The Black Iris Club Complete Collection (MF)

The Black Iris Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 177,776
2 Ratings (4.5)

In Kaylin's Pursuit, while investigating a murder in the ultra luxurious Black Iris Club in Fort Lauderdale, Homicide Detective Kaylin Gallagher goes undercover as the sub of gorgeous BDSM club owner Jack Dalton Brown to smoke out a serial killer. Sparks fly between Gallagher and Brown, but misunderstandings threaten to separate them permanently.

In Chloe's Rescue, young runaway girls are disappearing from Fort Lauderdale. While investigating a human trafficking ring, Detective Chloe Carlton and her handsome boyfriend and Dom J.J. Temple come into conflict when she suspects the wife of his law partner might be the mysterious dark-haired woman luring the girls with promises of food and new outfits.

In Gabriella's Prosecution, while prosecuting a dangerous gang-related murder trial, ASA Gabriella Delaveccio butts heads with her boss, State’s Attorney Miguel Juan Carlos Gatto-Alba, a handsome sadist and member of the luxurious Black Iris Club, who she can’t resist. Witnesses and the beautiful Assistant State’s Attorney are in grave danger.

In Nicollette's Defense, defense attorney and switch Nicollette Sommers and handsome attorney and new Dom Dan McGrath find they are meant to be together, but the evil kidnapper Antoinette Marie Beaudreau has other plans for them. She wreaks havoc even from her jail cell.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Skye Michaels is a Siren-exclusive author.



The Black Iris Club Complete Collection (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Black Iris Club Complete Collection (MF)

The Black Iris Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 177,776
2 Ratings (4.5)
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When Kaylin awoke, the sun was just creeping up over the ocean, and the rays bouncing off the waves in the distance were blinding. She felt the bed beside her and found it was cool. She heard the rhythmic splashing sounds from the lap pool out on the terrace. Jack had left the doors open. He must swim early like she did. She got up and walked out to the terrace in time to see him pull himself up onto the coping and stand up. He was naked. His dark hair was wet and slicked back from a face darkened by a morning beard. The sun glinted off the water running down his body and highlighted his strong, masculine features. He looked like a Greek statue silhouetted against the rising sun. God, he’s beautiful. And last night was beautiful. She walked over to him and pressed her nude body up against his. “Yikes, you’re cold.”

He laughed. “The water cools off up here overnight. I guess it’s the strong breeze. If you think that’s cold, try this.” He picked her up and tossed her into the pool. She came to the surface sputtering.

“That was mean!”

He jumped back into the water and pulled her into his arms for a good morning kiss that rocked her world. The warmth of his big body against her cold skin was delicious as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could get used to good mornings like this. She was warming up rapidly. “Don’t you worry that someone will see you walking around up here naked?”

“No. The trees on the terrace provide a pretty good screen, and we are twenty stories up. Although…” And now he grinned full-out, his dimple winked, and his gray eyes sparkled like chipped ice. “There was that one picture of me in a tabloid…I think they took it from a helicopter.” When he saw the horrified look on her face, he just laughed. “Don’t worry about it. Pretty much everyone in this town knows not to mess with me or my privacy. Besides, security usually keeps a pretty tight rein on things, the incident in the garage notwithstanding. Mr. Smith will not be back. If he’d had his eyes open, Lucy might not be dead.”

“That would be hard to live with. I hope you didn’t say that to him.”

“You’re softhearted for a cop, Kaylin. No, I didn’t need to say it. He had already figured it out for himself. And, yeah, I think it will be hard to live with. Let’s not talk about that now. How about breakfast? I can whip up a couple of omelets and coffee. I guess you have to get home to change and go to work. I’m sure Del will be looking for you this morning for a briefing.” His smile was mischievous in the extreme.

“Don’t remind me. Del is not going to be a happy camper. I do have to get home to change for work. Breakfast sounds great. Can we eat out here?”

“Absolutely. Why don’t you get your swim in. Towels are under that table. I’ll start breakfast.”

When Jack came back out with a tray loaded with omelets, toast, and big mugs of coffee, Kaylin was sitting at a table next to the roof’s edge, wrapped in a huge white towel, admiring the view while she checked messages and e-mail on her iPhone. There were three “where are you” messages from Del. “This is one hell of a view you have here, Mr. Brown.”

