A Bride for Two Roughnecks (MFM)

The Male Order, Texas Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,879
41 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, bondage, public exhibition]

Alexis Darnielle is fed up with her life as a ballerina in Kansas. She travels to Male Order’s world-famous dance hall, the Twirling Lasso, to learn how to relax. Roughneck Tristan Burke is eager to help the sheltered virgin learn to lower her guard in more ways than one.

However, there’s more to Tristan than meets the eye. He and Jeremiah Pierce, the Twirling Lasso’s handsome owner, are the heirs to the Burke Pierce Energy fortune. When Jeremiah falls for Alexis, too, she finds herself the object of two sexy oil billionaires' affections.

But big trouble is brewing at Burke Pierce. Before Alexis can start loving Tristan and Jeremiah, the three of them need to find their way out of big oil’s biggest legal scandal. Alexis sees a way to save the day and her two men, but first she needs to overcome her past and learn to let go.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Helena Ray is a Siren-exclusive author.


A Bride for Two Roughnecks (MFM)
41 Ratings (4.0)

A Bride for Two Roughnecks (MFM)

The Male Order, Texas Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,879
41 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "A BRIDE FOR TWO ROUGHNECKS combines two very different men and a strong female to form a loving menage. The sex is super hot and the emotions run wild in this outstanding story about more couples from the town of Male Order. Alexis is, at heart, truly a virgin. Not only is her body innocent, but she seems untouched by the world. When she is forced to leave Kansas City because of the violence focused towards her, she finds herself in Male Order for the night. She decides to drop by The Twirling Lasso, world-famous dance hall in town to do some sightseeing and maybe try out the two-step. She meets Tristan and he tries to teach her to two-step. Her natural dance ability allows her to pick up the dance quickly. After Tristan and Alexis get busy, he arranges for her to stay in an exclusive guesthouse. When Jeremiah arrives home, he discovers that Tristan has found a woman for them. It is common for men in Male Order to live in menage relationships, and Tristan and Jeremiah hope to share a woman as their fathers did. Although Jeremiah is as attracted to Alexis as Tristan is, there is a lawsuit in the works that might mess things up for the boys. I found A BRIDE FOR TWO ROUGHNECKS to be a great story. The characters of Tristan and Jeremiah are different personalities, but they complement each other. They both want Alexis in their lives and are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to bring that about. Although Alexis is a virgin at the beginning of the story, she catches on quickly. She has a strong enough personality to keep two men in line! I enjoyed how the author combines innocence and strength to create this woman. Although this story is only about 130 pages, there is enough action in it to feel like a full-length novel. The sex is hot enough to steam your glasses and tender enough to bring tears to your eyes! If you like menage stories, pick this one up. A BRIDE FOR TWO ROUGHNECKS is one great read!" -- Sugarbeat's Books, The Romance Reviews

"Alexis Darnielle has hit a rough patch in her career, and potentially the end of it. When she was at the highpoint, dancing the lead in Romeo and Juliet a stalker almost put an end to her life. But, in the end, it is her career that suffers. So she is taking a road trip to learn how to relax. She decides that not only is she going to tour “famous dance halls” but she is going to get rid of her virginity. Alexis meets Tristan and he is able to not only help her lose that pesky virginity but to also learn to enjoy her hidden desires. When he introduces her to his best friend, in hopes of her liking him too, they are all a little surprised at how quickly they all feel they fit together. Now if only Tristan and Jeremiah can tell Alexis that they are billionaires, and she can accept them, and the legal scandal they are involved in things will start looking up. In a town where there is more than meets the eye Alexis is bound to finally fin the man she desires. The issue is that will it be for a one night stand or forever as she wants? Alexis is an intriguing character in A Bride for Two Roughnecks, having her career derailed by a stalker. I found her character to be very likeable and I think she interacted well with the two men she is destined to be with. I like how she is able to be integral to helping to resolve the legal scandal. Fans of contemporary ménage stories will want to add A Bride for Two Roughnecks to their collection." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Instead of the mischievous kids he expected, there stood a magnificent beauty turned slightly toward Jeremiah and clothed only in one of Tristan’s old T-shirts and a pair of floral hipster-cut panties that showed off the curves of her toned ass. Her blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun, and even though she wore smudged makeup, doubtless from the night before, her face looked flawless, her almond-shaped eyes focused on whatever she was cooking, and her luscious lips pressed together as she hummed a country tune.

