The Unchained Love Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Unchained Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 148,476
1 Ratings (4.0)

In The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther, half-panther Autumn loves human Dom Curtis and werewolf shape-shifter Nicholas. But everyone knows cats and dogs can’t live together happily. Dammit! They’re determined to woo her anyway, but rogue panthers attack just after they’ve made love. And things only get more complicated after that.

In The Dom Tests Her Serenity, Serena broke up with Pete and Josh when they didn’t say they loved her. But they’re determined to win her back. Unfortunately their next attempt just makes her even angrier. Can they ever get their act together enough to prove their love to her?

In The Dom Claims His Cougar, Noah and Ezra organize their mating with Verity. But everything is moving way too fast for her and she wants to be consulted about all these decisions. She wants her own house and a small business. With rogue panthers around, the men aren’t happy about that. Can they ever build their lives together?

In The Dom Ignites Her Passion, their Alpha tells Galen he’s looking for two men to teach Peyton about BDSM and ménage sex. David is ready to be Galen’s sub, but is attracted to Diane, not Peyton. So they suggest some getting-to-know-you sex and BDSM in the dungeon at Carnal Connections to Diane.



A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Unchained Love Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Unchained Love Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

Unchained Love 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 148,476
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Nicholas reached for her, but she sidestepped him and continued buttoning up her blouse.

“When you’re my sub you will do as I say,” warned Curtis.

“But I haven’t agreed to be your sub, have I?”

“But you will agree. And soon,” he said.

Autumn shot him a look. Something else in the “no” box. First the wolf thing, now the Dom thing. “Don’t push me,” she warned him.

Nicholas jumped out of bed. “I may as well get dressed to drive you home then, otherwise I’ll have to lend you one of our trucks.”

Curtis nodded and threw the quilt to the floor.

After she was dressed, she retrieved her purse and dug through it for a hairbrush then neatly plaited her hair into a single braid.

“I like it out, but I like it like that, too,” said Curtis.

Autumn sniffed. Something smelled wrong. “Did you leave the grill on tonight?”

“Huh?” asked Curtis.

Like her, Nicholas had the extra-sensitive nose of a wild animal. “Fire!” he said, racing for the door to the building.

“Stay here,” ordered Curtis.

That instruction made sense to her, since she really didn’t know her way around the set and was likely to trip over bits of scenery or props and hurt herself or get in their way. She slung her purse over her shoulder and walked into a more central area so she could see both the back door to the sets, which was where Nicholas had gone, and the big roller door through which they’d driven the car, which was the way Curtis left, just opening it high enough for him to duck under it.

Autumn wished she had her extra-sensitive animal ears to listen for any unusual noises. But unless she transformed into her panther she couldn’t sharpen her senses anymore right now. Besides, likely someone had simply dropped a cigarette butt in a trash can somewhere which had finally caught alight or something easy and obvious like that.

The movie site was fenced, but the fence was nothing a fit person couldn’t climb over. It was more designed to prevent passersby from wandering onto a scene and ruining the filming than anything else. It wasn’t like there were things here worth stealing. The furniture was all inside the buildings and there were no genuine antiques or expensive artworks. Almost everything was designed to look good in the background of a shot, not to be inspected closely for flaws.

Autumn paced impatiently for a while, but the burning smell got no worse, and she couldn’t hear any worrying noises. Finally, she wandered over to the other living room scene, the one with the wooden floor, and stared at it carefully. The two armchairs and the couch were the real thing, but the painting on the wall, the bookshelf over to the side, complete with books, and the window on the back wall were all just painted onto wooden sets. She walked around behind them and the backs had different scenes painted on them, old stone walls, like part of a castle, with detachable triangular wooden bracing poles. It was actually quite fascinating as an example of an optical illusion, she supposed.

The roller door squealed and she turned suddenly, her purse banging into her thigh. Impatiently, she hitched it higher up her shoulder and stepped out of the set and into the open concrete-floored area to see which one had returned, Nicholas or Curtis. But it wasn’t either of them. It was a man she didn’t recognize. Likely, he was someone who worked here and had come to investigate the smell as well.

“Hi. I’m Autumn. Is everything outside all right?”

