Breaking Old Habits (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,747
8 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Small Town, MFMMMM, HEA]

Sally Marusso is turning her life around and finally going after her dreams of being successful, professional and free from the abuse that nearly cost her her life. It's a new start and she's ready for action.

She gets pulled over by Max Granatta, a hot state trooper and it's just the beginning of what fate has in store for her. The new clients she picks up are just as hot, sexy and intimidating as the trooper and they just so happen to be his brothers.

Sparks fly, the attraction is there but she has sworn off all men not feeling ready to take the risk, especially with her ex still pushing to control her life. She trusts no one, and keeps her fears, her debt, and pain all to herself despite the show of care by those in this special town called Fayetteville.

But when the house she is trying to sell mysteriously catches fire, the new men in her life prove to her that all men aren't after just one thing, and that this town she wants to be part of is ready and willing to help her get back on her feet.

Love prevails, but that lousy ex hasn't given up. When he goes after one of her boyfriends and nearly kills him, she risks everything to protect her men, the community that helped her, and no one, especially Sally, expects the consequences.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Breaking Old Habits (LoveXtreme)
8 Ratings (4.5)

Breaking Old Habits (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,747
8 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“I’m not posing for some modeling thing,” Arnello said, but liked that she thought he was attractive. She was young, a lot younger than him and she chuckled.

“Then I would suggest your logo, the background image and something catchy like ‘…to be the best, you need to be trained by the best. Granatta Style.’ Then put what you offer, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, et cetera, and an arrow. First left turn on Anderson with an arrow. Then the next sign just Granatta MMA Gym, then the final one and of course that sign you have out front can be enhanced. No need to splurge on a new sign, just have some landscaping done around it and make it stand out. Light it up at night, that’s always a plus. Once they see the building and then walk inside, the anticipation becomes reality.”

“Incredible. Are you married?” Keanu asked her and she laughed at him.

“Keanu, really?” Arnello asked. He couldn’t believe he said that.

“You know you both want to know if she’s single. So are you?” Keanu pushed with a grin.

“Yes, and I like it that way. Now, to the list we came up with. Again, not sure of your budget, but for peanuts we can do so much, especially for the event in a few weeks,” she said and then began to hit them with all these ideas they absolutely loved. When they finally finished up and made plans for her to come back and to get things started, Max was waiting.

She glanced at her watch. “Bryant asked if you had work, what did he mean? You work somewhere else?” Keanu asked.

“For the past few months I’ve been bartending at Rock’s a few nights a week. Now I’m down to two nights because they’re training new bartenders. It was temporary, to make some extra money. Usually Friday nights and Wednesday nights.”

“That’s a lot, plus working full time for Bryant,” Arnello said to her.

“I’m hoping to stop the extra job, but I do have college loans and some other things so I’ll be doing it a bit longer. Anyway, I am so glad to have met you all and to be working with you, hopefully,” she said and winked at Marcello.

“Definitely. We’ll expect the contracts and the estimate on the cost of everything in the next few days,” Keanu said to her.

“I’ll have it for you by the morning. I’ll work on it tonight, and break it down in sections, that way if you want to remove one and save it for another time, or even change anything so it’s better in your budget I can just click a few buttons and send you a new contract. How does that sound?”

“Organized and professional. Workaholic?” Marcello asked and checked her out.

“Afraid so. You too?” she asked him.

“Unfortunately, yes. We live and breathe this business and its success.”

“That’s the only way to greatness and to maintain that success and even surpass it. So I’ll be in touch. I will add the three of you to the contact list, that way any emails, text messages, et cetera, will go to all of you and me. Is there anyone else you want on this list?” she asked.

“Should we add Max, Logan and Franklin?” Arnello asked.

“They’re our brothers and we’re all partners in the business. We run it mostly but Franklin and Logan are trainers and competitors too,” Marcello told her.

“That’s fantastic. Then sure, if you give me their emails and cell numbers I will add them all. You can send them right to my cell phone, and I will add from there.” She reached her hand out to shake theirs and holy shit, did Arnello feel the spark even hotter than before. She seemed to feel it too but gave a cordial smile and they headed out to where Max was.

