The Triple Trouble Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Triple Trouble

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 131,700
0 Ratings (0.0)

In Boiling Point, what do you get when you mix a fire dragon with an ice dragon and toss in one goddess? A whole lot of steam!

In Steam, when traveling to Yellowstone for a shifter Gathering, fledgling Goddess Lina Zaria-Alexandr never anticipates becoming friends with Brodey Lyall, a grieving wolf shifter. But when an ancient grudge endangers Lina and her dragon shifter mates, Brodey’s just the old wolf to teach a vengeful, psychopathic chicken a few new tricks.

In Fire and Ice, Lina thought surviving her Yellowstone vacation was hairy. Now her dragons and the Lyalls' wolf pack have to join forces again, this time against a common deadly foe. As Lina finds out her tragic past is entwined with the present, can she unlock long-lost secrets before it's too late?


A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Triple Trouble Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Triple Trouble Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Triple Trouble

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 131,700
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Lina studied Jan Alexandr. Okay, this guy was a cutie even if he acted like he was a few brain cells short of an IQ topping his shoe size. He had to be at least six-four, wider through his shoulders than she was in her ass. His grip had felt firm and comfortably cool.

“What did you say your name was?” he asked.

She sat back in her chair. “My full name’s Pavlina Zaria, but everyone calls me Lina.” He looked a little stunned. “Are you all right? Would you like me to get you some water or something?”

He shook his head. “No, thank you. I’m fine. Pavlina, that’s beautiful.”

She snorted in disgust. “My father’s genes and apparently unintentional sense of humor. It means—”

“I know what it means. It means small. I still say it’s beautiful. I think it suits you.”

She felt the blush creep into her cheeks. “How did you know what it means?”

Jan smiled. “My family hails from eastern Europe.”

“Well, as you can see, I’m anything but small.”

“I think you’re beautiful.”

She blushed more deeply. “I think we’re straying from the subject, Mr. Alexandr.”

Jan heard the edge in her voice. He’d pushed her too hard. “Zaria is also a beautiful name.”

“Did you bring sketches of what you have in mind for your house?”

He met her gaze and finally nodded. “Yes. I brought them.” He hoped she couldn’t see how his hands trembled as he opened his portfolio. He handed the papers over and realized it was impossible for him to keep his eyes off her face as she looked everything over.

Zaria. Son of a bitch.

It was her.

Lina looked up and frowned. Jan Alexandr still looked like something was bothering him. “Are you sure you’re all right?” Jesus, she hoped he didn’t keel over in her office. That would really suck. Although she wouldn’t mind doing a little mouth-to-mouth on him.

Of course, she was sure he would mind.

“I’m fine. As you can see, my brother and I have some very specific requirements.”

She nodded. “That’s no problem. This looks like a large property.”

“We like our privacy.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a writer. Novels. My brother is taking a sabbatical for a little while. He’s a travel writer.”

“Oh, that’s interesting.” She felt his eyes never leave her. Did he find her so grotesque that he couldn’t stop staring?

She was about to ask another question when Edgar tapped on her door and opened it. “Hey, Lina! I made it back after all.”

She felt both relieved and irritated. Relief that Jan Alexandr wouldn’t be staring at her anymore.

Irritation that she couldn’t stare at him. He was a handsome hunk of man.

“Mr. Alexandr, this is Edgar Callaway.” Edgar strode over and shook hands. Was that irritation she spotted on their client’s face?

“Nice to meet you,” Alexandr said.

“I’ll take over from here, Lina. I know you wanted to get out early.”

“Thanks, Edgar.” Another quirk. Edgar always tried to be considerate. She quickly gathered up the paperwork and handed it to Edgar.

Jan Alexandr’s mind raced, desperate to stay with Lina. Shit! He tried to make an excuse, anything that wouldn’t sound totally bullshit, to stay there with her. “If you’re busy, Mr. Callaway, I don’t mind dealing with Ms. Zaria.”

“My girl’s been running herself ragged this week. She’s earned an early afternoon.” He indicated the door. “Why don’t we go to my office?”

Jan felt a wave of irritation at Callaway’s term of endearment for Lina. He reluctantly stood, and turned to Lina. “It was a pleasure meeting you.” He extended his hand across the desk. After a brief hesitation, she shook with him.