“I was going to say this whole evening has been a waste of time. There’s nothing here of value at all. But you’re one of those panthers, which means you’re of value. Drew and Charlie should pay me some big bucks to hand you over to them. Come over here, my pretty. We won’t wait for the others, because they may want to share you. I’m going to get me some nice money for you, oh yes, I surely am.”

“I don’t think so.” Autumn gripped her heavy purse firmly and waited for him to come closer. As soon as he got in range she’d be aiming for his head. Hitting his balls with her purse would hurt a lot more, but it was a much smaller target. Anywhere she hit his head should be enough to knock some sense into him. It was a damn shame she didn’t carry Mace or hairspray with her, but the sheer weight of the bag would do enough damage, she hoped.

“Come on, pretty one. You come to Jim now.”

The man was sidling up to her, trying to grab her unawares, but she wasn’t stupid enough to take her gaze off him for a moment.

Finally, he leaped forward and she swung her purse at his head with all her strength. He screamed and staggered backward, raising both arms to hold his head and therefore leaving his balls unprotected. She kicked up hard, slamming her foot into them, and when he dropped to his knees she belted him over the head again with her purse. Autumn ran to the bedroom set she and the men had used and quickly unhooked one of the sets of handcuffs then ran back and cuffed his hands in front of him. Back she went again for a second pair of handcuffs and secured his ankles. Then she moved well away from him as he was already stirring and swearing. When he found he couldn’t stand up he began screaming abuse at her.

“Hey, you were going to capture me. I captured you. Fair’s fair,” she said.

“They’ll put me back in jail, you bitch.”

“You should have thought of that before coming here, shouldn’t you?”

The man began shuffling on his bottom toward the roller door.

“Just keep doing that if you want me to knock you unconscious,” Autumn said, swinging her purse. He gave her a filthy look but stayed still.




Curtis considered Autumn’s body to be the perfect playground for him and Nicholas. Her breasts filled his hands, ripe and full yet soft, her skin sensitive and delicate. Her hips were lush and rounded as was her ass, an ass he was determined to take later tonight. Her legs were long and straight, not fat but not spindly thin, either. Just right. And her cunt was warm, wet, and welcoming, a perfect fit for his aching dick.

Curtis looked at the platter of fruit then at the dipping sauce. He took the bowl and trickled a little sauce between her breasts and down to her navel. Then he picked up a small bunch of grapes and dragged them through the sauce, using them as a sort of paintbrush to make patterns across her ribs and belly. Finally, he placed one grape in her belly button and another one in her mouth. “Hungry, my sweet?” he asked.

She flicked her tongue out then sucked the grape inside her mouth. Damn, that was sexy. His dick grew another inch and begged to be let out of his pants. Not yet, he told his cock, but later for sure.

Curtis sat back and watched Nicholas. He was making a pattern on Autumn’s arm with little pieces of banana intermingled with pieces of orange and strawberries. Autumn twisted her head to watch him. “Do you know what you’re doing there?” she asked.

“I’m making a fruit salad for you. Curtis fed you a grape, now you get a banana, some orange, and a strawberry. Watch.” Nicholas picked up the piece of banana closest to her shoulder and placed it in her mouth. Then he used his nose to push a piece of orange up higher, grabbed it in his teeth, and held it out for her to take with her own teeth.

While Nicholas played with the fruit on her arm, Curtis quietly got out the large knife. When she was fully absorbed in what Nicholas was doing, he severed her panties with one cut then bent his head and licked her slit. If she complained, he’d buy her a dozen new sets of underwear. But he wanted his scene. The drama and excitement and sheer unexpectedness of it were part of his plan for this evening.

She tasted so much better than the food. She had a rich female scent, slightly earthy, possibly because of her panther genes, but also sweet and delicious. He slid his tongue inside her to get more of her taste. Heaven.

“You’re lucky I wanted to match the color of my panties to my skirt. You owe me a pair of Walmart cotton panties. If I’d been wearing my black lace ones I wouldn’t be lying here as happy as I am right now.”

