The Wolves of West Texas Complete Trilogy (MF, MFM)

Wolves of West Texas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,626
2 Ratings (4.0)

Box Set #45: The Wolves of West Texas Complete Trilogy (All 3 books for $3.99)

In Guardian of Her Heart, tormented private investigator Mike Wolfson is on the hunt for a killer. When his greatest enemy threatens Melissa Haven, the one woman he has always wanted, Mike must protect her from kidnappers without revealing his dark secrets, including his shape-shifter side. As passions ignite between them, can Mike reveal his heart-wrenching secret, or will the truth lose her love forever?

In Guardian of His Soul, Juan Enriquez is seeking revenge for his aunt’s murder. He is rescued by Cynthia Krystal one night after a fight with hoodlums and heat ignites between them, including a threesome with Juan’s best friend, Derek Wolfson, a man who has given up on love. At the risk of losing his heart to Cynthia, Juan must protect her from his aunt’s killers, but will she accept his werewolf side and stay with him?

In Guardian of His Love, though Derek Wolfson is afraid of having his heart broken again, he can’t forget about Kelly Wolford after rescuing her from the deadly Hawks gang. She isn’t interested in the marriage her parents have arranged for her. To get out of it, she must prove she is serious about Derek. Derek promises to protect her, but she warns about a showdown with the man she was supposed to marry. The winner receives her hand in marriage. Can Derek defend his love, or will he lose her forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Guardian of Her Heart (MF) Guardian of His Soul (MFM) Guardian of His Love (MFM)

The Wolves of West Texas Complete Trilogy (MF, MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Wolves of West Texas Complete Trilogy (MF, MFM)

Wolves of West Texas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,626
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





“Let’s sit in here while dinner cooks,” she said and led the way to the living room.

She settled in the middle of the couch and crossed her long legs. He welcomed the chance to sit next to her. He could imagine those legs without jeans, naked and wrapped around him. His cock became rigid with his desire.

He cleared his throat. Later, Wolfson, if you’re very lucky. “Even though I don’t want to and I expect you don’t either, we need to talk about this guy and his goons who attacked you.” He wiped one hand over his eyes. “You’ll need better security at the shelter. I don’t like the thought of him showing up again.”

“I can’t afford another security guard at the shelter, but I’ll ask the one I have to walk with me to my car in the evening when I leave.” Her eyes revealed her trust in Mike. Her lips curved up in a warm smile.

He wished he could hold her heart-shaped face with his hands and kiss her freckled nose, her full lips. Feel those lips on him.

“Good. That’ll help, but until we catch those guys, you need to have someone follow you home. I’ll do that. Juan and Derek have been investigating this gang for over a year. If you’ll call the police to make a report about what happened tonight, it’ll help them build a case. The sooner we put these guys in jail, the better.”

She slowly snuggled up to Mike’s side. “I recognized the father of the boy as a troublemaker from our high school days. It’s been a while.”

“I remember him, too,” Mike said and urged Melissa closer to him. His cock stiffened more with his need for her. “In high school, he thought it was fun to pick on kids who were smaller or younger than he was. Now, he uses women to make money.”

Mike clenched his jaw. He should have taken Tito down tonight. He shouldn’t have let him get away.

She smoothed her soft fingers over his hand. “The little boy’s mother signed their last name as Gonzalez.”

“Yeah. Tito Gonzalez.” A rogue werewolf with a dangerous pack. “He owns an apartment building near downtown. He and his gang live there. The police have a detective checking out the place, but so far, from what I’ve heard, he hasn’t found any conclusive evidence to prove human trafficking. The apartment is handy for prostitution, under the guise of a massage parlor, as well as meetings with those looking for free illegal labor. Maybe the boy’s mother can give you some info that would help with the case.”

“I’ll see if she wants to talk about him, but I’m not going to badger her. She came to the shelter for rest and protection. I won’t cause her more distress.”

Mike smiled at the protective tone of Melissa’s voice. “I won’t ask you to. If she closes up, let it go. We’ll find some other way to arrest these guys.”

Anger and determination made his blood boil. The thought of Melissa being hurt by Tito and his gang tempted the dangerous side of Mike with the urge to tear their throats out. 

Melissa was the most beautiful, generous woman he’d ever known. Her dark hair fell in waves around her delicate face. He pushed a tendril back as he gazed into her blue eyes.

Her familiar, sweet scent tempted the primal force raging through his veins. He must control it now and always. She would run from him if she knew he was more than human. 