“All finished?” he asked.

“We sure are,” Arnello said.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go for lunch or coffee sometime,” Max asked her, shocking Marcello and Arnello and even Keanu, who seemed pissed off.

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you, Max, but I don’t date.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“I just don’t. I don’t have the time for it right now in my life, but I appreciate the compliment, Max. Thanks again for the pass. I definitely didn’t need a ticket on top of all my other stresses. Gentlemen, again, thank you for your time, and I will talk to you tomorrow. You can expect that contract, info and breakdown tonight. Have a great evening,” she said and then headed out.

Arnello exhaled. “I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to have a hard time trying to respect the fact she says she doesn’t date.”

“Seriously? You don’t date either. You both just met the woman,” Marcello said to him.

Arnello snorted and rubbed his jaw. “Can’t explain it.”

“She said no, so drop it,” Max said and then grabbed his bag.




Marcello pulled her closer and cupped her cheek.

“I for one could get very used to you walking around naked in our house, and accessible,” he said and kissed her. She moaned into his mouth, felt him press his palm to her ass and squeeze her ass cheek. He stroked a finger down the crack and she felt her pussy spasm. Was this right? Was she losing her mind? When she felt Franklin’s hands on her shoulders then his mouth against her neck, she pulled from Marcello’s lips and moaned aloud, coming right then and there.

“Sweet Jesus, that was fucking hot,” Franklin stated.

“Get her to the bed. Let’s all pleasure her, make her feel right at home,” Logan said and Marcello lifted her up and carried her as if she weighed nothing at all. He lowered her to the edge of the bed and pressed between her legs. He lowered her down, kissed along her cheeks, her lips and jaw as Franklin lay on her side and brought her fingers to his lips.

“Let go with us. Be safe and protected,” he said.

“Oh God, It’s been so long. I mean, this is a mistake, it has to be. I can’t be feeling all of this.”

“You are feeling and so are we. We want you. We’re ready to commit to you. Can you take one more chance on us?” Marcello asked her. Tears filled her eyes.

She looked at all of them gathered there. Now Logan was on her other side, gliding his palm along her hip bone and then he cupped a breast.

“You’re fucking incredible. Get rid of the past completely and get lost with us,” he said to her.

Marcello began to pull down her panties. She lifted and tightened.

“What if it’s just from the chaos, from the danger and the fire and I mean, you’re perfect. Why do you want a woman like me? One who was abused, used, assaulted. And is basically in trouble right now.”

“Because we knew from the moment we met you individually and together that you had our attention and we wanted you. That was long before the trouble, and trouble that isn’t your fault,” Franklin said to her.

“Let’s just do a little exploring. If you’re not ready for more tonight, we’ll respect your wishes,” Marcello said and she nodded as they began to remove her panties and bra and then carried on about how hot and sexy she looked.

“Your breasts are fucking huge, baby. How do you hide these so well?” Logan asked and he lowered his mouth to one tit and began to suck and pull.

“How about these abs. You could be a fitness model,” Max said to her.

She started to relax the more they complimented her body, explored it with tongues and lips. When she felt Marcello slide a finger up into her cunt, she moaned deeply.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck my finger, let us know how good it feels,” he said and she came a little. He lowered his mouth and used both tongue and fingers to arouse her and stroke her, just as Logan and Franklin began to suckle hard on her breasts, tugging the nipples and then nipping them. Max cupped her cheeks from above and lowered his mouth to hers. It was wild being attacked like this, aroused and brought to climax by multiple men. She thought about how big they were, how capable and she wanted more. She wanted a part of each of them.

Marcello moved his mouth over her pussy and began to feast on her. She went to move her arms but Logan and Franklin pressed them upward. Max gripped them and kissed them. She tilted her pelvis up and Franklin suckled on her breast harder.

When she felt Marcello slide his tongue over her asshole she nearly shot upward.

“Oh!” she cried out.

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