The Last Omega He Would Ever Choose (MM)

Possessive Dragon Husbands 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,819
10 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Dragon warrior Lance Cathail had the love of his life and child taken from him by a pack of coyotes. He hates them, but one of the omegas in that pack is his new mate.
A coyote omega, his mate. Life hates him, but even when the omega is kidnapped by a clan of rogue dragons, Lance won't let it stand.
When he brings Andrew home, he's stuck with a new set of challenges: whether or not he can forgive his mate, himself, and the pack, for the death of his first mate, or to continue on living alone and miserable.
Andrew knows he is incredibly attracted to the dragon who saved him. Lance caught him out of the sky when he would have fallen to his death, and Andrew has lusted after him since, but the demons Lance carries might be more than Andrew can handle, especially when Andrew learns of his family's dark history with Lance's suffering.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Last Omega He Would Ever Choose (MM)
10 Ratings (4.3)

The Last Omega He Would Ever Choose (MM)

Possessive Dragon Husbands 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,819
10 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Lance Cathail damn near kissed the rock at his feet when he finally made it back to his cold mountain.

What the hell, he was going to do it anyway.


Nope. He wasn’t getting to his knees and kissing dirt when Arthur was about to run into him.

Lance stood straight as the alpha approached, his arms out. He clapped Lance on the shoulder before pulling him into a hard embrace.

Lance allowed it. He didn’t pull back, even though his alpha wasn’t the person he wanted in his arms right now.

Arthur would no doubt sense this in him, but he didn’t care. The man was all smiles when he pulled back and examined Lance from top to bottom.

As though he was examining him for wounds.

“Stop that.” Lance pulled back and glared at the man. “I am fine, so is Kay and so is Tristan.”

“Is my brother all right? My sister?”

Lance looked down. He hadn’t even noticed when the little blond coyote shifter appeared.

The coyote shifter who’d snuck into the clan’s territory, into Arhur’s house, and his bed, and somehow managed to convince the idiot to mate with him.

A mating that turned out to be true.

Lance sucked back a deep breath. He had to be patient. He had to maintain himself.

“They are well. Andrew is fine.”

The coyote omega waited, and then seemed to explode. “What about Sarah? What about Adrien”

Oh, right.

“She is well, too. I left her and Adrien at the bottom of the mount with the others.”

Arthur put his hand on Jake’s shoulder. “I’m sure they are well. We will go see them now.”

Jake nodded.

Lance couldn’t bring himself to look at the man for long. His blond hair looked too much like Andrew’s.

Andrew and Adrien were twins. Jake their older brother.

It had been bad enough knowing there was someone else who looked exactly the same as Andrew did, but Jake, blond haired and blue eyed, also like his brothers, made it difficult.

Lance had managed to make that journey without touching Andrew. Too much. He needed to have some space before he could look at anyone with blond hair again.

There were some things he wasn’t ready to admit. Not even to himself. Going after Andrew when he’d been taken by that wild clan of dragons had been hard enough on his digestion.

That’s all it was.

And the fact that he was mated with that damned coyote. He still wasn’t sure what he was going to do about that.

Arthur snapped his fingers in front of Lance’s face. Lance jerked away.


Arthur raised a black brow. “Are you well?”

Lance couldn’t bring himself to pretend. “No. I need a bath, a change of robes, and a rest. Then I will give you my report.”

“Your robes do look like shit.” Arthur didn’t have to smile as he said it, once again looking Lance up and down.


Jake grabbed Lance’s hand, gripping it tightly before Lance could pull away. “Thank you for going after my family. Thank you so much for that.”

Lance yanked his hand out of the coyote’s grip. “Make nothing of it. I was only doing it for Arthur’s sake.”

Jake nodded, but he didn’t seem to take offense to Lance’s words.

Did Lance want the brother of his mate to take offence to his words? He was still working that part out.

“Either way, thank you so much.”

Lance nodded. “Fine. Someone tell me there’s ale.”

“There’s always ale,” Arthur replied.

“Good. I’ll be needing a lot of it.”

Lance went home, barking his orders at the servants to prepare his water for a bath.

Normally he enjoyed bathing in the cold springs at the foot of the mountain, but he was going to need some time alone.

Nearly three weeks of travelling on foot with his mate nearby, looking at him, smelling him, forcing himself to not bend the man over and fuck him as he rightfully should...

It had taken its toll.

When the water was in his bath, he didn’t bother to warm it with his fire. He immediately stripped down and jumped in with the water still so cold there was ice in it from the springs.

It was the way most dragons enjoyed their baths. The colder the better. Warm baths were for hatchlings who hadn’t yet learned how to control their body heat.

Except when Lance submerged himself, the shock against his body heat made him tense.

He gasped as the sensation. It shocked him. His body was warm. Too warm. He hadn’t been able to control his body heat after so long of being near that blond haired coyote.