“It is, and I never take it for granted.” He set the tray down and served breakfast.

The ham and cheese omelets with spears of asparagus were excellent, and the coffee was fabulous. “I appreciate your letting us come into the club undercover, Jack. I hope it gives us the lead we need to close this case.”

“Kaylin, I think you know this has progressed past an undercover op, at least for me. Can I hope you feel the same way?”

“Last night was something I never expected. I’ve never felt like that before, but, Jack, the operation has to come first right now. I have to keep my eye on the ball, and not on your gorgeous butt.” She grinned.

“I presume you want to give it another try tonight. I’m not backing out of this. I want the bastard who killed Lucy to pay. She was a sweet kid, and she died needlessly in my building after leaving my club where she should have been safe. I have to live with that too.”

“Okay. We’ll work on it. We’ll address our personal issues when this is over.”




“There are many pleasurable things I want to show you, Kaylin, but it’s too soon for most of them so let’s start slowly. I don’t want you to be scared this first time.”

“As you wish, Master.” She didn’t know if she was supposed to respond to his statement. He had told her not to speak unless asked a direct question. All this protocol for something that should be simple was confusing.

“Don’t be afraid. Remember to trust your Master.” He reached for her wrists and fastened the cuffs to the chains he had just shown her. Kaylin couldn’t help but be a little apprehensive. He adjusted the length of the ceiling chains until her high-heeled shoes were just touching the floor. “Spread your legs. I’m going to cuff your ankles as well and fasten them to those bolts on the floor,” he said as he proceeded to secure her to the floor as well. Now Kaylin was beginning to get a little nervous. She didn’t know if she should be glad Del was behind the bar or not. She really didn’t need her partner seeing her like this.

The dungeon had a rather scary, gothic feeling, but then she supposed that was the whole idea. Jack had removed his vest, and the overhead spotlights cast shadows on his impressively muscled body. That just made the atmosphere all the more intimidating. Kaylin began to breathe more heavily, and she tried to control her respiration as her level of excitement—or was it fear—ramped up. The uncertainty of what would come next was having a definite effect on her. And then Jack reached out, slid the zipper that ran the length of the side seam from under her arm to the hem of her dress down, and stripped the dress off her body. I’m in nothing but a thong and high heels, chained to the floor and ceiling, with my legs spread wide open. It was strangely exciting and scary at the same time—not to mention embarrassing—and her pussy was beginning to throb. Yikes.

Jack walked around her examining her all-but-naked body as though he owned it. She sure as hell didn’t like that—in her mind—but her body seemed to like it fine. She felt her breasts begin to swell and her nipples harden to little nubs. He ran his hands over her prominent breasts and down over her round bottom. “You please me very much, sub. You have a beautiful body.”

Jack quickly administered a stinging slap to her ass. She gasped. “Hey!”

“Quiet, sub. You forget yourself.” He ran his hand down over the red handprint on her ass and soothed it. He brought his hands back up over her breasts, which were standing out at attention, and jiggled the soft mounds. He smiled. Obviously he was enjoying this situation, and it showed clearly on his face.

Jack pulled the short riding crop out from the back of his jeans where it had been tucked. How had she forgotten about that little item? He ran the crop down her back, over her butt, and over the backs of her thighs. He flicked a sharp little stinging strike with the end of the crop against her right butt cheek. She gasped and jerked away. She looked at him questioningly but this time she had the control not to speak without permission. She might be getting the hang of this. She didn’t know what he had in mind, but he did have a crop in his hand. That gave her at least an inkling of his intentions. Oh, she really was not going to like this, and she couldn’t protest. If she did, the jig would be up, and this undercover operation would be blown on the first night.

“Please, Master.”

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Are you okay, Kaylin? What’s your color?”

She had to think a minute. Could she go on with this? For Lucy Evans? “Green, Master.”

“Good girl.” He administered a slightly harder strike again to her right butt cheek. Oh, boy. That stung, dammit. She didn’t know if she would be able to control her reaction, and then she remembered why she was there. She was not a wimp. She could take this. The beatings she took in training were a lot tougher than this, and she wasn’t being slammed down on the hard floor over and over.

