The Night Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 133,422
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[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, Light Consensual BDSM, MFM, HEA]

Night Rogues

Unable to control the psychic abilities, Serena Abbott spends her life alone. Her visions always come true, as do the dreams that plague her sleep. She will soon meet the man who will be her lover.

Ian and Alastair Wyndham live dual lives as both millionaire playboys and freelance agents who don’t always find it necessary to play by the rules to bring justice to those who attempt to live their lives above the law.

Meeting Serena, a woman who sees and knows too much, changes everything, putting their livelihood, and their lives, in danger.

Taking her prisoner is easy. Fighting their attraction to her proves to be considerably more difficult. Keeping her safe will be even harder, especially when their current target wants to use Serena’s abilities to his own advantage.

Together, the three of them find a connection they never expected, and a love they've never known.

Night Intrigue

Serena Abbott’s life has changed dramatically since becoming Ian and Alastair Wyndham’s lover. Every day is an adventure, especially during their undercover missions. Her psychic abilities, once a burden to her, have now become useful. Proving a man's guilt sounded exciting and she wasn't about to be left out! It's thrilling, and easier than she’d expected—until it almost gets her killed.

It takes both of her men to pull her back from the brink of death, upping the stakes for all of them. Another attempt on her life forces them to reevaluate her participation, but no one expects a man with a gun, bent on revenge, to break into their home.

To keep her safe, they must work together, and trust each other implicitly. One thing is certain: now that she's found a use for her abilities, Serena isn't about to let them keep her out. One day, though, the truth may end it all for them...

Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Night Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Night Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)


Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 133,422
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Night Rogues


With the intention of finding the fastest way out of here, Serena lifted her eyes, squinting against the light.

Her breath caught when she spotted him, her entire body stiffening.

He was here.

Fate wouldn’t be denied.

Her skin prickled with awareness, the jagged ice stabbing at her slowly being replaced by a warm strength that soothed as it poured over her.

His appearance never failed to startle her, the power emanating from him alarming, but also provided a steadying presence that somehow wrapped around her and made her feel safe and secure.

The evil around her suddenly became distant and less threatening.

Others surrounded him, but they blurred and dimmed until she saw only him.

In contrast, he remained sharply in focus, so sharply it hurt her eyes to look at him.

But she couldn’t look away.

The veneer of sophistication did nothing to disguise the tightly leashed power beneath it—power even more pronounced in person.

Even knowing in advance she would meet him, she couldn’t believe he was actually here.

Her heart pounded furiously, her stomach muscles tightening as she watched him move almost effortlessly through the crowd. Her nipples pebbled and she squeezed her thighs together against the tingling awareness in her pussy and clit, a new addition that surprised her. Her dreams had never made her feel quite like this.

Seeing such a compelling man in her dreams hadn’t prepared her for the impact of seeing him in person.

Unable to look away, her eyes followed him around the room.

Power. Strength. Confidence.

He exuded those characteristics like no one she’d ever met. It drew the eye of everyone around him even as they moved aside to get out of the way of his powerful stride.

His black tuxedo had been tailored to mold his tall, powerful frame to perfection, but did nothing to conceal the barely leashed power of the man beneath. His height and breathtaking presence made every other man in the room pale in comparison.

His shoulder-length tawny hair and the grace with which he moved made her think of a lion stalking its prey. Smooth, powerful, but very controlled strides with those long legs glided him smoothly across the room.

A look of impatience crossed his face as he bent to the woman who rushed up to him. Tilting his head in an apparent attempt to hear her, he didn’t appear to be interested in whatever she had to say. His hooded gaze swept the room continuously, his eyes sharp, as though searching for something.

Her. He was looking for her. She knew it as well as she knew her own name.

Even standing this far away, she could see that his polite smile didn’t reach his eyes. He said something to the woman and straightened, removing her hand from his sleeve with a careless gesture that had the other woman stepping back, the hurt on her face plainly visible. He moved several feet away from her until he stood alone, his formidable posture and expression causing others to give him a wide berth.

His eyes continued to sweep the room, the bored look on his face not fooling her for a minute.

He missed nothing.

She knew also how quickly he could strike without warning.

He moved confidently, his stride graceful and full of arrogance as he glided through the crowd and closer to where she stood. She knew instinctively that his lovemaking would be just as graceful and confident.

Serena drew in a shaky breath, her hands tightening on her purse as she waited.

She knew the exact moment he saw her.

He’d found his target.


For the first time, she wondered why he was looking for her. She’d never considered it before, but now wondered.

