The Male Order, Texas Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

The Male Order, Texas Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 107,894
1 Ratings (5.0)

In A Bride for Two Babes, when New York businesswoman Emilie Benson arrives in Male Order to sell her billionaire father’s baseball team, the Dallas Outlaws, the last thing she needs in her life is love. Or so she thinks, until she meets the sexy Stephens twins, Grayson and Gavin.

In A Bride for Two Renegades, quirky Male Order native Sherri wants a love that is anything but ordinary, but even so, she isn’t quite prepared for Ethan and Benji. As past wrongs and present dangers collide, can love prevail? Or will the past prove too bitter to overcome?

In Love Is Hell: A Valentine’s Story, chocolate, roses, crème brûlée, and vandalism! In this Male Order Valentine’s story, Emilie, Gavin, and Grayson Stephens prepare for an elegant evening together. But when a graffiti bandit strikes, their night begins to crumble. As events escalate uncontrollably, will the spirit of love guide them closer? Or will more than their plans fall apart?


A Siren Erotic Romance
Edith DuBois is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Male Order, Texas Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Male Order, Texas Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

The Male Order, Texas Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 107,894
1 Ratings (5.0)
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“Oh, Gavin!” Emilie called. “Oh, Grayson!” She grinned mischievously up at them when they appeared in the doorframe. “You see these?” She held up a bottle of lotion and a tiny little egg vibrator. “This one”—she waved the lotion at them—“heightens sensitivity. It makes everything better.” She opened the lotion and poured some into the palm of her hand. She rubbed it over her breasts and then down her stomach and then all over her pussy and her ass cheeks and down between her legs. Immediately, she felt tingles all over. Her pussy became very warm and bright, almost unbearably so. “Oh shit, that feels good,” she said, more to herself, but when the twins took a step toward the head of the stairs, both pairs of eyes burning with desire, she knew they’d heard her.

She smiled lecherously up at them and held up the vibrator. “And I’m sure you know what this one does.” She turned it on, the small buzzing noise filling up the still night air. “Now come catch me if you can.” With that, she disappeared around the corner, turning the vibrator off as she raced stealthily through the house in desperate search for a hiding spot. She heard their heavy footsteps racing down the stairs. Then she heard a sort of scuffle as if they were pushing and shoving each other even as they ran after her.

Turning down whichever hallway and into whichever door presented itself to her, Emilie eventually dove into the laundry room. Her pussy was burning with need. The lotion had every nerve on fire, and each step that she ran sent reverberations of pleasure deep into her body. She sat on top of the washing machine, the cold metal momentarily soothing her hot cunt.

After a few minutes, she heard one of the twins outside of the door. With a wicked grin, she turned the vibrator back on. Immediately, the footsteps got closer and closer to the door, and each step had her pussy clenching in anticipation. The door opened, and Gavin stood there, stark naked, his hard cock pointing up with eager need and a look of pure lust written across his features. Emilie had been holding up the little oval vibrator so that he would see it as soon as he opened the door, but now that he was before her, she quickly slid it into her aching pussy.

She inhaled sharply, not prepared for the intense barrage of sensations that blossomed within her cunt as soon as the vibrator touched her swollen flesh. Falling back and barely catching herself with the palm of her hands, she squeezed her thighs together, taking the waves of pleasure deep inside her body. There was a window behind the washing machine, and as her head fell back, her eyes swam in the stars.

She heard Gavin’s footsteps, but when she felt his mouth close around her overly sensitive clit, his tongue darting over and over and around, she screamed aloud. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her with each flick of his tongue until the muscles of her stomach clenched and unclenched in the most exquisitely beautiful torture she’d ever experienced.

Emilie was unable to restrain her deep, guttural moans, and Grayson soon found them. “I found something else in those bags of yours,” he said from the doorway. Emilie barely managed to open her eyes through the pleasure, but when she did, she saw Grayson holding up the butt plug that she’d purchased.

“Oh, God, I can’t,” she panted, struggling to pull the words from her pleasure-addled brain.

Gavin stopped his fiery kisses, looking around at his brother. When he saw the butt plug, he yanked Emilie off the machine and onto the floor, setting her on her feet.

