The Wolf Pack Mates Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Wolf Pack Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 105,028
1 Ratings (4.0)

In The Alpha Takes a Mate, Taige, Eve, and Ginny move to an old schoolhouse to turn it into a craft market. Taige’s well-rounded body calls to werewolf Alpha Jasper, and also to Cornelian, his right-hand man. But the pack is not happy with humans living so close nearby and especially not with their Alpha befriending one.

In A Mate to Share, wolves Morgan and Jett want Eve, but she won’t agree to anything formal until she finds out what secrets are being hidden from her. The craft market is doing well, and she’s sold some wall hangings. But the men are struggling to balance pack safety against their love for, and determination to have, Eve.

In Dominating Their Mate, Malachi Phelan has wanted Ginny Thomas for a long time. Zircon Lovell wants her, too. Now that’s she’s moved into the old schoolhouse with Taige and Eve, they can show her how much she means to them both. But she doesn’t know they’re werewolves and they can’t tell her, which makes pursuing her difficult.  


A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Wolf Pack Mates Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Wolf Pack Mates Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Wolf Pack Mates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 105,028
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Taige York was bouncing up and down with happiness, her hair flying around her as she laughed and danced and clapped her hands. “We got it. We got it. We got it!” she crowed happily.

“Yeah. Likely that means it’s even more decrepit and rundown than we thought,” said Eve soberly.

Taige stared at her friend. “Ever the realist, Eve. But we did ask that sexy architect dude to look at the place, and he said that ‘structurally’ it’s sound. The walls aren’t going to fall down or anything.”

“It’s just that half the roof leaks,” Eve continued to complain.

“Not a problem. Ginnie and I’ll fix it. And it’s pretty much only wrecked over the porch anyway. Not the schoolroom, which is where we’re going to have our craft market.”

“Your wall hangings won’t get wet, Eve. And as Taige said, we’re not afraid of heights. How hard can it be to replace a bunch of broken tiles?” said Ginnie, smiling at Eve and Taige.

The three women, best friends since elementary school, were standing in the grounds of the old schoolhouse—make that the very old schoolhouse—that they’d just bought.

Taige tried to look at the building critically, but that was too hard. In her eyes it was damn near perfect. The first stone had been laid in 1810, and the building had been finished and in use the following year. It had been used less and less this century though, with farming families moving into town and school busses collecting the last few children in this area. So the county had decided to sell the building a year ago and it’d been on the market ever since, the price gradually dropping lower and lower, until the three friends had purchased it last Saturday. Today they’d signed the papers and now were ready to enter it, each holding her own key.

It was just an ordinary-looking key. Taige would have preferred one more in keeping with the age of building, perhaps a foot long and made of iron. She grinned. Yeah, she was a tad romantic, but who wouldn’t be, looking at this beautiful old structure. So what if it wasn’t a school anymore. It was still incredibly beautiful with solid, faded yellow limestone walls, high windows, and a bell tower reaching right up to the sky.

Likely she’d be spending the first week or two sweeping and dusting inside though. The place needed a really thorough cleaning before they could actually move into it.

The three of them were going to live in one of the four school rooms. The one on the back right side had a sturdy wooden door that could be closed off. It would become their apartment. One of the front school rooms would be where they displayed all the crafts and held their craft market. The other front school room they’d use as their creative space where they’d work on their crafts.

The third and final room they could use for storage, and packing and shipping items they sold. They already had websites—cross-linked to each other’s—and steady online sales and orders. Apart from the fact that the only bathrooms were outside the old building, the place was completely perfect. It was way bigger than an average house or regular sized store, there was heaps of parking for customers in the old schoolyard, and it fit their budget. Who the hell cared if the porch roof leaked!

Ginnie gave Eve and Taige each a gentle push. “Come on, let’s go inside and choose our work spaces and decide where we’ll put everything in our apartment.”

Taige followed the others to the big double doors. They used the metal bars to bolt them wide open and let the sunshine and fresh air into the old building. Then, holding hands just like they’d done all those years ago as five-year-old kindergarteners, they stepped across the threshold into their new home together.

