trained most of his life to fight by the commander’s side. His demeanor, his larger-than-life size, and even the life he had lived, belied the gentle touches he bestowed on Anjali’s body.

“Bogden!” Anjali cried out when the man’s teeth nipped at him. A moment later, Bogden’s tongue soothed the small bite before moving on to more skin. Bogden’s hands were not idle, either, caressing Anjali and slowly driving him out of his mind. Anjali didn’t even have the brainpower to form a thought. All he could do was lie there and soak up the pleasure shooting through his body.

“Touching you brings me such pleasure, mayht.”

Anjali wanted to answer, to tell Bogden he felt the same, but his thoughts fragmented as Bogden’s hands and lips continued their hungry exploration of his body. Every little touch made his body tingle.

Anjali’s breath hitched in his throat when Bogden’s hands gently moved over his distended stomach. He glanced down quickly, worried that Bogden would be repulsed by the changes in his body. The last time they had been together, Anjali had been slim, beautiful. Now, he felt huge, and it would only get worse over the next two months until their child was born.

He was shocked when a serene, prideful smile crossed over Bogden’s lips as he looked down at the large bump. He gently ran his hands over Anjali’s skin, grinning wider when the baby gave a small kick.

“He’s a strong one, mayht. He will make a fine warrior.” Golden eyes suddenly glanced up at Anjali, making him inhale softly at the intensity he could see in their depths. “Thank you, Anjali, for giving me this gift.”

“Y–you don’t think I’m ugly now?”

“I’ve never seen you look more beautiful, mayht. This child that we created together is the proof of all we mean to each other. For you to carry him, to give life to that child…” Bogden shook his head. “Entya haby, entya hyety, entya a’lhabby.”

Anjali frowned. “What?”

“It means you are my love, you are my life, you are my heart.” Bogden grinned then leaned down to place a gentle kiss on Anjali’s belly. “You are my mayht.”

Anjali opened his mouth to reply, not sure of what he was going to say, but his breath came out in a long, surrendering moan instead. Bogden had moved farther down his body, licking and kissing his fevered skin.

A spurt of hungry desire spiraled through Anjali when he felt Bogden’s mouth take him in. Bogden’s tongue slowly caressed the head of Anjali’s cock, licking each inch, the slit in the top, then down under the edge of the head before Bogden swallowed him down to the root.

Anjali and Bogden had spent a lot of time in bed together back on Katzmann before the man disappeared. They had tried a lot of different things, experimenting with what they both liked and what aroused them both, but in all that time, Bogden had never sucked Anjali’s cock. The feeling was mind-blowing.

Anjali started to arch into the air, wanting to push more of his cock into Bogden’s mouth, until he felt two slick fingers sink into his ass. Anjali suddenly didn’t know what to do—push up and into Bogden’s mouth or push back and impale himself on Bogden’s fingers.

Bogden took care of that indecision for Anjali when he started sucking on the cock in his mouth and shoving his fingers in and out of Anjali’s ass all at the same time. Anjali went into sensation overload. The soft moans falling from his lips became louder and louder with each motion until he was letting out one loud cry.

“Bogden, please!”

“Okay, mayht, roll onto your side.”

Anjali was all too eager to comply. He rolled onto his side then felt Bogden move up and settle down behind him. Anjali glanced over his shoulder, curious as to what Bogden’s plan was until Bogden lifted his leg in the air and moved closer.

He couldn’t control his outcry of delight. His eyes fell closed and his head dropped back when he felt Bogden’s long, hard cock start to sink into his ass. There was nothing in the world that felt as good as Bogden fucking him. Nothing.

“Open your eyes, mayht,” Bogden said, his voice sounding rough and thick. “I want to see you when I take you.”

Anjali opened his eyes and turned to look at Bogden again. His breath hitched, his hands clenching in the blankets beneath him as Bogden filled him. Bogden’s golden eyes darkened to a deep amber color, their intensity almost too much to look at. Anjali suddenly knew he wasn’t just being fucked—he was being consumed, and he was helpless to stop it. He didn’t want to stop it.

“My mayht,” Bogden whispered. “My beautiful mayht.”

Passion inched through Anjali’s veins as Bogden began to move slowly, gently. Each thrust was measured, made to give the most pleasure possible. As gentle as Bogden was being, Anjali could see the cost of the man’s control in his eyes and feel it in the clench of Bogden’s hand on his hip.

“I won’t break, Bogden.”

“I will not bring harm to you or our child,” Bogden bit out through his clenched teeth. “I will love you in my way.”

Anjali wanted to argue, but he was too caught up in the sensations produced by the feeling of Bogden’s cock filling him over and over again. When Bogden’s hand wrapped around his cock and started stroking him, Anjali knew he wouldn’t last long. He was too close to the edge.

Passion pounded through Anjali. He couldn’t catch his breath. The pleasure, building at an alarming rate, was pure and explosive. Anjali felt like he was going to fragment at any moment.

“Come for me, my own,” Bogden whispered in Anjali’s ear. “Come for me, mayht.”

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