“Now, you wicked girl, you will see what happens when you run away from us.” He whipped her around to face the machine. “Keep that ass up.”

Emilie whimpered, part of her frightened at what she knew was coming but also completely turned on. She gripped the edge of the machine with her long fingers as one of the twins split her cheeks and began massaging lube into her flesh. As he stuck a finger into her tight hole, spreading and rubbing in the thick liquid, she almost crumpled, the sensation shocking her already overloaded nerve-endings.

A broad hand smacked one of her ass cheeks with a loud report. “None of that, Emilie,” Grayson warned. “You will stand up and take everything we give you. Do you understand?”

Emilie panted, trying to force the words from her lips but simply unable to do so.

Another smack landed on her opposite cheek, and in an even voice, Grayson said, “Do you understand, Emilie?”

“Yes, Grayson. Yes, I understand. Please, just please...”

One of the brothers pressed a hot kiss on the back of her neck. “We will take care of you. Do you trust us?”

Emilie nodded, and then she felt the plug pushing against her tight hole. At first, it seemed as if her body would refuse the marauding toy, but Gavin whispered and stroked her spine. “Focus on the pleasure, Emilie. You feel that vibrator in your pussy. Concentrate on that. Feel my fingers on your clit.” As he said the words, his hand moved to her front and pinched her clit between two big, warm fingers. He pinched and then released, pinched and then released until the uncomfortable pressure on her back hole receded and then blossomed into pleasure.





Ethan had been sitting on Sherri’s porch for over two hours. The orange and blue flowers he’d brought were already beginning to wilt. Deprived of water and oversaturated with sunshine, they lay limp and browning on the porch beside him.

Part of him wanted to break into the house, retrieve the files, and make a hasty escape without Sherri ever knowing he was there, but a larger part of him couldn’t resist seeing her again. He hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind. After leaving Male Order, he’d thought the memories of their night together would fade. He thought his life would go back to normal, but she’d come to him at night. When his mind was the most vulnerable, she visited him in his dreams.

Sometimes she would ride him all night. She would scream his name as her wet, hot cunt grabbed at his cock when he drove it up into her. Sometimes she would love him sweet and tender, her pussy cradling him, pulling him farther and farther into her. Sometimes, though, and these dreams were the hardest to let go, he would see them sitting together on her front porch, holding each other’s hands as they moved back and forth in the wooden rocking chairs she kept there. When he looked over at her, she was gray-haired and wrinkled, but he felt her. He knew her soul, and she knew his, and they had such a beautiful life.

He couldn’t leave Male Order without seeing her just one more time. He had to know if she felt the same way, if she burned for him like he still did for her. As the sun sank lower and lower toward the trees, he noticed some sort of creature shuffling around the edge of the woods on Sherri’s property. As it moved closer, a pair of bandit-masked eyes looked him over, and then the raccoon continued toward him.

A few minutes later, it heard something and swiveled its head toward the driveway. Ethan heard the rumble of Sherri’s truck crawling up the gravelly path, and the raccoon waddle-ran toward the woods, chattering in protest to the disturbance its whole way back. Ethan stood up, suddenly nervous. He forced his legs to remain still, resisting the urge to dart toward the woods like the raccoon had.

There was a glare from the sun as it reached over the treetops and splashed across the windshield of the truck, so Ethan couldn’t see her until she had shut the engine off and stepped out of the truck.

“Sherri,” he said, standing and taking a couple steps down from beneath the shadows of the porch. She stopped in her tracks. She did not step toward him, but he could still make out the look of pure shock that flitted across her features. He took a few more steps toward her, coming off the porch.

“Ethan,” she said at his movement, and then she sprinted toward him. Crashing into his arms, she buried her face in his neck. He held her close as her tears soaked through his shirt and she mumbled something into his chest.

“Sherri,” he said again, trying to pull away just enough to hear what she was saying, but this only made her clutch him even tighter. So he just held her.

When she finally did pull away, she looked up at him, her face tear-stained and red. “You waited too long, Ethan Blacker.” She hit her fist on his chest. “I missed you too much. It hurt too much. I…I…” She backed away from him, looking shocked. “Oh, God. Why didn’t you call me? Or write me? You left me.” She buried her face in her hands.