It was cooler inside, but the realtor had promised the furnace worked and that was written in the contract. Eve had heard horror stories of people spending thousands of dollars on furnaces, and had insisted on the clause, so they knew they’d be warm and toasty in winter.

They were standing in the porch facing the hallway. This area was big enough for the students to wait out of the rain and snow until school began, and had built-in benches for the children to sit on around the walls. It was the perfect place to talk with potential clients about their crafts. A hallway bisected the building with two classrooms on both the right and left of the hallway.

When she looked down at the floor Taige almost groaned. It didn’t look like the tiles had been cleaned this century. It was hard to tell what color they ought to be. She bent down, spat on her fingers, and rubbed. Okay, not tiles, stone. Well it’d be easier to scrub the floor clean than to have to polish wooden floorboards she supposed.

“Come on,” said Ginnie impatiently. Taige grinned. Ginnie Thomas was the most outlandish one of them, Eve the staid one. Ginnie’s hair was razor-cut short, the same dark brown as her eyes. She had a pierced nose, two pierced eyebrows, and a bellybutton piercing as well, currently only visible under a cropped T-shirt when she stretched. Ginnie was the artist among them, a genius with pencils, charcoal, and paints.

Eve Lang was a tall, slender blonde, with gray eyes, and her shoulder-length hair in a neat braid. Eve was an expert in yarn craft including giant wall hangings which would display absolutely brilliantly on the high walls of the school.

And herself. Short and chubby with black hair, dark brown eyes and a surprisingly successful business making bead and wire jewelry, and, more recently, resin jewelry. Taige wasn’t too sure why these two wildly talented people put up with her, but they did, so it was all good.




God that’s hot. Taige licked her lip, hoping she wasn’t drooling at him, but it was his own fault if she drooled. He was so very yummy. Her nipples pushing against the soft cotton of her bra reminded Taige that she still wasn’t undressed. Besides, her panties were sopping wet with the evidence of her lust and it’d be a pleasure to take them off. She dropped her bra on top of her clothing, then kicked off her panties, and placed them in the sink. Quickly she ran hot water over them, gave them a rub with the pretty lavender soap, rinsed them, and wrung them out. All that had taken just a minute, but it took quite a bit longer than that for her to work out what to do with them now. They need to be dry for her to wear them home. If she was back at the schoolhouse, she’d hang them over the shower rail but pretty obviously that wasn’t going to work here for a while. Shrugging, she spread them out over the handles of the taps. Well, if they didn’t dry in time she’d have to go home without wearing underwear. It was that simple.

Taige walked over to the shower, and Jasper tugged her under the water. Cornelian followed her in. For a brief moment she wondered if the men had been watching her. Ooops. That was the problem with being alone so much. She tended to forget to put on her party manners when she was around men. Not that she was around males much.

Jasper pulled her against his body, nestling his cock—a very long, thick cock—between the cheeks of her ass as he held her under the water.

Taige tipped her head back, letting the spray run down her neck and over her breasts, but not in her face.

Cornelian angled his body around in front of her and took the soap, the same lavender-scented one as at the sinks, and began smoothing it across her skin. She watched him from beneath her lowered eyelids as he built up a foam between his hands, then smoothed the bubbles over her arms, then her legs. Jasper used his own legs to force hers wider apart, and Cornelian kneeled down, rubbed the soap between his hands again, then lathered up her inner thighs and across her belly.

His hands were very gentle, just as when he’d kissed her and he’d touched her so lightly at first. But in the same way as before, he also made her aware of his need for her. His hands on her skin were almost worshipful in their gentle stroking. But his touch was also insistent, drawing a response from her, making her want more of his light, teasing caresses.