“I’m happy to replace them with lace. Or crotchless ones. They’d have distinct advantages,” said Curtis before gently licking her clit and sucking it out of its hood. Why hadn’t he thought of crotchless panties before? He could see her now, sitting beside them in a short skirt and crotchless underwear. He and Nicholas could have their fingers inside her pussy at any time of the day or night and only the three of them would know it. Yes, definitely, he needed to buy half a dozen pairs of crotchless lingerie for her.

But right now her scent was driving him crazy. He had to have her. He rested his nose against her mound and dragged her aroma deep into his lungs. He pushed his shoulders between her legs, lying flat on the bed, then held her pussy lips apart with both hands. Now he could swipe his tongue along her from side to side and from top to bottom and then insert it as far as it would go inside her.

Autumn wiggled and moaned, but he didn’t know if it was because of his ministrations or because of what Nicholas was doing. He no longer cared what games Nicholas was playing. Everything he wanted was right here against his lips.

Curtis nibbled along the edges of her labia then sucked the lips into his mouth. They were soft and plump and very sensitive, too, but didn’t have the heady aroma that he smelled farther inside her cunt. He gave one last deep, pulling suck on her clit then thrust his tongue in and out of her while his nose pressed on her clit and his fingers held her wide apart. She fidgeted underneath him. Good. He wanted her to come. He wanted to taste the flood of her honey on his tongue. And after she’d come he’d fuck her hot cunt until she came again and again. Then, later on he’d fuck her ass as well. Oh yes, he planned a lot of orgasms for his cute little panther tonight.

Autumn’s legs were thrashing now, so she must be close. Just as well he’d chained her ankles then. He wanted her flat on her back and powerless so that the orgasms raced through her without her doing anything to either slow them down or to enhance them. He wanted her to understand they were his gift to her. He was the one orchestrating her pleasure tonight and she was going to be pleasured most thoroughly indeed.

He licked her clit. It was hotter than before, so he bit it gently before sucking on it again.

Autumn screamed then rose up off the bed, thrusting her cunt into his face before sagging back down again, shaking, as his mouth filled with her honey. He licked all around her entry then lifted up onto his forearms to look at her. She was so beautiful lying there, her body smeared with sauce and fruit juices and sweat, her mouth open, her chest heaving with her release. He caught sight of his face in the mirrored headboard. His lips gleamed with her juices and his eyes were filled with lust. Next time he must remember to chain her the other way around so her cunt was displayed in the mirror instead of the top of her head.





Serena leaned against the still-shaking door and fought hard not to cry. Within the next five minutes the entire community would know she’d broken up with Josh and Pete. She’d thought she loved them both, had even considered they’d maybe mate one day, and to have Josh so casually say, “But we never wear a condom when we fuck and we’re not going to start wearing one now,” had killed all her hopes and expectations stone-dead.

She wasn’t stupid. She knew that men their age, late twenties, wouldn’t be virgins. But bloody hell, they’d been dating her for months. Couldn’t they keep their pricks in their pants for a few months? Why did they think they had a left hand, for fuck’s sake?

“Dad would be disappointed in you, Serena.” The voice spoke through the door, the mouth almost exactly at her ear level. Her twin, Verity.


“You used bloody six times in the one sentence.”

Serena quickly thought back to what she’d asked. What do you bloody mean you never bloody wear a bloody condom? How many bloody women have you bloody slept with already? I thought you bloody cared about me?

“It was two—no, three—sentences, and at least I didn’t say fuck or shit like anyone else would have.”

“Are you going to open the door and let me in?”

Serena sighed, took a deep breath, stood behind the door where no one could see her wearing only her underwear, and opened it a mere inch. Her sister’s fingers appeared in the gap, pushing the door wider, as Verity slid through the smallest possible space, leaving Serena hidden behind the solid wood.

“There’s a hell of a mess in the hallway,” Verity said conversationally.

“Josh and Pete can clean it up. I’m not.” Serena sagged onto the floor and rested her head on her knees. Instantly Verity was beside her, putting an arm around her shoulder as she had done so often when they were children.

