The Redemption Collection, Volume 1 (MM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,723
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Fantasy, Demons, Werewolves, Voyeurism MM, HEA]

The Half-Breed Demon

Three men, born with one foot in the mortal world and one in the paranormal, are destined to either become fearsome generals of Hell or powerful and holy knights of Heaven. Dante Moore has been plagued by demons his entire life. Before he can finally succumb to them and commit the ultimate sin, an angel comes down and saves his life, and prevents him from harming others.

Jeremy Stewart has been assigned to protect Dante and keep the demons from transforming him, but he never expected that there would be more to the tortured man than was obvious. He slowly finds himself falling in love with him.

Their love is short-lived when another powerful demon uses it against them and tortures Jeremy until Dante agrees to be taken into Hell. Jeremy must now rescue his lover before the transformation is complete, and they are forever forced apart onto opposite ends of the battlefield.

The Half-Breed Werewolf

Mathias is a rogue angel sent on a mission to find and protect a man who is destined to either become a feared general of Hell, or a powerful warrior of Heaven. He finds his charge in the form of a wolf, and when it transforms to a man and is in clear lust with him, Mathias gives in to the emotion he has never felt before. Taylor Slade knows his mate when he sees him, and he wastes no time in claiming the innocent angel, but the discovery that angels and demons really exist, and that he's not as crazy as he once thought, is not a happy a moment. Those demons still want him, and the angels believe that Mathias is a traitor. Both must work together to keep Taylor from losing his sanity to the demons, as well as prevent the angels from taking Mathias back to Heaven and punishing him by forever separating them both.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Redemption Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Redemption Collection, Volume 1 (MM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,723
1 Ratings (4.0)
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The Half-Breed Demon


Dante Moore just wanted a fucking coffee without the noise of traffic, too many pushy and crowding people, and some whining kid screaming in front of him at his mother while he threw a tantrum over some stupid and insignificant thing. He just wished the stupid light would change so he could cross the street and get away from all the screeching.

Dante would never have been allowed to throw a fit like that with his father. If he had, the old bastard might have tried to kill him.

Tried to kill him much sooner than he already had, that is.

Dante rubbed the pulsing pain at his temple. It was only ten in the morning. He’d gone into work feeling good, no abnormal sights to see, no voices in his ear. He’d prepped his staff for the coming meeting, and everything was moving ahead of schedule.

Except for right now. It was like the second he left the office all hell broke loose inside of his mind.

He told himself that the little green, yellow, and black gremlin things he was seeing weren’t real. The tiny demons that jumped into people’s hair and made faces at them, sticking out their forked tongues and trying to get attention, they weren’t actually there. Years and years of therapy told him so, and when the tiny creatures turned their attention onto him, their snake-slit eyes narrowed, their grins showing off their perfectly yellowed, perfectly sharp teeth, he ignored them to the best of his ability.

Somehow, maybe because they were a figment of his imagination, they still knew he could see them, and they tried to take advantage of that to drive him insane.

Unlike the general public, whenever the fist-sized creatures jumped on him, shouted into his ears, and clawed their fingers into his hair, he could feel them. Their touch alone was enough to make his body itch and to make him want to scream and rage and just push them all off of him.

All he could do was grit his teeth and scowl. It was the only outward sign he gave that something was wrong with him. Anyone who looked at him would just think he was on the verge of a meltdown of his own, brought on by noisy and shoving people, the stink of car fumes, and the noise of that damn kid who was still bitching at his mother.

The shrieking had gone up several decibels, and the pulsing in his head turned into a full-blown migraine.

He wanted to kill something.

That thought made all the noise around him just stop. Everything had suddenly gone quiet as the strange panic fisted his insides, and he looked around at the crowd of people.

They’d all stopped moving. All of them were frozen in whatever position they’d been in, whether it was chewing gum, faces scrunched in the midst of a sneeze, or, in the case of that boy, spittle flying from his mouth as he shouted down his weary-looking mother.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the part that he found scary. What was most frightening to him was the fact that he’d thought he wanted to kill someone, and he’d meant it.

Looking behind the boy, he noticed that the kid’s back was to the street. Traffic had also stopped, but there was a bus coming up just behind him. All it would take would be one shove. No one would see him, they were frozen, and no one would―

Dante stumbled back, hardly able to believe that thought had just gone through his head. Jesus Christ! Did he really just consider shoving some little kid into an oncoming bus?

“You know you want to,” a low voice whispered into his ear.

Looking down, Dante could see all the little demons staring up at him expectantly, and all had those same grins on their faces. The ones that showed off their teeth.

He did want to. Dante clenched his fists. God help him, but he did want to kill that boy. He wanted to push him in front of that bus and watch as his body made impact once the world went back to normal and started moving again.