“It’s okay, Sherri. I’m here now. It’s all okay.” He pulled her to him again, stroking her soft hair.

She shook her head against his chest, muttering “no” over and over again.

He heard the passenger door of her truck open and then close, and his head snapped up.

And there, leaning against Sherri’s car, was Benji, arms crossed and glaring at Ethan.

Then Benji’s mouth tilted up in a sardonic grin. “Long time, no see. Brother.”




Soon, though, Benji arrived.

“What did I mi—” His voice trailed off as he took in the sight of Sherri’s naked form on the bed, her pussy still pink and swollen from Ethan’s cock.

He lifted a wry brow. “Obviously, I missed quite a bit.”

Sherri grinned sheepishly up at him. Motioning her head toward the bathroom, she said, “Why don’t you get the lube?”

Benji’s eyes lit up. “Is it time for that? All of that?”

“I’m ready if you are,” she said with a wicked lilt to her voice.

Ethan spoke from beside her. “Are you sure, Sherri? There’s no rush.”

“Of course I’m sure.”

“Okay. Just know that you can tell us to stop at any time.” He gave her a quick, reassuring kiss, which Sherri greatly appreciated. Despite her brave words, she was still a tad nervous about having one of the brother’s very large cocks all the way up her ass.

When Benji returned, he had joined Sherri and Ethan in their naked state. She licked her lips as Benji walked confidently toward her, the sight of his ridged shaft and two large balls dangling beneath it sending jets of desire shooting through her body.

He crawled onto the bed. “Let’s start loosening her up.”

Moving beside her, Ethan shifted their positions so that Sherri straddled his hips. Leaning over so that her breasts cupped Ethan’s chin, she gasped as the brothers’ fingers attacked her at the same time, Ethan’s on her clit and Benji’s on her back entrance. They’d been using butt plugs for the past couple of weeks, preparing Sherri for this occasion, but each time Ethan moved his fingers in her pussy and Benji moved his in her ass, she still flinched, the sensation so foreign and exotic to her senses.

Benji kept his fingers methodical and swirling in her hole while Ethan jiggled and pressed hard against her clit. He also took a nipple in his mouth, pushing it around with his tongue and then nibbling. Involuntarily, Sherri pushed her ass up against Benji’s fingers.

“Oh God,” she whispered. “I’m ready for both of you. Come into me now. Please, just now.”

Ethan grabbed her hips and lowered the lips of her pussy to his dick. “Lower onto me, Sherri,” he said in a commanding yet gentle voice. After she had done so, and her body had adjusted to the feel of his cock inside her, he pulled her torso toward him just a little so that her ass would be more fully exposed to Benji. She rested her palms and forearms on the flat of his muscled chest.

“Remember, if you’re not sure...” he said, a slightly worried expression moving across his features.

“I want this. I want both of your cocks filling me up. I need this.”

At her words, she felt Benji nudge his slicked-up cock against her back hole. She sucked in her breath when the head of his cock grew insistent and then pushed past the tight ring of resistant muscle. It felt as if she was ripping at the seams. She wanted the burning to end, but her ass massaged his cock, pulling him deeper and deeper within her body.

Her arms trembled as she forced herself to ignore the pain, but Ethan held her steady until she finally felt Benji’s balls tickling the skin of her ass. Her body was on fire, and at first she couldn’t tell if the flames were too much or too intense, but then Ethan gave her clit a couple strokes.

She moaned. It was all they needed.





He looked over his shoulder to see Emilie leaning against the door frame, her chest shaking with silent laughter. She’d piled her long dark hair on top of her head, but in the wake of Penny, it had been knocked askew and a couple strands dangled loosely around her face. There were some damp spots on her blouse, too.

She looked sexy as hell.

“Gavin, my love, have you seen our daughter? I seem to have misplaced her.”

“Our daughter? Why no, I have not seen her. What does she look like, maybe I can help you look for her.”

Penny giggled against his leg, holding on so tight that she didn’t fall off when he took a few steps toward Emilie.