Serena couldn’t stop the tears anymore. “I love them and they’ve been fucking other women, or one other woman, without using protection, all along. They could be about to become fathers, or have caught diseases, or anything. It’s such incredibly selfish and stupid behavior. It disrespects everyone and I never thought they’d be like that. A true Dom always cares properly for his sub. He doesn’t risk her health and happiness by acting in a selfish immature way. ”

Verity held her tighter. “That sucks. But if they’ve been fucking a whole bunch of different women, maybe that’s because it was just sex and they really do love you.”

“I’d like to cut their fucking balls off,” said Serena, looking up at Verity.

“But then you couldn’t fuck them if you ever change your mind. Why not just chain them in one of the dungeons for a week or two?”

“Without food.”

“Yes. Only water. Just enough so they don’t get ill.”

“Oh, I like that plan.”

“See, you’re feeling better already. Now, tell me what happened,” ordered Verity.

“They took me out to dinner, which they’ve done a few times. But tonight they asked to come into my room afterward, and I thought we were finally going to fuck. You know how much I love them, even though I haven’t said anything to anyone else. Or I thought I loved them. Likely it was just my imagination, but I thought we were exclusive, a unit. I thought one day we’d get mated. I thought they cared about me.”

Verity nodded.

“We were kissing and—” Serena blushed. She wasn’t sure how innocent Verity was nowadays, so maybe it would be better not to go into too much detail. She rather thought her twin wasn’t a virgin anymore, but still…“And that’s when Josh said they never wore condoms and weren’t going to start wearing one for me.”

She turned to Verity and said what had made her almost as mad as the thought of them having another woman in their lives. “I can’t bear the thought they were two-timing me and loving another woman. Making both of us unhappy. But even if they were just sleeping around, being a panther doesn’t stop them getting a human woman pregnant, and there’s still the possibility of them getting some sexually transmitted disease.”

Verity gave Serena another hug then moved slightly forward so they were more face-to-face. “You feel they betrayed your trust.”

“They did betray my trust. And who knows if their actions will cause all sorts of problems in the future, like Sam’s abandonment of his son David did.”

Serena leaned back against the door. Outside she could hear people moving around and the whirr of a vacuum cleaner in action. Suddenly she giggled. “Do you think they’ll have to pay for the smashed crockery and vase?”

“It would serve them right.” Verity laughed.




Serena’s arms felt a little stiff from being handcuffed for so long, but Josh and Pete had done their best to loosen her muscles so she didn’t mind. They’d also been very patient preparing her. She was ready now, ready to be double fucked. She’d been told it would be the best orgasm ever, and she was ready for that, too. It’d been a long time since she’d had an orgasm from anyone other than herself, and even the one they’d just given her with their fingers was better than her usual self-made climaxes. So the next one should be awesome indeed. Oh yes. She was ready for this.

Josh lay flat on his back and pulled her over his body. His hair was a similar color brown to hers, but his eyes were black and he had dark brown hair on his chest, shoulders, and back. Not a pelt, but enough to make her want to grab some strands and play with them. She knew manscaping was the latest trend, with men’s bodies completely waxed and hairless, but she rather liked the idea of having hair on her man, a little fur to play with as they lay together.

Josh held her hips firmly and drove his cock deep inside her. Bloody hell, he was huge. He stretched her pussy wide and filled her completely until her walls were tight around him. He kept his hands on her hips but didn’t move his cock once it was fully seated in her cunt.

Now Pete was behind her. He pulled the butt plug out, teasing her a little by wiggling it as he did so. Then his body was against her back and he was pressing his cock at her rear entry. He was bigger than the toy, stretched her more, and her channel burned as he pushed his way in. But it was a good burn, a good feeling as he pushed deeper and deeper until she thought she’d burst she was so full and stretched.

Now Josh moved his hands to her shoulders and Pete held her hips. She didn’t know what to do with her own hands. There was nowhere really to put them. If she looped them over Josh’s shoulders they were almost in Pete’s way, yet she wanted to touch them both, to hold them and pet them as they fucked. Finally she got the idea to hold one of Josh’s arms, high up near his shoulder, and one of Pete’s in the same position. That was better. Now she was as connected to both of them as they were to her.

