Not a Fairy Tale (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,649
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Romance, M/M, HEA]
Preston Joseph Claymoore is a commoner. Lawrence Arthur Pennington is the Crown Prince of Trouvania. After a misunderstanding, Preston ends up disliking Lawrence. He's surprised when Lawrence pursues him with thoughtful gifts and corny messages. They clear the air between them and go on discreet dates due to Lawrence's status.
Everything goes smoothly for a while, but right after they announce their dating status, Preston finds himself embroiled in a scandal. A fellow nurse holds a press conference on national TV, accusing him of alleged inappropriate behaviors while performing his job in the pediatric ward at the hospital. He's suspended pending further investigation. Not only does he worry about his financial obligations, there's also the possible falling out with Lawrence. The future monarch of Trouvania will not want to be attached to someone like him.
Will the scandal spell the end of Preston's relationship with Lawrence? Or will they stick together and get to the bottom of it?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Not a Fairy Tale (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Not a Fairy Tale (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,649
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Lawrence could feel his heart pounding against his chest as he stole discreet glances at the beautiful man seated across the dining table right in front of him. He had lusted after some men, both in real life and on TV, but he never thought that an angel would fall from the sky and enter his life, wreaking havoc to his cool, public demeanor and making him feel like a teenage boy who was about to lose all of his control. He gripped the utensils a little tighter in his hands and forced a small smile on his face when Preston suddenly looked straight into his eyes.

His heart sank in disappointment when Preston scowled at him. A wave of utter humiliation washed through his entire being, but it was thanks to years of ingrained breeding that he didn’t jump up to wipe that cursed expression off Preston’s gorgeous face with his fist. For some unknown reason, his heart ached at the rejection. As a result, he couldn’t remember much of the conversations by the time dinner was over. He participated in the idle chats among his parents, Mrs. Claymoore, and Preston once every few minutes, but he wasn’t sure if he succeeded in fooling them. He was startled when Preston grabbed onto his left wrist and halted him from following his parents and Mrs. Claymoore out from the dining room toward the smaller living room next door.

“I need to talk to you.”

He attempted to hide his discomfort by smiling at Preston, but he almost winced when he caught his reflection on the glass wall. There was an ugly sneer on his face. Preston glared at him, which only served to fuel his own anger.

“You may speak.”

He sighed under his breath when Preston gritted his teeth and leaned in closer toward him. He raised one hand to signal to his bodyguards to stand back. He didn’t believe that he was in any danger at all. Besides, he had to admit that Preston looked even more attractive when the man was furious.

“Your Royal Highness,” Preston spat out. He covered the remaining distance between him and Preston. Now, the two of them were pressed against each other chest to chest. He could feel his arousal burning deep within his guts when Preston pushed back against him in retaliation. “You may dislike me as much as you want. You may even ignore me. I don’t know what your issue is with me. However, my mother has done nothing to warrant that kind of treatment from you.”

“I’ve been polite toward—”

“No, you haven’t,” Preston interrupted him. No one ever dared to cut him off midsentence, except for his parents. Thus, he was rather shocked. “You’ve been cold and rude toward my mother throughout dinner. Frankly, she doesn’t deserve your discourteous attitude. I suggest that you start making up for it by being more friendly toward her.”

He scoffed at Preston and leaned his face even closer. “Or what?”

“I’ll fuck up your face so horribly that no cosmetic surgery will be able to fix it.”

“Is that a threat?”

“It’s a promise.”

He snickered at Preston’s audacity. “I have bodyguards. You need to go through them first.”

“Too chicken to dirty your hands? Are you terrified that I’ll beat you to a pulp?”

He clenched his fists on the side of his legs. “Don’t test me.”

“Just a friendly reminder.” Neither of them uttered a single word after that, but they didn’t back off either. A few minutes later, Preston took a couple of steps back before patting his chest and pretending to adjust his shirt collar for him. “Hope that we’ve come to a mutual understanding between us. I’ll be in the living room, Your Highness.”

