[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Kane Langley had lived as a bachelor for the past two hundred years. No attachments and plenty of fun to be had. Well, that is until he makes a promise to the last person he should have. Now Kane is on the lookout for a twenty-one-year-old man he swore to protect.
Remy Lancaster is living a normal life. He’s in college, on the track team, and has amazing friends. It's every person’s dream and, to top it off, he’s just turned twenty-one. This should have been an exciting time in his life, but a gift from the mother he never met changes everything.
Life is unpredictable and things don’t always go as planned and Remy is learning that the hard way. A brother he never knew he had wants him dead and the only one able to protect him is Kane. Can his faith in Kane and the love he feels be enough to fight this growing evil?
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Unforeseen Brother (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What did you expect, Athena?” Kane leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “You stole everything from Hale just so you could be this all-powerful force of evil.” Kane’s voice had a hard edge to it. He held no love toward Hale, but he felt a great deal of sadness for the man. Hale had found his mate only to have his mother get in the way. She stole away his one chance for happiness, and now the world was left with a crazy fucking bastard killing everything in sight. “Was it worth it?”

“No.” Athena looked up at Kane and shook her head. Tears streamed down her face at a much faster pace. “I can see that now, but it doesn’t change what I’ve done. I deserve this hell Hale has bestowed upon me.”

“We can both agree on that one.” Kane leaned back in his chair but didn’t take his eyes off of Athena. Something just didn’t feel right. A shift in the air. It was charged with an energy he’d never felt before. “Athena, why do you care so much now? You’ve been here for twenty years staring at these same four walls.” Kane pointed at the plain white walls. “What’s changed?”

“Time.” Athena wiped at her eyes then raised her hands to tuck her hair behind her ears. “Time is running out. I thought I’d somehow break free from this cage.” She wrapped her thin pale fingers around the steel bars that imprisoned her. “But it seems I underestimated my son.”

“You think? You have met Hale. He’s not one for letting something go. You pretty much ruined his life, so there’s no surprise in him returning the favor.”

“Don’t misunderstand me, Kane.” Athena cocked her head to the side. Her blonde hair fell to the side, covering half her face. It made her look scary and insane. “I deserve this. In fact, this is too good for me.”

“Okay.” Kane said the word slowly, dragging it out. He hadn’t expected for her to say or even admit that. He’d seen Athena rip a man’s head from his body for just looking at her crossly. She had no problems committing evil acts, but never once had he seen her show any remorse or have agreement for the way she had been treated these past years.

“I let my son down and ripped his only chance at happiness from him.” Lucidness came back in to her eyes. “I’m a terrible mother. Hale was a sweet boy, but I ruined that. I bestowed upon the world an evil that could have been prevented.”

“Hang on a second.” Kane held up his hands. His head was beginning to hurt. “Lady, this is all your fault. Even before Hale was born you wanted to control the world and rid it of all its kindness and humanity.”

“I did, but that was before…” Athena stopped talking, and her eyes got a far off look in them.

“Before what?” Kane asked. He glared over at Athena, but it was as if she didn’t see him anymore. She was lost in her own thoughts again. “Crazy fucking lunatic.” Kane shook his head and reached for his phone he’d set aside to partake in this crazy conversation.

“I need you to do me a favor.” Athena spoke in a loud voice, nearly causing Kane to drop his phone.

“Excuse me?” Kane stood up and walked toward Athena. The sturdy metal bars were all that separated them. “You want me to do you a favor?” He pointed a finger into his chest. “That’s funny. Like really fucking funny. Why would I ever do anything for you?”

“Because I can help you.” Athena reached out to touch him, but the bars turned a bright white and sparked. She yanked her hand back.

“You help me?” Kane chuckled. “Nice try, lady.” Kane spun on his heel and started to head back to his comfy chair.

“How’s Kayson doing?” Athena asked, causing Kane to freeze mid-step. He slowly turned back around. “And his mate, Kevin?”

“How do you know about him?” Kane was referring to Kevin. No one but him knew about Kayson and Kevin’s involvement. If Hale were to find out, it would be end game for both him and his brother and Kevin. Hale would use that to get to Colby.

“I know a lot of things.” Athena wiped the back of her hand over his face, swiping away the tears that stained her pale skin. “Just because my son keeps me in this cage doesn’t mean I don’t see what’s going on around me.” Her voice was soft and motherly. There was no menace in her tone, and that intrigued Kane.

“What do you want?” Kane asked.

“If you help me, in return I’ll help you.” She paused, getting that far off look in her eyes again. “But we have to hurry. Will you help me, Kane?”

“Lady, I can’t let you out of this cell.” Kane motioned with his hands at the room that contained Athena. “I don’t have the power to do that.”

“That’s not what I’m asking for.” She stepped close to the cell door, the metal starting to glow. “I just need you to promise to help me with what I ask of you. I swear it’s nothing evil.”

“I’m n—”

“Kane, there’s no time to think on this.” Athena interrupted him. “Time is running short.”

“Okay, fine.” Kane crossed his arms over his chest. “I’ll bite. What do you need?”

“I need you to help my son.”

