Anna Rides the Desperados (MMF)

The Lost Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,750
82 Ratings (4.5)

Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday write Western historical romance as Christine Michaels!

[#199 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Western Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]

Anna McCoy leaves her sister, Kat, in Carson City longing for her own adventure when it finds her in the form of two handsome outlaws. Instead of letting them steal her purse, Anna turns the tables and steals their hearts.

Eli Collins and Jesse Brennan roam the Wyoming Territory hoping to corral enough money to free Jesse's pregnant sister, Beth, from a life of sexual servitude. When Anna offers to join them in their quest, they reluctantly agreed. To their surprise, Anna becomes a rough-riding sharpshooter.

Trouble finds them when Beth's brothel madam sets her sights on Jesse and will stop at nothing to get her claws into him. And when a rival gang feels the three bandits are threatening their territory, Anna and her men must come out with guns ablazin' to protect what's theirs. After the smoke clears, will the trio end up on top and live to tell their story?

A Siren Erotic Romance


THE LOST COLLECTION: 1: Beaumonts' Brand by Leah Brooke writing as Lana Dare (M/F/M) 2: Kat Rides the Iron Men by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday writing as Christine Michaels (M/M/F) 3: Annie Gets Her Gunmen by Larissa Stone (M/F/M) 4: Ella's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M/M) 5: Love Under Two Gunslingers by Cara Covington (M/F/M) 6: The Gold Digger by Josie Hunter (M/F/M) 7: Her Vigilante Passion by Bonnie Parker (M/F/M) 8: Sarasota Steam by Tessa Monroe (M/M/F) 9: Anna Rides the Desperados by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday writing as Christine Michaels (M/M/F) 10: The Railroad Baroness by Jayne Douglas(M/F/M) 11: Amanda's Texas Rangers by Leah Brooke writing as Lana Dare (M/F/M) 12: The Good, the Bad, and the Naughty by Jessica Frost (M/F/M) 13: Love Under Two Lawmen by Cara Covington (M/M/F) 14: Colleen's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M)

Note: Each book in The Lost Collection stands alone and can be read out of sequence in any order.
Introducing THE MANLOVE COLLECTION: - Three Men and a Bounty by Gigi Moore (M/M/M)

Anna Rides the Desperados (MMF)
82 Ratings (4.5)

Anna Rides the Desperados (MMF)

The Lost Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,750
82 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good book
I enjoyed the m/m action. The story was pretty good too :-)
Professional Reviews

4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Anna Rides the Desperados should come with a warning label. This book is sizzling hot with both passion and tenderness between the main characters. Ms. Michaels has penned another winner with Anna, Eli and Jesse. After reading Kat Rides the Iron Men I was happy to see Kat’s younger sister getting her own story. It was well worth the wait for this reviewer. The exceptionally well written characters I met in the first book carried over to the second. (Not that either book can’t be read as a stand-alone story. They can be.) I will have to admit though out of all the characters in this new story of Ms. Michaels I especially fell in love with Eli. I think everyone of us can relate to the hard man Eli had become. In ways he reminded this reviewer of her father. A tough outer shell but for the right woman or man in this case he can be tender and gentle. All I have to say is bravo, Ms. Michaels, for writing such a stirring tale. Not only was it a hot sexy read, it was also one which pulled on this reviewer’s heartstrings. I anxiously await to see what comes next from this wonderful writer." -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

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“That’s a girl. Now touch yourself. Show us how you’d like to be touched.” Eli gritted his teeth between words each time Jesse stroked his shaft with the tender flesh of his lips, flesh that Anna longed to have touching her own skin again.

Gingerly, still slightly unsure of herself but growing bolder by the second, she walked her fingers down her breasts and stomach to the soft patch of damp curls that covered her aching pussy. There, she paused, not knowing whether she was ready to engage in such an intimate act in front of two men. As much as she wanted to, a nagging part of her insisted it was unbecoming of a lady. Jesse must have seen her hesitation because he stopped his ministrations on Eli’s cock.

“Anna, do what Eli said. Touch yourself, sweetheart. Go on, show us how beautiful you are, how pretty your pussy is.”