Preston bowed and strode out from the dining area. He admired that perky butt and groaned softly. He was aware that his mother arranged for the impromptu dinner in order to set him up with Preston. He was pissed off earlier. Now that he had the opportunity to interact with Preston, he was grateful to his mother. Preston was good-looking, and the man’s body, even covered by those damn loose clothes, was most likely the type that he liked. Most importantly, Preston refused to submit to him in spite of the disparity in their status. He grinned to himself as he headed toward the living room. He was going to make Preston his. Sooner rather than later, Preston would beg and plead for his cock. He was going to sheath his dick inside Preston’s sexy ass. He would breed the man with his cum. He and Preston belonged together. There was no doubt about it.




“May I taste your cock?”

Lawrence groaned and nodded. He had no idea how he ended up lying down on his back on the mattress. He had been kissing Preston as the two of them stripped each other’s clothes off one piece at a time. He was certain that he had also been licking and biting Preston’s neck and nipples, leaving marks all over the man’s smooth skin as he made his way down until he could take that hard leaking cock into his mouth. He had succeeded in driving Preston insane with lust and desperation as he swallowed the man’s large cock all the way down his throat. Preston had even begged him to slow things down, but he yearned to taste his lover’s cum. Hence, he sucked on Preston’s cock even harder, bobbing his head up and down with more vigor.

The next thing he knew, Preston had somehow managed to pull him up by yanking on his hair and switching their positions. Now, he was at the mercy of his lover’s talented tongue. His dick hardened further as the memory of Preston manhandling him with such ease filled his mind. There was something arousing about Preston overpowering him. After all, he wasn’t exactly a lightweight. His muscles were firm and bulky. He knew that Preston was muscular, but his boyfriend was much lighter than him. He didn’t know where Preston acquired the strength to throw him down onto the bed so effortlessly, but it was turning him on like crazy. It made his blood boil the more he thought about it.

Not that he could do too much thinking. Preston was nuzzling against his perineum and suckling on his balls one after the other. His lover was skillful and determined, licking on his ball sack like a madman possessed. He rumbled deep inside his throat and tried to grab Preston by the hair, but the man caught his hands and forced them back down onto the mattress. He struggled to break free, but Preston retaliated by pushing down much harder. He noticed the muscles on their arms straining. He could even feel the sweat beginning to form all over his body from the exertion, but Preston was determined to torture him. He couldn’t move, so he gave up and let Preston continue with whatever the man wanted to do. Not that he didn’t derive any pleasure. Preston was an amazing lover, licking his cock up and down. At times, Preston would tease the underside of his cock head, flicking that awesome tongue over the sensitive spot over and over again.

“Don’t come yet,” Preston warned.

“Baby, please. You’re not being fair. I want to make you feel just as incredible,” he pleaded.

He watched in anticipation as Preston turned his ass toward him. He pulled those butt cheeks apart with his hands and admired Preston’s hole. It even winked at him. He growled and pressed his nose against it, sniffing and licking like a starving man. He tasted the earthy scent of Preston’s hole. He was determined to loosen Preston up as much as possible because he was aware of the size of his cock. He wanted Preston to yearn for him as much as he hungered for the man. An abrupt choking sound pulled him out of his reverie.

“Shit,” Preston muttered while coughing a little.

“Sorry, baby. I know that my cock is huge. You don’t have to deep-throat it. I’ll be more than satisfied if you just suck the head and maybe a bit of the shaft. I don’t think anyone can…fuck! Baby, what…”

He lay down in bed and savored the sensation. Preston was gripping the base of his hard cock real tight while taking it one inch at a time. He panted and gripped the bedsheet on either side of his body in his fists. His heart bumped against his chest. He was resigned to his fate. He didn’t think anyone would be able to swallow even half of his cock, but Preston was already more than halfway down its entire length. He groaned in disappointment when Preston moved back up.

“Fuck! Your cock is massive.”

“It’s…it’s okay, babe. I’m thankful that you even want to try. Hell. You’ve swallowed more than any of my previous partners. No one can take it all, though. You’re already the best.”

Preston glanced at him and gave him a challenging glare. “What’s my prize if I swallow your whole cock all the way down my throat?”

His heart thudded, but he managed to respond. “What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me hard. I like the sex to be brutal and rough. Make me scream.”

“But the pain—”

“It will fade away.”

He smirked at Preston. “That’s a win-win in my book. Go ahead, babe. Prove it.”

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