The men were fucking her now. One moving in as the other withdrew, then reversing the procedure. It was a weird feeling. Even though she was stretched beyond belief she wanted to tell them “no” as they pulled out. She wanted them to stay inside her, to keep filling her and completing her. But that was crazy, as they always thrust back in again. It was just that they were moving so slowly. Way too slowly.

Well, she needed to give them a hint to get on with it faster.

Holding tight to their upper arms with her fingers, Serena concentrated all her effort and grabbed their cocks with her cunt and ass muscles and gripped with all her strength.

Both men moaned at her. “Shit, Serena, if you keep that up I’ll come. My cock may be made of steel, but my willpower isn’t,” said Josh.

“So quit playing around and get on with the fucking.” She eased her control on them.

“I will tell you when you can come,” said Pete, in what she was starting to think of as his Dom voice.

“At the speed you’re moving it won’t be until next week,” she complained.

“Fine, we’ll move faster.”

Very slowly they increased the speed and force of their movements, until she was hanging on with all her strength, her nails digging into their upper arms as she was rocked between them, sweat pouring off them all and the promised orgasm growing larger and more enticing in her belly. The harder they thrust the more she wanted to come, needed to come, knew she would be exploding soon.

She buried her head in Josh’s shoulder and pressed her lips to his flesh, wanting to be closer to both men. He tasted salty from sweat but smelled wonderful. They both did.

Her breasts were swollen and aching inside the nipple clamps, so she pushed them tight against Josh’s chest, too, needing the extra pain, the bite of discomfort, to arouse her higher and higher, ever closer to the orgasm that was racing toward her.





Ezra Anderson was bent over a whipping bench, his hands and feet cuffed to the bench, his ass elevated for easy whipping. He’d been Noah Quinn’s sub for over a year now, but it wasn’t until they’d met Verity at a Carnal Connections BDSM party that he’d felt there was any hope for a permanent relationship. Both he and Noah liked to fuck women. But there’d only been one woman he’d ever wanted to fuck since the day he’d seen Verity. The night she turned twenty-one had been so freeing because then he and Noah could finally take her the way they wanted to, as a true ménage.

Up until then they’d kissed her and touched her, ensured she knew she was theirs, but panthers insisted a woman be twenty-one before she was considered fully adult, before there was any ménage sex, so they’d had to wait. It’d only been a few months, but it had seemed more like years. Waiting for her had been the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. Now they were to be mated, to express their love for each other, and to live together forever.

Verity and Serena Griffin were actually cougars. Ezra wasn’t exactly sure how it worked, panthers were panthers to him, but to the pack, the differences between panther, puma, and cougar were obvious, and the twins were cougars.

Ezra used his peripheral vision to stare at Verity. She was manacled to another bench to his right. Her reddish-brown bob-cut hair had fallen forward to reveal her delicate neck, and of course he couldn’t see her face at all, but he knew her hazel-brown eyes would be sparkling. She loved the tension and drama of BDSM sex as much as the two men did. She wasn’t as willful and perverse as her sister, but she was known to push the boundaries to test Noah. Ezra knew Noah delighted in that deliberate disobedience which so truly demonstrated she wanted more.

Ezra loved her wicked mind, too. He loved the fire and spirit in her that showed she was so much more than just a sexy body. She was all woman, but that included her female way of looking at life, which opened his male mind up to a whole spectrum of new possibilities.

Just then the cane cracked onto his own ass. Sharp, hard, a distinct sting. Ezra relaxed into his bindings and waited for the next stroke and the next. Six hard lines burned into his ass, heating it on the outside and heating him on the inside. Burns so good. His cock had already been hard with the excitement of the three of them being together in the dungeon, but now it was growing longer, harder. Soon he’d have to start exerting control over it so he didn’t come too soon.

Ezra could hear the cane cracking down on Verity. He knew Noah wouldn’t punish her as forcefully as he’d punished Ezra. Their Dom knew exactly how hard to hit, where to hit, and how often to hit them so that they both received maximum pleasure.

