The Warriors of the Light Collection, Volume 3 (MM)

Warriors of the Light

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 86,716
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Contemporary, Shapeshifters, Witches, Vampires, MM, HEA]

Carter and His Bear

Carter Herrington has never needed anyone or anything until he met his mate. Now all the things Carter thought he never wanted are suffocating him so badly he doesn’t know what to do. But he does know one thing. Living without Abner White isn’t possible.

Falling in love and living happily ever after was what Abner envisioned when he found his mate, but what he got was one disappointment after another. Sure Carter is everything he's ever dreamed of, funny, witty, and the sexiest man he’s ever seen, but he can’t forgive Carter’s callous behavior. But the more time he spends with Carter, the harder it’s becoming to deny the man he can’t help but fall in love with.

When the council of paranormal beings calls seeking Carter’s help, he returns with Abner by his side. Just as their relationship starts to blossom, a hidden evil threatens to blow their newfound happiness right off the map.

Sayer's Savior

Shane Abbott thought being abducted from the hospital he works at was bad, until he realizes he’s been kidnapped by a group of men who claim to not be entirely human. Seeing a very pregnant man has him thinking they’re telling the truth. To make matters worse, Shane finds himself falling for one of them. What’s a nurse to do?

For the past month Sayer Jennings has been doing his best to move on from his yearlong imprisonment at the hands of a madman. It isn’t easy but every day is getting better. Then enters the mate he thought never existed. Sayer is taken with Shane instantly but fear of losing control has him pushing Shane away.

When push comes to shove Shane fights for Sayer and won’t stop until he has what he wants. But before they can get their happily ever after evil strikes, and Sayer just might lose the only thing he’s been living for.

AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Warriors of the Light Collection, Volume 3 (MM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

The Warriors of the Light Collection, Volume 3 (MM)

Warriors of the Light

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 86,716
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Carter and His Bear


“With the mating bond, we can’t be without each other for too long. So I’ll have to go with you.” The hand Abner had on Carter’s neck fell away.

Motherfucker! Carter’s face scrunched up in anger. Of course the only reason Abner would offer to go was because they were mates and craved each other’s touch. Not because they were in love and couldn’t stand to be apart.

“Please don’t do me any favors.” Carter took a step away from Abner. “After all, god gave us two hands.” He raised his hands and wiggled his fingers around. “We should just start using them and save the trouble of having to be around one another.” Carter looked at Klaus. “I’ll be ready in an hour.”

Carter turned on his heel and headed up the stairs. He needed to pack his belongings. There was no telling when or if he’d be back. Part of him did want to come back, but there was another part that didn’t. Having to see Abner day in, day out, and the look of disappointment in his sky-blue eyes, was becoming harder and harder to bear. Maybe he could ask Carlos to concoct a potion for him to sever the bonding link between him and Abner. He was sick of punishing himself and making Abner suffer. A clean break could be exactly what they needed.

After he packed his suitcase and backpack, Carter went in search of his friends to say good-bye. He stopped by Ben and Miles’s room first. Miles was exhausted but managed to give him a hug and told him to hurry back. Carter just smiled but didn’t say anything else. They didn’t need him here and he didn’t want to upset them with his choice to not come back.

As he walked down the hallway, the sound of music met his ears. It was coming from Astrid’s room. Carter stopped to listen. The music was so soft and sad. Love and loss and letting go were the sweetly sung lines.

Carter slowly pushed Astrid’s door open to see his friend sitting in the middle of his bed on his laptop.

“Hey, Carter!” Astrid gave him one of his super-bright smiles that usually had the effect of making him smile in return, but not today.

“What is that?” Carter asked, his eyes watering.

“What?” Astrid tilted his head to the side. “The song?” Carter nodded his head, too afraid to speak. “Oh, it’s ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World. Pretty cool song, huh? It’s so haunting, the lyrics and the artist’s voice.” Astrid wrapped his arms around his chest as if he were cold. “Gives me chills every time I listen to it.”