He stilled, as though sensing her presence, and turned toward her, his golden eyes locking on hers and holding them.

In that moment she knew her life would never be the same.

His razor-sharp gaze swept over her, from her head to her toes, making her entire body burn, and washing away the last of the cold evil clinging to her. She couldn’t tear her gaze from his, caught in a web she had no hope of escaping.

The golden heat scorched her, branding her as his forever.

Frozen in place, she watched him walk toward her.

She would be his. It was destined.

The voices around her faded more as he closed the distance between them.

He extended his hand, the raw sexuality in his smile weakening her knees. He even smelled sexy and expensive. “Hello. You must be Elise’s cousin, Serena Abbott. I’ve heard a lot about you. My name is Alastair Wyndham. Everyone calls me Wyn.”

With a sense of inevitability, Serena placed her hand in his, unable to hold back a gasp at the jolt of power and raw sensuality that shot through her. Because of it, her senses whirled and she spoke without thinking. “No. You’re not. You’re Ian Wyndham, his brother.”




Serena hadn’t reached out to anyone in so long that it had stopped being an automatic gesture, but the sight of Alastair’s wide, golden chest made her fingers itch to explore.

“You’re gold everywhere, aren’t you? I can’t believe how handsome you are.”

Her face burned when she realized she’d said that out loud, and biting her lip, she forced herself to meet his gaze.

He smiled, the encouragement in his eyes giving her the confidence to sit up and reach for him, moaning at the feel of Ian’s hands sliding over her back.

She laid her hands on his chest, smiling when he stiffened. “You’re so hot.” The size of his cock worried her some. She didn’t realize they could be so large. From the size of his body, she should have guessed.

Grinning, he nudged her to her back, covering her body with his. “So are you.”

Stiffening when his cock nudged at her pussy, she pushed at his shoulders. “Alastair, I’ve only done this once and it was a long time ago. I’m not sure—”

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close and brushed her lips with his. “I’m sure enough for both of us.”

Ian rubbed the leg wrapped around Alastair while pushing her hair back from her forehead. “Don’t worry, love. You were made for this.” He shot a warning look at his brother, and she would have bet anything that he communicated silently to Alastair.

She wanted to ask, but Alastair thrust his hips forward, pushing the head of his cock into her. She wanted to look away from the intensity of his stare, but he didn’t allow it, holding her face turned toward his as he slowly began to enter her.

His small, shallow thrusts went deeper with each slow stroke, his cock stretching her with each inch he gained.

“God, you’re amazing. You feel incredible. I’ve been dying to sink my cock inside you since I met you.”

She’d never felt so needed, thrilling at the harsh rumble of his voice against her ear. She tried to force herself to be still, but she couldn’t stop clamping down on his cock, or rocking her hips into his thrusts. The intense pressure of his cock stretching her pussy shocked her, each thrust making it more difficult to breathe.

Alarmed at how hard his cock felt inside her, and how wide it stretched her, she felt the stirring of panic, but the pleasure kept her tilting her hips for more.

Digging her heels into his tight butt, she held on, pressing her fingertips into the broad shoulders that blocked out everything else.

“Alastair! Oh! Too full. I feel too stretched, but it feels so good. Move faster. It feels so hot inside me.”

Ian groaned from next to her. “The way she blurts things out makes me crazy. I can’t wait to see what kinds of things pour from her mouth when we get a little kinkier with her.”

Alastair bent to kiss her again, holding her to him with a hand at her bottom. “She’s not sophisticated at all, is she? So natural and passionate.” He resumed thrusting, brushing his lips over her forehead. “She says whatever comes to mind.” His strokes took him deeper and came faster, the friction of his cock over her inner walls sending her higher and higher as the pressure she already recognized continued to build.

She felt as if she lost a part of herself with each stroke, but she didn’t care as much as she should have, stunned at how much she gained. She had his strength to rely on, his hold wrapping her in it. Secure in his arms, she let herself go, giving in to the most amazing pleasure, pleasure she’d missed and hadn’t even known about. Her body hummed with sensation, each new surge of pleasure drawing her further into a world of decadence and a sense of belonging that seemed to swallow her whole.

He took her, but gave to her at the same time. He filled her with a warmth that she’d been missing, a feeling of being accepted and wanted. Desired.

He took her vulnerability, and gave her his strength.

The rush of power—feminine power—washing over her had her body making demands that even she didn’t understand.

“Christ, she’s so tiny, I feel like I’m going to crush her.”

Lifting slightly off of her, he braced himself on his hands and started thrusting in earnest.