The drive to mate with Melissa grew stronger. His cock rose higher with his need for her. She’d been his close friend since high school. He wished she could love him forever. He ached to make her his woman, to make love to her, thrust deep, again and again. Become one with her.

If she knew what he was capable of, he doubted she’d be sitting beside him now. Melissa was the only woman he would ever love. He loved her so much it hurt deep in his chest. He feared he was destined to live alone. Now and always.

In the meantime, he’d protect her with his life. Tito’s gang didn’t stand a chance against him if it came to physical violence. The problem was to keep Melissa safe from them when she was alone and vulnerable. He could have lost her tonight. Thank God he’d driven right behind her.

Knowing her spirit and determination, she wouldn’t want a full time bodyguard hanging around. He’d keep a close eye on her, and if he had to be somewhere for a business meeting, he’d ask Derek or Juan to take over.

If she refused to be his life mate, Mike intended to keep her safe,wherever she was. How would he tell her what he’d become? 




Mike stood in the doorway of the kitchen, one hand on each side of the door frame, and stared at Melissa. The wolf in him threatened to destroy his control and take her with no gentleness.

Her tousled hair framed her lovely face. She zipped her jeans, and the motions pushed her lush, naked breasts together, her dusky rose nipples erect and seductive. She hadn’t hooked her bra or buttoned her shirt yet. Driven by the beast within, he wanted her now. He crossed the room, his strides resounding sharply on the floor. He intended to have one more kiss, one more taste of her satin skin, before she served up dinner.

She glanced at him and brought the edges of her shirt together.

“Don’t,” Mike said, his voice a soft rasp.

She bit her lower lip and released the shirt’s edges. “I thought you’d want to eat now.”

She had that right. He wanted to devour her. “It won’t hurt to let it cool a bit. It’s still boiling hot.” In two strides, he reached her, pulled her into his arms, and covered her mouth with his. He tangled his tongue with hers, delving deep as he cupped and stroked one full, warm breast. His cock was still raging and tight. He wanted to take her hard and fast, bury himself deep inside her.

The animal in him wanted to dominate. But the human side wouldn’t take a chance on hurting her or getting her pregnant. Not when she didn’t know what he’d become. Ruthless, feral, half wolf, half human. And if she did know that about him, she’d probably scream and chase him the hell away. Never let him come near her again. But what if she would let him love her?

She was the most giving woman he’d ever known. The kindest, most considerate. Her touch on his bare skin had been pure heaven. When she’d taken his cock in her hand, touching and caressing, he’d thought he’d come right then. The wolf in him wanted to mate with her and keep her by his side for all time.

The human side feared that wasn’t possible.

She moaned as he rubbed his thumb over a firm nipple. He broke the kiss and trailed his lips down her soft throat. Releasing her breast, he pushed her shirt and bra strap off her shoulder. He embraced her gently as he pressed kisses along her shoulder. Her sweet scent intoxicated him.

She arched her neck back, her long hair draping like silk over his arm. He licked the dampened skin between her breasts. He loved her taste and could never get enough of her. Her hand rubbed his cock.

Damn. He was close to losing it. He reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. Opening his shorts, he led her hand to his bare flesh and curled her fingers around his eager cock once again. While she stroked up and down the length of him, he lowered his head to suck her nipples, first one then the other, flicking each peak with the tip of his tongue.

Her quick, short breaths matched his. Tentative, slender fingers delved lower and fondled his balls. Fuck. He was losing control.

“Melissa.” He groaned as he strained to keep the ravaging beast at bay.

“Yes?” she whispered. Her eyes were wide and her lips swollen. She parted them for another kiss.

He’d never felt so tempted. Could he make love to her without hurting her? She was delicate and inexperienced. He needed to be gentle, but could he be? He wanted to make love with Melissa, but he wouldn’t. Not tonight. Maybe never. Kissing her softly, he took a half step back.

It had been a long while since he’d had sex, and not ever with a woman he loved. He’d cared for Melissa for as long as he’d known her. He didn’t want to mess up. He glided his hands up her ribs to her breasts, and she gave a little moan.

Kneeling in front of her, he pressed kisses down her body to her waist and dipped his tongue in her navel. When she chuckled, he looked up to see her smile.

“I think we better eat before dinner is cold,” she said.

He pressed his lips and tongue to her clit through her panties. She gasped, and her fingers squeezed his shoulders.