Jasper continued to hold her still and open, her body displayed for Cornelian to wash. Taige was not usually the least bit self-conscious, but when confronted by two such anatomically perfect male specimens, she had to acknowledge her lush, rounded curves did not fit society’s definition of beauty. Her ribs could be seen under her skin, but only because of the way Jasper held her. Normally they were hidden by a coating of padded flesh. The same with her hips. She could feel them there quite easily, but the bones weren’t sticking out of her skin. They were disguised by a slight layer of fat. In fact, pretty much all of her had enough covering that a doctor with his calipers would be gripping it and shaking his head at her. Likely she needed to lose half an inch from everywhere.

Fortunately neither Jasper not Cornelian was complaining right now, although they had to see it. She was right there naked with them. Taige supposed she could go on a diet, but what she really needed was to exercise a lot more. Sitting or standing at a work bench designing jewelry all day meant she didn’t burn up enough calories. It’s just that running or going to the gym didn’t appeal to her. She’d rather be designing a pendant or matching beads. Oh well, all the cleaning she’d done lately had to have been building muscle tone, and surely sex was the healthiest exercise of all.

Jasper turned her around and pressed her head to his chest. Teasingly, she licked across the line of muscles then nibbled some tiny bites of his hard flesh. But Cornelian’s palm slid straight down her back to her ass. He soaped her ass cheeks, and before she had time to worry whether he thought them too fat, his finger was teasing her tight rosette. Jasper had already widened her legs again, and Cornelian’s finger pushed inside her entry and began massaging the muscle ring there. Suddenly Taige felt limp with need. Instead of playing with Jasper’s chest she leaned into him, letting him support her as Cornelian did totally wicked things with her ass, stretching her entry wider and wider, until the cream was running from her cunt down the inside of her thighs, and she was desperate for more.

“I really need you to fuck me. This teasing has to stop,” she said.

“Stopping is not what we had in mind,” said Jasper. One of his arms went right around her shoulders. Holding her body tight against him, while his foot kept her legs spread apart, he moved his other hand to her cunt, teasing her slit, touching her clit, all while Cornelian continued to stroke two fingers inside her ass.

“Holy shit!”

“You like?” asked Cornelian.

“I want to come.”

“I think we can arrange that,” replied Jasper.

His fingers dived deep inside her pussy from the front, while Cornelian’s did the same thing from the back. Almost instantly her body convulsed in an orgasm leaving her limp and shaking between the two men.

Holy shit! They hadn’t even gotten to bed yet and she was as limp as a piece of cooked spaghetti. Damn they’re good.





So, he hadn’t planned to shop for picnic tables, but it was better than shopping for shoes. Picnic tables said outdoors, and outdoors was a man’s world. He just hoped he didn’t get asked any questions he couldn’t answer. Although he was pretty sure Eve would have done her homework and he could leave her to answer questions, and just contribute his muscles and physical presence to the shopping expedition.

The internet must have offered a store map as well, because Eve unerringly worked her way through the enormous precinct past all sorts of things he’d never even heard of, far less knew how to use, to the garden section where the picnic tables sat. Quite a few of them were set up and Eve pointed to the one she liked. He and Jett stuck their heads under the table noting where the bolts fit. “We should be able to assemble them quite easily. It’s only a couple bolts to attach the base to the actual table, and the legs to the bench,” he said, hoping he was right.

There was a pile of boxes containing the picnic tables sitting beside the shelves, so Morgan went off to get a flat trolley to load everything on. He easily followed the signs to where the trolleys were parked and a few minutes later he made his way back to them with two trolleys. “It doesn’t look big enough to hold all six,” he explained.

Together they loaded three tables and six benches on each trolley. “We’ve just about cleaned them out,” he said nodding at the shelf where just two more sets leaned against the shelving.

“Yes. I thought about getting the last two, but I really think six will be enough. We need to make sure there’s plenty of space for the concession trucks to set up their place to sell from, as well as parking spots for the clients. Too many picnic tables and we’d be running out of room,” Eve said.

Trying to steer the trolley was a bit like trying to steer a brick, so their walk back to the exit was a lot slower than their entry. Once Eve had paid for the picnic tables and they’d loaded them all into the truck, not needing the blankets after all because they were all in boxes, Jett said, “Why don’t we have a cup of coffee together while we’re here.”

