Sea Island Wolves, Volume 1 (MF, MFM)

Sea Island Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 255,131
0 Ratings (0.0)
In Mating Claire, Claire Hallowell arrives in Wilsonville, SC following the trail of a serial killer and demon, but it is the small town police chief that threatens her highly structured world. Derek Jacob knows his mate when he meets her, and the Alpha won’t stop short of claiming Claire. Sex comes easy while trust is more difficult. Can the couple manage the killer and demon and find love?
In Taming Samantha, Samantha Hark is running from one werewolf and ends up in the arms of two. JD and Caleb McBane won’t let anything keep them from claiming their mate—not even Samantha herself. But when the mating musk wears off, Samantha is ready to fight again. Can JD and Caleb tame Samantha before her enemies strike the killing blow?
In Claiming Kristen, Kristen Jakob crosses into Covenanter territory against forewarning, but she doesn’t plan on being caught. Jakob and Kort Nickel instantly recognize their mate and don’t mind trespassing into Narin territory to catch her. Ignoring all the rules, they stop at nothing to claim Kristen. She plans on making them pay, but she has to find a way to resist them first.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.


Sea Island Wolves, Volume 1 (MF, MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sea Island Wolves, Volume 1 (MF, MFM)

Sea Island Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 255,131
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley





Claire could sense the wolf prowling, stalking her, through those eyes. He was leaning against the doorframe. His stance was deceptively relaxed, but Claire wasn't buying into that lie.

She could feel the tension coiling in him as he studied her like a hunter sizing up the prey he was about to take down. Not with violence, though, but with barely restrained sexuality.

Her heart began to race as instinct whispered she should flee. Claire ground her teeth together, her hands curling into fists as she watched him sniff the air, scenting her arousal.

Her body's response to his blatantly sexual look riled her already inflamed temper. Narrowing her eyes on him, she rose to her feet. Carefully she set the stack of files on her desk and replaced the receiver.

"Can I help you?"

"I'm Chief Jacob." The man nodded his head slightly. "You must be Dorothy."

"Very perceptive." Claire was unable to keep the sarcastic edge out of her tone.

"So you're my new assistant."

The smooth southern drawl dripped like honey down Claire's spine and pooled warmly between her legs. Claire clamped her thighs together in a futile effort to hide his effect on her.

She looked at Derek Jacob, keeping her eyes off his face and away from those captivating eyes. The problem with that tactic was it meant she had to look at the rest of him. His hard, toned muscles were no less mouthwatering, no less mesmerizing.

Her mouth went dry as she watched the bulge in his gray slacks grow impossibly larger. Quickly she looked away, feeling her panties dampen in response.

The bastard sniffed the air again and her eyes shot back to his face. The edges of his lips kicked up in a satisfied smile and Claire knew exactly what she was dealing with. A werewolf.

Her eyes narrowed to dangerous slits as his gaze traveled downward, stopping and staying on her breasts. Despite her annoyance with the jerk, she felt her breasts tighten. Her nipples hardened, straining against the flimsy silk blouse.

The phone rang just then, jarring her out of her growing anger.

"Chief Jacob's office. How may I help you?"

Claire saw Derek snicker as her tone changed, becoming pleasant, almost cheerful. It was a farce. One she pulled off with ease as she listened to a breathless woman asking if the chief was in.

"Yes. May I ask who's calling?" Claire had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. With the Chief back, she was probably going to get a lot of these calls. No doubt the man had a whole harem of women who loved hard-bodied men in uniform.

"Never mind." The line went dead before Claire could respond.

"Well, Assistant Dorothy." His joking use of her title had Claire's teeth grinding. "You ready to catch me up?"

"Of course, Chief Jacob." Claire managed not to snarl. Just barely, but she managed. Gathering his schedule, the files he needed to review, and papers needing his signature, she turned.

"After you." Derek gestured to the open door of his office.

Lucky girl. That man is sizzling.

Kate's hungry voice echoed through Claire's mind. Claire saw the ghost materialize for just a moment before fading back into the air. The apparition's habit of popping in and out always irritated Claire.

"Something wrong?" For the first time the chief sounded serious, almost alarmed as he looked around the room.

Yeah, he has too many clothes on.


Tell him to get naked.

"Nothing." Claire's words were sharper than necessary. This time though her annoyance was not directed at the chief.

Trying to ignore Kate, she focused on Derek. That was a mistake. Trapped in the small office with him not more than a foot away had a disastrous effect on her equilibrium. As sexy as he was at a distance, he was outright gorgeous close up.

