The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

PUP Squad Alpha 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 92,771
2 Ratings (4.0)

In Vampires' Witness, thrown into a world she doesn't understand, surrounded by creatures that aren't supposed to exist, Skye finds herself clinging to the men who saved her—Benjamin Carrington and Samuel Eldridge, both members of an elite protection squad. But can she trust her emotions when the rest of her world is dissolving?

In Demon's Embrace, Kali Jenkins was just an ordinary woman until something paranormal came to kill her. Alex Clements and Ronan Deeks will do everything they can to protect her, but considering the overwhelming attraction she feels for both of them, who's going to protect her heart?

In Dragon's Fire, when they were assigned to protect Ava, Nathan and Brody didn't plan on both falling for the pretty teacher. But with unstoppable assassins on one side, growing love on the other, and an unexpected surprise in the middle, it may take far more than they imagined to keep their woman safe.

In Bears' Claim, the last thing West expected was to find his mate. Sharing her with his cousin shouldn't be a problem, especially when he discovers Hannah's submissive streak. But if they can't stop the group of assassins on her trail, their promising future could end long before it truly gets started.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.
The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The PUP Squad Alpha Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

PUP Squad Alpha 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 92,771
2 Ratings (4.0)
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“Have you ever had a man in your ass?” Samuel asked as he seemed to watch the play of emotions over her face.

Breathlessly she tried to explain her reaction. “O–Only once. It hurt like hell, even several days later.”

Both men stopped moving. Their hands touched her, but they didn’t caress, didn’t arouse, didn’t enflame. She whimpered as she imagined their emotional withdrawal. “Please,” she begged. Holy hell, could she be any more pathetic?

“Shhh,” Benjamin said as he leaned over and kissed her, the taste of her own juices still on his lips. “You’re a vampire now, so you are much stronger than you realize. You also have two men who plan to take their time preparing you.” She nodded enthusiastically, so relieved that they weren’t about to leave the room that she almost missed the finger that probed her anus. Benjamin’s touch was gentle, soothing, not at all what she remembered of her one and only foray into anal play.

* * * *


Benjamin watched her closely, careful to move his finger slowly, making certain that she was enjoying his touch, not simply tolerating it. He and Samuel needed their woman to enjoy what they had planned, not stoically endure because she thought it was what they wanted.

But then Skye let out a little moan, coloring in embarrassment as she pushed against his finger in wanton need. That’s what he’d been waiting for. Samuel handed him the lube they’d bought earlier and went back to kissing Skye, caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, keeping her arousal high, as Benjamin pushed a second finger into her ass. He scissored them, gently loosening her anal muscles, watching closely for signs of discomfort.

When he added a third, her muscles pulsed around his fingers, caressing the invading digits, squeezing him harder as her orgasm approached. He leaned over her, capturing her clit with his lips, using them to nibble and caress the taut bud. She cried out, lifting her hips and then pushing down onto his fingers, over and over again, her need obvious, her movements frantic. He sucked on her clit, flicking the swollen flesh with his tongue, tormenting her until she exploded into orgasm.

Benjamin moved back, dragging at his clothes, desperate to be inside her. She was still screaming her climax when he lifted her hips and thrust his cock straight into her pussy. He rode her orgasm, loving the feel of her pussy walls grasping and releasing his erection. Over and over he thrust into her, groaning his own delight as he nearly lost himself in her sweetness.

Eventually they gentled her with long sweeping strokes and soft kisses as she caught her breath and finally stopped shaking all over.

Exhausted, she let Benjamin move her pliant body to the position he wanted, and she didn’t flinch at all when he pushed his fingers back into her ass. He lifted her legs higher, tucking her knees close to her chest, as he lined his cock up with her back passage and slowly breached the tight ring of muscle.

She moaned, trying to lift onto him, but he controlled her, stopping her movement, wanting to make this experience perfect for her. He ground his teeth together, controlling his own need to take her forcefully. In and out slowly, the gentle rhythm not nearly enough to satisfy them, but the absence of pain very important to all three.

Samuel rolled off the bed, stripping his clothes away as he nodded to Benjamin. He eased out of Skye’s ass as Samuel lay down on the bed beside them.


