[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, vampires, M/M, HEA]
Fourteen years ago, Kayson Langley stood back and allowed his fated mate’s family to be slaughtered. He's regreted it every day since but he was only doing what he had to, to survive and keep Kevin safe.
The nightmares never stop. All Kevin Stewart wants is to find a little peace and nail every Dark Warrior to the wall, ending their lives. It’s the least they deserve for destroying his life.
Mysterious disappearance and murders has Kevin going undercover to find those responsible. Deep down he knows evil is involved. The last thing he expected was to see Kayson again. The very man he hates with a passion saves his life and confesses a truth that Kevin doesn’t want to believe.
Kayson is willing to walk away from everything he’s ever known to be with Kevin. But will his past let him or will the greatest evil of all take what he holds dear?
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.


A Warriors Choice (MM)
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The house was dark and as he glanced around he noticed it was unlived in. A chair and lamp in the front room was all there was. This house was only a holding cell for the humans being sold to the vampires. The poor defenseless humans probably had no clue they were just cattle to be killed and fed on.

Kayson made his way to the kitchen and saw a door that was cracked. He pushed it open with his boot then peeked around the corner. The lighting was dim and the air cold. As he descended the steps the scent of apples surrounded him. It was distracting but it wasn’t real. It couldn’t be.

“Not unless…” Kayson ran as quietly as he could down the steps. Fear was a dagger in his chest. What if Kevin had been abducted again? It had happened once before. What if he was down there about to be sold to the highest bidder? He couldn’t let Kevin die.

When he reached the lower landing, he could hear voices inside discussing prices. There was some laughing and loud moaning. The rogues had already started to feast.

Kayson kicked open the door, the wood exploding outward. He heard gasps and cries but he didn’t care. He glanced around the room and his eyes landed on a tall man with long brown hair and dark blue eyes.

“Kevin,” he whispered.

Gone was the young teenager caught between boyhood and becoming a man. His body was huge, strong with bulging muscles. He’d also grown a beard. Kevin’s white shirt was pulled tight across his chest and the cuffs of the sleeves cut into his skin, his biceps were so big.

“Who the fuck are you?” an older man with a scraggly gray beard asked, stepping forward.

“Kevin?” Kayson looked toward his mate but Kevin didn’t move. His eyes were wide as saucers and Kayson could see his hands trembling. His mate was still scared of him.

“Gilly, you know this man?” a portly man with a wild black beard and beady eyes asked Kevin. “And who the fuck is Kevin?”

The rogue vamps stepped closer to Kayson and hissed at him. Kayson wanted to laugh. What a cliché. Vamps didn’t hiss. We aren’t cats, you morons, is what Kayson wanted to say but instead he lunged for the man closest to him and ripped his head from his body. Blood shot up like a geyser from the bloody stump. Kayson let the body fall to the ground and that’s when they attacked.

Claws and teeth dug into his skin but Kayson didn’t feel a thing. He was a machine with one purpose, getting to Kevin, protecting the one person besides his brother he loved in this world. Kayson tore through those vamps, ripping arms from their bodies and tearing their throats out. It was quite a mess. Once he had punched a hole in the female vampire’s chest and ripped her heart from her body he spun around. The men with Kevin had guns drawn but not Kevin. He still stood there in a state of shock.

“Fuck this.” The overweight man with the thick black beard rushed toward the door. Kayson reached out and grabbed him by the neck. He jerked his hand and snapped the fragile bone as if it were nothing. Kayson let go and the large body dropped to the floor.

A round of gunfire shot off and Kayson turned toward the man who thought that was going to actually help him. Kayson pulled his lips back off his teeth and the man’s face paled. The man pulled the trigger again, but he was out of bullets. Kayson lunged at him and sank his teeth into the man’s neck. He drained him dry.

A bullet hit him in the shoulder, twisting his body around. Kayson shook his head and reached out and tore the human’s throat from his saggy neck. The sound of blood gurgling and him gasping for air was sickening.

The older human male ran past him and Kayson caught him on the stairs. He bit into the man’s neck, ending his life.

Once he was done he looked down to see he was covered in blood. He’d give anything for a shower at the moment but he’d have to wait.

This wasn’t the reunion that Kayson had in mind for when he saw Kevin again but he wasn’t going to kick a gift horse in the mouth. He finally had his mate back.

Kayson walked into the room and stepped over dead bodies and body parts. He’d really been in a rage. He wasn’t sure why Kevin was with those men and didn’t care. All that mattered was that Kevin was safe.

Kayson found Kevin where he left him, standing there staring at nothing. Kayson wasn’t naïve or anything but he had hoped Kevin would be happy to see him, that just maybe he was ready to come home. To make a life with Kayson. Kayson would give up anything and everything to have this man in his life.

A splatter of blood streaked across Kevin’s face and his white shirt was dotted in blood. He didn’t look good.

“Kevin.” Kayson stepped toward him and placed his blood-stained hands on Kevin’s shoulders. The sound of his voice and his touch must have woken him from his stupor.

“Don’t touch me!” Kevin shouted and smacked Kayson’s hands away from him. “Don’t you ever touch me.”