Lina noticed again that his skin felt cool. Not clammy or damp, like a dead fish, but like the kind of guy you wanted sitting next to you on a hot day. “Thank you, Mr. Alexandr.”

“Jan,” he insisted.


Alexandr closed the door behind him. Lina let out a huge sigh of relief at his departure. He had gorgeous ice blue eyes. No doubt he also had a skinny, big-boobed cutie who hung off his arm despite lacking a wedding ring. Gorgeous guys had gals, as many as they wanted or needed.

He certainly wouldn’t want someone like her. Unless he was one of those evil fucks who liked to screw with a fat chick’s head for shits and giggles.

She shuddered. With her luck, that was probably it. Wouldn’t be the first time it had happened to her.

She quickly packed her stuff and skedaddled.





Lina’s heart fluttered at the sight of her dragon shifter mate. Wavy blond hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, and a drool-worthy bod. Janek Svarog Alexandr formed the ice and earth half of the Elemental twin brothers. Usually the calmer and more level-headed brother, his temperament fitted his elements. He poured himself a mug of coffee, then leaned in and brushed a cool kiss along the back of Lina’s neck.

“Good morning, lovely,” he murmured, sliding into the chair next to her.

“There’s a Gathering next week,” Kael informed him.

Jan leaned forward and rested his forehead on the table. “Nooo.”

Kael smirked. “Oh, yes.”

“What’s wrong?” Lina asked.

Kael grinned. “You want to tell her?”

Jan shook his head without lifting it. “I don’t need this shit right now.” He finally sat up and looked at her. “I know you’ve been wanting to meet our family, but I was hoping for a less…”

“Overwhelming?” Kael helped out.

Jan shot him a dirty look. “Busy venue.”

Lina felt a surge of agitation wash through her. She clamped down on it. Until she knew what havoc her newest batch of powers could wreak, it was best she not get upset. “Answers, please.”

Kael didn’t speak. Jan sighed and turned to Lina, lacing his fingers through hers. His touch, as usual, felt comfortably cool. “A Gathering is like a business meeting, family reunion, political summit, and sometimes a speed-dating session all rolled into one.”

“Then what’s the big deal?”

“It’s all shifters. Not only dragon shifters. Canines, felines—everyone. Most of the shifter races will send representatives.”

“Whoa.” She tried to absorb that information. Before now, she’d specifically told them not to overwhelm her with too many shifter details over the past eight months. Especially since she’d taken over Callaway and Associates following her former boss Edgar’s impalement at the bottom of her pool after he tried to kill all three of her men. Zack being one of “her men” as far as she was concerned. “Canines? You mean…werewolves?”

Kael cleared his throat. Jan shot him a dirty look. “No, not werewolves. Don’t call a wolf shifter that, they’re liable to go batshit on you. Werewolves are totally different.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Okay, back to the topic at hand. I have to drop everything and traipse out to Yellowstone for this Gathering? Why can’t you guys go? We’ve got five huge commercial jobs right now.” Callaway and Associates was the architectural design firm where the Alexandr brothers met Lina when they went for a consultation on building their house.

“Goddess has to go,” Zack snarked. “You’re sort of going to be the dragon shifters’ star attraction.”

“Zack!” Kael and Jan sharply scolded him.

Lina’s jaw clenched. “Don’t. Call me. That.” She didn’t care what the stupid prophecies and Baba Yaga said, she didn’t feel like a friggin’ goddess.

She felt like a woman about to lose her mind.

Rick appeared in the kitchen doorway. “What’d Zack do this time?” He leaned in and kissed Lina with lips that felt scorching hot on his way to pour himself a cup of coffee. Jarek Stribog Alexandr’s straight black hair, warm amber eyes and tan skin set him drastically apart from his twin brother. The fire and air half of the Elemental twins, his hot, quick temper matched his hot, hard body. Yet for Lina, he would turn himself inside out to make her happy. Both brothers would.

“He’s busting Lina’s chops before she’s had a full pot of coffee,” Kael said.

Rick laughed. “Dude, that’s seriously asking for trouble.” He sat on Lina’s other side. “What’s going on?”

Kael filled them all in. A huge shifter Gathering, to be held at Yellowstone National Park that week. The Elders of their dragon shifter flagyer decreed attendance was mandatory.

“They want to meet Lina,” Kael said. “And perform your binding Ceremony.”

