The Werewolf Brides Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Werewolf Brides

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 72,395
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Consensual BDSM, Menage a Trois, Contemporary, Werewolves, Voyeurism, Spanking, Paddling, Caning, Flogging, Whipping, Sensation Play, Sex Toys, MFM, HEA]

Surrendered to the Wolves

Esther Johnson answers an advertisement for mail-order brides to marry two men of their choice from twenty-four eligible bachelors. Then she learns they’re werewolves. But the werewolf community at Cooper’s Farm is very welcoming, and Xola and Kairu Cooper are extremely yummy. It’s not how she’d planned her life, but once she finds a job, she’ll consider their attractions.

However, getting a job isn’t all that easy. Oh, it’s way better than in her old neighborhood, but there are so many other considerations. She’s made friends with the other mail-order brides, and Xola and Kairu keep distracting her with outings and their wonderful bodies.

Then Xola sees some people watching the farm and he and Okapi learn that there’s something not quite right going on in the local BDSM club. Is Esther safe? Are any of the human women safe? And how will Xola and Kairu protect her when she’s determined to go work in Coopersville town?

Tamed by the Wolves

Dera Williams is very happy when Gowan and Maitho Cooper finally invite her out on a date. But the day turns to disaster when there’s a downpour and they’re far from shelter. And that’s before Dera notices strangers watching Cooper’s Farm. Who are they, and what is happening?  

Gowan is determined their second date will be a success, and he and Maitho put in an enormous amount of effort into cooking up the perfect scene. The evening is a great success, and their romance is progressing really well. The men are certain she’ll soon agree to a much closer relationship with them.

Then Dera accepts an interview at a dodgy recruitment firm, and the men are determined to protect her no matter what she wants or what anyone else says. Is someone targeting the women on the farm? And how can they keep such an independent woman safe?

Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Werewolf Brides Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Werewolf Brides Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Werewolf Brides

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 72,395
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Surrendered to the Wolves


Clipboard man came down the aisle collecting the contracts and she handed hers in silently. Once he had them all he returned to the front of the plane and called out, “Okay. Prepare for departure.” He locked the airplane door, strapped himself into an empty seat, and the plane taxied over to a runway. A couple of other airplanes took off first and they looked huge beside the little one she was in. But their plane didn’t need much runway to lift off and was soon banking over the city, then heading due east.

Clipboard man stood up and moved to the front again. “Coopersville is a medium-sized town of about a quarter million inhabitants. Our community is on the outskirts of the city and most of our people work in town. Whatever career you want or kind of job you’d like, you should be able to find there. If you want to study, there’s a community college in town and we will pay all your study expenses as long as you pass your tests. Unemployment is very low and the town council is not corrupt or inefficient. Our own people have lived in this area for half a dozen generations now and we are active in local affairs.”

Esther really hoped that didn’t mean the town was as corrupt as hell, but that their community was running the crime. But really, if they were the bad guys why would they advertise for women. Surely they’d just buy them or kidnap them instead of getting them so openly?

“All the people born in our community share the surname Cooper. We were the original inhabitants of Coopersville and have kept the name to illustrate our connection. My name is Xola. It starts with an X, not a Z though.” The man grinned at them and suddenly looked years younger than he had before. Esther decided likely he wasn’t really all that much older than her after all. Maybe thirty, but no more than that.

“The reason we advertised for women is that for several generations now far more boys than girls have been born into our community. At first our leader was concerned that it was because of inbreeding, although many of our members had found partners outside the town. More recently we’ve learned that it’s a worldwide problem. People like us seem to give birth to two boys for every girl. Hence our need for brides for our men, and the need for men to share a woman.”

He waited quite a while this time, as if expecting questions. Esther looked around the airplane as best she could, but none of the other women had raised her hand, or seemed particularly upset or concerned at the news. After all, if they were flying women into the town, there had to be a reason for spending so much time and effort to do that.

“Over the past year our unmarried men have formed themselves into pairs. Two men who are used to working with each other and are prepared to share a woman. Men who have stood the test of time as good friends or companions. When you choose your husbands, you will be choosing a pair. The two men you’ll marry. Do you understand? Are there any questions?”

“How many pairs are there to choose from? Like, I mean, is there just enough for us each to have a pair?”

The question came from right up the back and Esther didn’t see which woman had asked it.

“We advertised for twelve women. Only nine passed our tests and agreed to come. So even the woman who decides last will have a choice,” replied Xola.