“Kev—” Before Kayson could get that one word out Kevin pulled his arm back and punched him square in the jaw. Kayson’s head jerked to the side and he felt a burst of pain engulf the side of his face and blood filled his mouth.

This was so not how he wanted this to go.




Kayson pressed in harder to Kevin, hovering over his mate’s body, placing his hands on either side of Kevin’s head. Each kiss was just as intoxicating as the last. The soft touch of skin against skin and the sweet taste of his saliva drove Kayson mad with hunger. He wanted to devour Kevin in such a way the man never wanted to let him go.

Kayson flicked his tongue out to touch Kevin’s lips and felt the jerk in Kevin’s body. His mate froze up and Kayson pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” Kayson met Kevin’s eyes, afraid he’d done something wrong.

“Just shut up.” Kevin fisted his fingers in Kayson’s hair and yanked him back down. Their lips met in a frenzy and Kayson could taste the mix of his and Kevin’s blood from the brutal force.

Kayson growled and wound his arms around Kevin’s waist. His cock grew hard and pressed at his zipper, wanting to break free. Kayson scooted down on the couch, taking Kevin with him. Kevin spread his legs and Kayson eased in between them, grinding his stiff rod against Kevin’s. Time seemed to stand still as Kayson drank from his mate’s lips. His ears rang and his heart beat out of control. He’d never felt like this with another person before in his entire life.

Kevin broke the kiss to gasp for air. Kayson lowered his face to suck along Kevin’s neck then moved down lower to get to the hard chest he was able to grope all night long the night before. He yanked on Kevin’s shirt but the way they were positioned with him on top of Kevin he couldn’t get it off and Kayson refused to separate from his mate.

“Kay, wait a minute.” Kevin reached down to pull on the hem of the shirt but it was taking too much time.

Kayson grabbed the collar of the T-shirt in his fist and jerked his hands away, tearing the shirt in two. Kevin moaned and arched upward to rub his cock against Kayson’s. Kayson stared down at the expanse of tanned flesh. Kevin’s nipples were hard and poking up at him as if begging for his touch. He gave in to his need and lowered his mouth to suck on the right one while using his fingers to toy with the other.

“Yes,” Kevin moaned.

Kevin put his hands on the back of Kayson’s head and held him close to his chest, pushing him harder into his body. Kayson switched sides and sucked on the other nipple. He bit down hard and a little drop of blood pooled to the surface. At the first taste of blood he jerked away, afraid he’d upset Kevin.

“For the love of god, don’t stop, you moron.” Kevin reached for him but Kayson held himself back.

“I…I…I bit you.” Kayson’s gaze was on that spot of bright blood around Kevin’s hard little nipple. He so badly wanted to lap up the slickness with his tongue.

Kevin looked down. His eyes widened and he looked up at Kayson’s but the look in his eyes wasn’t one of fear or anger. No, the sight of his blood seemed to have turned up the heat in the room.

“You have a little on your chin.” Kevin sat up in a crunch position and flicked his tongue out to wipe away the blood with his tongue. “I taste good on you.” Kevin wound his arms around Kayson’s neck and pulled him back down with him on the couch.

The kiss grew more aggressive and Kayson winced when he felt Kevin bite into his bottom lip. Not one to back down, he bit Kevin back, mingling their blood together. There was no reason to fear of accidentally turning Kevin into a vampire. It would take Kevin being drained to the point of death then fed vampire blood and Kayson had no desire to make that decision for Kevin.

Kayson broke the kiss and started to kiss down Kevin’s body. Kevin groaned as Kayson used his tongue to outline every groove of muscle along his abdomen. The lower he got the stronger the smell of the cum leaking from Kevin’s cock became. Kayson rubbed his cheek against the hard bulge in the front of Kevin’s jeans. He loved the sweet, spicy smell and couldn’t wait to get a taste of his essence. Kayson propped himself up on his knees and moved his hands to unfasten Kevin’s pants.

Kevin moved his arms to rest above his head and had this euphoric expression on his face. His eyelids were hooded, his cheeks a bright pink and his lips swollen from their kissing. It was a sight to behold and one Kayson would carry with him forever.

“What are you doing?” Kevin asked.

“I want to taste you.” Kayson jerked the stiff denim down Kevin’s legs. “No, I need to.” He grabbed ahold of Kevin’s boxers and took them down his thighs too. Kevin’s thick cock sprang forward, smacking against Kevin’s stomach. The organ was red and juicy at the tip. Kevin’s cock wasn’t as thick or as long as Kayson’s but to him it was perfect. “So beautiful.”

Kayson lowered his mouth to engulf the entire length. He relaxed his throat to swallow Kevin down the whole way.

“Holy shit.” Kevin thrust his hips upward, causing Kayson to take more of him into his mouth. “Kay!” Kevin shouted.

Kayson only managed to get Kevin’s pants halfway down his legs. He wished the damned material was gone but this would have to do. There was no stopping him now. Kayson reached down and fondled Kevin’s tender balls, rolling them between his fingers. A burst of pre-cum exploded on his tongue, letting Kayson know that Kevin was enjoying himself.

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