Lina sat up. “Our what?”

“It’s like a—” Kael was drowned out by the other three men suddenly being struck by coughing fits.

She glared at Jan, then Rick. “What did you say, Kael?”

Rick, a man she’d never seen scared, looked horrified. “Nothing.”

“Right, nothing,” Jan agreed.

The fact that the two brothers readily agreed to anything other than the fact that they loved her heart and soul made her immediately suspicious. She looked at Kael. “It’s like a what?”


“WHAT?” The dragon shifter men eased their chairs away from the table in preparation to run.

Only Zack held his ground. “Sweetie, it’s a dragon thing.”

“I don’t give a shit what the hell it is, nobody’s marrying me off just because some old fart dragons say so!”

This had been a major point of contention for Lina throughout her unconventional relationship with the brothers. The State of Florida decreed only one man and one woman could be married. Knowing her two men, they would kill each other before giving ground and voluntarily allowing the other to become Mr. Pavlina Zaria. Therefore, she’d decided neither would marry her. She hyphenated their last name to hers, and they’d each given her a beautiful ring—she’d made them draw straws for which ring would go on which hand so it was totally fair—but that’s as far as she’d go. She didn’t need a wedding certificate to prove her love for her men, or theirs for her.




Inside, Rick and Jan didn’t speak as she closed the door behind her and sat on the double bed. A tight squeeze, but since they would only be there six days, she figured she’d manage.

“I won’t blow anything up,” she promised.

The men relaxed and smiled before sitting next to her on the bed. “Sorry,” Jan apologized. “Zack warned us to keep our mouths shut until you were safely settled.”

“Yeah,” Rick agreed. “Who says we never listen to him?”

She fell back on the bed and closed her eyes. Rick and Jan stretched out beside her. “I’m so tired. Please tell me we can sleep late?”

Jan reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Yep. Nothing until after lunch tomorrow.”

At that, her stomach growled. “Right on cue,” she grumbled.

Rick laughed and rested his palm over her tummy. “You want us to bring you something, or you want to go eat? They’re having a buffet over in the lodge in an hour.”

As tired as she felt, she still wanted to see a little of the place. “I’ll go.” She looked at Rick, his warm, amber eyes focused on her. Then she turned her head and looked at Jan. Ice blue eyes meant only for her. “You know, I’m not liable to set fire to anything right now.”

Jan smiled and traced her jaw with his finger. “Well, at twenty thousand feet, we didn’t want to take any chances.”

“Not that we think you’re out of control,” Rick hastily added, “but we know flying was stressful—”

“And since the Goddess of making grown men shit their pants isn’t sure where the off button is on her freaky new powers, yadda yadda. I know.” She smiled. “It’s okay. Did you say an hour?”

Jan nuzzled his lips along the side of her neck, finding the spot behind her ear that melted her. “An hour to have some relaxing fun.”

Rick needed no coaxing. He slipped his hand under her shirt. “Maybe we could relax you two or three times.”

She loved these two guys despite how much they sometimes frustrated her. She hooked a leg around Rick’s thigh and kissed him. Behind her, Jan nibbled the nape of her neck with sinfully cool lips, making her shiver.

Working together, the men quickly stripped her of her clothes before shedding their own. Who said they can’t work together like a well-oiled team? she thought, suppressing a smile. Rick lowered his mouth to her left breast, teasing and sucking her nipple. Jan’s hand slipped down her body, between her legs.

She rolled over and wrapped her lips around Rick’s cock, which tasted sinfully warm and sweet in her mouth.

He moaned as he gently fisted her hair. “Oh, Jesus baby, you know I love that!”

She swirled her tongue around the head, swiping along his slit and exploring the ridge. He sucked in a sharp breath as she tasted his salty pre-come. “You keep that up, I’ll explode,” he warned.

Lina lifted her lips from his cock but licked down the sides where she palmed his sac and ran her tongue along it, teasing him the way she knew he loved.

Blindly groping, her hand found Jan’s cool cock and she wrapped her fingers around it and tugged until he moved closer. She grabbed Rick’s cock and held it, keeping him in place as she turned her attention to Jan.

His stiff shaft felt cool in her mouth as she explored it with her tongue, his taste subtly different but still as good. Rick’s hand slid down her back, between her ass cheeks, until he plunged two warm fingers into her drenched pussy and stroked.