“Ride him, baby girl,” Benjamin said as he helped Skye lower onto Samuel’s cock. All three of them moaned as she took him deep and leaned forward to press her lips against his mouth. Samuel had his legs hanging over the edge of the bed, his hands wrapped around Skye’s knees so that she wouldn’t slide off. That left room enough for Benjamin to step between their legs, his cock pulsing pre-cum as his best friend and his woman fucked each other. He caressed her ass, happy to just watch for the moment, but then Samuel slid his hands higher, opening her ass cheeks, and the temptation to join in was suddenly irresistible. Samuel held her still, pressing her down against him as Benjamin pressed his cock against her ass and prepared to slide home.






Alex Clements winked at the pretty redhead standing there with her mouth open and tried not to smile too widely. He’d seen that expression before. Only Ronan could inspire such speechless anger. The guy was like a bull in the proverbial china shop. Wherever he went, he left behind a trail of pissed-off women.

Fortunately, Alex prided himself on his ability to charm even the most annoyed of females. Although, working with Ronan on this assignment just might stretch his ability to the limit.

“Is he always like that?”

“Pretty much,” Alex agreed with a smile. He held his hand out. “I’m Alex Clements.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, not bothering to give her name or shake his hand. He quirked an eyebrow at her attitude, but she simply locked her jaw and stared him down. If she knew how much he was aroused by her belligerent behavior, she probably wouldn’t be so obvious. He wasn’t sure what that said about him, but he’d always enjoyed a challenge. And this lovely, fire-tempered, redheaded beauty was pushing all of his buttons.

He dragged in a deep breath, let it out slowly, and tried to remind himself that he was on an assignment. Granted, it wasn’t his usual type of gig, but he did owe the big guy a favor.

“Did Ronan explain what was going on?”

She quirked her eyebrow in exactly the same manner he’d done. He couldn’t help but laugh at her style. Goddess, he loved a woman with an attitude.

“I’ll take that as a no,” he said as he leaned against the kitchen counter and tried to hide the fact he was checking her out from head to toe. The woman truly was his type—tall, curvy, stubborn. She was almost his perfect match. Well, except for the being human part. “Look, I don’t have all the facts yet either, but some cop that Ronan knows asked him to look after you. He said something about a serial killer and you maybe being his next victim.”

“Serial killer?” She looked a bit pale, but she managed to stay upright and narrow her eyes at him in anger. Good, right now that emotion would do her more good than fear or hysteria.

“Like I said, I’m not sure of the details, but this cop—your brother?—truly believes you are on this serial killer’s list and wants you to be safe.”

“So he hired me two bodyguards?”

“Well, technically, he only hired Ronan, but I owe the big guy a favor or three, so here I am.”

“What, he didn’t think he could protect little ole me by himself?” She made the question sound like a snarky insult, and Alex had to laugh at her moxie. Hell, there weren’t many people—human or otherwise—on the planet who would deliberately insult Ronan Deeks. She didn’t even flinch when the man himself came back into the kitchen wearing only a towel.

“That’s right, princess. It’s going to take two of us to keep your stubborn, little ass out of trouble.”




He groaned as Kali caressed his cock through his jeans, the soft touch both new and achingly familiar. Desperately, he helped her to undo the buttons, and then she wrapped her warm fingers around his hard erection. He groaned and thanked whatever deity had urged him to go commando today. He snaked a hand around her hip, caressing the crease at the top of her leg as Alex moved lower, licking a path down to the pussy Ronan had been dreaming about for seven months.

Ronan knew the exact moment Alex’s tongue found her clit because she gasped and her balance wobbled. He leaned back against the bench, lifted her off her feet, and spread her wide for Alex’s sweet torture. Her head fell back onto Ronan’s chest, her eyes unfocused as she looked up at him, and then back down at what Alex was doing.

At this angle Ronan could see Alex flicking his tongue over her clit. She writhed in their combined grasp, her orgasm approaching at light speed. Alex moved lower, thrusting his tongue deep into her pussy as his fingers found her clit. She shook all over, her breathing barely gasps as Alex expertly held her at the precipice, giving her only enough to keep her there.