“Yeah.” Carter swiped a hand under his eye to catch the stray tear that broke free.

“Are you all right?” Astrid climbed off his bed and came to stand in front of Carter. His small hands cupped Carter’s cheeks. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Carter forced a smile on his face. He was going to miss his dear friend, but the lyrics of the song still played in his head. He feared that it might be time to give up on Abner. He’d do anything for his mate, but Abner wasn’t ready to accept his apologies and Carter didn’t know if his mate ever would. “I just came to say good-bye.”

“Good-bye?” Astrid’s hands fell back to his sides. “Where are you going?”

“The Council of Paranormal Beings has called me back home.” Carter shrugged. “More like my parents did, but still the same result. I leave in a few minutes and wanted to say bye before I left.”

“Will you be coming back?” Astrid asked in a voice so small Carter could barely hear it.

“I’m not sure, bud.” Carter rumbled a hand through Astrid’s hair. He’d trimmed his long locks into a short, shaggy-style haircut. Carter liked the look on Astrid. “But there is always text and email. I’ll only be a phone call away.”

“But what about Abner?”

“What about him?” The sharp spike of pain in his chest burned brighter every time he thought of his mate and leaving him behind.

“Is he going with you?”

“I don’t know.” Carter shook his head, then grinned through the pain. “But don’t you worry about us. I’m sure we’ll work out our differences eventually.”

“Promise?” Tears streaked down Astrid’s rosy-red cheeks.

“Ah, bud, you know I can’t promise something like that.” He pulled Astrid into a tight hug. “I hope and I pray every night that one day Abner and I will find a way to be together, but until then I just don’t know. I wasn’t the nicest person to him in the beginning and he’s a stubborn man with a memory a mile long.” He pushed Astrid an arm’s length away to stare into his sad eyes. “It takes two people to make a mating work.”

“I know!” Astrid gripped Carter’s hands in his. “Just promise you won’t give up yet.”

“Astrid.” Carter tried to turn away. There wasn’t much Astrid couldn’t get him to promise and he didn’t want to lie to his friend.

“Promise to not lose hope.” Astrid grinned. “Stranger things have happened.”

Carter laughed. “I’ll try not to give up just yet. Okay?”

“That’s all I can ask for.” Astrid reached up on his tiptoes to give Carter one last hug. “Please come back to us, Carter. This is your home, not the council.”

“I’ll try.”

Carter walked out of Astrid’s room and back to his room. He grabbed his bags and stopped at the entryway to his room. With one last look at the place he’d called home for the past year, he said good-bye.

“You ready?” Klaus asked as Carter came down the stairs.

“Yep!” Carter followed Klaus out the front door. He didn’t bother to ask where Abner was. They needed a clean break, even if just for a while.




Carter tossed his shirt to the floor and shimmied out of his pants, then came up onto his knees. Abner’s hands went to his belt buckle but Carter smacked his hands away. He bent over and stuck out his tongue, licking upward from Abner’s slightly furred treasure trail up to the center of his chest, moving to tease his right nipple while he plucked at the left one with his fingers.

“So good,” Abner groaned as his fingers combed through Carter’s hair, clasping him to Abner’s chest.

Carter teased the dusty-rose-colored peaks for a few more minutes, then moved upward to sink his teeth into the soft skin where Abner’s shoulder and neck met. His mate tasted wild and bold, like the scent of a pine and smoke. Carter was getting drunk on the smell.

He let his hands quickly undo Abner’s buckle and pulled the fastening free. Carter then shoved his mate’s pants down his legs. Carter leaned back far enough to look down their bodies at the protruding cock. Abner’s dick was thick and heavily veined. The skin was pulled so tight around Abner’s erection, the skin looked purple. Carter wrapped his fingers around the solid length and gave a gentle stroke.

“Fuck yeah.” Abner jerked forward.