Now the cane burned a fiery line across his shoulders, then another, and another. Before he could catch his breath it was slashing across his butt again, this time at an angle across the marks already there. His shoulders heated, but nothing like the deep burn of his ass. Damn, that felt good. The intense, sharp pains were so freeing. It was as if the more his ass hurt, the more his spirit soared free. He didn’t consider himself the least bit poetic, but it was pure poetry, the way the pain in his ass released the pleasure bound tightly inside him so that he could relax into each stroke of the cane, knowing his pleasure would only rise higher and higher.

Even when Noah stopped working on him and turned his attention to Verity, Ezra’s ass burned hot and his mind was filled with joy and happiness. He was with the woman he loved and the Dom who knew exactly how to ensure all three of them would explode into thrilling orgasms. Soon they’d all fly higher and harder together as they fucked.




“Do a handstand, Verity.”

Ezra had to force himself not to grin at the look of astonishment on Verity’s face and the way her mouth opened as if she was about to question Noah. Then she gave the tiniest of shrugs and did as he’d told her. Noah grabbed one of her ankles and cuffed it to the chains hanging from the ceiling then did the same with her other ankle. She was now suspended upside down, her legs chained wide apart, her hands steadying her but her weight mostly supported by the chains themselves.

“Come here, Ezra. Stand as close to her as you can without touching her at all.”

Well, fuck. More torture. To be that near her delicious body yet unable to feel her skin against his was cruel.

Then Ezra realized Noah was measuring him against Verity. As Noah adjusted the chains, a bright ripple of understanding raced through Ezra. I’m going to be fucking her like this. Driving my cock into her cunt while she’s held upside down!

Ezra waited as patiently as he could while Noah made a few more slight adjustments to the length of the chains holding Verity then sighed with relief when Noah said, “Now you can fuck her. Hold her hips with your hands and ram your cock deep. In this position you’ll be able to go deeper than you ever have before. Hit her cervix. Make her scream. Give her an excellent orgasm. Only after she’s come can you shoot your own load into her.”

Oh, God. The words almost made him explode on the spot. Hit her cervix and make her scream. He wanted to do that so bad. He wanted to feel her rippling around him as she came and came, her cunt clenching him so tight, milking him until he had no cum left to give her.

He closed the mere inch that separated him from the woman he loved and held his dick, pushing it into her pussy, then grabbed her hips and forced himself deeper and deeper inside her. God, she was so hot, so wet, her tissues swollen with lust, making her so tight, so absolutely perfect. When he was as deep as he could go, his balls pressed hard against her, he held the position and wiggled his hips, wanting to feel his cock against her satin-soft walls.

Verity made a tiny hissing gasp, so he assumed she liked that and did it again. Then he withdrew until only the head of his cock was inside her pussy and pushed slowly in again. She should be adjusted to his size now, so it was time to do as he’d been ordered. Drive deep and hard and hit her cervix. God, he hoped he could. He hoped he was long enough to reach. His cock was definitely long and hard and ready, that was for sure. Well, no matter what, he’d make her scream in pleasure, give her all the joy he could possibly manage.

Ezra braced himself with his legs and feet in a good position, held her hips tightly, and began driving in and out of her, using his calf muscles to rise up on the balls of his feet and get more power, twisting his hips to make her give that tiny pleased hiss again and again and again.

Soon he had a good rhythm going and Verity was moaning now as his cock penetrated her with a steady beat. He used his knees as well, trying to give her that extra little bit of length to send her spiraling into pleasure.

It was weird, fucking her upside down like this, but the familiar feel of her skin against his, the well-known scent of her arousal, and her happy little moans told him she was totally on board with the experience.

Noah was kneeling behind Verity, a tube of lube in his hands. While Ezra was still concentrating on driving deep into Verity, aiming to send her screaming over the cliff of her climax, he welcomed the extra stimulation Noah was providing by teasing her around her anus. Verity would be thinking about Noah fucking her there, wondering when he’d penetrate her. The added anticipation would help her orgasm to be even more powerful.

Verity was almost whimpering now, the very soft noises she’d been making much more pronounced. Ezra knew this meant she was getting closer to coming. Now would be the perfect time to slam his cock into her cervix. But could he reach it? He was sure as hell aroused, ready to come himself. Likely there was some perfect angle he ought to be on to achieve Noah’s command, but geometry had never been his favorite subject in school, and besides, his brain was way too fried with the need to come to worry about math right now.