Andrew. His mate.

Lance shivered as he reached for the bottle that had been set aside for him. He didn’t bother with the glass. He bit down hard on the cork and spat it out. He drank quickly, needing the ale to numb him as his body temperature did something that shocked even him.

He was so warm, that after only a few moments in his bath, the ice had melted away, and the temperature was closer to something that would be fit for...

He groaned, sinking deeper into the water, up to his nose, until his toes stuck out on the other side of his tub.

His body temperature had changed the water until it was nearly fit to have that warm blooded coyote shifter here with him.


He was going to need more ale. And he was going to need to do something about the ache in his cock. The shock of sudden cold and warm water hadn’t made his dick shrivel in the least.

Using one hand, he lifted the bottle back to his lips, taking a long drink while his other hand slid beneath the water to take care of business.

He had a lot of stress to work himself through.




Andrew couldn’t contain the sharp cry he let out when Lance shocked him by grabbing him and tossing Andrew easily over his shoulder.

“What the hell?”

“Be quiet.”

Lance dumped Andrew onto his bed. It wasn’t the worst bed in the pack, but it wasn’t the best either, and it squealed as though in pain when Andrew landed on it.

And then Lance was crawling on top of him. His golden eyes still blazed with that tinge of red. The lust he stared at Andrew with wasn’t like the lust he’d seen in the eyes of those other dragons. This lust didn’t scare the piss out of him, for a start.

No, this was something Andrew wanted, and as Lance crawled on top of him, Andrew found that something amazing was happening.

He was looking forward to it. His heart pounded, and his body buzzed with a need he’d never before felt in his life.

Lance covered Andrew’s body with his own. The man’s cock was huge. That was the first thing Andrew could think of as their dicks met and were thrust together.

Andrew’s second thought was how fucking amazing that felt, and his head fell back as he moaned.

A hand covered his mouth. “Not too loud,” Lance said, pulling his hand away. “Stay quiet.”

Andrew glared at him. “Right. I’m sorry.”

He couldn’t help but feel slighted by that. Of course the dragon would want Andrew to stay quiet. He likely didn’t want anyone to know he was about to fuck one of his enemies.

Andrew had so many questions to ask the man, but they were all thrown to the back of his mind like a child discarding old toys as something new came along.

For Andrew, his new toy was realizing how much pleasure he could get by having someone stroke their cock against his own.

Gods! Of course something like that should feel good! The heat that pushed through his body shouldn’t have been a shock, except for the fact that it was.

The buzzing inside his belly came next. A coil of tightly wound pleasure that seemed to get tighter and tighter with each forward thrust.

Andrew wasn’t sure why, but he wanted to catalogue each of these sensations in his mind. He wanted to remember how good this felt later on, so there would be no question in his mind that this was something he might want again.

Maybe with a person who would care about him, love him even.

That would be nice.

For now, this was practice. Practice for the next time he did this.

Thank the Gods Andrew hadn’t sent Lance away. Even when he smelled of ale, he was shockingly good at this.

Lance reached down. His hand curled around both of their dicks. Andrew’s mouth fell open as he was stroked in two ways now.

Oh Gods!”


But Andrew couldn’t help it. He gasped for breath again and again. His hips began to move as though they had a life of their own. He wanted more. He couldn’t think, and there was nothing outside of his small house that was of any importance so long as Lance kept on doing that.

He grabbed the man by the hips. He was so tight all over his body. The muscle on him as he dry humped Andrew something sent his pleasure spiking even higher.

He was going to come. He felt his pleasure crest as he thrust his cock back at the larger man’s groin. He broke their rhythm off in his desperate attempt to be fucked harder and faster, but none of that mattered. What mattered was when he made it to his final destination.

Lance’s hand came back down over Andrew’s mouth, containing the moan of pleasure he could not hold back. Andrew didn’t bother to try. He arched his back as warm seed spurt onto his belly and chest.

He couldn’t stop. Andrew had gotten himself off before, plenty of times, he was a healthy young man, after all.

Nothing had ever felt like this.

Once or twice Andrew had even challenged himself to see how long he could touch himself, tease himself, without orgasming. He would start and stop when it got to be too much just to see how long he could last, and how good he could make it.

Even his best record time came nothing close to the sensation Lance just gave him.

And the best part of it was how he stayed hard even after it was over.

There was no respite. His dick barely softened, and his testicles stayed tight and achy, as though there was so much more waiting to burst free from him.

Andrew never felt so wild and out of control. He kissed the palm of Lance’s hand, and when Lance removed his hand, Andrew leaned forward to kiss him.

Lance seemed to allow it grudgingly, at first, but Andrew sensed the change in the other man when Lance closed his eyes, his body softening. He relaxed into Andrew’s arms, allowing himself to be loved as Andrew showed his utmost appreciation, and then begged for so much more.

“Inside me. Fuck me. Right now.”

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