[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Matt Clawson’s world consisted of his family, school, and playing football. Nothing exciting ever happened until one day when he comes home to find his parents murdered and his young brother missing. Matt is learning first hand that monsters truly do exist.
The Warriors of the Light disbanded years ago, and Wes Stewart has settled into a nice and quiet life. Working as a cop serves his need to protect others. It was business as usual until the Warriors of the Dark found him and forced him to leave the life he built. All seems lost…that is until he meets Matt, his destined mate. The one person who has the power to bring the light back into his life.
Matt wants his brother back. He feels guilty for finding love with Wes and being happy. He won’t rest until his brother is found, but is Matt willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to accomplish just that?
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.


Wes's Light (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Matt very slowly pushed open the door from the locker room out into the hallway. He was being ridiculous, but he was on edge. Over the past week, he could swear he was seeing that guy, Hale, all over campus. Once even in his dormitory. Matt was starting to think he was losing his mind.  

No matter where Matt went, he felt eyes on him. Like a moron, he’d turn and look, but every time no one was there. There were other students and professors roaming around campus, but their stares were different, friendly, but not this one. It was like a shroud of darkness was hovering over him and it was really freaking Matt out. He knew it sounded crazy, but it was like a living, breathing entity following him around. He was too nervous to tell anyone because he didn’t want to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. He was even afraid to say anything to Colby.

The hallway was empty. It was Saturday afternoon, and they had a bye that week. The coach scheduled an early practice giving the players the rest of the day do as they wished. Matt was talking with the offensive line coach and lost track of time so when he went to shower, the majority of the team had already left. Matt showered and changed as fast as he could then headed out.

The hallway leading out of the locker room area to the outer doors was long. The bright lights overhead guided the way, keeping the hall lit up. It made Matt less afraid.

As he was walking, he heard a buzzing and looked up. The light overhead started to flicker then faded and went out. Matt didn’t pay it much attention and continued to walk. Another light went out, then another. The hallway was growing darker. It was early October, and the sun was out, shining down with its golden rays, but there were no windows in the hallway. The overhead lights were the only illumination given.

Matt reached up to tighten his hands around the shoulder straps of his backpack. He took a deep breath and started to walk. He raised his foot, and the next light flickered, and as he moved forward, it went out.

“Shit.” Matt pulled his phone from his back pocket and hit the button for the flashlight. He shined it down the part of the hall he had already come from and saw nothing. It was eerily quiet just like that night he met Hale. It was as if the world was void of all sound.

A chill rippled over his back, and Matt’s hands started to shake, causing the light from his phone to do so, as well. He turned to look up the hallway to where he needed to go and saw that all the remainder of the lights had started to flicker.

“Fuck this.” Matt started to run, and the hallway went completely black. He ignored the need to fall into the fetal position and scream for help. He may be a tall and muscular man, but he was still scared of the shit that went bump in the night like most people were. Had this happened two weeks ago he wouldn’t be as scared, but there was something about that Hale guy that freaked him out, and Matt couldn’t explain why.

Matt was almost to the end of the hall. He could see the glow of the light coming through the doors leading out of the stadium when he tripped. It was as if something reached up from the floor and grabbed his calf, dragging him down.

Matt went down hard on his side and lost his phone in the fall. He sat up and rubbed at his elbow. Matt looked to his right and saw the glow of his phone and reached over to pick it up. Just as he grabbed it and flashed it down the hallway, he saw movement and the shine of eyes looking back at him. Panic exploded inside his chest, and Matt climbed to his feet and took off at a mad dash for the front doors. Once he was outside under the bright sun, he took a deep breath. His hands were shaking, and his palms were wet. He was bent over taking big gulps of cool autumn air into his lungs. He turned his head to stare at the doors.

It wasn’t a minute later when one of the trainers for the soccer team walked out the door. Matt had seen him in the weight room before. He was on his phone laughing to whoever was on the other end.

“Excuse me.” Matt walked on wobbly legs toward the man. He couldn’t think of his name off the top of his head.

“Yeah?” The man pulled the phone away from his ear. “Whatcha need, kid?”

“Did the lights come back on in the hallway?”

“What?” The older man looked from Matt back toward the double doors. “Son, the lights are on.”

“Are you sure?” Matt asked as he glanced toward the doors.

“Positive.” The man laughed. “Otherwise I’d ran into the wall and broke my damn glasses.” He patted Matt on the arm. “See you later, kid.”

“Bye.” Matt slowly walked toward the door and pulled it open. He leaned inside, too scared to walk all the way in, and looked down the hallway. Like the man had said, the lights were all on. “What the fuck?”

“Hey, Matty!” The sound of Colby’s cheerful voice had him jumping back.

“Damn it.” Matt clasped a hand to his chest. “Don’t do that. Geez!” Matt forced out a chuckle. “You nearly scared the life right out of me.”