The small scars on his forehead and chin, the bump from a break on his nose, the laugh lines around his mouth, every little flaw added to his appeal. Derek Jacob was the living personification of the sexy bad-boy.

A walking wet dream, that's for damn sure.

Women don't have wet dreams, Claire mentally retorted, exasperated with the ghost.

The hell they can't.

I never had one.

I'm having one right now.

You don't have a body!

That's not stopping me.

"You alright?"

Claire took a deep breath, trying to clear her head. It didn't help. She stepped back, trying to put some distance between them.

It was a futile effort, one the chief took notice of with a raised eyebrow. His infernal smug smile reappeared. Arrogant wolf, he was probably used to women responding this way to him.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine," Claire muttered.

"A little hot maybe?" The humor in his tone was evident. "You look a little flushed?"


"Hmm." He considered her for a moment. "You're breathing a little fast. You got asthma?"

"I said I was fine."




She was hot, wet, ready and he nearly exploded in his jeans just from touching her. Silken muscles tightened as he plunged two thick fingers into her tight, clenching core. The muscles of her cunt tightened with biting force on his questing finger, driving Derek nearly mad with the need to replace his hands with his driving cock.

Ignoring her moans of protest, Derek lifted his head from her breast. Wanting to imprint the image of her open, wet with her desire, Derek stared down at her, not missing any detail of her delicious sex.

His body tightened at the sight of glistening female cream on her silken curls. The small lips pouted, parted, revealing her swollen clit, the tiny entrance to her tight sheath. His cock jerked, demanding release.

Unable to resist one taste, just one, he lowered his head to her pussy, his hand abandoning her breast for his jeans. With his other, he spread her pussy lips wide, examining the sweet heaven he was about to lay claim to.

Bending his head, he flicked his tongue out to taste the thick cream coating her sensitive lips. He licked one side then the other, making her moan and buck beneath him as he slipped past her clit, carefully avoiding the sensitive nub.

"My mate, hot, wet, hungry for me," Derek growled a second before plunging his tongue into her passage, making her cry out. "Mine, all mine."

Derek lifted one leg over his shoulder, opening her further for his conquering mouth. He showed no mercy as he fucked his tongue into her spasming cunt, licking upward to tease and flick her clit occasionally. Her other leg fell off the seat as her lower back lifted, offering him whatever he wanted.

Derek grasped his erection, stroking himself in an attempt to prolong the exquisite agony. He was not ready to give up his delicious treat, but his cock was making adamant demands. It wanted to be inside her, pounding into her, and his dick wanted that now.

The tenuous control he had maintained so far snapped. Promising himself he would dedicate hours later to tasting that sweet cunt that now belonged to him, he lifted himself up. Sliding his hands beneath the soft globes of her ass, he angled her toward his cock, placing the head against her opening.





He followed her after three more powerful strokes. His roar echoed in her ear as she felt his hot seed flood into her body. He fell forward, molding his front to her back as his ragged breath caressed her ears. She was sweaty, sticky, and tired. All she wanted now was a soft bed to take a nap in. Apparently, she was not going to get that.

Sam groaned in protest when he forced her up. The movement made her legs, weakened with pleasure, hold her weight as she leaned back on his hard thighs. He was still buried deep inside her, his cock hadn't softened in the slightest. She felt skewered on his thick length.

Drowsily she opened her eyes as she felt the deputy lift her shirt. He tugged it from her body and made short work of her bra, leaving her naked and on display for the stranger standing in the archway between the kitchen and living room.

They were nearly a perfect reflection of each other, and it took her brain several moments to focus on the fact that this man was not the deputy. Dressed in black slacks and T-shirt, he wore the same air of authority, of danger, of heated desire as his green eyes raked over her bared body.

Instinct tried to kick in, whispering through her mind to cover herself, to feel embarrassed that one man watched as another man’s cock already filled her body. Her muscles refused to respond, to strengthen and aid in saving her own decency.

Even her mind gave over the battle when the deputy’s hands came around to torment her. One hand cupped her breast, immediately pulling and rolling her nipple as the other slid down between her spread legs.

The deputy forced her thighs even farther apart simply by spreading his own. The new position not only gave the stranger a perfect view of her pussy, but gave the deputy better access to her sensitive folds.


* * * *


Caleb watched as the lush beauty trapped in his brother’s arms moaned, her head tilting back and her eyes closing in pleasure. The dark-haired woman was gorgeous with her full breasts and softly rounded stomach. She looked soft and inviting.

This was their mate. JD did not have to say a word for Caleb to recognize that fact. The bite mark on her shoulder said it all. He wished he could smell her so he could know the truth for himself. The combined scents of sex and JD’s mating musk were too thick for him to distinguish her scent.