Ezra gripped her hips firmly, withdrew his cock until only the head was still inside her, rose right up onto his toes, and slammed his dick as deep as he could, using all his leg muscles as well as his hips.

His cockhead nudged the lip of her cervix, and Verity screamed and shattered around him, her cunt gripping him so hard he thought his dick might snap in half. Instead his orgasm roared through him as his seed poured out of his dick over and over again. He continued pumping his hips, turning them slightly each time to give her extra pleasure. The way she gripped him sure pleasured him, and he wanted her to feel the same joy that filled him.





Diane had been an interested onlooker for the past six months or so as various members of the Carnal Connections community had mated into triads, especially among the shape-shifting panthers.

Diane had been at Carnal Connections since it began over five years ago, loving the BDSM lifestyle and sharing a Dom with various other unmarried men and women. More recently she was between Doms, because she wanted a man who would fulfill her not just in the dungeon but also in the bedroom. Finding such a man was extremely difficult. She’d also been considering the idea of a ménage. The idea of two men fucking her, which she’d watched with amazement at some of the more recent parties at Carnal Connections, had definite appeal. Diane liked her sex hot, but she wanted to make a connection with a man first.

“I guess now that I’m thirty it’s time to be thinking about settling down.” But Luke and Jeff, unmarried humans, didn’t appeal to her. “Perhaps an older man like Raegan, Kurt, or Frank?” But no, she’d seen the look in Jill’s eye when it rested on Raegan, and no way would she go there.

“Galen?” Now he was yummy, Tall, blond, and totally bedworthy. Except that she’d heard he’d left the panther pack when Sam Brooks had told him to get away from Leticia. If he was still in love with Leticia, even though she was mated now to Oliver and William, it would be beyond stupid of her to lose her heart to him.

There was David of course. David had been taken into the community upon Leticia’s desperate wish and under the supervision of JB, the community’s builder. At first she’d stayed  away from him, not trusting him, but more recently she’d seen how hard he worked, how much care and attention to detail he gave every project no matter how minor, and what a thoroughly nice man he’d developed into. She’d be willing to get to know David better. The only problem was he wasn’t a Dom, and she needed a Dom.

Besides, they were both younger than her. Not a whole lot, but definitely younger. Galen was maybe twenty-five or twenty-six. David was likely the same or even a year younger than that. So there was no way they’d be looking at a woman who was thirty.

“Stop talking to yourself and get back to work.” Diane grinned. One of the things about working alone so much was that she did talk to herself a lot, and it was something she needed to stop doing. Sooner or later someone would overhear something she shouldn’t have said out loud.

She really needed to get a sex life, though. She’d had a very good dildo for years. More recently she’d added a butt plug to her toy box. But neither of those was as good as a Dom with a firm hand who understood her needs. And preferably one who had a firm cock as well.

Diane giggled then blushed as someone knocked at her office door.

“Come on in,” she called, hoping her cheeks weren’t too flushed.

Oh, shit. Galen and David. If they knew what she’d just been thinking about, likely they’d run away from her as fast as they could.

“Hi there. Do you have accounts you need help with?” she asked as calmly as she could, surreptitiously wiping her clammy hands on her jeans under the desk.

“No, but we do want to talk to you. Is now okay?” asked Galen.

“Sure. I’m only working tonight because I had nothing else particular to do, not because there’s a rush project I need to finish,” she replied. And how pathetic does that make me sound?

“Oh, good.”

Galen was fidgeting, so Diane hurried to say, “Why don’t you sit down then, both of you, and tell me what the problem is.” She hoped she sounded professional, not confused as to why they were here.

“Right. Before I make a total fool of myself, could you please confirm that you don’t have a Dom at the moment? And also that you don’t have a significant other?” asked Galen, perching on the edge of a chair in front of her desk.

Diane forced her mouth shut. Had these men overheard her thoughts or something? She hadn’t mentioned their names out loud, had she? She certainly hadn’t said the word “sex” out loud, she was sure about that. They were both staring at her, their eyes big and concerned. She couldn’t help noticing that they were quite similar in coloring. Galen was blond with silver eyes. David’s hair was dirty blond and longer than Galen’s. His eyes were very light blue, a color that was almost gray. He was shorter than Galen, but Galen was a big man, so David wasn’t undersized by anyone’s estimation.