She rose onto her tiptoes and did a little balletic turn before she saw Jeremiah. A flush lit her lightly tanned skin, casting an innocent air over her debauched appearance, and she dropped a pan of scrambled eggs, letting out a small scream.

“Who are you?” Her voice was only a squeak as she hurried to back into a corner and made a futile attempt at covering herself with her hands.

“So sorry, really, to disturb you.” Jeremiah rushed into the kitchen and began cleaning the eggs. He looked up at her, and he couldn’t help but stare in admiration at her long, shapely legs, made more appealing by the fact that she still stood on her toes. Finally, his eyes met hers, and he stood and deposited the ruined eggs in the sink.

Words became difficult when he looked into those light brown eyes, wide and sweet as she looked at him with a mixture of fear and confusion. He felt an unfamiliar urge to rush forward and comfort her, to take her in his arms and run his hands all over her.

“I’m Jeremiah. I own the Lasso and this apartment.” His last words were directed at Tristan, who appeared at the door, rubbing sleep from his eyes and yawning.

“Jer! So good of you to pay us a visit.” Tristan’s words dripped sarcasm.

“Hold on, Tristan,” Jeremiah said, remembering that they had a guest and turning up his Texan drawl in an effort to distract from his well-tailored suit. “Your guest has yet to introduce herself.”

The girl darted her eyes to Tristan, and he gave her a nod.

“Alexis.” Her voice was as sweet as the expression that she wore. Involuntarily, Jeremiah wondered what it would sound like to hear that sweet little voice mutter something much, much dirtier. His cock had begun stirring when he saw her in the kitchen, and that thought brought it to full attention.

“Well, Alexis, it’s very nice to meet such a lovely young woman such as yourself.” He stepped forward, took her hand in his, and kissed her knuckles gently. The flush returned to her face, and a smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

“Nice to meet you, too,” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

God, the girl was a feast of decadent naiveté. She couldn’t be older than what, twenty-five?

“I was just telling you about Alexis, remember, Jer?” Tristan’s words made Jeremiah’s heart stop beating for an instant. He had assumed that Tristan would have forgotten about their conversation yesterday and moved on to another Male Order floozy. He turned Alexis’s hand in his, studying it for a moment. It was so delicate in his large, callused hands, still work-roughened from his summers on the rig. He moved his thumb over her wrist and felt her pulse racing.

He finally released her hand and took a step back. “Ah, yes. I do remember now.” Her eyes still contained that innocent glow, and Jeremiah knew he needed to get away soon before this situation got out of hand. “Tristan, a word, please?”

Tristan crossed to Alexis, tipped her chin upward in his hand, and kissed her. “Just a second, gorgeous.”

Jeremiah’s heart twisted at the sight. Never had he seen such sensitivity on Tristan’s face. He had certainly never seen him handle a woman so delicately. Maybe this really was something to consider… No. He had to resolve the case first. No time for romance right now.

He started toward the apartment’s exit and gestured for Tristan to follow. Once they were outside, Tristan’s face broke out in a grin.

“That’s her. She’s great, Jer. I really want you to get to know her. And holy shit, man, last night we had the most amazing—”

“I don’t want to talk about that.” Jeremiah forced himself to return from his emotional and aroused state to his typical businesslike manner. “You need to go talk to the lawyers one more time, Tristan. I know you’re still upset about what happened, but they really need you to—”

“Not yet.” There was no sign of Tristan’s earlier good humor. “I’m not saying no. I’m just saying that I can’t do it right now.” He averted his gaze and leaned against the wall of the building.

Jeremiah studied him for a moment. He knew how much the accident had upset him. George had been one of his best workers and closest friends on the rig. When he got injured, Tristan had withdrawn completely and was only now coming out of his shell again.

“Just make sure that you see them before the trial date, okay?” He looked at his watch. “Shit, I’ve got that meeting.” He turned toward his car then stopped and looked at Tristan. “Don’t blow my cover with Alexis.”

The smile returned to Tristan’s face. “Sure thing, man.”

It was amazing how happy that woman seemed to make him.


Adult excerpt


Tristan’s kiss was blistering. His teeth and tongue seared Alexis’s mouth with their desperation. A soft bed captured the two of them as he pushed her backward and landed on top of her. Alexis tried to open her eyes and take in the room, but another sight distracted her.