He ran his hand down the length of her spine and over her ass again, and this time the crop struck her left butt cheek. The strike was sharp but was really not very painful. The cumulative effect of them would sure as hell hurt though. Kaylin was beginning to breathe heavily, and her heart was pounding with excitement. Jack looked directly into her eyes as he ran the leather-covered shaft of the crop between her legs and over her pussy which was still barely covered by the thong. She knew she was wet between her legs. She had never experienced anything like this in her life. She began to moan in earnest. Lust sparkled in her blood like bubbles in fine champagne. She really didn’t know what to make of this whole experience or of Jack Dalton Brown. She had said she didn’t think a woman could enjoy this, but obviously she had been wrong.

Kaylin felt the throb between her legs intensify almost beyond bearing. She couldn’t close her legs to tamp down the spears of pleasure that ran to her pussy. She realized she was helpless and at his mercy. She was helpless and all but naked, and it didn’t seem to matter. She was focused on Jack, on the Master, and what he was doing to her. Everything else had faded away.





At Shooters on the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Saturday afternoon, December 21, 2013, 3:15 p.m.


Chloe Carlton and John James Temple were having beers and a late lunch on the deck at Shooters, a well-known Fort Lauderdale bar and restaurant on the Intracoastal. The wide waterway was lined with beautiful homes, condominium buildings, and waterfront bars and restaurants. It was a liquid highway for boats of all shapes and sizes that separated the mainland and the barrier islands that formed the Fort Lauderdale beach area. The sun was sparkling off the light chop on the water, and there was a brisk breeze. The dock was packed with big and small boats that had brought many of the patrons out on the glorious December afternoon.

“J.J., there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. It’s a little touchy…”

“What, babe?” John Temple glanced over at her. His attention had been riveted on the big-screen television and the pregame, talking-heads sports show that was a preface to Sunday’s football game.

“Well.” She hesitated. She had thought about bringing up this subject for a while, but had not wanted to rock their boat. “Why have I met so few of your friends?” All of a sudden, his relaxed Saturday afternoon expression was gone. He looked—she didn’t know what—hesitant, wary, worried. In any event, the look on his face didn’t bode well for this discussion.

“What are you talking about? You’ve met some of my friends. That’s ridiculous.”

“I saw you give that guy who was walking toward our table a few minutes ago the ‘get lost’ look. Maybe you should hoist a distress flag over our table to warn your friends that there’s a plague aboard.”

“Now you really are being ridiculous.” He was starting to look cornered and angry.

“Are you ashamed of me, Temple? Do I not dress well enough for your fancy buddies and their society girlfriends? Do I not make enough money because I’m not a lawyer or a stockbroker?” Chloe knew she was going too far. She should have kept it to the basic question—Interrogation 101. She was wearing her heart on her sleeve, and she hated that, just hated seeming desperate or needy. These questions had bothered her for some time, but she had hesitated to voice them. She knew J.J. didn’t think she had seen his gesture. But she had, and she couldn’t let it go any longer.

“Chlo, you’re being absurd. I don’t think we need to have this conversation.”

“What happened to all of that open, honest communication that the lifestyle is supposed to be so famous for?”

“That’s not fair, baby. I guess maybe I just wanted to keep you to myself. I didn’t want to expose you to…”

“Oh, please. That is a load of crap. It didn’t seem like you wanted to keep me to yourself at that sleazy club in Pompano you took me to a few weeks ago. I thought I would need a biohazard shower after that place. Just be honest, J.J. I need to know what’s going on with you, and I can’t let it slide any longer.”

He seemed to regroup and suck it up. “Okay, Chloe. I guess the truth is that while I’m crazy about you, I can’t exactly introduce a vice cop to my lifestyle friends or take you to my regular club. The confidentiality issues…”

“Confidentiality issues? You have to be kidding. If anyone can be ‘confidential’ it’s me. Have you ever been undercover for weeks at a time on an investigation? No? I didn’t think so, Mr. High-End Real Estate Lawyer.” She knew her emotions were showing on her face and in her body language, and right now she was crushed. She embarrassed him. Didn’t that just suck the wienie? And she had sucked his plenty. This hurt like a bitch. She had been falling for him. He seemed like a nice, upstanding, stable guy with a great job, nice home, nice car, not a lot of personal baggage. So his sexual tastes were a tad kinky. She could live with that, even enjoy it. J.J. was tall and extremely good-looking with wavy, sun-streaked hair he kept in a conservative cut, gorgeous blue eyes, a great smile, and a killer body. “Fine. I can see where your head is. That’s just fine. You’re entitled to your feelings. I’m entitled to mine. My feelings right now are that I’m getting a cab and going home. Have a nice life, Temple. I hope you find a sub or girlfriend or whatever who meets your social needs.”


