Shadow Ministry: The Power of Three (MMMM)

The Ministry 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,015
14 Ratings (4.8)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, HEA]
Shay McIntyre finds that the universe holds all the answers to life, love and happiness in the form of three sexy mates who work for the mysterious Shadow Ministry. Mixtral, Rax and Kelvan offer Shay everything he’s ever wanted, having spent two thousand years searching for their síorghrá, their eternal love.  Their search leads them to Earth and the plump, ginger-haired, green-eyed siren who has spent years hiding in a job he loves surrounded by people he hates who belittle and bully him on a daily basis. 
Shay’s dilemma is simple…stay in a world that judges a person solely on their looks or head to the stars with three sizzling Shadow Ministers who are willing to give Shay their all. Seizing the opportunity, Shay heads off into the wilds of deep space, discovering the biggest adventure is giving his heart and soul and trust to his three lovers who are everything…and more.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Shadow Ministry: The Power of Three (MMMM)
14 Ratings (4.8)

Shadow Ministry: The Power of Three (MMMM)

The Ministry 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,015
14 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Shay wrenched the phone jack from the wall, refusing to pick up the wretched device after it began ringing incessantly the second he got home. Walking the five blocks to his comfortable apartment had not taken too long, but he had been drenched by the heavy shower that had swept in the second he stepped onto the street after leaving work for the last time.

Clad in comfortable pyjamas, hair loose and hanging in a fiery swathe across one shoulder, he lay on the wide couch with a bowl of his favorite cereal, crunching away as he watched television. A hot shower had chased the chill of his walk home, and his skin was still flushed a rosy hue half an hour later. The chill inside was a little harder to chase away. It would take a bit more than warm water to eliminate a lifetime of rejection, bullying, and mean-spirited people out for cheap laughs.

The television blared with some daytime chat show as he sat contemplating his miserable day. Tears began to well up again. The satisfaction of his little payback shot had faded the second he realized that revenge might be sweet in the short-term, but he had no clue what he was going to do next. He was not going back cap in hand to his former bosses. He was just terrified of being in a situation where his safety net was non-existent. He liked feeling secure, even if that security came at a price.

Heading off into the great blue yonder sounded great on a postcard, but he was a practical man. He knew he would not be happy traveling solo. He needed the security of having people around him, having a routine. He liked his little nest, where all his favorite foods and trinkets and books and “stuff” resided. Surrounded by things he loved, he was quite happy living the single life, enjoying the creativity of his job. Now he would have to explain to a series of future employers why he had quit his lucrative job with one of the top marketing firms in the country.

His chin dropped to his chest, the tears finally falling and trickling in a slow descent down cheeks the color of fine porcelain tinged with the palest pink. Freckles dotted across his nose clashing with the pinkish hue, which gave him a clownish look. He never cried well, his skin going all blotchy and red like an attack of hives.

The fire-burst of freckles was the bane of his beauty regime. Cleansing and moisturizing every day did nothing to lessen the sprinkling of little dots, and he refused to wear foundation. He might be gay, but there were limits. It didn’t mean he had to look like a girl, just that he liked to take care of himself. There were other freckles, hidden by clothing, but he had been teased mercilessly over the years about the ones on his face so didn’t dare advertize anymore. People could be so stupid.

He sniffed, grabbing a tissue from its box on the coffee table and blowing his nose hard. Wiping away the tears, he became vaguely aware that he was not alone, and blinked at the two men who stood blocking the television.

His eyes widened, drool pooling in his mouth as he studied the pair. He was vaguely aware he should probably be concerned that two large, muscular, and extremely handsome males were standing half-naked in his front room. His eyes roamed with intense concentration over every dip and curve and bulge. He tried hard to remember why he should be worried. His cock began to perk up, very interested, not concerned in the least.

Síorghrá,” one of the men said softly, his voice gravely and sending shivers of awareness across every nerve ending. He had shoulder-length hair tied in a ponytail, the color of sable, a rich deep brown that shone with reddish highlights. Eyes of a deep gold glittered as though they were lit by hidden flames. A mouth made for sin curved up in a sensuous arc, his features beautiful and exotic, his skin the color of a cup of latte.

His body was clad, partially, in a pair of loose-weave dark pants, his chest a broad expanse of naked, tanned skin stretched over a thickly muscled set of pecs, which rippled with each breath he took. Arms adorned with thick biceps, massively bulging, made Shay want to taste the curves with his tongue. Broad shoulders that were straight. Just above the waistband to the pants, his abdomen rippled with tight lines of muscle, arrowing down to disappear under the low-slung pants that displayed the thick rod beneath, leaving Shay with no doubt that this man was extremely well-endowed. Either that, or he was hiding a very large python down there.

The second male was of similar height, over six-and-a-half feet tall. His long hair was loose around his equally naked shoulders. A darker brown than the other guy, it was almost black with golden highlights. He wore a similar pair of pants, also had bare feet, and his body was one Shay could imagine spending hours sampling with his tongue. His eyes were the color of pewter, glinting with silver light. They were both simply beautiful specimens of manhood, smiling raptly as they stood there looking down at him.