Soon enough, Caleb promised himself. Once JD was done pleasuring their woman, Caleb would take her up for a shower. Then he would know the sweet smell of her as well. As he watched his brother’s thick, tanned fingers part the soft pink folds of her sex, he knew what else he would do once he got her into the shower.

He was going to shave that pussy bare and then devour her. His cock, already hard from the erotic sight before him, nearly doubled in size with that thought. It was all he could do not to go and rip their mate out of his brother’s arms and take her just as JD had, on all fours on the floor.

The brothers had shared many women in their time. Caleb had always enjoyed watching his brother pleasure them. This time was different. Despite the erotic thrill of watching the lovers before him, he felt a sharp pang of jealousy that it was JD and not him pleasuring their mate.

He couldn’t take any more. Caleb strode forward and lifted her off JD’s lap. Like a pirate making off with stolen bounty, he slung her over his shoulder and rushed up the stairs. He carried her straight into the master suite that JD had built and stocked for this day.

It had never been used. This was her room, and they wouldn’t have disrespected her by carrying on with irrelevant liaisons here. Caleb took her directly into the large bathroom and set her down in the oversized shower stall.

Blinking her glassy green eyes rapidly, she tried to focus on him.  He smiled down at her, wondering if she knew he was not his brother. Identical in appearance, the only way to tell JD and him apart was the fact that JD had blue eyes and he had green.

“What’s your name?”


The breathy, hesitant sound of her voice was like a stroke to his cock. Nothing turned him on like a shy and submissive woman. The Fates had blessed him with a mate who was both.

“Relax, Samantha.” Caleb leaned down to feather kisses over her cheeks. “I’m going to make you feel very good.”


* * * *


Sam jolted when the cold water suddenly hit her skin. Her brain was jump-started by the refreshing water and the sudden absence of any man.

What the hell was she doing?

She was in a strange shower, having just fucked a strange man and apparently about to be fucked by his brother. That was so not her. This was not the way she behaved. She needed to get out of here.

She turned and slammed straight into a hard wall of naked man. The brother had returned and with him that intoxicating odor. This time the scent was even stronger, more potent as it congealed in the now-steaming shower stall.

The water was hot now, but not nearly as searing as the hands that began running up and down her body. He shifted, and for a moment his hands left her. Sam heard herself whimper, protesting the loss of his touch.

A moment later his callused hands were back, slippery with soap. She felt cherished, almost treasured as he gently washed away the evidence of her early passionate encounters with his brother.

As much as she enjoyed his gentle cleansing, her body began to heat with the desire for a more intimate touch. She could not stop from squirming in his arms, enjoying the friction of his hard, hairy body against her softer, smoother one.





“Hmm.” Actually, Kristen already had a plan going.

Lilly needed time to find the cure. Given the powerful pull even now by her wolf to accept Jakob and Kort, Kristen knew the one thing she didn’t have a lot of was time. It would be hard to resist the attraction, impossible if she let them get even one hand on her body. Now she had a means of assuring they kept their hands to themselves.

“At least you want some time before you spring it on us.” The uncertainty in Jakob’s tone turned his statement into a suggestion. The man was beyond nervous now. “After all, the surprise lends something to the act.”

“Oh, you’re going to be surprised.” Once they realized that she’d broken the mating bond, Kristen imagined surprised wouldn’t begin to describe their reaction.

Jakob sighed in clear resignation and sent her one last hopeful look. “That’s going to make you happy?”

“Very happy.”

“Well, while you’re planning all that out, could we maybe focus on something positive? You know, like try to work on settling into being mates?”

His negotiation technique needed work because Kristen could already guess where Jakob was heading. Years of experience in the courtroom kept her from giving him a flat-out “no.” Best to let him say what he wanted outright and not let him play any games.

“Settle into being mates?” Kristen repeated, cocking a confused brow at that. “What’s that supposed to mean? You want me to move into your house and play happy Mary housekeeper?”

Jakob flushed, revealing that some part of him had dared to hope he could get her to agree to that much. Kristen, though, had put enough of a sneer into her words to keep the big man from brazenly agreeing. Instead he went for an insulted scowl that probably had as much to do with the embarrassment of her calling him out as it did that he wouldn’t be getting what he wanted.

“No, of course not,” Jakob shot back, before pausing as if unsure of what to say next. The man needed to learn to have a contingency plan because the way he stumbled over the rest of his answer really was pathetic. “I know you’re not ready to move in yet, but can we at least proceed on a course that would lend itself to one day moving into our own house?”