* * * *


John Temple didn’t know what to do as Chloe got up from the table and stalked off toward the front of the restaurant. He wanted to get up and stop her, but he also didn’t want to make a scene. He knew several people who were in the bar right now, and yes, he had warned them off. He wasn’t proud of that. He watched her fabulous butt in those snug, straight-leg jeans stalk away as she searched her huge, rust-colored leather shoulder bag for her cell phone. The black cashmere sweater and high-heeled pumps finished the look. She could have stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. What the hell was she talking about? Women.

Temple was dismayed. He hadn’t planned on having this discussion with her—probably ever. He knew it was a touchy subject, and he wanted to steer clear. He really enjoyed Chloe Carlton, but to be honest, her job as a Broward County Sheriff’s Office detective working out of the secretive Strategic Investigation Division handling narcotics and vice cases did not exactly jibe with his BDSM lifestyle. He couldn’t very well take Chloe, as beautiful as she was, into The Black Iris Club owned by his friend, Jack Dalton Brown, or introduce her to some of his friends and partners at the firm who occasionally used drugs recreationally. It didn’t seem fair, but it was a fact of life. Chloe’s job made people nervous.




John put his hand to the small of her back and guided her into the dungeon. “We’re going to use the French Room. I thought you would be more comfortable with some privacy for this first visit.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you, Master. Thank you.” He smiled at how easily she slipped back into the sub protocol. He hadn’t even had to remind her.

“Very good, sub. You please your Master.”

John laughed when they walked through the door of the ornate French Room, and Chloe’s eyes got as wide as saucers. Well, obviously she hadn’t seen everything. This certainly beat the hell out of that dive in Pompano. The French Room was beautiful and well equipped with the standard BDSM equipment. Each of the walls had an ornate, gilt-framed mirror to highlight the scene, as well as exquisite Louis Quinze furniture and luxurious linens. The effect was elegant and sensuous. “Put your clothes and shoes in the cabinet and assume the position.” She looked uneasy for a moment but obeyed his command. When she was done, he quickly stripped and put his clothes in the cabinet against the wall where toys and equipment were stored. One of the monitors had stowed his toy bag as well. This was a small, private club, and the excellent service was very discreet and personal.

He took out a set of wrist and ankle cuffs, a crop, a flogger, and a few other miscellaneous items, and laid them on top of the credenza near the door for effect and maybe for use later. He turned to find her in the slave position on the floor watching him. Chloe’s eyes were getting bigger by the second. “Relax, sub, and trust your Master. Put on the cuffs and rise.” He waited while she obeyed. He enjoyed watching her rise from her position on the floor. All that intense martial arts training she did for her work paid off in other arenas. She was graceful and strong.

John ran his fingers through her silky hair and turned her face up to his. He crushed his mouth to hers in a hot and wild kiss. He painted a design with his tongue down her neck to her breasts where he found the tight raspberry nipples he loved to play with. Chloe groaned in appreciation as he began to suck one nipple and pinch the other. Nipple clamps were definitely in his sub’s future, maybe even tonight. He changed sides and continued the torture. He could tell that her knees were beginning to weaken. So were his. He didn’t think he had the patience for a long session of foreplay tonight. He had been looking forward to getting Chloe to The Black Iris since they had reconnected.

John led her to the luxurious, soft, leather-covered, French-style chaise lounge. He laid down and then pulled her down on top of him. He turned her until she was facing away from him with her bent legs bracketing his thighs, and he was looking at her long, elegant back and opulent butt. He loved her butt. He helped her rise up and then angled her down onto his rock-hard and aching cock. He watched in fascination as his cock disappeared from sight into her pussy. He felt the tight, wet fist of her pussy envelope him, and he almost lost it. It was mind-blowing. He had missed this. He enjoyed all of the sex they had, but the dungeon sex was the best.