Carter dropped his head to kiss and suck his way up Abner’s neck to his jaw, never once stopping his hand from jacking Abner’s cock. Using his other hand, Carter fondled Abner’s balls, pulling and tugging. Abner spread his knees further apart and Carter reached back further. The heat coming from Abner’s center was scorching. Carter couldn’t resist. He eased his finger back toward Abner’s tight little hole and circled it. The muscle tensed and fluttered under his gentle touch.

“Carter,” Abner whispered, and pushed an inch away from Carter to look into his eyes. “Have you…” Abner’s voice trailed off. Carter watched him take a deep breath. “Would you mind…”

Carter wanted to smile at the perplexed look on his mate’s face. Abner’s cheeks were bright red and sweat dotted his forehead. He knew what Abner was trying to ask and Carter wanted to pump his fist in the air. In the twelve months he’d been with Abner, Carter had never once topped the man. Sure, he wanted to, but their encounters were often swift and finished within seconds. At the time, Carter was happy to get what he could but he wouldn’t deny he desperately wanted to be buried balls deep into his mate. There was something about how big and strong Abner was that made Carter want to see the man fall apart at his touch.

“What, Abner?” Carter applied a small amount of pressure to his finger, dipping the tip of his finger into Abner’s scalding heat. It took everything in Carter not to push Abner down on the bed and mount him. “Tell me what you need, baby?” He pushed the finger deeper and he could feel Abner’s thighs tremble.

“I want.” Abner bit his bottom lip, his head tilting back on his shoulders. “I want you inside me.” He looked up and met Carter’s eyes. “Will you make love to me?” he asked in a small voice, the sound so innocent and loving Carter’s eyes welled up with tears.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Carter covered Abner’s lips with his and teased his tongue over the seam until Abner opened up, sucking him in further.

Abner fell back to lie on his back, spreading his legs. Carter positioned himself between the massive tree trunks Abner called legs. He knew if Abner squeezed his thighs together, he could crush Carter in a heartbeat.

Carter broke the kiss to stretch over to the nightstand and pulled out the lube he stashed there for when he jerked off. He was young so that happened quite often.

Carter reclaimed Abner’s lips as he popped the cap and squirted the cool, clear liquid on his fingers. He let the tube fall to the bed and he painted his fingers over Abner’s hairy entrance. Abner shuddered beneath him and spread his thighs further apart. Carter started with one finger then quickly added another. He sat up and watched as his fingers sank deeper. Carter curled his fingers and massaged over Abner’s prostate, which sent his mate wailing in pleasure.

Abner’s entire body was flushed and glistening in sweat. The hard length jetting up toward Abner’s belly button dripped pre-cum, leaving a wet mark on Abner’s stomach.


Sayer's Savior


“No!” Sayer sat up in bed gasping for air. His body was drenched in sweat and tears streamed down his cheeks. Sayer brought his shaking hands to his face and tried to rub away the awful memories.

He’d been held prisoner for nearly a year to his sadistic maker, William. Sayer wondered when, if ever, the nightmares would stop. The things he had endured were too painful to even think about but like always, they found a way to intrude into his brain and fill his body with panic. Sayer knew William was dead, but it didn’t stop the fear from taking a hold of him and making him feel like a little boy.

“Breathe, Sayer,” he whispered, trying to convince his own mind. “You’re free and he’s dead. He’ll never be able to hurt you or anyone else ever again.”

God, the words came out so easy but it didn’t help that much. The pain William had inflicted upon him and the terror he instilled plagued his body. Sayer wondered if there would ever be a light at the end of this tunnel for him. He was free but he didn’t feel free.

Sayer got up out of the bed and went to his bathroom. He flipped on the overhead light and winced at the brightness it illuminated. His hair had started to grow back. The blond locks were intermingled with some brown and stuck out in all directions at the moment. His green eyes looked dull and lifeless and dark bags still shaded the delicate skin under his eyes. As he looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes drooped to take in the countless scars that marred his smooth skin. William had made sure to use silver so every single mark he left to inflict pain left behind a scar. Most had faded but they would forever be there. A constant reminder of his time with that monster.