“But I’ve, I’ve nev—”

“Woman, do not argue with us,” Eli commanded. “You put your fingers on that lovely cunt of yours and do to it what we’ve both wanted to do to it for days.” Anna startled at the look in Eli’s eyes.

For days.

The knowledge that he, this stoic man, had lusted for her made her pussy weep even more. The ache there cried out so loudly, it completely drowned out any fear of exhibiting unladylike behavior.

Fuck being a lady. It’s time to be a real woman.

She looked down and licked her lips. Her fingers verily itched to make contact there. Anna wanted to feel the same slickness there that seemed to have so captivated these two men.

Anna slowly slipped her finger in. As soon as she felt the silky liquid collecting in her womanhood, her pulse raced and her pussy ached. She needed more. She pushed her finger in until it could go no farther and then pushed another finger in. She fondled and massaged her clit with her other hand, sending tingling sensations over her entire body.

Even though her skin was now completely exposed to the drafty air, it felt warm beyond belief. Every inch of her seemed to radiate heat, especially the triangle of flesh beneath her pussy curls.

Eli watched her the entire time with avid interest. Jesse paused momentarily to look at her, and she loved the way his eyes seemed to drink her in. The more they watched her, the hotter she felt until suddenly the warmth in her womanhood overwhelmed her entire body and all her senses. Her orgasm hit her hard, but as incredible as it felt, it didn’t come close to when she was with Eli and Jesse. She opened her eyes and saw the two men still watching her, though Jesse once again had Eli’s cock between his lips.

“Watching you touch yourself is so fucking hot and, oh, Jesse, your mouth feels so damn good on my cock.” Eli squeezed his eyes tightly shut, and his fingers on Jesse’s head tensed even more. Jesse motioned for Anna to come over, and he stuck his finger out at her. Somehow she knew he wanted her to put it in her mouth. After she had thoroughly sucked on the thick digit, Jesse promptly put it somewhere she had never imagined one would ever put anything into.

Jesse pushed his finger in Eli’s back entrance, the result instantaneous and explosive. Eli’s body convulsed, and a low, guttural growl emanated from deep within his chest. Jesse released the cock from his mouth and a milky substance shot from Eli’s cock onto Jesse’s lips, dribbling down his chin. Jesse licked the corners of his mouth as he smiled and dabbed at the fluid with the tip of his finger.

“You want a taste, princess?” Jesse held another finger out to Anna. Her heart fluttered at the sight, and she gingerly took it in, not knowing what to expect. She knew that men had a physical response to sex and that’s how babies were made, but she had never seen it, never tasted it. She lapped at it and noted the sweet, salty tang of Eli’s essence. She liked it and wanted more. She looked at Eli’s cock, now beginning to soften, and noticed a drop glimmering on its head.

“You want some of this, sugar?” Eli smiled sweetly at her. Anna bent down and took his cock in her mouth. She licked the fluid from his slit and found his cock’s silky soft texture intriguing. She wondered how it would feel rock hard and taut. Eli hissed his pleasure. “Sweetheart, I can’t wait to get hard again for you.”

Feeling suddenly emboldened, Anna decided to make a request that surely the men would have no problem agreeing to.

“I want to see more. I know you must’ve done more that night together. I want to see it. I want to see everything. Please show me.” Anna wanted to see Eli penetrated, wanted to see Jesse’s finger replaced with Jesse’s hard shaft. Something about seeing this big, rugged man invaded by Jesse, who looked slightly leaner and angelic, turned her on even more. Like an angel taking advantage of a devil.

The men looked at each other, lust dancing in their eyes.

“You want a show, sweetheart? You want to watch me fuck Eli in the ass?” Jesse looked delighted at the prospect and started to turn Eli around. Eli seemed pleased as well, though a devilish look shadowed his gaze.

She wanted desperately to watch Jesse’s beautiful cock slide between the firm, muscled cheeks of this utterly masculine and impassive man who still remained a mystery to her. She wondered if part of the mystery would be unraveled that day. She would do anything to make it so.