He waited for a while, Esther guessed it was for any other questions, but no one said anything. Finally he said, “There is one other thing you all need to know.” He clicked his fingers together and the curtain behind him into the cockpit parted. Esther got a glimpse of the back of the pilot’s head, and then a big black dog stood beside Xola.

Xola clicked his fingers again and the dog paced through the cabin, stopping beside each seat. Some of the women stared at him, others petted his head. Esther was trying to work out what was happening. Obviously this was some kind of test, but what for? When the dog stopped by her she stroked his head and ears. His fur was silky soft so he was evidently well cared for. But he was very big with a long tail and she had no idea what breed he was, never having owned a companion animal or even had a close friend with a dog.

Eventually the dog had visited each of the women and stalked back to Xola. He did look quite fierce, but he had behaved with perfect manners. Was he perhaps a guard dog or something?

Xola clicked his fingers a third time and the huge dog shimmered, and turned into the man who’d helped with the luggage. Xola held his clipboard over the man’s genitals, hiding them, but Esther didn’t think anyone would be checking out his cock. Most of the women were gasping and chattering. One had shrieked, although whether that was in fear or surprise, Esther wasn’t sure. She really couldn’t think right now. Fucking hell. What have I agreed to?




For a moment she worried that she was likening sex to just having fun, but these men were more than fun to her. She genuinely liked them, which was by no means saying she would marry them. But none of the other men had stirred her heart the way Xola had the moment he’d looked at her. And Kairu was so sweet, helpful, and genuine, it was impossible not to like him.

Both men were already undressing. It didn’t take her long to shrug out of her jeans and shirt, piling them on top of her sweater and leaving her shoes and sox beside the rug. She sat still wondering what Xola’s instructions would be. And it would be Xola giving the instructions, already she knew that.

“Lie on your back, Kairu, and Esther, you get on all fours over him so you can suck his dick.”

Ah, so it was to be a sixty-nine. But what about Xola?

She placed herself over Kairu’s cock. It was a fine piece of manhood, long and thick, the head just slightly flat and it bounced straight up out of a nest of reddish-brown curls, one shade darker than the hair on his head.

When Xola grabbed hold of her hips and drove into her cunt from behind Esther shivered in delight. A man licking her clit and a man fucking her, both at once. She’d climax in a nanosecond and never remember to suck poor Kairu at all unless she concentrated properly.

First she needed to identify his flavor. Would he be salty or sweet or spicy? There was already a drop of pre-cum on the eye of his cockhead so she flicked her tongue over it, drawing it into her mouth and testing it. Hmm. No, none of the above. He was more earthy and quite delicious. Now she ran her tongue up the side of his shaft, flattening it to feel the pulse from his big vein as she wet him thoroughly. Up and down she licked before taking his head into her mouth and sucking hard. Aha. That got him. He released a few more drops of his essence into her mouth. This time when she let him out, she ran her tongue under the ridge that joined the head of his cock to his shaft. Again she tasted more semen on her lips so she sucked him a little more. Oh, yes. She was enjoying this.

But it was so hard to concentrate. Xola had tilted her hips was driving deep inside her pussy, hitting her G-spot over and over until her knees wobbled with the effort of staying upright on them. Her hands were busy holding Kairu’s cock so only her knees were supporting her right now. Kairu was also driving her mad playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples, and licking and sucking her clit. Her brain was frying from sensory overload and trying to please Kairu was getting very difficult. She wanted to flop down and just come but that wasn’t very kind of her.

Esther held Kairu’s cock firmly in one hand and gently scraped her teeth over his cockhead, nibbling the loose skin of his shaft before sucking him again. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked a little harder, only to be rewarded by more of his earthy flavor. She rolled his balls in her spare hand, and ran a fingernail over the sac and along the inside of his thigh. In retaliation he puffed warm air on her clit and gave it a sharp little nip.

This game was almost over. The orgasm in her belly was almost overpowering her now. In desperation Esther sucked on Kairu’s cock one last time before she shattered. As she came, her mouth filled with cum. Relieved at the result, she swallowed him down then sucked his cockhead again, drawing more seed from him. Behind her Xola pumped harder and faster, then her pussy was full of his essence and at last she could relax and drop down onto the rug. Both men held her tightly as she shook and spasmed.

