Logan's Rattler (MM)

Warriors of the Light 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 45,151
19 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

All Logan Erickson ever wanted in life was stability and a place to call home. He thought he found that until he finds himself with the psychic ability to listen in on other people’s innermost thoughts. After hearing the dark desires of his current boyfriend, Logan takes off traipsing through the woods, abandoning all hope of ever finding true love, when he stumbles upon a man that will change his very existence.

Finn Palmer has every reason to dislike witches after being turned into a rattlesnake shifter without any knowledge of the paranormal world until meeting the Warriors of the Light. Finn, like most, has waited patiently to find his mate, and now that he’s found Logan he has no intentions of ever letting him go even if Logan is part witch.

An unforeseen enemy is after Logan’s body to host another’s soul. Will Finn be able to prevent this evil plot, or will Logan be lost to him forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Logan's Rattler (MM)
19 Ratings (4.3)

Logan's Rattler (MM)

Warriors of the Light 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 45,151
19 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "The only thing Logan wanted out of life was love and a family. After he lost his parents, he was alone in the world until he found Leo, who became his best friend. After they scrimped the money together, they opened their own coffee shop, L & L, and were set until things with his boyfriend Rhett went sour. Logan has this ability to sometimes hear what other people are thinking, which only gets him in trouble. One night, Logan was out on a date with Rhett when a few of his friends arrived, giving out very unsavory thoughts that scared Logan into running away. Logan, believing he is having an erotic dream, gives himself to a man before he realizes that he just spent the night with a virtual stranger. What he doesn't realize is that the man, Finn, is a member of the warriors of the light, a rattlesnake shifter and his mate! Logan's life will never be the same as he is drawn into the world of the paranormal where the stakes could mean life or death. Will Logan and Finn find their way together or will Rhett tear them apart? Will the Warriors of the Light survive? This story began with a bang as Logan got the shock and pleasure of his life. I thought he did pretty good in accepting that and all the paranormal issues he quickly learned about. It was sad how Logan grew up, but his bond with Leo was unbreakable in spite of the crazy situations they encountered. Leo had a wonderful and snarky attitude that brought fun and laughter to the story. Mrs. Parkers, a nearby storeowner, was hysterical with her no nonsense way of looking at situations and her very off-color responses that surprised everyone. Finn's loss of control around Logan showed how deep his feelings hit him and everything he did to care for Logan was wonderful to experience. It was fascinating how Logan could sometimes hear what people were hearing, but it wasn't until he met Finn that he understood how his abilities could be used to protect the people he loved. This is one story you shouldn't miss." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Logan had never been introduced to the paranormal world and was in for quite a surprise. Finn was a fantastic mate as he patiently worked with him to over come his objections and his surprise. In spite of all that, their relationship took steamy to new heights as they came together in a blaze of passion. The story behind Logan’s problems was revealed slowly and expertly, drawing us and keeping us plastered to the pages. Logan’s Rattler is AJ Jarrett’s third story in the Warrior’s of the Light series and there are many more stories to be told. We have only one question to ask. When is the next one?" -- Elise, Sensual Reads

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Finn looked at his mate, uncertain of what he should say. Logan agreed to the mating. He wanted it. Hell, he begged for it. But now his mate looked like he was scared of him. Him, his mate. This wasn’t good.

“Logan, calm down,” Finn said in soft, unthreatening tone.

“How do you know my name?” Logan scooted to the other side of the bed.

“It’s written on your ID.”

“You went through my wallet?” Finn watched his mate climb from the bed. “Good grief, what have I gotten myself into.” Logan fidgeted with his clothes, and Finn took the opportunity to tug up his pants.

He pulled his shirt over his head as he listened to his mate talk to himself. It would appear Logan thought what had just happened was all a dream and was pissed because he felt like a slut or some such nonsense. They were mates, and Finn had to find a way to explain that without freaking the man out more than he already was.

“Logan, please sit down. I’ll explain everything.” He followed behind Logan as he picked up his socks and shoes from the floor.