“Hale doesn’t want to be helped.” Kane was starting to question his own sanity for even listening to this nonsense.

“It’s not for Hale.” Kane jerked his gaze back up to hers. “My other son, Remy.

“Other son?” Kane whispered, too in shock to understand the weight of what he was hearing.



Kane reached his hand behind his head to grab a handful of his shirt and yanked it up and over his head. He let it fall to the floor and watched as Remy’s eyes glossed over with pleasure. Kane held Remy’s stare as he trailed his hand down over his chest to the button on his jeans. Remy’s tongue flicked out to wet his lips. The sight caused Kane’s cock to pulse harder, and his skin was hot as if he had been lit on fire. His thick, long shaft had lengthened until his dick had snaked down his pant leg. Kane slowly unzipped his pants, not wanting to cause injury to his most valued body part. With his jeans undone he shoved them down over his hips, reaching in to pull out his cock.

“Holy fuck,” Remy groaned at the sight of Kane’s cock.

Kane smiled. He had to admit his equipment was pretty impressive. Nine inches of solid thick cock and so hard he could probably pound nails into a two-by-four. Kane gripped his dick loosely and stroked up and down as he watched Remy’s gaze track his every move.

“You think you can take this, kid?” Kane asked.

“Stop calling me kid.” Remy pushed up off his elbows and sat up. He reached out, knocking Kane’s hand out of the way, and took ahold of his cock. Remy looked up at him as he stroked Kane from tip to base and smirked. With little shake of his head Remy leaned in closer and opened his mouth. It was Kane’s turn to whimper in pleasure as his mate took him all the way down. Kane’s body twitched when Remy’s throat flexed around the length as he gagged on his dick. It only took a few attempts, and Remy was deep throating his huge cock without any problems.

“Fuck yeah.” Kane let his head fall back on his shoulder and relished the wet heated mouth fucking his cock. “You’re a good little cocksucker.”

“I might be younger than you, but I’m no virgin, Kane,” Remy said when he pulled off his cock. He tongued at the tip, sticking his tongue into the oozing slit at the top. “This isn’t the first cock I’ve seen.” Remy looked up at him as he swirled his tongue around the head. A cocky grinned curved his lips.

Kane’s chest tightened at just the mere thought of someone else seeing and touching his Remy, his mate. That wasn’t acceptable at all. Remy was his and Kane didn’t share.

“But I’ll be the last.” Kane reached down and grabbed a handful of Remy’s blond locks and jerked his head back. Kane bent down, jamming his tongue down Remy’s throat, staking his claim.

Remy moaned and his hands shook as he grabbed on to Kane’s naked hips. Kane sunk his sharp teeth into Remy’s kiss-swollen bottom lip and sucked in the sweet blood that rolled over his tongue.

Kane straightened and kicked off his jeans. He held Remy’s stare as he did so. Once his pants were out of the way he grabbed ahold of Remy and flipped him over onto his stomach. He tugged up on his hips, putting Remy onto his knees.

“So fucking beautiful.” Kane placed his large hands on either side of Remy’s ass and squeezed the tight muscles. Remy moaned and pushed back into his touch. Kane tightened his grip and then spread Remy wide open for him. His tiny pink bud was so small and perfect, and Kane couldn’t wait to wreck Remy’s hole. Kane blew out a gust of hot air on the tiny opening.

“Oh yeah.” Remy thrust his hips back. “Want more.”

Kane chuckled. He smacked Remy on the ass, getting a sharp cry in return. Kane smacked the other cheek and loved the way his handprint bloomed on the pale flesh. Kane loved to tease his mate, but the urgency to claim Remy overcame him. He leaned in and licked a path from Remy’s balls all the way up and over his heated entrance. Remy cried out and Kane smiled. Kane spread Remy further apart then dove in, wedging his tongue into the tight opening. He fucked Remy with his tongue as he reached down between Remy’s legs and groped at his cock.

Remy tasted like summer, sunny skies, sweaty skin, and the fresh scent of ocean water as it rushed in waves toward the shore. Kane couldn’t get enough. He slipped a finger in alongside his tongue, eager to stretch his mate enough to take his cock. Kane knew his prick was huge, and not a lot of men or women could take him without some amount of pain. He didn’t want that for Remy. He wanted Remy to love every second of the fucking he was about to receive and beg for more.

Once Kane had four fingers fucking in and out of Remy’s hole, he sat up on his knees. He pulled his fingers free and spat on his hand then rubbed the wetness into his skin. He hissed in a breath. His own touch damn near made him blow his load.

“You ready for me, baby?” Kane asked as he placed the wet tip of his cock at Remy’s entrance, lightly pushing at the loosened muscle.

“Oh god, yes!” Remy thrust back, and the head of Kane’s cock slipped inside the tight heat of his mate.

“You feel so fucking good.” Kane’s breathing picked up as he slowly shoved all nine inches deep inside Remy. The slick heated channel was so tight Kane was afraid to move. He didn’t want to hurt Remy. Kane leaned over Remy’s back and pressed his lips to the back of Remy’s neck.

“Fuck me, Kane.” Remy turned his head to the side and captured Kane’s lips. “I want you.”

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