His hands cupped her ass as he guided her into a rocking rhythm. Her hot, tight pussy gloved him, and the muscles of her round butt worked his cock, squeezing him until he thought he would lose his mind. He slipped one hand around and rotated his fingers on her little pleasure button. When she became distracted by that and started to slow, he reached up and gave her bottom a sharp smack. “Keep moving, sub. Pleasure your Master.”

She gasped at the sharp sting, picked up the rhythm again, and began pounding hard and fast until the sensation of the potent and overwhelmingly powerful need burst through his body like a tornado. He came with a rush, and then he watched in fascination as the same tornado blew through her, and she collapsed over his thighs in a breathless heap. He reached up and gave her butt another sharp slap, and a second orgasm ripped through her body.

When they both started to come down, he pulled her around and into his arms. He cuddled her on his chest as he drew a light cotton blanket over both of their sweat-dampened bodies, and they rested for round two. God, she was just incredible. He never got tired of being with her, loving her, fucking her, slapping that gorgeous round bottom, or kissing those plump, rose-colored lips. Sometimes during his workday he found himself totally zoned out while he remembered what they had done the night before, and had to forcefully pull himself back to the present.

After a short nap he picked her up and walked to the bed. He sat her on the edge while he went back to the credenza for a few supplies. He looked them over and then picked up nipple clamps and a clit clip. He didn’t remember ever using these on Chloe before, so they should be a surprise for her. “Stand up, sub. I want to play with these gorgeous tits of yours.” She had seen the nipple clamps, and she looked at bit apprehensive.


“Are you safe wording, sub?”

“No, Master.” But she still looked scared. He bent down and took one of her rosy nipples into his mouth. She groaned as he firmly bit down and then pulled on the nub. It hardened further in this mouth, and then he gave his attention to the other one. When both nipples had reddened and were standing at attention he fastened the gold nipple clamps to her breasts, adjusted the pressure, and then fastened the thin chain between them. He attached a small, teardrop-shaped weight to the chain.

“Turn around and bend over the bed.” When she hesitated, he smacked her butt. “Now, sub.” She obeyed, but she didn’t look happy.

He smiled deviously. How would she react to this? He reached down and played with her clit until she was moaning and trying to rub against his hand. He smacked her ass again. “Be still, sub.” He went back to tormenting her until her clit came out of its protective sheath. He captured it and quickly attached the clit clamp.





Gabriella Delaveccia sat across the table from her boss, Miguel Juan Carlos Gatto-Alba. Normally she loved the ambiance and the great food at Timpano. The restaurant was located on the beautiful tree-lined shopping street in downtown Fort Lauderdale, where a mix of high-rise office buildings, quaint shops, boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants delighted tourists and residents alike. The well-known street was a gathering place for people strolling in the evenings and congregating along the Riverwalk for jazz and art festivals.

Gabby shifted in her seat. Having to sit so close to Miguel made her stomach jumpy. He both frightened and excited her. She usually kept as much physical distance from him as she could manage without being rude. She had worked for him for over two years—ever since his election as the Broward County State’s Attorney. She had been surprised when he had kept the current staff on and hadn’t brought in all of his own people. To date, she had been unable to figure out just what it was about him that made her so nervous. She had stared down murderers and drug dealers in the courtroom, and not a lot scared her. Something about Miguel…

Was it his stunning good looks or the fabulous body that was not disguised by his custom-made European suits? Was it the testosterone that seemed to roll off him in waves? She could never quite put her finger on it. The man was seriously gorgeous with slightly wavy black hair and ice-blue eyes one wouldn’t expect to see on a Latin male. And, goodness, the way he filled out a pair of slacks.

Miguel ordered a bottle of wine, and they glanced at the well-known menu. When their lunches had been ordered, he sat back, and she felt his gaze running over her body. He wasn’t undressing her with his eyes as the romance novels said, but his glance felt like hot fingers running over her skin. Maybe she was just hypersensitive to anything that had to do with Miguel Gatto.