She shook her head then said, “No Dom, no significant other.” For a brief moment she thought about expanding on that statement then decided, No. Leave them to ask me what they want. I don’t even know why they’re visiting me yet, so there’s no need to tell them about the sad state of my sex life. Nonsex life, that is.

Galen leaned forward, his gaze firmly fixed on her face. “I’m a Dom. David and I are not yet Dom and sub, but before we begin that relationship we wanted a woman to join us. We both want you to join us.”

Diane blinked and had to force her mouth to stay closed instead of dropping open in shock. Holy shit! Maybe they had read her mind.




He stomped backward and forward across the dungeon. This was a large room with six separate pieces of equipment that could be used simultaneously and plenty of open space in the middle where scenes could be role-played. He had more than enough time and space to march and stomp his feet, hoping to build up the tension inside his subs once again. Then he began circling them, not stomping now but not moving silently, either. From their upside-down positions it would be very difficult for them to see what he held in his hands, but he was certain they would try hard to work it out.

When he was where they couldn’t see him at all, he moved everything but the cane into his left hand, and as soon as he was directly behind them he stopped and laid four quick strokes over David’s ass and two on Diane’s. He swapped the flogger into his right hand and trailed the strands down over Diane’s neck until the tails teased across her breasts before stroking the tails over David’s shoulders. Then he walked away, but quietly this time.

Galen kept up his pacing, only occasionally punishing his subs with the whip, the paddle, or the cane. But each time he followed up by using the flogger very gently. Except the last time. For his finale he let all the strands spank them hard across their asses, first David, then Diane, then David again.

That was the end of that part of the program.

While he’d been walking around he’d been paying very close attention to how each of them reacted. Both of them were highly aroused. Both of them had reveled in the tension and the punishment. He was certain he hadn’t pushed either of them too far and hopeful he’d pushed them just enough to keep them highly aroused.

He unlocked their hands. “Stand up tall. Stretch your arms up high, wiggle your shoulders, and loosen your muscles.”

He watched them until they were both moving smoothly with no apparent stiffness. “David, lie on your back on the floor.”

Quickly David did as he asked. Galen set down his equipment and picked up a condom from his pillowcase, handing it to Diane. “Roll this on David.”

She did that very efficiently, so her insistence on the use of condoms must be her standard manner of behavior, he deduced.

“Sit on him, Diane. Slide his cock into your cunt, but don’t start fucking yet.”

Once again she moved easily, doing what he’d ordered her to do. Galen flicked his gaze from her to David and back again. Both of them were hiding their responses, but Galen was certain they were approving and that there was no wish by either of them to stop the scene. Good. Time to take it up to the next level then.

Galen kneeled down on an angle to David’s body so his cock was level with Diane’s face. He was sufficiently tall that this scene was going to work perfectly.

“Diane, you are to suck me. David, you need to do all the work there, fucking her. Begin.”

Galen held his cock to her mouth, but she put one hand on his erection and guided it herself. Her other hand was on David’s shoulder to balance herself. David had his hands on her hips, his feet flat on the floor so he could move her where he wanted her.

Galen watched Diane as she licked up and down his shaft then flicked her tongue under the ridge where the head of his cock joined the shaft. It seemed she had some experience at this. She was pushing all his buttons as she nibbled, licked, and sucked him. But then he was very aroused, and watching David pump up into her pussy was only making him harder. Diane’s breasts were round and full, and a thin sheen of sweat gleamed on her body as she was bounced up and down by the force of David’s strokes.

Her eyes were focused on his cock and her hand moved smoothly, rolling his balls and stroking the base of his dick. Galen noticed the fingers of her other hand gripped David’s shoulder tightly. That was another signal of how very aroused she was. He wished he could have fucked her cunt or her ass tonight, but it was too soon. He didn’t want to move too fast and scare her away. He wanted to draw her in until she was desperate for all he and David could offer her.

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