What the hell kind of monster was he?

He could actually picture it in his mind. Shoving the kid, and when his blood spattered, covering the crowd of people in it, he imagined the satisfaction he would feel, and he imagined himself licking the blood up from his fingers and face while the others screamed.

The worst part of it was when he stepped forward toward the boy. He tried to stop himself. He tried to plant his feet, but he just kept right on moving.

He’d imagined himself doing horrible things before, and had horrible nightmares about himself and everything he could do to other people that made him cringe when he woke up, but he hadn’t felt a pull like this in so long, and never before had it been as strong as this.

He kept on walking toward the boy. He could already feel how hot his hands would be when he wrapped them around the kid’s neck and how satisfying the smack of his body would sound when he was thrown in front of the bus.

Closer and closer still. No one in the crowd moved. Dante didn’t think he could stop himself from stepping forward even if the world wasn’t frozen like this.

Almost there. He was just about there, and the tiny demons behind him cheered him on, raising their skinny little arms high up and shouting and jumping as he neared his target.

His hand was inches away from the child before Dante finally managed to breathe and pull back.

Jesus Christ! What the fuck was he doing?

Sweat beaded on his forehead and poured down the back of his neck. The little demons behind him were shouting their disappointment now and still trying to get him to push the child.




Dante was going to get his answers, one way or another, about just who, or what, Jeremy was and how he was able to do this, but right now his cock was firmly in the pilot’s seat. That was going to have to wait until much later.

The other man rubbed their cocks together like it was the only thing he knew how to do, and if he wasn’t careful, they were both going to come in their briefs again, and Dante wasn’t sure if he would be able to do this for a third time in one night.

Still, he couldn’t help but let himself be tortured, and he ran his fingers up and along the smooth muscles of Jeremy’s stomach, his sides, and his chest. He found the small, hard nipples and pinched them.

The responding buck and cry nearly undid him, and Dante scrambled for his belt.

“Take those off,” he commanded the other man whilst he was busy trying to get himself naked.

Jeremy’s bright eyes were clouded with lust, but after blinking some of that away, he did as he was told and started undoing his belt and fly with a much calmer grace than Dante was pulling off.

Jeremy lifted his hips and then eased himself off of Dante just long enough to get his pants off. Dante followed suit, kicking them away before pulling at the buttons of his shirt.

He watched as Jeremy was shrugging out of his own jacket and button-down.

“Wait, leave that on.”

Jeremy blinked at him, more of that lusty haze making his eyes huge. It kind of reminded Dante of an owl. “Don’t you want me naked?”

Christ, what kind of question was that? “Of course I do, but you look sexy like that. Leave it on.”

Again, Jeremy blushed at the compliment. It was beyond cute, and when Dante looked down at the perfect swell of his ass, he knew this was definitely happening.

He reached over and grabbed the box of condoms, practically ripping the thing open and taking one of the little packets before tossing the rest onto the nightstand. Dante set the condom aside for now, and he grabbed the bottle of lube, as well as Jeremy.

He pulled the other man back on top of him, but made sure that he stayed on his knees instead of sitting on his lap again. Jeremy just looked at Dante and the lube in his hands, as though waiting for him to do something with it.

Dante grinned and kissed the man, feeling the tightness in his mouth melt away as his tongue slid across Jeremy’s perfectly plump lips.

Jeremy’s hands were on his neck again, and soon he was kissing back with all the zeal he’d used when they’d humped each other’s brains out on his kitchen stool.

He couldn’t help but slide his eyes closed, and he clumsily opened the cap and slathered some of the lube onto his fingers. Jeremy jumped and made a cute noise when Dante’s fingers touched his asshole.

“You sure you’re okay with this?” Dante asked. Never before had he been the kind of guy to give a partner, especially right before sex, a way out, especially considering the hard time Dante had with getting and keeping his bed partners.

This was somehow different.

“Yes, it’s nice. You just surprised me.”

That had been the only chance Jeremy was about to get, and Dante wasn’t about to stop and ask again.

They resumed their kiss, and Dante adored Jeremy’s mouth so much, the flick of his warm and wet tongue, the tingle he felt, and just the newness of having a lover here with him. He’d almost forgotten to get back to the part where they were supposed to be fucking.

He rubbed the tips of his fingers around Jeremy’s pucker, again and again, enjoying how the man felt and how hot his body became as they held each other.

The second Jeremy’s muscles relaxed, Dante slid his middle finger inside of him.

Jeremy made a sound between a moan and a gasp, and soon he was humping back against Dante’s finger as they kissed, much more frantically than before.

There, that was what he wanted, for Jeremy to stop being so nervous and to just go with it.