The man was still fishing. Kristen had to give him one for tenacity. “And what course is that?”

“Doing what mates do?”

“And what do mates do?” Kristen had really started to enjoy watching Jakob squirm, but apparently Kort had reached the end of his patience. He answered bold, blunt, and true to his nature.

“Fuck.” Kort paused before feeling the need to expand his answer. “Mates fuck.”

Kristen met his glare with a smirk before giving Kort back her own tart answer. “I’m not having sex with you.”

“I wasn’t talking about sex,” Jakob snapped.

“Excuse me.” Kort held a hand up, blocking Jakob’s complaint. “I want to talk about sex.”

Too bad nobody wanted to talk to him. Kristen kept her focus on Jakob, who continued on with a certain amount of indignant air. “I’m talking about the normal things, like eating dinner together, talking about our day, vegging out in front of the TV together. You know, normal, everyday things.”

“Like getting naked at the end of the night and having some fun,” Kort retorted over Kristen.

“Shut up, Kort!” Jakob snapped.

“At least I agree to that.” Kristen snorted.

“To what?” Jakob rolled his head slightly as he emphasized his point. “To Kort shutting up or to what I was saying?”

“To both, actually.”

There wouldn’t be any point in trying to keep them at arm’s distance. In fact it could be very dangerous not to keep an eye on her two mates. On the other hand, it might be beneficial to have them thinking things were progressing.

“I mean what you’re talking about is going to happen regardless,” Kristen reasoned. “After all, we are living together.”




Jakob let her go wild, holding steady and still as she fucked her ass back against his cock in an ever-escalating rhythm as she raced to catch the ceaseless cascade of tremors pulsating through her clit. Faster and harder, Kristen worked herself into a lather that started to crest with glorious rays of bliss.

Just when she was about to throw herself into the horizon of the best damn climax she’d had in the past few weeks, Jakob brought it all crashing down around her. The butterfly clicked off the same second a hand on her back flattened Kristen into the mattress. Then it was Jakob doing the fucking, pistoning into her ass so fast he blew apart the climax rising inside her and rode the pleasure to even brighter heights.

Kristen clawed at the mattress, a desperate reflex that rose to escape the rapture crushing her under its weight. It was too much, and with each merciless thrust deeper, Jakob made her endure even more. Reason got lost in the rush of ecstasy, and her body responded without thought, meeting each pound of Jakob’s hips against her own in a mindless attempt to sail with him over the edge of sanity and into the peace of release.

As fast and furious as Jakob rode her, he didn’t last long. Not nearly long enough for Kristen to join in his shout of victory, no matter how hard she strained. With a howl, he buried his cock as deep as he could as the thick stalk started to shudder with hard waves that flowed out to consume Jakob’s body.

He collapsed, his head falling into the curve of her neck while his chest flattened against hers until Kristen could feel the outrageous pound of his heart beating against her. He’d worn all but one part of himself out. Still embedded deep in her ass, his massive cock had not softened in the slightest despite having already unloaded twice tonight.

It was time for round three, and Kristen was ready for round three to be the last round. The tremors coursing through his muscles matched the ceaseless spasm of her own, except hers hurt. In agony, her body cried out for release, leaving Kristen distraught enough to consider any option.

Kristen couldn’t win a fight with them, not in this condition. They’d never let her please herself. That only left one thing to do. It was the lowest of the low, but Kristen didn’t hesitate to turn her chin toward the ragged pants heating her shoulder.

“Please, Jakob,” she whispered, not bothering to try and strengthen her broken voice. “I can’t take any more. Please, it hurts.”

Jakob went stiff, and for a moment, Kristen didn’t think the guilt had worked. Then he cursed like a man damned and she knew he’d caved. Not that she had the energy to gloat or would have risked it when he rolled them both over. Kristen didn’t even have the breath to whimper as his dick settled more firmly inside her tight channel.

Anticipating Jakob letting her come by the butterfly, Kristen’s heart lurched as for the second time that night she found herself draped over one mate with her legs spread wide in welcome for her other mate. They were going to take her to paradise again, and Kristen couldn’t wait, wouldn’t survive it if this turned out to be another ruse.

Wanting to assure that she would not be denied, she pressed her luck and lowered her hands to tug at Jakob’s wrists. Dragging them from her waist to her breasts, she sighed as he snickered and covered her swollen globes with his rough touch.

“Please,” Kristen whispered, arching her throbbing tits deeper into his palm. “Love me.”

“Damnit, cupcake, you’re going to pay for this later.”

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