But then he moved away slightly, nodded to Ronan, and stood up to press his mouth against Kali’s. Kali wriggled in Ronan’s arms, trying to press back against his hard cock. It took a moment for the meaning of their actions to sink in, but Ronan finally realized what they both wanted him to do.

He lifted Kali higher, fitting his hard cock against her entrance. All three of them groaned as Kali sank onto his erection, her pussy surrounding him in heavenly warmth.

Alex broke his kiss with Kali to look at her face. “I think she likes that,” he said with a knowing grin. Kali nodded enthusiastically, wrapping one arm behind her to hold Ronan to her and one arm around Alex to draw him back. He went with a smile on his face, his obvious contentment a reflection of Ronan’s own. “You look so beautiful like this, Kali.”

Ronan felt her pussy clench in reaction to that statement. He smiled at Alex and then held Kali tighter as he started pumping into her body, fucking her slowly, savoring the moment. But Alex must have had his fingers on her clit because Kali started to wriggle, seeming uncertain whether she wanted to move toward Alex or shimmy away. But Ronan took the choice from her, thrusting harder into her, pushing her against Alex’s hand with increasing speed.

Kali released a keening cry, and then exploded into orgasm, her entire body shaking as she moaned her delight. Her pussy muscles caressed his cock, the delicious sensations dragging him with her, his climax bursting from him as Alex did something that forced Kali into orgasm once more.

Ronan leaned harder against the bench, holding Kali tight as she finally stilled in his arms. She rested against him, and he held her closer, trying to catch his breath. After a few moments Ronan slid his cock from her pussy, and Alex moved forward, kissing Kali hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth over and over as if to mimic what he wanted.

Kali lifted her legs higher, wrapping them around Alex’s hips, pulling him closer, even as Ronan held her up. Ronan felt Alex’s almost violent entry reverberate through Kali’s entire body. She groaned, one hand still wrapped behind her to hold Ronan close, the other curled around Alex’s neck as he kissed her, ravaging her mouth, stamping his possession on her as thoroughly as Ronan had moments ago.

She lifted into every thrust, claiming Alex, taking her fill as she shook with impending orgasm once more. But this time Alex didn’t tease. This time he threw them both over the edge, fucking her harder, groaning when she shook violently and moaned her climax.






“There’s something we probably should have told you days ago, but we weren’t quite sure if you were ready to hear it.”

Ava sat quietly, trying to hold on to her composure, as she waited for Nathan to explain.

“We’ve managed to…ah…apprehend the person who was trying to kill you, but it would seem that she’s not the only one liable to come after you.”

“Me? Seriously?” Ava shook her head in confusion. “I’m a plain-old-ordinary-everyday-dime-a-dozen kind of woman. One disturbed mind wanting me dead because I was born on a certain day is understandable in a twisted kind of way, but to say there’s more than one killer after me…What did I do? Piss off some sort of cult?”

“In a manner of speaking,” Nathan said slowly. He glanced over her shoulder at Brody, and it seemed he was looking for help to explain to the poor little human what the hell was going on. Annoyingly, her eyes filled with tears, and she closed them against the urge to cry. Despite her little speech, she knew she was no longer an ordinary human. It didn’t make much sense, but somehow, someway, something had changed the day that kid had appeared in her kitchen.

“I can’t go back home, can I?”

“We don’t think it would be safe. It’s inevitable that someone will eventually look into what the ah…assassin was doing and pick up where she left off.”

“What was she?” Ava asked, tired of living with half-truths. If she were honest with herself, she’d admit to hiding in her e-reader while trying to ignore the world as it fell apart around her.

“A pixie,” Brody answered, his hand running soothingly up and down her arm.

Nathan looked like he was going to swallow his tongue, and for a moment Ava could see the humor in the situation.

“Are you a dragon-shifter, too?” she asked with a half smile.

“Nope, plain old ordinary human.”

“Who just happens to be one of the best bodyguards available—human or otherwise,” Brody added.