“Gabriella, you did an excellent job sitting second chair on the Baker trial. I know you thought you were ready to handle it all on your own, but I did not agree.”


“Gabriella, let me finish. And, please, call me Miguel. This is a social occasion after all. I now think that perhaps you are ready to handle the next big case solo. You can bring in your own second chair, of course. The Mara Toros Rojas trial is coming up in February. Do you think you are ready to prosecute that one on your own?”

“Yes. I know I’m ready. That is going to be a very high-profile case. Are you sure you…”

“Gabriella, I know everyone thinks I jump on the big cases as a form of self-aggrandizement, but in fact, that is not true. I have not felt any of the Assistant State’s Attorneys in the office have been ready to try the big ones alone. It is a political fact of life that I have to keep my face out there. As a prosecutor, I have to maintain my reputation for being tough on crime. I do have to get re-elected after all. If I don’t, all of you ASAs might find yourselves out of jobs when my replacement brings in his own people. I chose not to do that, but to take the office as it was. Also, our win-loss ratio has some bearing on our funding. Success begets success. The higher-ups won’t admit that, but that is another fact of life.”

“I know you have pressures that the ASAs don’t share.”

“I’m glad you recognize that fact.” He smiled at her. When he smiled a genuine warm smile it changed his face from slightly forbidding to truly stunning. He had the most striking bone structure. His campaign literature had disclosed that his family had been in Puerto Rico for over four hundred years but traced their lineage back to Medieval Spain.

“I’m going to let you take over the Toros Rojas prosecution, but I am going to oversee the file. I’ll expect you to keep me in the loop as the case progresses. You will have to be on your toes on this one, Gabriella. The defendant, Ramón Gonzalez, is a very dangerous man, and the Toros will pull out all the stops to hamper our prosecution. Also they have some cartel backing and a nearly unlimited budget for his defense. If we can put him away, the power of the Toros will be severely compromised for the foreseeable future. His only possible successor is his younger brother, Rafael, and he is not seasoned enough to command the respect of the other gang members. They don’t have another capo ready to step up and take Ramón’s place if he is convicted, just a rag-tag bunch of thugs.” Miguel frowned and continued. “We might be able to sweep them all up. I am reluctant to let a woman take over this case.”

“That is entirely unfair and unjustified, Miguel. I can handle it.”

“Again, Gabriella, you didn’t let me finish. I am reluctant only because the rivalry between the El Salvadorans and Hondurans is vicious. Their turf war has been heating up for a couple of years now. It could be dangerous, and I don’t like to put a woman in their crosshairs. It goes against my grain, even if that is not politically correct.”

“I’ll be careful. I want this case, Miguel.”

“Yes, I can see that, Gabriella. I am assigning this case to you against my personal better judgment because of the danger involved.” He paused as if gathering his thoughts and abruptly changed the subject. “I was wondering if I might ask you out to dinner one night soon. I would like to get to know you better.” He reached across the table and took her hand and squeezed it briefly.

Oh, no. This was what she had felt coming for a while now, and she had done her best to keep out of his way. She had to admit she found him dangerously attractive—sort of like getting too close to a volcano and looking over the edge into the lava pool. It was hot. It was mesmerizing, but a girl could get burned. “Miguel, I don’t know if that would be a good idea given that we have to work together.”

“I think we are both adult enough to handle any problems that might arise. Give it some thought. I’ll ask you again in a few days.”




“Querida, when I take you, there will be nothing rushed about it.” He smiled that devastating smile again. “Don’t look so concerned, Gabriella. There is nothing to be worried about.” She had that doe-in-the-headlights look again. He had better back the intensity down a bit.

The jazz was relaxing, and he could see her start to melt back into the soft leather seat. The wine and good meal were having the desired effect. He pulled the car onto a side street and parked along the beach. “Would you like to walk for a bit? I wouldn’t mind stretching my legs and walking off some of that meal.”