“Actually I haven’t had lunch yet. Let’s eat. Or have you already eaten?”

“No, I haven’t had lunch,” Morgan replied honestly. Actually he’d eaten a very large late breakfast, but hey, he was a man and a wolf, and could always manage another meal. Besides, that was the best part of three hours ago now.

“I’m hungry, too,” said Jett. Morgan guessed he was sidestepping the question as well. But still, if she was agreeing to spend more time with them there was no way they’d say no. First, they needed to get her used to them, to accept them as they were. Once they were certain of her feelings they’d explain a little more about their community. Like, for example, that they weren’t human.

Morgan was sure Jasper would have told Taige not to break silence on this issue. So he was quite sure he wasn’t in any way lying to Eve. It was going to be damn difficult though, to be honest and truthful and build confidence with her, without discussing their heritage. But Jasper and Cornelian had evidently managed to do it, so he and Jett would as well.

Morgan turned in a semi-circle looking around the parking lot. As far as he could see it was either junk-food take-out or a health-food bar. He had a sinking feeling he’d be eating healthy. How terrible could it be? He’d be with Eve which would have to make up for the trauma of eating raw organic vegetables whose names he didn’t know and which likely tasted disgusting. Taking a deep breath he said, “Do you want to go to Healthy Habits?”

She stared at him with piercing silver-gray eyes. “I felt sure you’d rather have a steak sandwich.”

Jett took her arm, turning her away from Morgan. “I’m multitalented. I eat anything. Come on, Morgan, let’s go.”

Morgan stepped up beside them and they walked through the parking lot over to the health-food restaurant. He opened the door for her, and followed Jett in. Eve was already standing at the counter, looking at all the containers of freshly chopped vegetables. They certainly did smell nice, and he could recognize a surprising number of them. The server offered a choice of breads, then made a sandwich as the customer pointed out to what they wanted on it. It was exactly like any other salad bar he’d ever been to, but with some new-to-him ingredients. Fortunately Eve asked some questions about various items, which incidentally let him know what they were, so when it came time to get his sandwich he was able to choose items he knew he liked.

The same pattern was followed when it came time to choose a drink. Eve pointed to the fruits she wanted, they were placed in a blender, and she was handed a big glass of fresh fruit juice. Morgan chose orange, watermelon, and pineapple, and was surprised at how refreshing a drink it made.

But the best part was simply sitting and watching Eve’s face as she talked. He let Jett ask most of the questions, happy to watch her silver eyes sparkle, and her pale cheeks glow with pleasure as the conversation ranged widely across a huge number of topics. Morgan was almost sad when it was time to drive back to the schoolhouse. While Jett drove the big truck he needed to come up with the perfect reason why she should go on a date with them, and where they could go.

The closer they got to the schoolhouse the more stressed he became, unable to think of a single good idea. Finally, as they turned into the access road he blurted out, “So, Eve, how do you feel about BDSM sex?”




When he’d run his hand up Eve’s inner thigh, Jett’s cock had almost exploded. He’d scarcely touched her silky soft skin, but it’d been enough to almost bring him to his knees. He’d been really glad Morgan was there to punish her for teasing him, because his endurance had been stretched to breaking point. Now it was time to see if he could make her snap.

The way they’d told her to lie on the cold concrete floor meant she couldn’t watch them. When a sub was permitted to rest her head on her forearms, she could sneak a peek out between her fingers. By ordering Eve to have her face to the floor all she could use to watch them was a small amount of her peripheral vision, and Jett intended to make damn sure she couldn’t guess his plans.

Jett stomped over to the counter letting his boots echo on the concrete floor. He’d asked for ice cubes to be provided in an insulated flask so there was no hint for her to guess by catching sight of an ice bucket or something like that. Anyone who saw an insulated flask would automatically assume it was a hot drink, not ice.