“You all right?” Colby walked over and put his hand on Matt’s shoulder. “You seem overly freaked out. You feeling okay?”




“What do you need baby?” Wes broke the kiss to lick and suck along Matt’s jawline. God his mate tasted so good. He curled his fingers inward, pressing into Matt’s crease. His fingertips brushed over his heated hole, and Wes wanted to burrow so far inside of Matt so that he knew who he belonged to. When Matt didn’t respond, Wes pressed his fingertip against his tight entrance. “Talk to me.”

“To forget.” Matt shoved his arms down between them, jerking Wes’s boxers down. “Can you help me do that?” Matt grabbed Wes’s dick and started to jerk it at a frantic pace. “Fuck me, Wes.”

Wes wanted the same thing, but he didn’t want to hurt Matt. His cock was nearly ten inches long fully erect. Not a lot of men or women could take him without a little discomfort, and they were outside where Wes was fresh out of lube.

“If you want that, let’s go back inside.” Wes kept one hand on Matt’s ass and reached around with the other to gently stroke his hard cock. He paused for a moment to shove the light material down over Matt’s hips and down his legs. He glanced down to see Matt’s cock sticking out. It was a bright pink, and the tip glistened with his excitement. His man was beautiful. If they kept going, he’d wouldn’t be able to stop. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“No.” Matt shook his head. “I want you now. Can’t wait.”

Matt caught Wes off guard, shoving him so hard he fell to the ground. Before he could sit up, Matt was on top of him straddling his hips. Wes stared up at his mate, and the moonlight landed on his handsome face, causing his eyes to glow a piercing blue. Matt’s hair hung down into his eyes. Matt blew out a deep breath, sending the soft locks up into the air. Wes reached up to touch his face. Short stubble covered his jaw and tickled Wes’s palm.

“I want you, too.” Wes sat up just a little to kiss Matt’s red lips.

Matt rocked back and forth on his lap, grinding his ass onto his hard shaft. The pull and tug was driving Wes crazy with lust. His orgasm was right there within reach. Wes could honestly say he never wanted anything more than to be inside Matt’s tight heat.

Wes laid lay back down, and Matt followed him, never breaking the kiss. Matt sucked on his tongue, and Wes hummed in delight. He moved his fingers down Matt’s chest and pinched at his hard nipples. Matt must have liked that because he started rocking faster.

“Matt, please let’s go inside,” Wes begged. His toes were curling as he fought off his wolf. His fingertips morphed into claws, and he could feel his fur sprouting out on his arms and chest. “I want you so badly.” Wes’s voice came out sounding broken and rough. His teeth had lengthened, and Wes was more werewolf than man at the moment.

“Then have me.” Matt sat up, smiling evilly down at him. Matt scooted down his legs and held the tip of Wes’s cock to his mouth.

Wes watched in bated breath anticipation. Matt winked at him as he stuck out this tongue and swiped it over the oozing tip. Wes’s head fell back on the ground. Matt’s tongue was soothing as he licked up and down Wes’s pulsing shaft.

Wes closed his eye eyes and when Matt took him in deep nearly to the root, Wes’s back arched up off the ground. He could barely breathe and had no capable capability to focus. The sensations of Matt’s mouth on him was just too much.

Matt continued to suck his cock and Wes relaxed back into the pleasure. He reached down and palmed the back of Matt’s head, but Matt knocked his hands away. Wes let his hands fall on either side of his head and clutched the cool, soft grass beneath him.

Soft lips kissed up Wes’s chest. Wes smiled. He’d had sex a lot. Being alive for a hundred and fifty years offered him the chance to gain a lot of experience, but none of his partners were as good as this. Matt’s mouth alone could make him forget everyone before him, and Wes did. Nothing else mattered but Matt.

Matt’s mouth left his and Wes opened his eyes. Matt sat up on his knees and reached behind him. Before Wes could stop him, Matt sat down on his cock, taking Wes all the way to the base. Wes bit out a low growl while Matt hissed and clutched as at Wes’s shoulders.

“Matt, baby, you okay?” Wes sat up, holding Matt close to his chest, being careful not to move. Matt nodded his head.

Wes caressed his hands up and down Matt’s back while pressing kisses to his chest. Matt seemed to relax. Matt swiveled his hips, and Wes growled again. Matt chuckled and did it again. Wes moved one hand down to grab Matt’s ass and used the other one to fist his fingers in Matt’s soft blond hair.

“You don’t have to be gentle, Wes,” Matt whispered against his lips. “I want you to fuck me hard. Let the wolf out to play.”

Wes was struck by Matt’s words. He looked up to meet Matt’s blue eyes, and he saw the want and need in them. He tightened his grip in Matt’s hair and thrust his hips upward. Matt cried out, so he did it again. He could feel his cock digging deep into Matt’s snug channel.

They stayed like that for a few minutes. Wes let Matt take control and ride his dick but he needed more, and he could see the same need reflected in Matt’s hungry eyes.

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