Even after a month of freedom, he still looked awful. The nightmare hounded him all the time and he couldn’t shake the feeling that William would find a way to come back for him. A way to cheat death and punish Sayer for leaving him once again.

“Stop it!” Sayer growled at his reflection. “He’s dead and never coming back.” His voice hitched as his throat grew tight. “You need to get past this.”

His red-rimmed eyes stung with tears he refused to shed. He was done crying over what had happened to him. No amount of tears would wash away his past of the awful things William had done to him. Sayer needed to push past all this and start fresh. Everyone was worried about him and he hated that. He was a warrior. A person who was supposed to be strong and fierce in the face of danger, not hiding out in his room crying himself to sleep every night.

Sayer peeled off his pajama bottoms and tossed them in the laundry basket. They were soaked through with sweat and the damp material caused goose bumps to ripple over his skin. Sayer took a long hot shower then stepped out and toweled off. His muscles didn’t feel as tense as they had been and he shrugged his shoulders trying to work out the kinks.

Sayer turned back toward the sink and brushed his teeth. Doing normal things like this that had been denied to him was a pleasure to do. He never thought he’d be so grateful for brushing his freaking teeth, but he was.

Once done with that, Sayer walked out into his darkened bedroom and pulled another pair of sleeping pants out and pulled them on. He’d practically been living in pajama bottoms for the past month but they were the only thing that felt comfortable. His skin at times felt too sensitive to withstand touch or course material. Just another thing he’d taken for granted along with his freedom. The pleasures of everyday life were taking some getting used to.

In the distance on the other side of the wall, Sayer heard footsteps growing nearer. The sound of voices met his ears and he instantly recognized Trevor’s. Trevor had been the warrior to find him in that shitty dungeon where William had him. Sayer had never met Trevor until that day. Sayer had been taken before he got the chance. But like him, Trevor had the displeasure of meeting Lucian and being turned against his will into a vampire. Sayer sympathized with Trevor and had grown quite fond of him in the passing days. The guy was funny and always tried to make light of every situation.

Trevor was Quinn’s mate. Quinn was strong and fierce warrior but turned to a pile of goo whenever Trevor was around. Sayer liked seeing the rough warrior like that. He’d wished he’d been there to see the great and powerful Quinn fall when Trevor waltzed into his life, but he hadn’t been. Just another thing William stole from him.

“This will be your room,” Sayer heard Trevor say to someone.

Sayer cracked open the door to see who this newcomer was. He could make out the profile of the other man. He was tall with short blond hair combed to the side. Sayer took a guess that he was the doctor the others had been talking about bring here for Miles. Sayer still couldn’t wrap his brain around a pregnant man but stranger things were possible in a world filled with magic, vampires, and shape shifters.

The man said something to Trevor but Sayer wasn’t paying attention. As the man moved into the room, he stirred up a light breeze and Sayer caught a whiff of salty air and warm skin. It reminded him of the beach he used to visit before he’d become a vampire. A time back what things were simpler.




The light from the moon outside filtered in through the open window, making Shane’s body glow in the dim light. Sayer lifted a finger and trailed it down the center of Shane’s torso. Shane sucked in a breath and arched into the touch. Soon Sayer’s hand reached the waist of Shane’s jeans. He skirted his finger under the band, loving the way the skin pebbled under his touch.

“Please don’t stop.” Shane pushed up to rest on his elbow to watch.

The hungry look in Shane’s eyes set Sayer off. He ripped open the fastening then leaned back to pull off his jeans. Shane’s fully erect cock flopped out to smack him in the stomach. The red swollen shaft was long and curved up toward Shane’s belly button. Sayer’s mouth began to water at the sight but he couldn’t bring himself to lean forward and lick away the drop of pre-cum that glistened at the tip. It was still too soon for that.

“Sayer, touch me, please,” Shane begged.