He slipped a second finger inside of him, and then a third, stretching him out and pushing inside of him as far as his fingers could go. His arm started to cramp up with their positions and what they were doing, but he didn’t stop.

His fingers pressed against the smooth lump inside of Jeremy’s body, and the other man bucked against him, hard and fast, and those amber eyes of his flew almost as wide as his mouth as he moaned.

This was it, Dante couldn’t wait anymore.

He continued playing around with that spot, pressing kisses that he was pretty sure Jeremy didn’t notice against the hollow at his throat as he fumbled for the lube and condom with his other hand.

He had to take his fingers out of Jeremy’s ass to get everything in its proper order, and the sound of Jeremy’s disappointed moan when he did that made his stomach go tight with want and desire.

“Love the sounds you make,” Dante said, stroking the lube onto his cock before lining it up with Jeremy’s hole.

“I love this,” Jeremy said. The red flush on his face was absolutely exquisite.

Dante pushed into him just as Jeremy sat down, and he nearly came as Jeremy began riding him hard and fast right away.

“Oh, fuck!” he shouted, throwing his head back and gripping Jeremy’s hips with tight fingers.

Jeremy’s eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth parted just enough for the little moans and gasps to escape that he was no doubt trying to hold back.


The Half-Breed Werewolf


Those heavy paws came down on his arms, locking them to the ground. The wolf seemed to work as though it had gone mad, but clearly, it still knew how to keep a prisoner, and this time it had Mathias on his back, where he could look at the long row of teeth just before those jaws opened.

The small demons were back, surrounding the both of them, chattering in their odd language, but their raised fists and wicked smiles as they jumped up and down could only be encouragement as they worked their evil magic and tempted the wolf to take Mathias’s life.

The yellow eyes became golden, and the chest puffed out as the wolf stared down at him, then it lunged, and the demons shouted out their victory.

The teeth were around his neck. Mathias could feel them pinching his skin, but the killing bite never came.

He opened his eyes, hardly able to believe he’d shut them to begin with. The hot breath of the werewolf above him made his face and body uncomfortable, but he didn’t dare move.

Then the wolf inhaled deeply through its nose, and it did it again before the teeth were removed from Mathias’s neck. The wolf did not let him up as it stared down at him, however. Those eyes were no longer angry or willing to kill, but now they contained a trace of something else. Curiosity. Mathias recognized that, especially in the way the head tilted to the side just a little. There was also something else he couldn’t place, something that made the pupils of the wolf widen as it sniffed at his neck and chest some more.

Then that warm tongue lapped at his face, and Mathias struggled in earnest this time, releasing a disgusted shout.

The werewolf, stupid creature that it was, seemed to take that as a sort of sign of affection and placed even more of its weight on top of him, rubbing its face against Mathias’s, and then its whole body.

Mathias squirmed and wriggled, which only made the ruined part of his armor pinch and scratch at his back, breaking open the skin, but he had to get out from under the wolf that had him pinned.

Finally, he did, and he managed to back away several steps, the wolf rising to its paws and shaking itself, loose hairs flying. Then it just looked at him.

Only then did Mathias take note of how silent the little demons had gone. He looked up at them, a paranoid fear coming on.

They weren’t attacking or looking at him like he was lunch with their black eyes. They were just staring at him. Not the same way that the wolf did. The wolf’s stare held more hunger than theirs. They almost looked confused.

Maybe that was what made the wolf so friendly all of a sudden. Was it possible that the demons were distracted by something and the spell the wolf was under had been broken?

Well, they were far enough away from other people, and with the wolf distracted, Mathias had an easier time banishing the demons. He concentrated and lifted his hand to them. Each and every single one of their little round bodies made a small explosion of black smoke and red sparks. The stink of demon lasted in the air for only another minute before it was carried away by the wind.

The head rush came next, and Mathias stumbled on his feet for a second before catching himself on―

He pulled away from the wolf, stunned that it had come so close to him and was still looking at him with those eager eyes. It caught him before he could fall? That was certainly unexpected.

Mathias shook his head to clear it. There had been more of those little bastards than he’d thought, and their hold on the werewolf had been stronger than Mathias imagined as well, otherwise he wouldn’t feel so drained of energy.

Luckily, he’d brought something for that, but he would still have to be careful with how he worked. He had to remain on his feet until after the risk was entirely gone. He couldn’t allow this person in front of him to become a tool for Hell.

“Can you understand me?”

The wolf’s head cocked to the side. It wagged its tail.

He wasn’t sure what to make of that.

It no longer appeared to be a threat, and the gray wolf certainly wasn’t giving the impression that it wanted to eat him for lunch.

Mathias would take the risk. He was here to save this man, after all. He stepped forward, reaching out his hand. “I won’t hurt you.”