“Hold on now. I’m not sure she wants it bad enough,” Eli drawled as the intensity of his gaze burned hotter. “How bad do you want it, princess?” The longer he stared at her, the wetter her cunt got and the more it ached. It practically screamed at her to be filled, but she knew her fingers wouldn’t do the trick.

“Well, sugar? How bad you want it?” Eli repeated as he inched closer to her. “Tell me.” Anna looked at Jesse for guidance, and he smiled with a shrug, as if urging her to do as Eli instructed.

“Bad. Really, really bad,” she finally said.

“Spread your legs, then, and show me your cunt wants it.” A hunger that Anna had never witnessed before flashed across Eli’s gaze. “Let me see how your pussy juices shimmer.”

Anna spread her legs and felt her wetness seep down her slit, moistening the blanket she sat upon. It would have embarrassed her if she didn’t know that that wetness was exactly what these men wanted to see. She felt more than happy to provide anything these men desired, especially if it meant she and her pussy finally got what they wanted. Her heartbeat sped up exponentially as Eli stalked over to where she lay, spread out and on display for him and Jesse.

“Look at that. How beautiful your pussy is when it’s wet and juicy.” Eli motioned for Jesse to join him. “Do you think she’s earned this yet?” Eli turned to Jesse with a wink.

“Hmm, you know, I’m not so sure. I think there’s one more thing she needs to do to prove to us she wants it as bad as she says.” Jesse motioned to his cock, which now looked impossibly large and engorged.

“I think you’re right, Jesse. Anna, show us how badly your mouth wants this and wet Jesse’s cock a little with that sweet mouth of yours.”

Anna sat up and took Jesse’s cock in her mouth, slowly at first, but then the erotic sensation of its silky firmness sliding between her lips took her over. She pumped her head back and forth the way she saw Jesse do it before.

“Oh, shit, she’s good. Damn, woman.” Jesse rocked his hips in rhythm with her mouth. Then Anna felt a hand still her shoulder, stopping her. Disappointed, she looked up and saw Eli pulling her and Jesse apart.

“I think that’s quite enough. Your sweet mouth is gonna make him come before I’m good and ready.” Eli turned to Jesse. “Now, fuck me, cowboy. Fuck me so our pretty lady can watch.”

Jesse plunged himself into Eli’s asshole as Eli groaned his obvious pleasure. They looked so beautiful together, so masculine and strong. The force of Jesse’s cock pounding into Eli’s ass amazed Anna. How could something so violent look so tender?

She wanted what Jesse and Eli had, wanted that feeling. She wanted to be a part of it, a part of them. Watching aroused her, but now arousal turned to pure need. She slid closer to them to the middle of the bed. Her pussy suffered with neglect, and she found herself pushing her pelvis closer and closer toward Eli’s engorged cock. With every one of Jesse’s thrusts, Eli’s cock would advance and retreat. Anna wanted to capture that cock inside her, and she wanted to meld with both men.

She had never had a man in her life, but she knew she was ready, and she had to make it clear to these men. Her pussy pulsed with such need to be filled, Anna felt like she almost had no choice but to satisfy its calls. Her lips fell into a pout, and she must have whimpered because both Eli and Jesse stopped what they were doing.

“What’s the matter, beautiful?” Eli asked. “You feeling left out?” Eli smiled. Anna nodded and slid her finger in and out of her pussy.

“I see what our lady wants,” Jesse said, still slowly thrusting into Eli. “Grab that pillow and put it under your ass. Make sure you’re right at the edge of the bed.” She did as Jesse instructed and realized her cunt was now elevated level with Eli’s cock, and it was already hard again. “I know that Eli’s been wanting to do something to you, princess, and I think it’s about time you had a taste of this cowboy’s thick cock in your pussy. Isn’t that right, Eli?”

“It is. I can’t deny it.” Eli’s eyes turned stony, and he pressed in closer, leaning over her. He seemed to breathe in her scent, his mouth so close to her skin, Anna felt the moist heat rolling off his tongue. “And I can’t deny you any longer.”

Anna licked her lips, looked Eli and then Jesse straight in the eye, and braced herself.

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