Lina moaned around Jan’s shaft, prompting a moan in reply. “Oh, babe, that’s so fucking good!”

She laved her tongue over his cock and balls, then switched back to Rick once she brought Jan close to the edge. Back and forth she alternated between warm and cool until both hard cocks pulsed in her hands, desperate for release.

The next time she engulfed Rick’s cock, Jan broke free and changed position to kneel behind her. “You’re a tease, lovely. I can’t take this anymore. I need to fuck you or I’m going to lose my mind.”

Rick’s hands plunged into her hair again as he rocked his hips against her. “Hurry up,” he said, his voice tight. “I want to finish inside her.” He made her let go of his cock and shifted position so he could again suck one of her nipples into his mouth. He nipped at her, making her moan as more hot sparks shot straight to her clit.

Jan’s hard cock brushed against her ass. She wiggled herself into position until she felt the thick, cool head pressing against her wet pussy.

Rick switched to her other breast, using his hand to continue teasing the first. Then Jan rocked his hips, sinking his cock all the way to the hilt inside her, making her moan. He rolled them onto their sides so she faced Rick.

Jan’s fingers stroked her clit, knowing when to torment and when to relent. The cool sensation in sharp contrast to her hot body slowly drew her closer to release.

“You gonna come for us, baby?” Jan whispered in her ear. “I want to feel your sweet pussy squeezing me when you do.”





After breakfast, Brodey loaded Zack and Lina in one of their work trucks and drove them across the ranch to an isolated section of pasture adjoining a wooded area. Jan, Rick, and Kael stayed behind to discuss their various options with Ain and Cail.

They wouldn’t clarify exactly what options, but Lina suspected it was ways of keeping her safe.

“What are we doing here?” Lina asked as they climbed out.

Brodey started stripping. He laid his clothes in the truck bed. She wanted to blush, but found she couldn’t force herself to look away, either.

He laughed. “It’s okay, sugar. Feel free to look. I got over being bashful a century ago.”

Zack whistled. “Glad you don’t mind, because you are nice eye candy, Brodey.”

Brodey laughed again. “Sorry, you’re not only taken, you’re not my type. You want to fill her in, or do you want me to do it?”

“It was your idea.”

Lina felt herself growing frustrated. “Fill me in about what?”

Brodey turned to her. “Remember how in Yellowstone you did that out-of-body thing to talk to me when I found you?”


“Let’s practice doing that again. We wanted to come out here where there’s not much in the way of distractions.”

“You being naked is a huge distraction, Brodey,” she snarked.

“You’ve got that right,” Zack agreed as he tugged at his jeans.

Brodey snorted in amusement, but continued. “I’m going to shift. You try to figure out how you did that and come talk to me.”

“But I don’t know how I did it.”

“That’s the point,” Zack said. “You need to figure it out. No better time than now. Instead of wasting time trying to eliminate what you can’t do, let’s focus on strengthening what we already know you can do.”

Lina and Zack sat on the tailgate. They watched as Brodey shifted and headed out into the trees.

“Any suggestions?” she asked Zack.

“Nope. Sorry, sugar.”

She stared at the woods, in the direction Brodey headed. When she’d done it in Yellowstone, she’d been tied up in a tent and drugged, barely conscious when she sent her mind out and talked to Brodey. It’d been more an accident than anything.

A thought so stupidly simple occurred to her that it made her laugh.

“What is it?” Zack asked.

“Shh.” Remembering how she ended up at Baba Yaga’s, she closed her eyes and focused her mind and thought about seeing and talking to Brodey.

Instantly, she felt herself step outside her body. She turned and looked at the truck. She still sat there next to Zack.

Okay, so to find Brodey. She turned toward the woods and followed his path. Instead of walking, she envisioned herself floating, picking up speed as she moved until soon she was zipping along at a pretty good clip. It only took her a few moments to catch up with him. He was sitting in a small clearing, still shifted into his wolf form.

Lina stopped next to him. “Brodey, can you hear me?”

He didn’t react.

She reached out to pet him and envisioned her hand touching the fur on his head, as if solid. “Broo-deeey.”

He cocked his head, listening.

She tried again. This time, she could feel his fur under her hand. Brodey jumped away from her and shifted back into human form.