Jett kneeled beside her body and said, “You aren’t permitted to move.” Then he placed a row of ice cubes along her spine, a shorter row in the small of her back above her ass, and picked up a single cube in his fingers to force inside her anus. When it popped through the tight ring of muscles, he inserted a second one, then a third. The heat of her body would very quickly melt the cubes. The room was warm, and her ass was hot from the punishment. Nonetheless, he watched her skin sprout goose bumps where the ice rested.

Jett looked up at Morgan whose hands were behind his back. Keeping his back turned away from Eve, Morgan moved down toward her feet, then crouched beside her and ran the feather he was hiding from her over the soles of her feet. She tried not to move, but her toes curled. Good. A ticklish sub was going to give them a lot of opportunities for various games.

Morgan dipped the feather in the water from the melting ice cubes on her back, and trailed it across her skin, along her sides, down to her ribs, and across her shoulders. The contrast between the feather teasing her skin, and the icy-cold wet trail it left, should arouse her even farther, he hoped.

Jett watched Morgan as well as Eve, and was ready when Morgan glanced at him. He scooped the partly melted ice cubes back into their container and returned it to the bench, taking the feather from Morgan with him at the same time.

Now was the crux of the entire session. Would she fuck them or not? Was it what she wanted, or had she been satisfied already? It was quite reassuring to have Morgan standing at his side. That way the two of them could make the decision together, and that should mean it was much less likely they’d make a mistake and misjudge her. Jett was almost fearful of misunderstanding her and alienating her feelings. It was going to be exceptionally difficult to bring her to a decision to mate with them before telling her about them being wolves, without risking a misunderstanding of her body language along the way.

“Stand, sub. You deserve a reward. Would you like to come?” he asked her.

“Yes, Master.”

“Would you like to be fucked?” asked Morgan.

Her cheeks flushed pink, but her voice was firm. “Yes, Master.”

“Are you wet?”

“Yes, Master.”

Jett stood back and watched as this time it was Morgan who touched her. And this time she stood absolutely motionless, not moving so much as a muscle. She was obviously very intent on winning her reward now, and not prepared to jeopardize it in any way. That told him a lot about her. For a start, it proved she’d deliberately tried to influence them last time. But he’d guessed that immediately anyway. It also showed him she was measuring them just as much as they were measuring her, which proved she was an intelligent woman. He liked that, very much.

Morgan scooped some of her honey from her pussy lips onto his fingers and offered the juice to Jett. Jett licked a finger and nodded. “She’s ready.”

Morgan stripped off his pants, thong, socks, and shoes, then rolled a condom over his cock. The man looked every bit as aroused as he was. When Morgan was ready, Jett unlaced his boots and removed them and his socks, unzipped his pants, and pulled them and his boxers off together. He collected the condom he’d chosen which was a chocolate-flavored one and rolled it on. His cock was so engorged it was quite a challenge but it was much too soon to suggest to Eve they go bareback.

Morgan sat on the floor in the center of the room, legs splayed wide apart. “Sit on my knee. Face outward.”

Eve gave him a curious look, but said nothing, and did as he said, letting her legs fold backward over the top of Morgan’s.

Now it was Jett’s turn. He stood in front of them, between Morgan’s legs, his cock level with Eve’s mouth. She was tall for a woman, but just the perfect height for this particular scene. Jett braced his feet apart and said, “Suck me.”

At first he rested his hands on her shoulders as she gently held his cock and balls in her palms. But as she sucked him down, and Morgan began to pump up and down inside her cunt, Jett gripped her head to hold her where he wanted her most. He pulled the hairpins out of her updo and ran his fingers through her hair. It smelled of flowers and was so soft and fine to touch. His hair was thick and coarse compared to hers. His hair never smelled this good either.





Malachi arrived with a six-pack of longnecks and they sipped beer together as he turned the steaks on the grill. They talked easily about their day, the weather, and pack business as they ate then Malachi handed them each another beer and said, “This is about Ginnie, isn’t it?”