Ava wasn’t sure how to react to that. There was no doubting they were good at their jobs. She hadn’t really felt frightened at all once they’d arrived at her home and moved her to a safe house. The policeman who’d been with her that day and his partner had stayed until Brody and Nathan had arrived, but it wasn’t until they’d taken over her protection that she’d actually felt safe.

“So…what happens now?” she asked worriedly. If there was a never-ending line of assassins waiting for their chance to kill her, how would she ever be safe? They couldn’t protect her for the rest of her life. Surely they had their own lives to get back to.

Brody glanced worriedly at her and grimaced as he said the words. “Ava Seeton is going to die in a horrific car accident tonight. It’s the only way to keep you safe.”

“You’re going to keep me safe by killing me?”

“Of course,” Nathan said with a grin that told her she was seriously missing the point here.

Maybe it was the stress of the past week, but it took another three seconds for it to finally sink in what they meant. “You’re going to fake my death?”

“Shit,” Brody said as he wrapped his arms more tightly around her and rocked slightly. “Sorry, sweetheart. We explained that badly.” He glanced at Nathan’s worried expression. “She’s shaking like a leaf. She thought we meant to kill her for real.”

“No I didn’t,” she denied quickly. She hadn’t, not really. She just hadn’t understood exactly what they’d meant straight away. “I just…um…it’s been a long couple of weeks.” They both gave her a look that said they didn’t quite believe her lame excuse, but Nathan leaned in and kissed her cheek as Brody ran his hand slowly up and down her arm.

“We’re sorry anyway.” Nathan made a self-deprecating sound. “We’ve both been working so long with our teams that we tend to talk in shorthand. We should have explained it more fully.”

“How long have you two been doing this?” Did it say something about her that jealousy was boiling in her gut? Did they cuddle and kiss every woman they were assigned to protect?

“I’ve been working for Deeks Security in one capacity or another for the past fourteen years,” Nathan said. He tilted his head toward Brody. “The old guy here has been part of the PUP teams for…what? Sixty, seventy years now?”

“Close enough,” Brody said in a tone that suggested he wasn’t even close.

Ava really wanted to say something, but every time she opened her mouth nothing came out. Not even a squeak. Surely they were joking. Sixty, seventy years? The guy didn’t look a day over thirty. Ava rubbed her eyes tiredly. Okay, so he wasn’t actually human. He was a dragon-shifter, but still sixty or seventy years of cuddling up to every woman they’d been tasked to protect made her green with jealousy and nausea.

“What is it, baby?” Nathan asked, looking really concerned. She was just freaked out enough to blurt the truth.

“I thought that we had a connection. I just…”

“You think we cuddle all of our clients?” Brody asked, sounding offended. Great, just what she needed—to piss off a dragon. She already knew there was some truth to the whole breathing fire part of dragon mythology. But then his words sank in.




Nathan continued to caress her spine and shoulders as he came to sit on the bed beside her. He leaned over, pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek, and smiled at her soft squeak when Brody wrapped his hands around her thighs and lifted her pussy to his mouth.

His touch was gentle, his tongue soothing as he lapped at the soft folds of her pussy. She squirmed in his hold, needing more, loving the sweet caress but wanting to feel his full strength, his need for her, his domination.

“You won’t hurt her, Brody,” Nathan said confidently. “She needs you to tongue-fuck her. See how’s she’s squirming? She needs you to take what you want. Fuck her with your mouth. You’re the one in control.”

Brody stopped licking her, and for a moment she feared he was about to walk away. But then his incredibly hot tongue flicked over her clit as he lifted her higher, dragging her knees off the mattress so that she nearly dangled in his grasp, only her head and shoulders still on the bed. She moaned as he stabbed his tongue into her pussy, thrusting over and over, filling her channel, pressing deeper than she’d believed possible.

Her orgasm began slowly, heat curling through her as every muscle vibrated with release, but then she squealed, jerking in his hold, as he licked up the crease of her ass and poked and prodded her back passage. Climax slammed her, racing over the top of her earlier orgasm, shattering her mind into a million tiny pieces as sensation overtook reality. Again and again heated waves of ecstasy crashed over her. She shook everywhere, screaming again when Brody lifted her over Nathan and pushed her onto his hard cock, impaling her, forcing her legs open further as he controlled the pace. Nathan held her close, wrapping his arms around her upper body as Brody forced her into orgasm once more.