Awash in pleasure, Serena arched and clenched on him. “More. Faster. Harder!”

“Yeah, Serena. I’ll fucking give you more and harder.”

Ian pinched a nipple, earning another cry from her, before sliding his hand lower, spreading her folds wide and using fast, smooth strokes on her clit, not stopping at her cry. “Yeah, I know it’s sensitive, baby, but you can take it.”

Night Intrigue


He’d blocked his darling lover from reading the other woman’s thoughts in an attempt to get her to enjoy herself and just think about the vast array of dresses the saleswoman’s assistant kept bringing out.

He wanted to spoil her a little, but watching her now, he couldn’t help but wonder—for about the thousandth time—why he and Ian were able to connect to her so deeply.

It couldn’t have been because they were lovers because the connection had been there right from the start.

They could feel anything that she felt strongly, either physical or emotional. They could read each other’s thoughts, but not hers, and she could read the thoughts of everyone else, but not theirs.

His effort to keep her from being overwhelmed by the thoughts of others had inadvertently helped him to understand how to erect a mental shield between her and the rest of the world.

He didn’t believe in destiny, but the connection between them couldn’t be denied.

What’s wrong? Why was Serena nervous? What the hell happened to make her so happy all of a sudden?

Alastair stilled. You can feel that from there?

Of course I can feel it. Whenever she feels something strongly, I seem to feel it no matter how much distance is between us. What did you do to make her so happy? She’s almost giddy.

Smiling, Alastair watched Serena refuse the saleswoman’s offer to help her try on the dress and quickly disappear behind the curtain. She’s trying on dresses, and the saleswoman gets too close. He felt Ian’s shock and smiled. Before you ask, yes, I’m blocking her. Completely. He grinned when Serena burst through the curtain and rushed forward. He took a moment to admire the way her jeans hugged her ass as she gulped down the rest of his champagne, laughing softly when she made a face at its taste and shoved the glass back at him. Watching her rush back to the dressing room, he sipped the champagne, feeling the warmth of her lips on the glass.

Months of practice had made it easier to erect a block to protect her from being bombarded by the thoughts and feelings of others, and now he could almost feel the mental shield kick into place. She’s having a great time. He smiled when she laughed out loud at something the saleswoman said. “I could sit here and watch her all day. Her confidence keeps growing.”

He frowned when she hid the dress she’d picked out and disappeared behind the curtain with a cheeky grin, his cock stirring at her playfulness. She’s becoming more playful every day. Everything about her excites me. Even her anger.

Ian’s silence spoke volumes, the rush of love for Serena coming through loud and clear. It makes you realize just how close she’s allowed us to get to her, doesn’t it?

It does. Alastair stretched his legs out in front of him and waved off the assistant’s offer of more champagne, his attention caught by the movement of the curtain.

The sight of Serena had him quickly sitting up again, his mouth going dry.

The red gown lovingly hugged every curve, accentuating the upper curve of her rounded breasts and small waist in a way that made his hands itch to touch her.

When she turned, he got a tantalizing glimpse of the outer curve of her breast, followed by a view that had his cock coming to attention.

The dress defied gravity, the strapless dress also completely backless, all the way down to the upper curve of her gorgeous bottom.

I’m trying to work here.


Clenching his jaw, Alastair met her gaze in the mirror, struck by the siren staring back at him.

Her small smile, filled with the feminine knowledge of a woman who knew she had her man’s attention, had his cock swelling even more. The look in her eyes told him hat she knew the effect she had on him, the sway of her hips when she turned toward the curtain again teasing him.

Alastair inwardly cursed when Serena disappeared behind the curtain again, struggling not to rush after her. He jumped to his feet, moving to stare out the window. Wait until you see the dress she’s picked out to wear tonight. Jesus.

The image he’d been forced to portray to the world gave him access to a lot of beautiful, sophisticated women, but he’d never met a woman who affected him the way Serena did.

She challenged him as no other woman had and delighted him as no other woman ever could.

Turning when he heard the curtain open, he hid a smile when the saleswoman rushed to Serena. A short conversation ensued before Serena turned away and headed toward him, smiling as she flicked her black, silky ponytail back. “I picked out shoes, too.”

Unable to resist, he wrapped a hand around her ponytail and urged her closer. “I saw that smile.”

Her violet eyes twinkled. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. She’s bagging the dress. She wouldn’t let me pay.”

Wrapping a hand in her silky hair, he tugged gently, lifting her face to his. “I have an account here.”

An elegant brow went up, the combination of cool serenity and playful firecracker turning him inside out. “Oh. You shop here often?”