Jeremiah sat back on his heels, already naked, his impressive cock fully erect and ready for action. He reached down and knotted Alexis’s hair in his hand. He pulled her head backward and rubbed the pre-cum dripping from his cock along her lips. She licked the tip of his cock eagerly, savoring his salty tang. He pushed his cock forward, and Alexis eagerly opened her mouth, more than happy to oblige his desires. He groaned as she wrapped her lips around his head and sucked, taking him deeper down her throat, inch by inch.

Tristan straddled her lap, and her eyes darted toward him, her lips still encircling Jeremiah’s erection. He wrapped a hand behind Alexis’s neck and dragged her up to a sitting position. She sighed a little after her mouth reluctantly released Jeremiah’s cock.

Tristan had undressed, and yet again, the sight of his muscular chest sent lightning bolts of pure heat rushing to Alexis’s pussy. He moved into a sitting position and pulled Alexis to sit on his lap, his erection pushing against the soft globes of her ass. His lips found hers in another scorching kiss, and Tristan wasted no time getting to his final destination. He slid one wide, work-roughened finger into Alexis’s wet entrance, causing her to gasp and break the kiss. He added a second finger and pumped into her with a relentless pace. Her sheath clenched on his fingers, wanting every bit of fullness possible. An image flashed through Alexis’s mind of her ultimate fantasy, but she quickly dismissed it. There was plenty to keep her distracted.

Tristan playfully pushed Alexis off his lap, and she plopped onto the large, soft bed. Tristan stood on the bed and walked to hover over her. He stood with his legs on either side of her head and lowered himself to dip his cock into her mouth.

She decided to try a little game of her own. Her mouth widened to let in the substantial girth, and his massive cock dipped into her waiting mouth. She wrapped her lips around just the very tip and sucked as hard as she could, eliciting a sharp hiss from Tristan.

“God, yes.” His cry of pleasure came from behind gritted teeth.

Alexis refused to indulge him too much just yet and only laved her tongue around the head. Tristan tried to hold her head in place, allowing him to fuck her mouth. She had other plans, though. Her head twisted from side to side, always just out of reach of Tristan’s searching hands. He finally captured Alexis’s head and held her in place, but she closed her mouth tightly and wouldn’t allow Tristan to push his cock inside.

He growled at Alexis’s flirtatious insubordination, and she allowed herself to release a small giggle.

Never one to give in easily, Alexis just shook her head and pressed her lips tighter, the tips turning up in a grin.

Suddenly, Tristan massaged his callused fingertips into the flesh of Alexis’s hips and tenderly flipped her so she lay on her stomach. If this turned out like the last time she had been on her stomach, she didn’t mind at all. Two hands massaging her ass suggested it would turn out exactly the same. She relaxed into his massage, inching her ass up into his hands in a silent request for more.

“So you think you can run the show?” Tristan’s voice held an even more erotic edge, and for reasons beyond Alexis’s comprehension, a fresh wave of liquefied heat poured from her pulsing cunt.

Aaaahh!” Alexis heard herself scream before she registered what was happening. Her brain rushed to comprehend the situation, but a second forceful slap to her ass expelled all rational thought.

Her ass was on fire as it received a third loud smack. It burned, but after the fourth slap, something strange happened. The fire of the spanking turned from pain to white-hot pleasure. She found herself wiggling her ass upward for another blow that would resonate through her dripping pussy. Slap after slap, her screams turned into moans, and she longed to be touched.

“Tristan, Jeremiah, please,” she managed between gasps and slaps. “I need you, I need something.”

“Our little plaything is begging, Tris. Should we do something about that?”

Tristan only responded with another smack to Alexis’s ass. He stopped his delectable pummeling for a moment to massage the soft globes. The contrast of his gentle touch only fanned the fire blazing between Alexis’s legs. He issued another smack then leaned over and slid his tongue along the curve of one cheek.

“This ass tastes delicious,” he murmured as he landed a small bite right in the center of one cheek. Jeremiah’s lips landed on the other cheek, and Alexis’s inner muscles convulsed with the power of the flames consuming her.

“She seems a little wet.” Jeremiah’s breath ghosted over the wet folds of her pussy, and her hips bucked upward of their own volition. She needed more, and she needed more now.

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