She let them control her, let them do as they pleased, submitted to their attentions, trusting them to keep her safe. Eventually, slowly, the frantic heat of passion came down to a slow simmer, the exhaustion of true release curling through her.

But then, just as she thought they would take their own satisfaction, both men pulled away. Before she could protest, Brody lifted her to her hands and knees, threaded a hand through her hair, and guided her mouth onto Nathan’s still-hard cock.

“Suck him, sweetheart,” he ordered even as he pushed her lower. She didn’t protest, taking Nathan into her mouth willingly, even a little surprised to enjoy the taste of their combined flavor. Brody controlled the pace, caressing her spine with his other hand as he watched her pleasure his friend. Nathan groaned as she tightened the suction, using her tongue to caress the underside of his cock.

Without letting go of her hair, Brody slid his cock into her dripping pussy, holding still inside her, letting her adjust to his size as he caressed her scalp and spine.

But then, almost as if by some signal, both men groaned. Nathan started lifting up into her mouth, pushing deeper with every stroke. “Swallow,” he growled, holding her head trapped as his cock hit the back of her throat. She closed her eyes, concentrating on finding the right muscles to be able to do as he said, damn near coming herself when she finally managed to take him deeper into her throat. His cock swelled, pumping his essence into her. He pulled out partially, letting her taste him.

She swallowed convulsively, lapping at his cock as he pulled away. Ava smiled as he held her close and praised her efforts. And then he nodded to Brody and all hell broke loose.






Hannah was pacing back and forth as Eric tried unsuccessfully to explain what was happening.

“Why the hell would pixies want to assassinate me? I’m no one special,” Hannah spat angrily.

West saw the pain on Eric’s face that she would talk herself down in that way, but it was his own reaction that surprised him. Despite knowing the woman was his cousin’s mate, he wanted to step in and tell her that she was very special—special to him and special to Eric. Hell, he was tempted to turn her over his knee and spank her ass until she understood that she was very valuable and shouldn’t say something so absurd. Or he could kiss her until she…

His thoughts trailed off as he finally understood what was going on in his head.


And to think he’d laughed when his cousin, Brandon, had called to invite them to a wedding with three grooms and one bride. Although, he hadn’t laughed quite so hard when less than a year later the three Brockman brothers had married a famous heiress named Ruby Rickardson. Hell, maybe it ran in the family. Considering that he and Eric had very little in common these days, it was likely to be a steep learning curve. West actually found himself hoping that it was only the two of them. Surely, problems between two men had to be less complicated than problems between three of them.

“Hannah,” West said, stepping closer and hoping that he didn’t betray all the thoughts running through his head, “you’ve been targeted by assassins because you’re one of the Oracle’s receptacles. We need to get you to a safe house. I’m sorry, babe, but you are special, very special, and we need to find a way to protect you.”

“I’m a what?”

Brody ignored what was essentially a rhetorical question and asked one of his own. “Do you know how you managed to knock Eric on his ass outside?”

“I did that?” she asked as her gaze bounced between the four men in the room.

“You sure did,” Brody said with a smile. “My wife can’t explain how she does it either.”

“Your wife?” Hannah said with a hopeful lilt in her voice. “Can I meet her?”

“Hopefully, very soon,” Brody said carefully. It was obvious that he would protect his wife and child first and foremost. “But right now we need to get you somewhere safe so we can deal with the threat against you.”

“The good news here,” West said, trying to be positive even though he suddenly found himself near-catatonic with fear for his mate, “is that we have a chance to place you in protective custody. The assassin will come again, so we need to make certain she can’t find you.”

“I believe you,” Hannah said, looking even more confused. “But I’m also pretty sure I’m somewhere having a breakdown and not actually here. I mean I dream of Dr. Hunkalicious all the time, so it makes sense he’d be here.” She glanced around the room. “I’m not sure where I dreamed up you three, but I’ve known for a long time that something was coming for me. I mean, why else would I develop a phobia that was triggered by a seven-year-old girl if I didn’t somehow know something that looked like a child would come after me?” Hannah giggled, but the sound was just a little too hysterical to be humor. “Shit, I’ve spent my whole adult life training to be a pediatric nurse, and I’m going to lose it all by having one little breakdown.”