Sayer looked up into Shane’s heated gaze and he wanted to so much make that man whimper with need and know it was him giving the big man so much pleasure. But Sayer was still afraid. Sure he was a vampire and stronger then Shane, but a piece of him still shrunk back in fear at the sheer size of his mate. Sayer didn’t know if he’d ever be able to let Shane have full control of him. Control was a big deal to Sayer. Having had it ripped away from him for nearly a year, he couldn’t let that happen again. Mate or not, Sayer had to be the one in control of their lovemaking.

“Roll over.”

Shane didn’t hesitate. He rolled to lie on his stomach and folded his arms under his head. With his face turned to the side, he watched Sayer.

The muscles in Shane’s back rippled as Sayer ran a finger down the dip over his spine. He glided his hands down over the swell of Shane’s ass and lightly caressed his hand back and forth, causing the man to squirm under him. Sayer then dropped his hands lower to grab a fist full of Shane’s tight muscled ass in each. He loved the way Shane’s ass cheeks clenched tight then relaxed only to repeat as Sayer massaged the firm flesh.

“I love the way you feel in my hands.” Sayer scooted lower between Shane’s legs and licked a line down his crack. A salty, musky taste covered his tongue. His mate tasted so clean and pure, Sayer needed more. He pulled Shane’s ass cheeks apart and licked over the rippled flesh of his opening. Shane cried out and his hands shot out to fist the sheets at the side of his head. “And I love the way you taste.”

Sayer nipped and sucked at the small opening as Shane fidgeted on the bed. He could feel the quiver of his mate’s thighs as he dug his tongue deeper inside Shane’s hole. The ring spasmed and tightened around his tongue but didn’t push him out. Warmth flooded him as his mate cried out his name.

Sayer’s dick swelled to almost painful proportions. More so than the previous night. His body craved Shane and he wanted to succumb to the mind-numbing relief only his mate could give him. With Shane lying on his stomach, hands fisted in the sheets, and his hips humping the bed, Sayer felt safe. That this large man couldn’t overpower him and that Sayer had all the control to do as he wished. He’d never do anything to hurt his mate but he did want to see Shane shatter around him as Sayer fucked his body.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asked as he sucked on one firm globe bringing blood to the surface. Shane let out a garbled scream.

“Fuck yes,” Shane grunted as his hips continued to pump into the mattress.

The tip of Sayer’s cock rubbed against the comforter, revving up his desires even further. All the blood in his body pumped down to his dick and more than anything he needed to be inside Shane. To take ownership of what he’d been denying himself. Sexual release is something Sayer needed. Maybe if he were lucky he could fuck all the bad memories from his brain. Surely Shane would be willing to surrender his body to his mate.

But he doesn’t know that? The evil laugh in his head sounded so much like William’s. Silly boy, you were never much of a thinker, were you. Do you think he’d want you knowing that you’re used up? Afraid of your own shadow.

“I need to be inside you.” Sayer sucked two fingers into his mouth, getting them nice and wet. He then shoved them into Shane’s tight hole.

“Oh fuck!” Shan grunted and beat his fist in the bed.

Shane’s ass cheeks clamped down on Sayer’s fingers but Sayer didn’t relent. He fucked them in and out of Shane’s hot channel until the man’s muscles relaxed and accepted his touch. Sayer leaned over Shane’s body and spit down on his mate’s entrance. He knew he should stop. Stop and get lube or just stop and take things slower but the monster inside him wouldn’t let him. He needed this moment more than he needed his next glass of blood.

“Do you want me, Shane?” Sayer kissed his way up Shane’s back until he reached the man’s neck and nipped softly. “Do you want me fuck you into the mattress and come in your ass?”

“Oh god yes.” Shane arched his back, shifting his bottom further up into the air.

Sayer pulled his fingers from Shane’s ass and spat into his hand. Between the pre-cum flowing from the tip and the spit, his dick was coated in moisture. He lined up the blunt crown and pushed. Shane’s body tensed and the pressure nearly forced Sayer out.

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