[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, paddling, caning, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Grace Patterson needs peace and solitude. Jarin Proctor is too dominant. He’s a Dom and a vulture. And Mark Hamill is too protective. He’s a werewolf. But they both love her. She likes them both a lot, but they drive her crazy with their attention. What is she to do? Grace’s grandfather convinces her to go to the inter-species mating party, which she does. Grace likes the idea of a ménage, but there are no men there who appeal to her as much as Jarin and Mark do. And she knows neither of them could make her happy.
Her grandfather tells the two men to work together to win her and share her. Jarin doesn’t think he could bear to have another man touch his woman, but Mark reminds him that she keeps refusing them. Can a wolf and a vulture cooperate and win her? When the three of them get caught in a flood, can they work together to solve the problem, or are their personalities too incompatible?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
For Love of Grace (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this book.




She looked so very beautiful standing there. Jarin couldn’t believe how much he’d missed her since she’d gone to collect her possessions. But now she was back, and this time she was staying permanently. He rushed across the room and opened his arms, wanting to grab her to him and hold her tight.

Instead she put up her hand in a stop sign and said coldly, “I don’t believe I invited either of you people into my home.”

“The door was open.” Jarin couldn’t understand what she was complaining about. He needed to hug her, to welcome her back here. To invite her into his arms forever.

“Next time I’ll remember to lock it.”

Jarin was aware of Mark leaving the room, but the man had always been a weakling. Grace obviously didn’t understand. Maybe she’d been so busy looking around, she hadn’t heard them. “We’ve come to help you unload your things. We’re here to carry your furniture inside for you.”

“Thank you for your concern, but I don’t need help. The truck is equipped with a wheeled luggage trolley.”

“But your bed, your refrigerator, your couch. You can’t possibly move such big, heavy items alone,” argued Jarin. He didn’t understand her attitude at all. He and Mark were here to do the heavy labor for her. All she had to do was tell them where to place each item.

“Very well.”

Grace seemed to deflate before his gaze. Her happy smile and the aura of excitement that had surrounded her when he arrived had gone. She was cold and closed off now. But she’d agreed to let them help, so it was all good.

She turned the U-Haul truck around so the back faced the door of her home and there was not much distance between the two, and then stayed in the apartment directing them where to place her things. She wouldn’t let them move her boxes of possessions, though, insisting they stay in a stack against the wall. Long before Jarin was ready to leave, long before the room was in any semblance of order at all, she shooed them out of the apartment and took them to her grandfather’s house.

She put the coffee pot on for them, and then hugged her grandfather. “Thank you for the apartment. It’s perfect.”

Jarin watched the interaction between the two Pattersons. The old man was cantankerous, but it was clear he loved his granddaughter. Jarin could understand that. He loved her, too. It seemed to him he’d loved her forever. When she’d visited Vulture Valley as a teenager he’d been enchanted by her golden hair and the way she understood the desert. As they’d both grown older his love for her had deepened. Now it was almost a physical pain in his heart that she didn’t seem to understand how perfect she was for him and how much he needed her.

She went out to her father’s kitchen and brought in the coffee and a plate of cookies. “Grandpa, where’s the key to the apartment, please? I want to lock the door.”

The old man frowned. “Oh, yes, it did come with keys. But no one needs such things out here. I put the paperwork in the filing cabinet. Perhaps they’re in there.”

Instead of sitting down to talk to them, Grace disappeared from the room again. About ten minutes later Jarin watched her go over to the apartment and lock the door. Then she went around to the lean-to beside the house and took out her dirt bike. She started the engine and rode it around the backyard a few times then rode it up the luggage ramp and into the U-Haul truck. Next she put the luggage trolley back into the truck, packed up the ramp, and closed the door.

Jarin was confused. Surely she wasn’t going joyriding on the dirt bike right now. He’d planned to follow her to the next town in his truck and bring her home after she returned the U-Haul. That would give him an hour or seventy minutes to convince her to let him date her. But no. Before he could even get his thoughts together, the truck bumped its way out of the backyard and was gone.

“What the fuck?” he exploded.

“There are only three coffee cups. If you’d paid attention, you would have known she wasn’t coming back right now,” said Mark quietly.

“But I wanted to go with her to return the truck.”

“I think we can safely assume that she wanted to go alone.” This time there was a hint of laughter in Mark’s voice.

Jarin jumped to his feet, ready to punch the stupid, smart-ass grin off Mark’s face, but Mr. Patterson said, “Boys!”

“I haven’t been a boy for ten years,” he grumbled, sitting down again and snatching the last cookie off the plate.

“Well, stop acting like one then,” said the old man.

Jarin bit off a chunk of cookie then drew in a deep breath to control his anger. All that happened was a bunch of cookie crumbs went down his throat the wrong way and he ended up coughing and coughing, until his face was red, and his eyes were watering.

Mark left the room and came back with a glass of water and a handful of tissues for him, but he had no breath left to thank him if he’d wanted to. Which he didn’t.