“I let you fuck me without a condom. Hell, I even let you bite me.” He turned abruptly to Finn. “Do you have any diseases I need to know about?” Logan barked out a laugh. “Like you would actually tell me the truth,” his mate mumbled to himself.

“You don’t have to fear catching anything from me. I’m disease-free. I swear it.” If Logan only knew Finn couldn’t catch human ailments.

“Yeah, right, whatever.” Logan shuffled around Finn’s room, searching for the rest of his belongings.

Anger flared its nasty head at his mate’s refusal to believe him. He would die for Logan, but right now he wanted to throttle the very sexy brat. “I would never lie to you. You’re my mate. I would never hurt you. I love you.” Before he could stop himself, he blurted out the words. Seeing the shocked and disbelieving look on his mate’s face, he instantly regretted the omission.

“Excuse me? Are you fucking insane?” Logan shouted. “You love me?” His mate shook his head, sending a clump of hair over his left eye. “You don’t even know me.”

“Logan, if you just let me explain it’ll all make sense. I promise.” Finn took a step toward his mate. He had to tilt his head upward to meet Logan’s eyes.

As Logan stood still before him, Finn took the time to take in his mate’s beauty. Logan stood a few inches taller than his own five foot ten inches. His body was composed of lean, firm muscle like that found on a swimmer’s body. Not bulky but proportionate to his frame and height. His short black hair stood out in contrast to his pale skin. Not even a blemish marred the creamy white skin. The most exotic thing about Logan was his eyes. The blue irises had a milky tinge to them, almost appearing white.

“I’m sorry, but I need to get out of here.” Logan raced out the bedroom door.

“Shit!” Finn grumbled to himself as he gave chase.

The guy was fast. By the time Finn reached the top of the stairs, Logan was already halfway down.

As Logan ran out the front door, Finn caught up to his mate. A car was pulling into the drive, but he didn’t have time to stop and check it out. His priorities lay with his mate.

“Logan, please talk to me.” He stayed close on Logan’s heels. “At least let me give you a ride home.”

That stopped his mate in his tracks. He slowly turned to face Finn. “You’d take me home?” Logan appeared to be skeptical of his offer.

“Of course I would.” The doubt in Logan’s eyes made his chest ache. How could his mate be so untrusting of him?

“Okay, I’ll let you take me home but no sex. Not even a kiss good-bye. You hear me?” Logan pointed a finger at him. Finn nodded his understanding.

He turned around and could hear Logan following behind him. Finn hated that his mate was treating him so poorly. He only did what Logan had asked for, but he should have seen that his mate wasn’t in the right mindset to make such a decision, and Finn had wanted the bonding so bad. He let his own desires cloud his judgment, and now he was paying for it.

When they reached Finn’s truck, he walked around the front of the vehicle and opened the door for Logan. As he climbed into the car, he didn’t seem to be upset, as if all the fight had left his body. That was a good thing. But Logan had a faraway, lost look in his eyes that bothered Finn.

Once he got into the driver’s seat and turned over the engine, Logan turned to him. “I guess I don’t have to tell you where I live since you’ve seen my license.”

He just nodded. It seemed useless to anger his mate any more than necessary. A life-changing event in their lives just took place not more than ten minutes ago. Finn had to give the skittish human some time to adjust.

As they drove down the long stretch of darkened highway, he stayed silent, waiting for his mate to become comfortable in his presence. They had completed the blood, sex, magic mating bond, and no matter how much Logan fought it, he would be drawn to Finn. It was only a matter of time before Logan realized that.

“Can I ask you something?” Logan broke the silence.


“How did I end up at your house?” Logan’s brow scrunched up in confusion.




The silky hot mouth left his shaft. He felt the bed dip as the man reached into the drawer of the nightstand. He heard some shuffling around, then his dream man whispered out a curse.

“Baby, I don’t have any stuff.”

Logan grabbed the man by the hair and yanked him up to his face. “Then use your spit,” he said, growling out his frustration.