She nodded, and he helped her out of the car and held her arm while she took off her shoes. He dropped their shoes in the trunk with her handbag, grabbed a beach towel, beeped the lock, and dropped the key fob into his pocket. Then he took her hand as they headed for the sand. After they had walked about a quarter mile north along the surf, he stopped and put the big beach towel on the dry sand above the tide line. He sank down and pulled her onto the towel. The time for conversation was over. He took her into his arms and rolled her under him. He took her mouth with the passion he had been holding in all evening. She tasted of the good red wine they had been drinking and the sweet cappuccino that had finished their meal. Her mouth was soft and tentative as she answered his. He nibbled at her lips and down her long, graceful neck to the tops of her breasts. “You are so sweet, Gabriella. Sometimes I can’t believe what a tigress you are in court.”


* * * *


Gabriella moaned as he deepened the kiss. She hadn’t intended to let things go so far tonight. She knew she had to be cautious here, but to be honest, she didn’t feel like being cautious. There was something dangerously seductive about Miguel Juan Carlos Gatto-Alba. It was right out there. No question. He was a sexy, domineering, alpha male in control of his life and world, and possibly in control of her. She knew she had to put on the brakes, or she would be lost in his kiss, in his touch.

“Miguel, let’s slow this down a little bit. I’m not ready to sleep with you.”

“Who said anything about sleeping?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I do, querida, but I will make that decision when we both are ready.”

“And I don’t have anything to say about it?” She didn’t like the sound of this.

“Of course you do. I just meant I would know when the time was right for both of us to take this further. I will always put your needs first, querida, and you will know exactly what you are getting into before I do. Now lay back and relax. It’s not going to happen tonight, although we may both wish it had.”

“You’re very sure of yourself, aren’t you, Miguel?”

“Yes. Very sure. Now hush and let me kiss you.” His lips came back to hers, and he plundered her mouth as his beautiful hands coasted down over her breasts. His touch was firm and confident as he drifted down to the hem of her dress. Before she knew it, he had pushed it up to her waist. She would be in trouble if she let him get too much further. His questing fingers slipped under the lace edge of her thong and found her wet pussy. Oh, no. There was no hiding her reaction to him. His fingers brushed her pussy, and a quiver surged through her. The man had talented fingers. “Relax, baby.”


“Gabriella, let me provide the dessert we didn’t have in the restaurant.” He kissed her again, and she moaned into his mouth. “I won’t take it further than this.” She didn’t know why she trusted him to keep his word, but she did. Miguel didn’t say things he didn’t mean.

She jerked under his hand when he grazed her clit. Moisture flooded her sex. He had homed right in on the spot. She felt her resolve beginning to ebb along with the tide. The moon was waning, and the beach was dark. They were completely alone, their only company some sea birds roosting in the sea grass at the top of the dunes.

 He continued to play with her, bringing her to the edge of coming and then backing down the pressure until she was reaching for his touch. “I can do this for hours, querida. I can have you almost there and then begging me to finish. I can teach you much about pleasure.”





Dan looked up from the file on his desk as J.J. dropped down in the chair across from him. It was almost the end of their second month in the new space. “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good. I can’t believe Nola and Linda have finally gotten us organized. There are only a few more boxes of files to be put away, but that’s it. Thank goodness that we moved into space that was already set up.”

“Great. What do you need?

“Nothing. I’m going upstairs to the private club in the penthouse for a drink after work. Do you want to come? I’ve already cleared it with Jack Brown.”

“I could use a drink.” He shook his head. “J.J., to be truthful, I don’t know how I am going to get past this depression I’ve been battling—how am I going to divorce Anne Marie from my heart and soul since I divorced Antoinette Marie legally from my life?”

“Dan, I know you have been struggling, and I have a suggestion. It has to do with the club in the penthouse.” He watched Dan’s face for any sign of understanding. When there was none, he continued. “The club is a little unusual. I guess I have to explain.”

“What do you mean unusual?”

Dan could see the hesitation in J.J.’s face. “The club upstairs is private, members only, and it’s a BDSM club.”

“A what?”

“BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadomasochism. The members of the club have rather exotic sexual tastes. It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘lifestyle.’”

“What? Jack Dalton Brown has a sex club in the penthouse of his building?”

“Yes. Exactly. But not just a club. There is a dungeon and private theme rooms, a bar, a kitchen for special events, locker rooms, and showers. It’s very luxurious. He also sometimes has private classes in different aspects of the lifestyle—like bondage, discussion groups regarding the ethics, theory and practice of dominance and submission, and safety rules, the use of various toys—different things like that.”

