[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Landyn isn’t looking for a lover let alone a mate. He’s just trying to adjust to life in a new pride where his rank has been taken and he’s forced to earn the respect of strangers. Although he’s lonely and his cat has a craving for a certain sexy lion, he’s not going near Emil.
Emil knows Landyn is a man he needs in his life, but Landyn is so deep in the closet he won’t even accept a date from him. But he has no intentions of taking no for an answer.
When a chance meeting leads to a walk in the park, Landyn accidental marks Emil and the lion is more than up to the challenge of claiming his mate even if he has to stalk the jaguar with patience.
However, time might be the enemy as the conflict with the jackals heats up and lives are put on the line
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Lion's Lieutenant (MM)
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Wow! The wildcats were such assholes. He’d have been better off leaving Lane to his own devices and seeking refuge in Peyton City.

“Never mind,” Landyn called after the waiter who turned. “When it’s ready I’ll take it to go.”


Ayden gave him a curious look. “Was it something I said?”

“Naw, man,” he said and turned his gaze back out of the window.

“You know if you were a little less cool and distant, more of the guys would engage you,” Ayden told him. “Being in a den without friends isn’t the easiest thing.”

“What do I need with a bunch of wildcat assholes when my own company is less tedious?”

“What bug crawled up your ass?”

“Hey, I was sitting here enjoying my night just fine until you joined me,” Landyn snapped, tearing his gaze from the window to glare at the other man. “So, don’t do me any favors by sticking around. I’m not the desperate new guy looking for a mentor.”

“You’re just the pathetic new guy who isn’t fitting in because he has a chip on his shoulder,” Ayden replied calmly.

“And I guess you took time out of your busy social calendar to come knock it off?” He lifted his brows.

“It’s not just me. You give all the men hell.”

Landyn jerked his gaze from Ayden’s frowning face up to Emil’s. His expression was filled with humor. He’d changed, and he looked incredibly sexy with his hair too long in the top, tousled, and those worn jeans hugging his narrow hips while the polo shirt stretched appealingly across his chest.

His jaguar came to full attention, and it wasn’t just how good Emil looked all clean and nice smelling—he smelled like fir with a hint of citrus. And his cat wanted to get closer, to inhale deeper, and take every nuance of the scent into him.

Ayden got to his feet. “You’d be better off dining with a bear,” Ayden told him, and a growl so low rumbled from his chest, Landyn wasn’t immediately aware of it even as both men looked down at him.

“I guess the jag wants to be alone with you,” Ayden murmured and his lips quirked. “That would explain his pissy mood. You must have really pissed him off or you haven’t been paying enough attention.”

“I thought you were going to Rowdy’s,” Landyn said coolly and found himself fighting off the relief that Emil hadn’t gone to that place.

The first time he’d seen him there several months ago before he even knew him, Emil was leaving with some hot blond.

“Aw, man,” Ayden murmured. “No wonder he’s so pissed off. That place is nothing but a meat market.”

“Beat it, Ayden,” Emil said in a warning tone and took the chair Ayden vacated. “I changed my mind, and I’m glad I did.”

His gaze was a caress on Landyn’s face, and his stomach tightened. Still, Landyn glared at him.

“You’re just as hot as you can be with your eyes flashing fire like that.”

“Leave me alone,” Landyn muttered. “Let me wait for my meal in peace.” With effort, Landyn turned his gaze back to the scenery outside his window, but that was the last place he wanted to look.

He clenched a hand on his lap as he grappled with his fraying control.

He couldn’t just fall into the man’s arms or at his feet. Emil would just think he was easy, but if he didn’t do something, Emil just might pick up someone at Rowdy’s some night soon.

“Since we’re both here, we may as well have dinner together.”

“Emil.” The waiter appeared as if on cue. Landyn noticed his gray eyes had chilled more than a little, and he wondered if the two men had romantic history.

“Del,” Emil retorted and gave his order.

“Be back with your drink,” he said in a frigid tone. “You still taking your order to go?” He started slowly away from the table.

“No,” Landyn said evenly, but he didn’t look at Emil, not at first. Then he sneaked a peek at his face to see eyes dark and intent as they studied him.

His heart stopped.

Emil leaned toward him resting his elbows on the table, folding his hands beneath his chin. “I like to dance, but I’d rather just cut straight to the chase. You mind?”

Landyn swallowed tightly. “N—can I stop you?”

“We both know there’s something between us, but you like to pretend there isn’t,” he said in a low tone that was nothing more than a stroke across his cheek that made him shiver. “So, I’m thinking we can keep ignoring that chemistry, or you can stop shutting me down every time I make a move.”

“Maybe you’re wrong.”

“If I were, I’d know it by now, so tell me what it’s going to be? Red or green?”