It seemed like a long time later when Xola sat up and cleansed her with a handful of wipes, before passing another handful to Kairu and then taking care of himself. She pulled her clothing back on then accepted another can of soda from Kairu.

“You two are a pretty devastating team when you get together,” she said.

“We could be even more devastating if you’d let us. What do you know of BDSM?”


Tamed by the Wolves


“We’re really excited about spending time with you today,” added Maitho.

I am, too. I really like you both, but I don’t know much about you. Today I’ll find out if I still like you after spending the day alone with you. I really, really hope you’re both as nice as you appear to be.

Maitho came and stood beside her. “You said you’d ridden a quad bike before. I expect you remember that you rest your feet on the little step here, and hold on to the padded area of the bar here,” he said pointing to a higher step on the main step of the bike, then to a metal bar that ran along both sides of the back of the passenger’s seat.

Dera nodded and climbed on the back of his bike, then said, “So where are we going first?”

Maitho easily swung his body onto the quad bike in front of her, while Gowan said, “We’ll show you along the main roads of the community first. The first settlers were very logical. They camped in the center of the village and laid out their houses along four roads, north, south, east, and west. Later, cross streets were added connecting them in a sort of squarish ring about a quarter mile from the heart of the community.”

The quad bikes had a top speed of only about fifteen miles an hour, but driving through the center of the farm community, that was a suitable speed which allowed her to see everything without taking so long to travel it would seem like she was staring at people or their homes. From there, they drove down to the river and followed it for quite a long time before heading up to Lookout Hill. Esther had taken her here because it provided an excellent view out over the farm and its fields of cabbages, onions, and rich green grass.

On the top of the hill, Dera shivered, wishing she’d thought to bring a sweater or even a jacket. When they’d left, the sun had been shining brightly, and she’d expected today to be another warm sunny summer’s day. But the sky was gray and cloudy now and the wind had freshened and gotten colder.

Gowan pulled his own sweater off and handed it to her. “Here, it’ll be too big, but it should keep you warm.”

“Thanks, but what about you?”

“Wolves are physically tougher than humans. I’m less likely to catch a cold than you are.”

Hmm. That didn’t sound nearly as romantic as his actions were. Nevertheless, she pulled his sweater down over her head, sniffing the man-smell and enjoying his body warmth as well as the heat from the woolen fabric.

“We’d planned to have a picnic lunch up here, but it’s a bit windy. We were going to take you to the wild area where the wolves like to run and play next. That’s more sheltered and would be a better place for our picnic, I think,” said Gowan.

“That’s fine by me.”

Dera was happy to leave all the arrangements in their hands. They knew the area and she didn’t. Esther had taken her around a bit, but really she only knew the small area near the community hall where the women were staying. There was a general store opposite, and the office building where all the work of the farm was organized. Truly, the management of the farm had provided almost everything the women needed in their own building. Apart from taking a blanket out to the central grassed area and sitting in the sun with some of the other human women sometimes, , Dera had felt no urge to wander. Although she knew if this was to be her home she had to learn to find her own way around.

She climbed back on the quad bike, and said, “Will you teach me how to drive it, later?”

“Of course.” Maitho pointed out various knobs to her, but then his voice was swallowed up by a loud clap of thunder, followed immediately by a torrential downpour. It was almost like standing in a shower. Rain just poured out of the sky as if someone up there had opened a floodgate.

The two men yelled at each other but the only words she could understand were “Hold on tight!”

Her hands were so wet and slippery she didn’t feel safe holding the bar, so she leaned forward, tucked her body against Maitho’s and grabbed his belt with both hands. Even huddled against his back, spray was getting in her face, so she shut her eyes and used his burly body as shelter. The bike was moving faster now as they raced downhill and back toward the community. That was fine by her. The expedition was at an end and her plan for the immediate future was a hot shower and dry clothes. She opened her eyes when the tires hit the paved road again, but they weren’t near the community hall so she shut them again, only to be surprised as the bike bounced under shelter and the rain was drumming on a roof instead of pounding against her body.

Dera opened her mouth to demand to be taken home, instead of waiting the rain out under shelter and getting even colder, but then she realized perhaps the men were struggling to drive the bikes in the bad weather. It wasn’t safe if they couldn’t see properly and after all, no one had bought swimming goggles with them!

But no. Gowan was racing up half a dozen steps onto a porch and Maitho was pulling her sleeve. “Let’s go.”

“Is this your house?” she asked as he hustled her onto the stoop.