Zircon had been wondering how to introduce the topic and was relieved Malachi had worked everything out for himself. “Yes. I like her and want to get to know her better, but my job means I’m tied to my computer whenever I’m awake. I hate to be away from it for more than an hour or two at a time.” Explaining himself was likely unnecessary since he’d already checked his e-mails twice while they were eating.

Malachi’s green gaze rested on his face. “I more than like her. I’m almost certain she’s the woman for me. Obviously she doesn’t know that yet and I’ve got a long way to go in getting to know her properly and letting her learn about me. But just so you know, I don’t think. I know.”

“Which is why we’re meeting tonight. If we’re to claim her and share her, we need to have clear ground rules in place from the very beginning.”

Zircon stared back at Malachi and the other man nodded.

“We do everything as a team. We can’t be individuals in competition with each other. We have to be united in our joint pursuit of her. If we’re divided another man or men will find it easy to try to fracture our relationship and woo her out from under our noses.”

“Plus it suits you just fine to use me as a place holder for your own claim when you can’t be there,” said Malachi.

“That’s true. But I will also fight for your right to share her against all other claimants as well.”

“I guess that’s reasonable. So how do you want to do this?” asked Malachi.

“Yes, well, it’s a bit tricky. Since the craft markets are every weekend, I was thinking we might need to take her on a date next Tuesday or Wednesday. Take her into town to the art gallery or the museum for the afternoon, then out to dinner. Or even for the entire day, eating lunch there as well. It’d all depend on how early she wants to leave in the morning and how much there is to see when we get there.”

“I haven’t been to either the art gallery or the museum in years but it should be easy enough to find out what special exhibitions are happening right now. Why don’t you Google and see?” suggested Malachi. Malachi walked around the table and looked over his shoulder as Zircon found the art gallery website and started clicking through it.

“There’s a special exhibition of the romantic artist J.M.W. Turner. I suppose that’d be romantic. A romantic artist. There’s an exhibition on the interconnectedness of ecological systems and sustainability. Oh, now, this is good. American street photography from the first decade of the twentieth century up to the 1970s. Now that I’d like to see.”

“‘Photographers’ pictures of bill boards, advertising signs and highways, demonstrating improved plate sensitivity to low light conditions, and shorter exposure times,’ well, if you think so. I guess the pictures will be interesting and I don’t have to read the explanations if I don’t want to,” said Malachi.

“I was just thinking about the pictures. I reckon they’d be fascinating. Anyway it’ll be up to Ginnie. This outing will be all about her. We’ll look at whatever she wants to look at.”

“And if we don’t like the artwork we look at her. She’s always worth looking at.”


Malachi sat down again and picked up his beer. “What about the sex? I’m a switch.”

Zircon was glad he hadn’t just taken another mouthful of beer otherwise likely he’d be coughing up a lung about now from shock. Carefully he put down the bottle, dragged in a deep breath, and said, “Right. I wasn’t expecting that, but thank you for telling me upfront. I’m a Dom and we’ll plan to deal with it. Are you mostly a Dom, or mostly a sub? Or do you change from scene to scene? Or even within a scene?”

Oh, fates, he hoped Malachi didn’t change within a scene. That would be incredibly difficult to plan around.

“Generally, I am one for a while, then gradually it stops fulfilling me and I need to change to the other. That satisfies me for a while, then once again it ceases to, and I need to change.”

“And what are you now?”

“I don’t know. I won’t know until I see Ginnie naked and discover whether I want to punish her, or be punished with her.”




“Now suck Malachi. Taste yourself and his flavors mingled together,” ordered Zircon.

Unlike many women, Ginnie knew exactly what she tasted like. She’d sucked her own cream off her fingers one day, wondering why men did it, and found herself to be quite a bland almost boring taste, not at all the image she’d have preferred herself to present. But to taste herself on Malachi mixed with Malachi’s cum was something quite different. Something she’d never even considered doing before.

Nonetheless she obeyed her Dom, licking the head of Malachi’s cock, and digging the tip of her tongue into his slit to taste him first. Malachi’s cock was longer and narrower than Zircon’s and his taste was totally different. He was spicy, a sharp contrast to her bland cream mixed with his seed.