“Hmmm, well, she has dark hair. Like mine!” Emilie pointed to her hair. “She has blue eyes. And she’s wearing a purple nightgown with a frog on it. Have you seen anyone that matches that description?”

“I’m so sorry, madam, I have not.”

Emilie sighed heavily. “Quel dommage. I miss our daughter, and I wish that I could see her again.”

“Actually, I don’t know if this will help, but when I put on my shoes a moment ago, I could have sworn that one of them weighed a lot more than the other one. Do you think that our daughter could be hiding in my shoe?”

“It’s possible. You know how much she loves to hide in stinky, smelly shoes. In fact, it’s her favorite place in the whole world to hide.”

Gavin took a few more steps toward Emilie. “Maybe you could help me look?”

“All right, well…hold it out for me.”

By now, Penny was completely lost to her giggles, and before Emilie could even lean down, she leapt off Gavin’s leg. “Here I am!”

“My daughter!” Emilie shouted. “Oh, ma petite! I was so lost without you. Oh!” She kissed her on the cheek. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” She pecked her with kisses everywhere. “My beautiful, beautiful daughter!”

Gavin whisked Penny up, giggling himself a little when she shrieked with delight. He held her on his hip, and she kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks for helping Mommy find me, Daddy.” She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. “I love you.”

Emilie smiled as something dark and tempting swirled in her eyes. Then she mouthed, “Me, too,” and stepped into his free arm. They stood together for a long moment. He kissed the top of Emilie’s head. All of the day’s resentments slowly dissipated and dissolved.

Horrible things happened. To people he knew and to people he would never meet. Dreadful, sickening, miserable, horrible things happened every second of every day. He couldn’t let himself forget for one moment how goddamn lucky he was that he got to stand here, safe in his kitchen, with two angels in his arms.

A large thump came from down the hall. Emilie chuckled and then gave him a small, warm kiss. “I’d better go see if anyone needs help in there.” She took Penny, who miraculously, seemed drowsy and subdued, from Gavin’s arms.

Gavin went back to the sink of dishes and didn’t think about the time until he heard the doorbell ring several minutes later. Had to be Gabby. “I got it!” he called to Emilie and Grayson and then headed for the door.

Emilie had hired Gabby a year and a half ago, citing Gabby’s love for Godard films as grounds for immediate hire, and Gabby had been their babysitter ever since. She always gave Gaston and Penny preference when other families wanted her for the night. Gavin had been a bit skeptical at first. She liked the color black a lot, especially for her hair and clothes. She’d seemed a bit on the sullen side when she sat for them in the beginning, but she’d loosened up and she’d grown on him, and now he trusted her completely.

Plus, Penny and Gaston adored her. She was the only person in the world who could get them in bed and asleep in less than fifteen minutes. That was reason enough for Gavin to keep her around.

When he opened the front door, however, her hoodie was pulled up, and she appeared agitated. “Mr. Stephens, what happened to your garage door?”

“Nothing that I know of. Why?”

Her eyes bugged out, and she bit her bottom lip. “You might want to go look.”

With a sigh of acceptance, he followed Gabby around the front of their house to the garage. “Holy shit,” he said when he saw it. Then he glanced at Gabby. “Don’t tell your mom I said that.”

She surrendered the tiniest of smiles, but otherwise didn’t say anything.

His attention was drawn back to the horrendous sight of his garage door. Someone had spray-painted the phrase “L’enfer, c’est l’amour!” in black then circled it with a red heart and slashed an angry red line through it.

“What does that mean?” Gabby asked.

“I’ll check with Emilie, but I’m pretty sure it translates to something like, ‘Love is hell.’”




Emilie Benson-Stephens woke up to a hand between her thighs. Not only was it there, but this hand was on the move. It had started at her knee but was now inching upward. It gave one little squeeze in the mid-thigh region, and then it scooted on up to the top. It paused, hovering, barely grazing her swollen lips. Then it settled over her pussy, cupping and lazily massaging her.

“Good morning, Grayson,” she purred in her raspy morning voice. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

He gave her pussy an affectionate squeeze but didn’t say anything, probably only half awake. He kissed the top of her shoulder from behind and then began nudging his fully erect cock between her legs.

