The Last Guardian (MM)

Appalachia 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,181
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, vampires, HEA]

Carrick’s been hunting for his mate for decades, and he finally discovers the man, Reuben, in a tiny town near the Appalachian Trail. Acting on impulse, Carrick, a vampire, kidnaps his beloved and then converts the poor man before Reuben can escape…or say no.

Reuben wakes up from the best sex of his life to find that he’s now dead—or undead—and mated to a vampire who has a lot to learn about courtship. Reuben begins to fall for the vampire, who is tasked with guarding the last gateway to the underworld. Reuben’s eyes are opened to a whole new universe, filled with demons and creatures he’s only heard about in fairytales.

Carrick and Reuben leave home to check on Reuben’s twin, the gateway’s seal is broken, and a bunch of demons are released into the forest. Reuben and Carrick are now in a battle to protect their home, and friends, from a power struggle between some unlikely foes.

A Siren Erotic Romance
The Last Guardian (MM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

The Last Guardian (MM)

Appalachia 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,181
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Reuben winced as he woke up, then stretched luxuriously, feeling refreshed and energized. He blinked his eyes open, staring around at his surroundings, looking at a ceiling that had actual tree roots poking through. The room he was in was large and well-appointed, with soft furnishings in gold and crimson. A couch and twin armchairs sat together in a half circle, around a large fireplace. Thick rugs adorned the floor, and large swathes of jewel-toned material hung from the ceiling in various places in an Arabian Nights kind of style.

Memories assaulted Reuben’s fuzzy brain, erotic and sensual and so fucking sexy. He felt hot just thinking about how his lover, Carrick, had made him feel. Reuben checked under the covers, to make sure his dick was still attached. After the fuckfest the night before, it wasn’t a sure thing. Reuben had never come so many times, so quickly, ever.

He gingerly touched his fangs, wincing as he pricked his finger by accident, then sucking on the wounded digit ruefully. He was a vampire. Carrick had told him the only blood he would touch was his mate’s, and while that made him feel a little uneasy, after the feelings that had ripped through him, he couldn’t really be sorry. He hated killing anything just for food, but sucking his mate’s body parts, while making love, was a whole different kind of feeding. One he planned to repeat, many times.

Sitting up, Reuben slid out of bed, screwing up his nose as he looked at the mess of cum staining the bed sheets, and his body. His skin felt itchy, and he needed to find a shower and wash it off. He loved sex, but the sticky aftereffects weren’t too pleasant. Padding naked on the thick floor coverings, he headed through a doorway, and out into a long corridor. Large tree roots jutted down from the ceiling, like pillars, spearing through the floor. Negotiating them, he found a doorway a little farther down, and peered inside the opening.

The room was beautiful, filled with a large pool, complete with a waterfall. Ferns adorned the walls, trickling down and growing in lush clumps. Reuben didn’t have a clue how they grew with no natural light, but they didn’t seem fake, so he shrugged off the puzzle. Looking around, he didn’t see anything resembling a toilet, then realized he didn’t need to pee, which was pretty unusual. He concentrated, trying to understand what was different about him. Touching a hand to his chest, he didn’t feel the beating of his heart, and his skin was cool to the touch. He flinched, thinking about what being a vampire meant. It meant he must be dead. Or undead, whatever the pc terminology was these days.

He wasn’t sure he liked that. He’d had no choice in the matter, and had been at Carrick’s mercy. There was his brother Rhett, who would be missing him like crazy. Reuben wasn’t sure how long he’d been gone, a day or two at the most, and he hated that Rhett would have been scared for him. He’d probably called the cops by now, thinking Reuben was dead. Which he was, technically. Reuben would have to go visit his brother, the only relative he had now, and try to explain things. He gave a half laugh. How did you explain that you were now a vampire, mated to a thousand-year-old vampire, who fucked like a dream, and had no Off switch? Reuben was well aware that Carrick had only stopped because Reuben pleaded for mercy. The big guy would have gone on for hours more if left to his own devices.

Shrugging, Reuben stepped into the pool, walking to the natural shower and sluicing the cool liquid over himself. He spotted an array of toiletries sitting on a shelf, and pampered himself by using a luxurious shampoo and conditioner, then scrubbed himself down with body wash. Stepping out, he tried out a body lotion smelling of citrus, smoothing the stuff into his skin after drying off, feeling much more hygienic and refreshed.

He wondered what he was supposed to wear, since he had only yesterday’s garments, which were dirty, to put on. Wrapping a thick, man-sized towel around his waist, Reuben wandered back to the bedroom, finding the anteroom which housed the biggest closet Reuben had ever seen. There was row after row of suits, T-shirts, trousers, and underwear, plus a smaller, separate chamber for shoes. Deciding that sharing his clothes was the least Carrick could do, Reuben chose a pair of sweatpants in charcoal gray and a white T-shirt and decided to stay barefoot for the moment.

“Glad you’re awake,” Carrick said from behind, and Reuben jumped in fright, then whirled to glare at his lover.

“If my heart was actually still beating, you’d have given me a heart attack,” Reuben said, finding the whole dead, undead thing decidedly weird. 




Reuben stared up at Carrick, his brown eyes soft and warm. Carrick eased his lover’s pants from him, then the T-shirt, both of which were covered in mud and gore and other unmentionables.