When they finished eating, Emil disposed of the plates and joined Landyn who’d climbed onto the couch to finish watching the movie. Landyn moved closer to him and nuzzled his throat as if sensing his anxiety, and that calmed the cat a little.

“Next time I pick the movie,” Landyn said when the action flick was over.

“What? You have a problem with guy movies?” Emil demanded in a teasing tone.

“Whatever that means,” he said wrinkling his nose, and Emil laughed and pulled Landyn close.

Landyn climbed onto Emil, and straddled him as their lips met. “I’m not watching any romantic comedies or shit like that.”

Landyn grinned and nipped his jaw. “We’ll see.” He claimed Emil’s lips, and Emil pushed his hand into his hair, bringing Landyn closer.

He savored the taste of him, the lingering of the raspberry-flavored tea. Landyn moved sinuously against him, grinding their stiffening cocks against each other.

Emil moaned. “No, Landyn.”

“I know,” he said roughly. “I still want to.” He kissed the side of Emil’s neck.

Emil tilted his head to one side while cupping Landyn’s ass. He squeezed and thrust up, the friction a delicious sensation. “Fuck. We have to stop.”

“We have to get some lube so you can really pleasure me.”

Emil growled. “Landyn.”

Landyn bit the side of Emil’s neck. “Say you want me, too.”

“I do, but I don’t want you to hurt,” he whispered.

“Then you’ll make sure I don’t.” He straightened and glanced to the floor where Emil had tossed the bottle of creamy oil he’d said belonged to Amaro. “That could work.” He climbed off Emil, and Emil grunted and got to his feet.

“I’ll be right back,” he said and left the room.

“Emil,” Landyn called. “We’re doing this, so don’t go back there and do anything crazy like getting in a cold shower. I’ll just join you in there.”

Emil returned, laughter flowing ahead of him. “Oh, really? I think that’d just kill the mood.”

“It’ll heat things up,” he murmured.

Maybe he needed to relax before going out, Emil decided. He didn’t think it would help him, but it might get Landyn right where he needed to be to carry off the mission without incident.

“Come here.” Landyn crooked a finger at him.

Emil moved from the hallway, tossing the bottle of lube he’d retrieved from the bedroom onto the couch.

“What?” he asked, looking down a half inch into Landyn’s lust-dark eyes.

Landyn snared Emil’s lips for a long kiss as he pushed his hands beneath Emil’s shirt. Sharp nails scratched up his back before fingertips caressed the same path as their tongues dueled.

Landyn lifted his head and gripped the tail of Emil’s T-shirt and tugged it up. Emil lifted his arms, allowing Landyn to remove his shirt and toss it to the couch. Landyn ran a hand down Emil’s chest to the button of his jeans and flicked it open as he licked a taut peak.

He ran his tongue around the areola before sucking as he dragged the zipper down.

“Mm.” Emil moaned.

“I need to taste you first,” Landyn told him and turned his attention to the other nipple as he pushed Emil’s pants down.

“Taste,” Emil encouraged as he cupped the back of Landyn’s head.

Landyn bit his nipple and Emil purred roughly. Landyn pinched the other nipple as he sucked and scraped at the flesh with his teeth.

Emil closed his eyes as the sharp needles of pain stabbed at him. The pleasure was so intense it made his cock harder.

“Fuck, baby,” Emil growled.

Landyn gave his nipple one last bite and pull before kissing and licking lower, nipping over the flat plane of Emil’s hard stomach. He flicked his tongue over the in-turned belly button before biting lightly at the flesh.

Emil growled, and Landyn pushed Emil’s briefs down before shoving him back onto the couch. Emil sank down and watched with greedy eyes as Landyn unbuttoned his own pants and pushed them down and off, taking his briefs with them. He stepped out of the circle of them, wrapping his hand around his cock and pumping the stiff flesh slowly.

“Stop teasing and get over here,” Emil growled and grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and tossed it to the floor.

Landyn went down on his knees and curled his fingers around Emil’s dick, and Emil groaned harshly. Landyn held his gaze as he smoothed the bead of pre-cum on the tip over the shaft before pumping Emil’s cock.

“Oh fuck!” Emil cried.

Landyn lowered his head and swirled his tongue around the mushroom head and then drew the tip down Emil’s shaft. He licked back up the hard ridge to take the dark mushroom head into his mouth.

He sucked and Emil mewled. Emil’s head bobbed up and down as he used his mouth and his fingers to bring Emil pleasure. Emil’s head thrashed on the pillows as bliss closed around him, creating a haze.

“Oh fuck!” Emil hissed as pleasure coiled in his belly.

God, he was going to lose it way too soon if Landyn kept sucking his dick like that. He grimaced tightly and thrust up into Landyn’s mouth. Emil held Landyn’s head as he fucked in slow and easy, savoring the tightness of the suction.

Landyn caressed his thighs, and Emil reached for the lube. He would not last, and he wanted Landyn ready for him.

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