As her bra fell down her arms he licked her ribs and the soft, full flesh of the side of her breast. Her skin was the slightest bit salty, but mostly it smelled sweet and tasted even better. He kissed all the way down her back and licked a line just above her ass, then lowered her body again to make it easier for Gowan to taste her upper thighs.

Maitho moved back to her head, bending over her and kissing her forehead then her eyelids.

“Oh, God, you two are quite the experts, aren’t you? When do I get to play with both of you? I thought we agreed you’d get naked as well?”

“But you aren’t naked yet,” argued Gowan.

“I’m wearing way fewer clothes than either of you are though.”

“That’s easy to fix.” Maitho stood up, kicked his shoes off, toed his socks off, and pulled down his jeans. His shirt went flying over his head, and he stepped out of his briefs, his dick standing right up, glad to be freed of the tight restraint of his clothing. “Done,” said Maitho, staring down at Dera.

Her dark eyes were round and her mouth had formed into an O. But she seemed pleased enough to see his body.

Maitho wasn’t vain. He was just a man. Well, a wolf. But not a stripper or a body builder or a cover model. Still, because wolves did a hell of a lot of running, he knew his body was okay. He wasn’t pudgy or flabby. Anyway, the only person whose opinion he cared about was Dera, and she was smiling, so it was all good.

Gowan was almost as quick at undressing, although he dropped his clothing into a neat pile, instead of spreading his gear halfway across the room. But the net effect was the same. He kneeled in front of Dera, stroking his cock, and saying, “Can we take off your panties now?”

She gave a sharp little nod, her tongue poking out to lick her gorgeous plump lips. Hell, that was sexy. Maitho’s dick was harder than a spike and oh-so-very-ready for some action. It looked as though Dera was going to let them fuck her. She wouldn’t have mentioned condoms otherwise, surely. But this first time still needed to be all about her. Only by driving her insane with desire, and then giving her a mighty big orgasm, could he be assured of her pleasure and, therefore, of her desire to spend more time with him and Gowan.

He and Gowan lined up in front of her and each took hold of one side of the tiny blue underwear. Together they tugged gently on it, Maitho doing his best to keep his hand exactly lined up with Gowan’s, so the panties slid over her hips and down her legs evenly. And there she was, laid bare for him to see, a nest of black curls as dark as those on her head, but much more tightly curled, covering the entrance to heaven.

He bent over and flicked his tongue across her nipple then sucked the tip into his mouth. The tiny bud was as hard as his cock, indicating clearly she was very aroused. Just what he needed to know. Gently he palmed the breast, cupping her warm flesh in his hand and feeding the areola into his mouth as well as the nipple and sucking on her. Damn she tasted amazing. All her skin was so sweet and delicious.

Dera’s hand touched his cock and he nearly jumped. She was firm but gentle with his flesh, cupping the top of his shaft with her small hand and tugging gently on him. Then she rolled a condom over his erection and kissed the head of his cock, before turning to Gowan and sheathing him as well.

Maitho’s eyes were almost crossed. Her hand had felt so good, but he knew her cunt would be even better. The question would be whether or not he could control himself to give her the perfect orgasm first, before her beauty and his lust combined to drive him over the cliff.

“Sit on me in reverse cowgirl so Maitho can fuck your breasts as I fuck your pussy,” said Gowan.

Dera slid onto his lap as Gowan had suggested, but it took him a little while until her body and his were both in the right configuration so he could hold her wonderful breasts together and make them a hot and sexy channel for his dick to play in.

Gowan began by moving very slowly and Maitho matched his pace. It was hard because he not only needed to stay with Gowan to amplify the effects of the fucking for Dera, but he also wanted to lick and suck her nipples. They were just inches away from his hungry mouth but his dick was there, not his tongue. Although his dick was enjoying the feeling of her silky heat around it immensely.

After a bit of wiggling, he managed to hold both breasts in one hand, which left his other one free to stroke down her breastbone to her cunt. He found her clit hiding under its hood, and was thrilled to find it both hot and hard. Oh yeah, she was aroused all right. He almost went insane from trying to concentrate on keeping his dick stroking at an even pace, and gently tugging on her clit, but he found if his finger kept to the same beat as his cock, he could do it. He switched over hands, then licked the finger that would be on her clit, and circled the tiny button. He was sure it was harder and higher than before. Dera was the most perfect and amazing woman he’d ever known.

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