“Classes? I’m starting to sound like a cartoon character. Are you telling me that you’re a member of this club?”

“Yes, I’m a member and so are some other people you know, but I can’t disclose who they might be because everyone who goes in has to sign confidentiality agreements. You would have to sign before you could go past the reception area.”

“You must have a reason for telling me this, J.J. What are you trying to say?”

“Just that I think you might benefit from a new perspective. It might be a way to power past your current emotional impasse. It’s a way to feel less helpless in relationships. Come up and take a look around. See if it appeals to you, and maybe sign up for a class.”

 “I don’t know if I’m ready for something like that.” He was astonished. J.J. was a member of a sex club? “So, you’re saying this BDSM might help me control the women in my life?”

“Hell, no, but it’s a lot of fun to try. Just come up and take a look around. You don’t have to participate or sign up for anything right now. Just be prepared to keep an open mind and remember that everyone up there wants to be up there. It is all completely consensual. The watch words of the lifestyle are ‘safe, sane, and consensual.’ No one is forced to participate, and the use of a safe word will stop any activity in its tracks, no matter how extreme it may seem to you.”

“Now you’ve piqued my curiosity. I’ll go up for a drink, no guarantee that I’ll stay.”

“Fair enough. See you at five thirty. We’ll go up together.”




He kissed down her neck and nuzzled into the fairly low-cut neckline of her dress where his firm lips caught hold of her distended nipples through the lace of her bra. It wasn’t a slut dress by any means, but it didn’t seem to have the power to slow him down. The feeling was like a bolt of electricity shooting from her nipples to her clit. He reached down, opened his fly, and freed his steel-hard cock. He quickly donned a condom. He boosted her butt up, and she found her legs wrapped around his hips. Before she knew it he was sheathed in her hot, wet pussy.

He held her braced against the door with one arm while he used his other hand to work her clit. He kissed her hard and began to stroke with enthusiasm. The man can multitask. Good to know. His hot cock sent shivers through her body. She was ready to explode. She watched the play of emotions cross his expressive face as his hard cock pounded into her. She wasn’t sure what he was feeling, who he was fucking. She sure hoped it was her.

He was definitely hitting her sweet spot, and she was ready to fly. She felt his cock jerk inside her, and her pussy pulsed around him, milking his shaft for all she was worth on every withdrawal. Finally, she could hold back no longer, and she exploded with exquisite pleasure as he blasted into her with an explosive climax. When he had pumped all he had into her, her head dropped down on his shoulder, and he finally let her legs fall to the floor. He held her up while she recovered. It had definitely been too freaking long since she had been so well fucked.

He disposed of the condom in the small bath beneath the stairs. “Now we can take it upstairs.”

“Good idea.” She was breathless. She took his hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom.

“I’m sorry if I was rough and too rushed, Nikki. All of a sudden all my good intentions flew out the window.”

“Dan, don’t apologize for making me come like a house on fire. That is always a good thing, and it was about time. I was beginning to think you didn’t really want to be with me.” She had actually been concerned that his desire to take it slow meant he wasn’t really that interested. Apparently she had been wrong if the up-against-the-door sex was anything to go by.

“Nikki, don’t ever think that. I was just trying to give us both time to adjust to the situation.”

“I think we’re adjusted.” She pulled back the white coverlet on her big, mahogany bed. She turned to him, and he was bearing her down to the bed for round two.

“Do you think we can take our clothes off this time?”

“Good idea.” He pulled her dress off over her head, stripped her panties down to her ankles, and unhooked the front closure of her lacy bra. The man was on a mission. Then he stripped out of his own clothes and rejoined her on the bed.

“Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am isn’t my usual style. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.”

She giggled. “Well, I know who has gotten into me.”

He rolled on top of her and settled into the V of her thighs. He kissed her mouth with leisurely thoroughness before slowly coasting his hot mouth down her chest toward her pussy. She knew where he was headed, and she couldn’t wait. Finally, his mouth closed over her clit, and she thought she’d blast through the roof. Her hips were beginning to pump uncontrollably in rhythm with his mouth. He eased off.

“I want to make it last this time.”

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