“Holy fuck, Lina! You scared the crap out of me!”


He pointed at her. “You’re here.”

“You told me to do it.”

“Mentally. You’re actually here here.”

In the distance, they both heard Zack yelling something.

“Oh, crap,” she said, looking at her hands. “I didn’t mean to do that.”




I am a lucky woman. Despite the difference in their hair, eyes, and skin tone, they were nearly identical hunks in build. “Don’t you think you want to undress?” she playfully asked them.

They both jumped out of bed and shucked their shorts and T-shirts before returning to their previous positions.

She grinned. Both of their generous cocks stood erect from their bodies. “How about we start out slow,” she suggested. “I think I’m in the mood to scratch an itch.”

Rick grinned. “One itch scratched, coming right up.” He crawled down the bed until he reached the juncture of her thighs. Jan wrapped his arms around her and nibbled on the side of her neck while cupping her breasts in his hands.

Rick’s warm hands pushed her thighs apart. His eyes turned deep amber in color, smoky from passion, as he flicked his tongue out and drew lazy circles around her clit.

She let out a little whimper. He loved to tease her, to make her beg for it. Jan’s cool hands found her sensitive nipples and started tugging on them, drawing them into taut peaks, serving only to fire her need.

“Does that feel good, lovely?” he whispered in her ear. He nibbled on her earlobe.

“Mmm hmm!”

Rick used his thumbs to part her pussy lips. His took a long, slow swipe along the length of her clit with his scorching tongue, making her moan. She felt her juices flowing, between what Jan and Rick were doing to her.

She tipped her head back so Jan could kiss her. She eagerly let his tongue part the seam of her lips. Hooking an arm around his neck, she arched her back, pressing her breasts into his hands.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked.

“Uh huh!”

Rick chuckled between her legs. “You’ll like this even more.” He grabbed her clit between his lips and lightly sucked on it. At the same time, he pressed two fingers inside her wet pussy, slowly finger-fucking her with them.

She spread her legs even wider. “Yesss!” she hissed.

Jan’s erection pressed against her ass. She wanted them both tonight, at the same time.

Rick continued sucking on her clit, alternating sucks with flicks from his tongue that finally drove her screaming over the edge to orgasm, with the walls of her cunt sucking at his fingers. Jan smothered her cries with his mouth as he pinched her nipples the way she loved, only serving to increase the sensation.

When she finally came down, Rick sat up and licked his fingers clean. “How was that, sweetie?”

“Uh huh!” She grabbed him and kissed him, tacking him back on the bed and mounting him. He laughed until she got his cock lined up and sat down on it, hard, with a satisfied moan.

“Oh, baby!” he groaned. “You’re in a mood, aren’t you?”

She looked over her shoulder at Jan. “What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Get the lube!”

He grinned. “Of course, lovely.”

While she waited for him, she started rocking back and forth on Rick’s cock, hard, slamming down on him the way he loved.

He held on to her hips. “Slow down,” he said through gritted teeth as he tried to maintain control. “I’ll explode if you don’t.”

Then she felt Jan’s hand in the center of her back. He pushed her down flat on top of Rick, who could finally get his arms around her.

She squirmed against him. “Fuck me!” she whined.

Jan laughed. “Hold on. Let me get ready.” She fell still as he drizzled lube down between her ass cheeks, then pressed a cool finger through her rim.

Lina closed her eyes and moaned. “Yes!” The two of them together, filling her, riding her, always gave her an explosive orgasm.

Usually gave her a vision, too, but she wouldn’t complain. She was suddenly so horny she couldn’t see straight.

By the time Jan had worked three fingers into her ass, she was begging him to fuck her. Finally, he withdrew his fingers and lined the head of his cock up with her puckered rim.

“Hold still,” he playfully chastised. Then he grabbed her shoulders and slowly pressed forward.

It was only Rick’s arms around her that held her still. She wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. It wasn’t until Jan’s cock was completely buried inside her ass, his balls touching her, that they finally let her move.

“Okay, sweetie,” Rick said. “Use us as your sex toys.”

She pushed herself up on her arms and started moving. The men let her set the tempo, and when they started moving in time with her, she felt her orgasm quickly building.

“Yesss!” she softly hissed.

“Ride us,” Jan said. He reached around her again and started pinching her nipples.

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