Releasing her hair, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him, dropping a hard kiss on her lips. “You’re becoming almost as much of a smartass as Ian.”

Serena grinned, sliding a hand over his chest. “I’ll try harder. I can’t have him outdoing me.”




Wearing only a towel, his damp hair slicked back, he moved with a sinuous grace that reminded her of a lion. Closing the distance between them, he gestured toward the lipstick in her hand, his eyes filled with erotic intent. “Don’t bother.”

Bending, he held her gaze in the mirror as he slid both hands over her shoulders and down to her chest, opening his hand to reveal a stunning necklace.

Gasping at its beauty, she sat mesmerized by the large pendant, the square red stone in the center surrounded on all sides by clear stones that looked like diamonds.

“Dear God. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Not even close to being as beautiful as you.” He kissed her hair before fastening the necklace at her nape. “It suits you.” He ran a hand down her hair, which she’d left loose for the evening, holding her gaze and touching his lips to her shoulder. “You look incredible—whether you’re wearing a designer gown and a little makeup or wearing jeans, with your hair in a ponytail and paint smeared on your cheek.”

Closing his hands on her waist, he lifted her to her feet, unzipping the hidden side zipper of her dress, allowing it to puddle at her feet. “That dress defies gravity. I have no idea how it stays up.” Easing her around the bench, he tossed his towel aside and pulled her against him, pushing her hair back from her face before sliding a hand down to caress her breast. “I do like how easy it is to get off.”

As always, the feel of his hard body against hers sent thrills of delight through her. Rubbing against him, she lifted her arms to circle around his neck, pulling his head down, even as she rose to her toes. “So do I. God, it feels so good when you touch me.”

The muscular arms that came around her enveloped her completely, lifting her high against him. “Then you should feel good all the time, darling, because I touch you every chance I get.”

“I know.” She ran her fingers through his wet hair. “And I never get enough of it.”

Lowering his head, he nibbled at her lips. “I hope you never do.” Pressing his lips against hers, he forced her mouth open, taking her mouth in a kiss filled with hunger. Without breaking his kiss, he lowered her to the bed, the gentleness in his kiss a sharp contrast to the forcefulness of his thighs parting hers.

She loved how he needed her, loved when the hunger made him forget all about his smooth moves and practiced caresses.

It gave her a feeling of power, a heady feeling that warmed her all the way through. It also made her feel small and feminine, secure in his embrace. Writhing under him, she gripped his shoulders, meeting each slide of his tongue with her own in an erotic dance that left her breathless. Tearing her lips from his, she moved against him. “Hurry. I want you inside me.”

Her nipples beaded and burned at the friction of his hot chest, her pussy clenching in anticipation, desire for him like a hot flame licking at her everywhere.

Groaning, he broke off his kiss to reach into the bedside table, leaning back to stare down at her as he rolled on the condom. “Sometimes I want you so damned much it scares me.”

Keeping her thighs spread with his, he leaned forward, gripping her wrists in one hand and holding them over her head. “I won’t let you get away. If you leave, I’ll follow you and bring you back.” His other hand slid under her, cupping her bottom and lifting her, and with one powerful thrust, he thrust deep. His eyes narrowed on hers, flaring at her cry of pleasure. “Say it.”

Serena cried out again and again as he took her, each powerful thrust going deep and filling her with heat. “I l-love y-you. Oh God. Alastair!”

Bending his head, he nipped at her bottom lip, the sure possessiveness in his hold and in his thrusts creating a tingling heat in her clit and pussy that quickly spread outward.

“So fucking beautiful. Christ, I love being inside you. More. Take more. Yes. Come for me.” The desperation in his voice and in his touch stunned her and had her automatically holding him tighter.

The possibility that she might one day be able to read their minds, and the damage it could do to their relationship, created a tension between them that couldn’t be resolved.

No matter what happened then, she would never forget the way they loved each other.

“I love you. I’ll always love you.”

Alastair pumped into her faster, his eyes hooded and glittering with emotion. “I’ll make sure you never stop.”

No more words were needed, their bodies doing the speaking for them.

Serena’s mind went blank, the pleasure so intense she couldn’t even think.

Digging her heels into his tight bottom, she arched, the warning tingling sensation lasting only seconds before the first wave of ecstasy hit her.

Crying out, she gripped his hand the best she could, letting her legs fall back as he groaned and quickened his thrusts. “Mine!”

Short, shallow thrusts kept his cock unbelievably deep, the sensation raw and erotic and keeping the waves of release washing over her.

“That’s it. More. Take more. Take it all.”

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