“I need a shower,” Reuben said softly, sighing when Carrick came to lie beside him.

“In a minute,” Carrick said, gathering Reuben close, and stroking his back and flank over and over, nuzzling his face into the softness of Reuben’s neck.

“Hmm, that feels good,” Reuben said, tilting his head to the side, allowing Carrick better access. “I was scared you wouldn’t reach me in time. Petula was a little more than I expected.”

“Yeah, she has issues,” Carrick replied dryly, nipping a trail down Reuben’s throat.

“I didn’t mind her too much, until she started eyeing me up as her next mate,” Reuben murmured, moaning as his cock was gripped in Carrick’s firm fist.

Carrick bit deeper into Reuben’s neck, sipping from his mate with delicate greed. “Baby, you have one mate, me. That’s all you need.” He lifted Reuben’s leg over his hip, positioned his cock, then slid into Reuben’s clenching hole, working his way deeper until he was fully sheathed.

“You’re all I need,” Reuben repeated, undulating against his lover, fucking himself on Carrick’s big dick.

“So fucking sexy,” Carrick snarled into Reuben’s neck, his fangs still embedded, holding Reuben in place. He tilted Reuben’s ass a little more, pumped his cock with his fist, and began to fuck him in earnest. Reuben clutched at Carrick’s back, raking his sharp claws down Carrick’s sleek back as the pace increased.

“Carrick,” Reuben whimpered, his back arching, his head lolling on the pillow. Flipping Carrick over, he lay full length atop his lover’s body, sliding up and down as Carrick drank from him. “I love you, Carrick. I didn’t think I did. I thought it was far too soon, but you’ve snuck into my heart. I need you.”

Carrick stopped feeding, entranced by his mate’s admission and disengaged his fangs, which allowed Reuben to sit up. Reuben began to ride his lover, writhing sinuously on Carrick’s cock, lifting up and down over and over, eyes closed and his expression full of carnal bliss.

Carrick watched the show, his love for his mate increasing tenfold. His little vampire had survived one of the worst demons in creation. Petula had spent millennia eating vampires, mating with vampires, and then murdering them in a truly evil manner when she was finished with them. She had her favorite prey, pixies and faeries being two, but she loved vampires. Reuben was one of the few who had escaped her clutches.

“I love you,” Carrick said aloud, seeing Reuben’s eyes open, their brown depths fixing on Carrick with love and tenderness.

“I know,” Reuben replied, smiling wickedly.

Carrick laughed, then flipped Reuben and lifted his legs over his shoulders. Reuben gasped out a laughing moan, clutching at the sheets when Carrick began to powerfuck him, snapping his hips so that their flesh met forcefully. Slapping against Reuben’s upturned ass, Carrick’s balls smacked his mate repeatedly.

“Yesss,” Reuben hissed, lifting his butt higher, his legs splayed wide. He shoved his ass back at Carrick on each in-stroke, grinding against Carrick and impaling himself harder. Carrick moved position, turning Reuben to his side, one leg raised high as Carrick scissor fucked him from behind, hard and fast. The new angle felt fantastic, Reuben’s tight hole clutching at Carrick’s cock, sucking him in, welcoming him greedily.

“Fuck, baby, your ass feels so good,” Carrick said approvingly, then came with a roar of satisfaction, spurting load after load into Reuben’s chute.

Reuben grunted, convulsing as his dick shot all over the bed, his ass tightening around Carrick’s cock as he came, as well. “Carrick,” Reuben growled, his face contorted with pleasure.

“I can’t get enough of you,” Carrick said, and pushed Reuben onto all fours. He felt his cock filling again, Reuben’s ass now wet with cum, and slid in and out, pounding fast and hard into Reuben, desperate to claim him over and over.

“Aaagh!” Reuben cried, head bowed as his ass was fucked into oblivion. “Claim me, vampire,” he demanded, his claws extending and ripping at the sheets. Carrick snarled viciously, lunging forward and sinking his fangs into Reuben’s neck, holding him in place, then came a second time, roaring out his triumph as he spurted into Reuben’s sweet body, flooding his hole with more cum.

“My turn,” Reuben hissed, shoving Carrick onto his back, then shoving his thick cock inside Carrick with little warning. Crying out, Carrick nearly came again, the pain and pleasure at the forceful penetration stunning his brain. He loved to be dominated, and Reuben wasn’t afraid to be a little rough. Carrick held on for the ride, letting his mate fuck him hard.

Reuben’s cock nearly split Carrick’s ass in two, slamming in over and over, leaving him dazed and whimpering in pleasure. With a harsh scream, Reuben came, overloading into Carrick’s hole with hot ropes of cum. Lifting Carrick’s thigh higher, he sank his fangs deep into Carrick’s firm flesh, which had Carrick coming for a third time, roaring out his pleasure yet again.

With a groan, the pair collapsed, Reuben falling onto Carrick with an exhausted chuckle. Carrick eased his mate up his body, then began kissing him with sensuous skill.

 “I love you, little vampire,” Carrick murmured. “You scared me last night. I thought I’d lost you.” He shuddered, closing his eyes against the memories that assaulted his brain.

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