Emilie had always been a morning person. She’d never had a problem waking up on the first blast of her alarm clock. She usually bounced out of bed and attacked her day with vigor. Once awake, her mind worked at high-functioning levels. There was never an hour or two of zombie brain like she’d witnessed in others, including her husbands.

However, despite her early-morning proclivities, after five years of marriage, she could confidently say that there was almost nothing better than waking up to a slow, leisurely bout of spooning sex.

She released a small breath as Grayson found her pussy’s entrance and sank his cock in. God, it felt like heaven. He used his middle finger to stroke gentle patterns across her clit in time to his slow-rolling thrusts. A few moments later, his hand slid up her stomach to give each breast a loving squeeze and each nipple a couple affectionate flicks.

Closing her eyes, Emilie squeezed around Grayson’s cock, trying to suck him deeper inside her sleep-warmed body. His roaming hand moved back down to her clit, possibly sensing how close she was to release. He thrust a little harder, a little deeper, using the hand on her pussy to pull her closer. He applied more pressure to her clit and picked up the pace of his rubbing.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Keep going.”

She grasped the edge of their down comforter, needing to hold on to something as warm, delicious tingles started in her toes then quickly darted up into the rest of her body. Grayson’s cock pushed even deeper inside. She could sense the strain in his body and knew he had to be close.

She moaned, wanting more somehow, but not knowing the words to convey her want. It was okay, she realized, as Grayson bit down on her shoulder and then licked her ear. Her husband was an expert at understanding her every desire. He took her hips firmly in his hands and thrust his cock inside her with a jerk. It knocked the breath out of her. Pleasure exploded through her being as Grayson continued his jabbing thrusts from behind.

She wanted to curl up into herself, to escape the onslaught, to find a bit of respite, but Grayson wouldn’t let her. He held her body close to his as he finished. A moment or two later he groaned and held himself still as cum jetted warmly inside the depths of her pussy.

They lay cuddled together for a while, Grayson kissing her every once in a while and running his hands over the ends of her dark strands. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” he muttered with his face buried against the back of her neck. “Do we have to get up?”

Emilie ran her hand over the empty space in front of her where Gavin usually slept, finally realizing she could make out the faint sounds of the shower going in the bathroom. He’d gone to bed after them and gotten up before them. As far as she knew, he might not have even slept beside her.

She sighed. “He’ll be prodding us with a branding iron in a few minutes if we don’t.”

Grayson groaned in a melodramatic manner. As he pulled his cock out of her and rolled away, he groaned even more dramatically. He slung his legs over the edge of the bed and then flounced to the bathroom, groaning all the way.

Emilie had never seen a grown man flounce before. It made her giggle.

When Grayson emerged from the bathroom a few moments later, Emilie got out of bed.

“I’ll get the coffee going,” Grayson grumbled, kissing her on the cheek and then heading out the door wearing a pair of low-slung flannel pajama pants. Emilie got in one good squeeze to the right butt cheek before he was out of range.

“Hey!” He lurched away from her fingers. He had such a beautiful, firm ass, though. It just begged for a squeeze every time she looked at it.

After she’d watched him leave the room, she went into the bathroom. “Morning, mon amour,” she called over the shower’s water, letting Gavin know she was in there.

“Morning,” he answered.

Usually she hopped in after she’d taken care of her morning rituals, but Grayson’s wake-up tactic had left her feeling frisky. The past couple of times she’s suggested an early-morning romp with Gavin, he’d begged off, insisting it would throw everything off schedule. But this was Valentine’s Day, goddamn it. She would make it so that Gavin simply could not resist her advances.

After carefully laying a towel down in front of the shower, she dropped to her knees, waiting in delicious anticipation for the water to turn off.

“You getting in?” Gavin asked a moment or two later.

“In a minute. Go ahead and turn it off.”

He did. A jolt of warmth and excitement shot through her body. It seemed like hours passed before Gavin finally ripped the shower curtain back. His eyes immediately dropped down to her kneeling form. Before he had a chance to say anything, she smiled up at him and grabbed his hips.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” she said, taking his cock in her hand and then putting the end of it in her mouth.

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