This time Ginnie flicked her tongue up under the ridge where his shaft and cock joined, teasing that sensitive area, before sucking him deep and tasting him again. Malachi groaned, grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth in earnest.

“Stop!” ordered Zircon.

“Damn. I was enjoying that,” complained Ginnie.

“If this wasn’t our first time together, for that comment you would have three stripes with my cane, later. You were told to taste, no more, no less. You must learn to obey me. Now we’ll shower.”

Ginnie grinned. “Three stripes, huh? I could deal with that. It’d definitely be worth it.”

“In that case, the punishment stands.”

Ginnie followed Zircon down the hallway to the bathroom, and Malachi brought up the rear. Zircon turned the hot water on in a regular shower over a tub. The bathroom was a remnant from an earlier era with a pedestal sink, a small mirror-fronted closet on the wall, and a toilet in the corner.

The men stood on either side of Ginnie under the shower, Malachi washing her front and Zircon her back. Ginnie squealed when Zircon bit her ass, but it was a good squeal, of thrill rather than of pain, although she suspected she’d have some bruises from all the bites he’d been placing on her skin. She didn’t mind. Rough play was fine by her and bruises were just a sign she’d been loved thoroughly.

Malachi played with her bellybutton piercing for a long time, so she wondered if he’d never seen one before. The beaded butterfly pin she was wearing there had been made by Taige, who’d also made her several more simple barbell decorations she often wore.

“Now you can wash Malachi,” said Zircon.

Ginnie flashed him a glance and decided to push a little farther. She took the soap and rubbed across Malachi’s chest. Then she moved to his thighs and washed them. She nudged him to turn around and washed his back, teasing over his ass just a little bit. When she turned him around again she kneeled in the tub and sucked his cock deep into her mouth, tipping her head well back so he could slide down the back of her throat. Then, pinning her best innocent look on her face, she stood up and asked, “Should I wash you now, Zircon?”

Zircon nodded and she pushed at him to turn around and give her his back. This time she spent a long time massaging his shoulders before moving her hands down to his spine and ass. Then she slipped a finger in his dark hole and twisted it, searching for his prostate gland.

“Tease. Is that what you want? Hold her steady.”

Malachi gripped her arms and Zircon took the soap, shoved her legs wide apart and began massaging her anus. Faster than she would have believed he’d stretched her open, and wider still, then he drove his cock into her ass, burning her tissues all the way in. When he’d driven into her to the hilt, he paused, letting her screaming nerve endings settle, before gently pulling out of her and pushing in again. The second time it didn’t hurt, as her tissues adjusted to accept him, and by the third time she was begging for more.

The men must have exchanged glances over her head, because Malachi kneeled and began sucking her clit and licking her slit. “Now it’s my turn to suck you,” he said hoarsely.

Ginnie looked down at him and noticed how huge his cock was. She promised herself she’d suck him off after she came. She couldn’t think about anything right now. Zircon was slamming into her ass, his fingers digging so deeply into her hips she knew she’d have bruises there, too. But she didn’t care. She just wanted to come. It’d been so long since anyone had fucked her ass, she’d almost forgotten how incredibly arousing it was. And that was doubly so with a second man sucking her clit.

She took one hand off Malachi’s shoulder where she was balancing herself against the driving force of Zircon’s fucking, and rubbed her own nipple. Zircon slapped her hand away and took hold of her nipple, pinching it hard. The jolt of pleasure-pain sent a shard of delight all the way to her cunt.

“Again,” she whispered.

Zircon rested his large hand on her breast, stroking the skin, teasing the underside, and rolling, twisting, and pinching her nipple. All the while he pounded up into her ass, until her cream poured out of her pussy and her legs wobbled with the need to come. She was close. So very close. Malachi kissed, nibbled, and licked along her pussy lips, and inside her cunt, sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her pussy. Everything he did just drove her higher and higher until her brain was about to explode with need.

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