The man’s lips curved up, and Logan was blinded by his white teeth. “Yes, sir.”

Logan spread his legs farther apart then pulled up his knees to rest his feet on the bed. There was plenty of room for the man as he edged his way down Logan’s body, dropping kisses here and there as he went. Logan felt like screaming “hallelujah” when the guy finally reached his cock. The man licked a path from tip to base then continued on down. Logan jumped as a wet tongue circled his entrance. He started to pant. His heart raced out of control as the tongue began to pierce at his hole. Good god he needed more.

As if the man was reading his mind, he pulled back and spit at Logan’s hole. When he started to push a finger in, Logan kicked the hand away. The man shot worried eyes up at him.

“None of that. I want you to stick that massive cock of yours inside me, now.” It was all a dream anyway. It wasn’t like he would have anything to feel bad about in the morning or any pain to deal with. He might as well go all out and be as kinky and rough as he wanted. “Fuck me like you mean it,” he teased the man.

Doing as he was told, the man spat on his hole again then sat up. He held Logan’s eyes as he spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down his length. Logan ran his tongue across his lips. He was eager to taste the fine specimen in front of him. Very slowly, the man moved forward. The head of his cock breached the muscle barrier. Logan tensed as the burn morphed into erotic desire like nothing he ever felt before, and he needed more.

Once his dream lover was buried to the hilt, he paused above Logan. Logan tilted his head to the side. He could have sworn he heard a rattling sound. Shaking it off as just a weird part of his dream, he focused back on the hot man on top of him. The man held still as if waiting for a sign. Logan chuckled to himself. He wrapped his legs around the man’s waist and nudged his heels into the man’s lower thighs. He didn’t have to do it twice. The man started to move. After every second inward snap, he’d circle his hips, rubbing the rigid shaft over his prostate, driving Logan insane with need. He started to lift his hips up to meet his lovers. The sound of skin smacking against sweaty skin filled the room.

“This is everything I’ve ever imagined it would be.” The man moaned. “It’s like your body was made just for mine. It recognizes me.”

Logan listened to his dream lover babble but really couldn’t care less what he said just as long as he kept moving. The faster he snapped his hips, the higher Logan went on the cusp of the most fantastic orgasm of his life. Just a little more.

“Please, give it to me. I never want to wake up from this. God, I need you,” Logan couldn’t control his pleading cries. If he didn’t come soon, he felt like he would spontaneously combust.

The man shifted to his knees and stared down at him. “You want it?” Logan nodded. “Then tell me to claim you. To make you mine forever. Tell me what I need to hear. Say you want this bonding.”

Logan held the man’s gaze, unsure exactly what he was asking for. This was a dream after all. He’d give the man just about anything as long as Logan got to come at the end. “Yes. You can have whatever you want, just don’t stop.”

Before Logan knew what was going on, his legs were hiked up over the man’s shoulders as he pounded into his ass without mercy. The man moved so swiftly Logan didn’t realize what was happening. A piercing sharp pain stung his upper thigh where his lover had his mouth glued to Logan’s leg. The initial sting transformed into a fuzzy warmth that filled his body.

Logan watched as the man licked his lips as he pulled away from Logan’s thigh. Logan could fell wetness drip down his leg. The man had long fangs sticking out of his mouth. He couldn’t explain it, but Logan wasn’t frightened. If anything he wanted to lick the long teeth and let them puncture his skin again and again.

The man lifted his own wrist to his lips and bit down. When he pulled his arm from his mouth, he also pulled his throbbing sex from Logan’s body. The man smiled down at him as he ran a finger through the blood running down Logan’s leg then across the gash in his own arm. He took the combined fluid and swiped it across the engorged cock standing at full salute.

It all seemed a little odd to Logan, but he didn’t protest. Truth be told, even with all the weird occurrences going on in this dream, he couldn’t help but be turned on by the sight. The man ravaged his body with such force he couldn’t turn away or stop him.

The man pulled Logan down the bed and slid his cock back home.

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