In the blink of an eye Shay found himself naked upon the largest bed he’d ever seen. Forget king-size or even super king-size. This was fit for an emperor, plus entourage.

“What the…?”  He blinked, feeling queasy.

Kel grinned at the little fire-ball.

“Little one, we are talented in many areas, teleportation is just one of our skills.” He placed a kiss on Shay’s forehead.

“Next time, maybe you could give me a little warning? I think I might be sick.”  Shay did look a little green.

“I think our síorghrá needs some extra loving.”  Rax smiled wickedly.

“I think you’re wearing far too many clothes, guys.” Shay mocked them gently, grinning as he watched them exchange glances before, with a little wave of Kelvan’s hand, all three ended up as naked as he.

He blinked, startled.

“That’s something you don’t see every day.” He giggled, staring at three engorged cocks, each one impressively long and thick. His mouth watered, his cock tightening even more in anticipation. His hole clenched with need.

“I’ve never been with three guys at the same time before,” he said a little nervously, watching as their expressions softened despite their hungry gazes raking his naked frame. “I’ve only ever done oral.” Shay blushed in embarrassment, waiting for them to reject him for his inexperience.

“My love, you have no idea how that excites us, to know that we are the first to have that sexy little hole of yours,” Rax growled, palming his own cock and rubbing slowly along its length. Shay felt the hole in question clench again in expectation of being fucked silly. He couldn’t wait.

“I think I’d like another taste of your delicious cream, beloved,” Mixtral murmured, moving to lie on his stomach between Shay’s soft thighs. His fingers brushed against the damp thatch of hair, then he licked his fingers greedily. “Delicious.” With a lusty growl he dove in, opening wide to swallow the whole seven inches and driving Shay quickly out of his mind.

“I don’t think it’s fair that you’ve all tasted me, and I haven’t returned the favor,” Shay protested, the sound more of a breathy moan than a complaint.

“My love, we are more than willing to let you sample,” Rax growled, chuckling as he knelt beside Shay, his cock jutting urgently, the broad tip slick with pre-cum. Fisting the thick appendage, he brushed the tip along the crease of Shay’s soft lips, groaning as his sexy mate lapped at the dripping cock with a delicate tongue.

“Hmm, you taste so good. How about you Kelvan? Do you think I could taste you too?” Shay felt Kelvan move into position, straddling his chest, palming his cock, and offering it to him with a smile of delight. Shay felt his confidence growing in leaps and bounds as they responded beautifully to his demands.

His tongue darted out again, alternating between each deliciously tasty offering. His hands reached out, stroking along warm skin, exploring the ridges and valleys of the two virile hunks. Opening wider, he slurped the head of Kelvan’s cock, sucking on the spongy tip before seeing how much of it he could swallow. Gagging a little as it hit the back of him throat he felt gentle hands cupping his head, threading through his silken hair as Kelvan began to fuck with shallow thrusts into his mouth.

“My turn,” Rax declared breathlessly, watching the erotic sight eagerly. Kel withdrew, allowing Rax to slide his dick inside Shay’s delectable mouth. Instantly he sucked him in, his groan as he felt throat muscles working his cock head echoing in the large room. A series of shallow thrusts, then he switched with his lover again.

Rax cupped Kel’s head, holding his head as the pair fucked Shay’s mouth in turn. Mixtral continued sucking at Shay’s cock, his moans of pleasure mixing with the slurps and sucking sounds. Since Shay had already come twice, the build-up was slower in coming. He enjoyed the taste of his two sexy studs fucking his mouth, tag-teaming as they took turns sliding inside, holding his head gently in place, stroking his soft skin.

“Come for me, please,” he begged the pair, his fingers finding two heavy ball sacs, fondling the wrinkled orbs.

Kelvan let go a hoarse moan at the request, his hips bucking erratically before he spurted hot cream deep inside Shay’s hungry mouth. The load was so heavy Shay lost some, feeling as it dripped down his chin, his tongue peeping out to lap at the succulent fluid greedily. The sight of that pink tongue had Rax growling, moving into position, and driving inside the sexy lips, needing only a couple of strokes before he too came hard.

Shay whimpered, the smell of their seed like a heady perfume triggering his release as he erupted inside Mixtral’s voracious mouth.

“Oh yes, little mate. So good.” Mixtral reared up suddenly, pushing Kelvan out of the way to straddle Shay’s trembling torso. Shay felt a tapping against his lips, eyeing the red, throbbing cock which begged for entry, and opened up, swallowing as much as he could. The sight had Mixtral growling again, watching as his massive cock disappeared, surrounded by those sexy swollen lips, his lovers’ cum smeared against Shay’s chin. After a few shallow thrusts, his eyes fixed to those glimmering light green ones below, and he arched his back, cock jetting furious spurts of hot seed in wave after wave as his orgasm took him over the edge.

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