The wolf did not hesitate like Mathias expected it to. It trotted forward, sniffed at Mathias’s offered palm eagerly, tail still wagging like a happy dog, and then it shifted into a naked man.

He sighed. At least he could work with this.

He concentrated some more on his form. This part took up very little energy, especially because he wanted the man in front of him to see what he looked like. He wanted him to see his wings. There would have to be some secrets, but the fewer, the better.

“My name is Mathias. I’m here to help you.”

The man with the soft, brown hair just blinked at him, and it was then that Mathias noted the lack of change in the eyes. They were still the golden color of the wolf.

Mathias then noticed something else about the man. He had an erection.

He realized too late what that hungry look in the man’s eyes was as he charged. He was not attacking, and so Mathias did not dare attempt to defend himself as he was grabbed around the shoulders and kissed for the first time in his life.




“Take me again, just like last night,” Mathias commanded, his voice throaty and hoarse.

Taylor nodded, but he didn’t remove his hand. He continued stroking Mathias like he was a cat that he wanted to make purr.

Mathias purred for him all right. His knees buckled, and he would have fallen to his knees had it not been for the kitchen island behind him.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, you know that?” Taylor whispered into his ear. “You’re mine, too. Say how much you want this.”

More of that possessive speak. Mathias would agree with him until his voice no longer worked if that would keep the man’s hand moving in that circular motion around his cock, but he would eventually have to speak with Taylor about the unfortunate end to their tryst. Mathias wanted this, and he never wanted it to end, but he was an angel, and he was not above admitting to being more than afraid of having his wings torn out to become human. That, he would never do.

“Say it,” Taylor growled, his eyes glowing all the brighter. “Tell me you want this.”

“I do,” Mathias moaned, bushing back against that glorious hand and bracing his fists on the island behind him.

That seemed to satisfy Taylor’s inner wolf somewhat. “Good,” he said, removing his hand and dipping low just enough to wrap his arms around Mathias’s knees. He lifted him up and over his shoulder, then all but ran back into the bedroom they had shared the night before.

The sudden shock of having a shoulder in his gut, knocking the wind out of him, nearly did away completely with his lust, but Mathias was hard again, wanting the man desperately, when he was dumped back onto the still-messy sheets and Taylor’s hands were clawing at the button and zipper of the pants he wore.

With both of them working together, they managed to get the things off of his legs without destroying them. Taylor pulled off his own pants and kicked them away, and the sight of his cock, hard and beautiful, held Mathias transfixed. Without thinking about it, he reached his hand down to grasp at the organ.

The way Taylor’s golden eyes fell shut and his mouth dropped open as he threw his head back was lovely.

Mathias gripped him just a little bit tighter, and then he circled his fist around the shaft, drawing a moan out of the other man.

“You are evil,” Taylor said, his hips jerking as Mathias touched him.

He didn’t think he was being evil. He thought he was being nice.

“Stop, stop,” Taylor said, and Mathias yanked his hand away as though he’d been burned.


Taylor grinned at him. “I want to do something to you. Been wanting to do it since I first saw you with nothing on.”

Mathias had no idea what he was on about but understood just a little better when Taylor dropped to his knees down on the side of the bed, pulling on Mathias’s legs until his knees were bent over the side and Taylor was leaning between them.

He propped himself onto his elbows, if only just to see what the other man was doing.

Taylor put Mathias’s swollen cock in his hand, and now he was looking at it like it was a special sort of treat. Like it was ambrosia.

Mathias suddenly recalled the way Taylor had been sucking on his fingers, and his cock jumped at the thought.

“Surely not, you cannot mean to―”

His words were cut off when, yes, Taylor did indeed do it. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue along the shaft of Mathias’s cock. From the very bottom all the way to the top and dipping into the slit where his pearly fluids were gathering.

Then he put his lips around the head, and Mathias thought he would die with pleasure and embarrassment as he fell backward against the bed.

He was not looking at Taylor at this point, but he could still feel the way the man dipped his head lower still, taking more and more of Mathias’s dick into his mouth, and those wet lips travelled down until almost all of Mathias’s cock was submerged.

Taylor tightened his lips and swirled his tongue, and then he began to suck back on it.

No, now Mathias would die from pleasure, though he was hardly embarrassed any longer, not when Taylor was doing that to him.

He put his hands over his eyes to ward off the stars that were exploding behind them, and were those sounds coming from him?

He had to see, he could not look away any longer. Mathias forced his hands away from his eyes and lifted himself to once more look down on his lover.

The sight of his mouth, stretched around the base of Mathias’s cock, was nearly his undoing. It was so…so…He did not have words to describe it or the shivering thrill that jolted up his spine when Taylor winked at him and continued to pull back and forth with his mouth.

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