He’d just gotten his breath back and was sipping his water when Glen said, “You two boys aren’t paying attention at all. She went to that mating party thing, remember? Where a lot of the women mated two or even three men. Stop trying to win her over one at a time. Your attempts are a waste of effort. Instead, if you can figure out a way to work together to both mate her, you just might succeed. Now off you go and learn how to do it. Don’t come back until you’ve gotten a proper plan.”

Jarin stared at the old man. “Two men? A ménage? Both of us together?”

“Exactly. Now go away and don’t come back until you know how to succeed.”




Grace felt limp and replete, but she knew she’d never sleep and never forgive herself if she didn’t experience a ménage tonight. This might be her only chance ever, and she really wanted it to be with these men. So far they’d been awesome lovers, but the true test was still to come.

Jarin’s naked chest was a delicious temptation only inches from her body. As soon as he unzipped his jeans she stroked her hand over the hard-muscled wall and then trailed her fingers lower, following the black hair to the top of his waistband.

“Lower,” he said huskily.

“There seems to be something in the way,” she replied, watching him closely.

He swallowed convulsively then muttered, “Not for long.”

Mark seemed to be just as desperate to get his clothing off as well. That was the problem with hiking boots. They took such a long time to unlace. Not like sandals which could be kicked right off. Not that she was an advocate for wearing sandals in the desert. There were too many things that bite, which a walker might step on accidently.

Both men had very long thick cocks, much bigger than her vibrators. She licked her lips, suddenly hot and needy again. Their bodies were amazing. Toned and hard, solid muscles set off by broad shoulders which tapered to narrow waists. They were truly delicious and even more tempting naked than they’d been fully clothed.

Jarin picked her up and moved her closer to the wall so he could climb on the bedding. When he was comfortable he rolled her on top of him. “Are you ready, Grace?”

“Hell yes,” was in her mind but suddenly her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. Now she was astride his hips he seemed larger than ever and the thought of taking both him and Mark together was suddenly a bigger ask than she’d foreseen.

“Yes. I’m ready. I want you both.”

Jarin held his cock upright. “Well, take him into your cunt then.”

“Him? You name your body parts?”

“Me, then.”

She held Jarin’s cock at her pussy entry and fed him inside her, sliding down over him until he was all the way in and her cunt was pressed tight to his pelvis.

“Rest on me now, little one, so Mark can enter you as well.”

Jarin’s hands on her lower back were firm, but not bossy as he so often was. His touch guided her, rather than telling her. Grace liked that. Of course, whether or not he could continue to avoid turning into a bully remained to be seen, but for now he was treating her just how she needed to managed. Shown what to do, but not pushed in any way.

She rested on his chest petting his muscles and teasing his nipples. Her ear was pressed to his skin and she could hear the throbbing beat of his heart. His hands spread her ass apart and she waited for Mark to put his cock in there. She’d taken a vibrator there a few times, when she’d wanted to experiment, but now she wanted a man. She hadn’t stopped to think which one would take her pussy and which one her ass, but it didn’t matter. She wanted both of them so either way was fine by her.

Mark pushed his cock at the muscled entry to her ass, but it didn’t take much to let him enter her. He’d done an excellent job of preparing her, and while he was undoubtedly bigger than her vibrator and than his own fingers, he slid in without much trouble. Once in past the ring of muscle, he needed to wiggle and rock to continue driving inside her. Her body was stretched with Jarin in her cunt, and the tissues had to learn to move themselves and shape themselves around the cocks. But it was amazing how fast her body adjusted to the second cock.

Both men wiggled and rocked, fidgeting this way and that, but after each movement Mark was a little deeper inside her, and before long he was balls deep and pressed hard against her ass. Damn that felt good. Her body was stretched tight and full of men. She was surrounded by the men, their arms holding her pressed to them, and their bodies completely encompassing her. But she didn’t feel threatened or overwhelmed, rather she felt cherished and cared for.

They both pulled out of her and she gripped Jarin’s shoulders tightly, waiting for them to press back in. This time they entered her much faster, only to pull out again. In and out they drove, gradually moving faster and harder. Her cunt was dripping with her cream and her nerves were all on edge. The two orgasms she’d already experienced were distant memories and her body craved another climax. One she’d never had before. One made by two men at once.

Grace’s senses were on overload. There was so much happening at once. Hands petting her skin. Mouths sucking and licking her flesh. Legs entangled with her legs. But most of all the two cocks driving steadily in and out of her body. All she could smell was the scents of the two men and sex. All she could feel was her body alight with need. Her hearing had narrowed to the slide of sweaty bodies against hers, and the slap of slick flesh against hers.

The climax in her belly was coiled hard and tight inside her. It was close, gradually consuming all her thoughts with the need to come. And then, out of nowhere her body simply exploded. Her eyes slammed shut and her mouth opened. She had no hope of opening her eyes but she managed to close her mouth and bury her face against Jarin’s chest. Grace’s arms and legs shook, and her entire body melted between the men until her brain grayed out with the emotional overload of such an intense orgasm.

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