West could see how much Eric wanted to reassure Hannah about her career, but the simple fact was that her days as a nurse to humans were over. Even if they could craft a new identity for her, going back to nursing was simply too dangerous, especially in a pediatric ward where every second patient could potentially be a pixie assassin. West simply wouldn’t allow his mate to put herself in danger like that. He took one look at the woman’s stubborn expression and decided to keep that thought to himself.

“Babe,” West said affectionately as he stepped closer, “you’re not having a breakdown. We’ll work this out, I promise you.”




“Well, he warned me he was bossy,” Hannah said as Eric put her on her feet and lifted her sleep shirt over her head.

“That he is,” Eric said with a warm smile. “Feel free to put either of us in our place anytime you think we’re too bossy.” Eric’s eyes fell to her breasts, the nipples pulling tighter as he watched. His warm hands slid up her sides, his thumbs grazing over the hard buds as he dipped his head and claimed her mouth in a devastating kiss. He let her up for air a moment before wrapping his arms around her middle and lifting her to kiss her once more. His tongue pushed past her teeth, the slick muscle gliding over her gums, exploring her mouth as she dangled in his grasp.

He broke the kiss and stared into her eyes, panting almost as hard as she was. But she could see the question, maybe the worry of being rejected now that she knew who he truly was. She smiled, touching his face with her fingers. He closed his eyes and sighed.

“I think I’m beginning to like bossy men,” she said quietly.

“That’s good, babe,” West said from the doorway, “because I’m pretty sure I told you to strip naked and lie on the bed.”

“Oops,” she said with a giggle. Eric set her feet on the ground once more, this time sliding his hands down her hips and dragging her sleep pants and underwear with them. He grinned wickedly as he helped her onto the bed, arranging her arms and legs where he wanted them, fanning her long hair out so that the soft curls were spread over the pillow.

“Our mate is very beautiful,” West said as Eric went to stand beside him at the end of the bed. “But not very obedient.”

Confused for a moment, Hannah was about to argue the point when she realized she had indeed moved from the position Eric had placed her. She could feel a blush creeping over her entire body as she tried to force herself to lay there on the mattress with her legs open the way they both wanted.

“Do it, babe,” West said in a deep, sexy voice. She shook her head, embarrassment stealing her confidence from moments ago. West sighed in feigned annoyance before turning a grin on Eric. “It seems that our mate is shy. Perhaps she needs a little help.”

“Of course,” Eric said with a grin that could only be described as predatory. He moved onto the end of the bed, grabbed an ankle in each hand, and lifted them up and out. He settled his shoulders between her thighs, his breath hot against the exposed lips of her pussy.

“Perfect,” West said as he stalked closer. Both men were fully dressed, but Hannah quickly forgot her discomfort when Eric licked her pussy like ice cream and West suctioned his mouth to her breast. She writhed under them, trapped against the mattress as they explored her intimately. Heat began to pool in her belly, excitement pulling her muscles tight as her men caressed every inch of her with their calloused hands and warm, wet mouths.

“Please,” she whimpered as the need to come wound sensuously through her mind and drowned all other thoughts.

“Not yet, babe,” West said a moment before biting down on her nipple. She screeched, the tiny pain shooting electrical currents straight to her pussy. Eric licked her clit, and then used his lips to clamp down on the sensitive nub, trapping her swollen flesh in his mouth. Hannah arched her back, lifting her breasts into West’s waiting mouth, her legs straining against Eric’s hold, trying to trap his head where she wanted it.

“Please,” she whimpered again. But they just held her down, slowing their sensual assault, bringing her back from the edge. She growled low in her throat, eliciting soft laughs from both of her men.

“Not yet,” Eric whispered, his hot breath bathing her clit as his fingers slid through the wet folds of her pussy, spreading her juices, massaging the swollen flesh before very carefully pushing inside.

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