With a resigned moan, he pressed another kiss to her then rose to his feet. He helped her straighten her clothing. Taking her hips in his hands, he pulled her against his cock. Just one more kiss.

He watched her pleasure-filled gaze as she gently pressed her hands against his chest, moving him back a step. Her eyes darkened even more as she looked him over slowly.

“Would you prefer eating in here or at the kitchen table?” she asked.

Her words taunted him. “Are you on the menu?”





Juan needed to call Derek and get out of here. He didn’t have time to hang around this seductive woman. She called to him like a mythical siren. Slender, with her graceful neck, straight shoulders, and long legs, she moved with an ethereal beauty. The soft lantern light of her entry hall revealed that her short, straight, reddish-brown hair barely covered her ears and the nape of her neck. Her bangs feathered over her forehead, almost hid her light-brown eyebrows, and teased her eyelids. She was beautiful, with those hazel eyes, a slender nose, and full, dark pink lips.

After being turned down by Angie Silva, he had no plans to get involved this soon, or ever look for lasting love again. Being a shape-shifter, it was just as well.

These days, he didn’t intend to pursue anything more than hot sex. After his run-in with the Hawks, he wanted this woman naked and in every way he could think to take her, now.

It wouldn’t be too hard to slip her ivory silk robe off her shoulders and lift her short, pink pajama top up and off. When the robe parted with her long strides, he also noticed a narrow line of lace along the bottom of her short, pink, boxer-style pajama bottoms. It would be so easy to slip his hand beneath that lace and pleasure her, taste her. He’d love the feel of those long, shapely legs wrapped around him.

Dios. What was his problem? He’d never before had such a strong, immediate hunger after a fight. With his sense of smell still heightened, he detected her arousal. Could his need stem from her attraction to him as well? Or was it only the result of the fight with the Hawks?

He imagined making love to her on her dark brown sofa, or up against the beige walls, or on the pink marble kitchen counter. The soft pink Oriental rug would be different, even her bed. It didn’t matter where. He wanted to plunge balls-deep inside her wet, slick pussy, and find release while she found hers. The image had his cock rising hard and ready.

Violence had no place here. He must control his beast’s feral instincts. He swiped his fingers through his hair. Get a grip, Enriquez.

 He needed to contact Derek and report what happened tonight with the Hawks gang.

“May I use your phone?” He twisted on the sofa as his gaze followed her.

“Oh. Sorry, I forgot. Here you go.” She grabbed a phone from the kitchen counter and crossed the room to hand it to him.

“Thanks.” Juan rose from the sofa and strode the length of the den as he pressed the keys. Derek answered. “Hey, I had some trouble with a few of the Hawks when I followed ’em. My car needs a tow. Can you call Ramon to haul it in?” Derek’s assurance took the car off Juan’s mind. “I’ll need a lift home, too.” Didn’t sound like Derek was in the mood to come get him now. “I know it’s late, but—”

“You can spend the night on my sofa, if you need to,” she offered.

He turned. Her arms and hands were full of towels and bags of ice. He couldn’t help smiling at the sight. She looked like she meant business. “Sounds like a plan. Hey, Derek, give me a lift in the morning, okay? Yeah, the address is…” He looked at her.

“Six, one, one, zero Mountain Laurel,” she answered.

Juan gave Derek the address and told him he’d see him in the morning.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I gave you my name. Juan Enriquez.”

“I’m Cynthia Krystal.” She grinned at him, and her face lit up as her eyes sparkled.

“Good to meet you, Cynthia.”

“I’m happy to meet you, too,” she said. “I couldn’t help hearing you say that you were following the Hawks. Are they the guys who attacked you with such viciousness?”

“Yeah,” he answered, softly. “I’m a private investigator along with my business partners, Derek and Mike Wolfson. We’ve been investigating the illegal activities of the Hawks’ gang for a while. We’re hoping to find evidence that will put them in prison. They’re a ruthless gang of criminals.”

“Oh,” she said, her eyes wide. “What’s the name of your business?”

“It’s Desert Edge Investigations. Let me help you with those ice bags.” He reached out, but she took a step back. He lifted his eyebrows in question.

“Now that I think about it, I imagine you’d like a shower first. I have some clean clothing you can wear afterward, and I’ll wash your clothes for you.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Who was he to refuse her request when she’d come to his aid?

“The bathroom is down the hall, and there are clean towels in a basket in the corner. Help yourself.”

Juan could think of more than a shower he’d like to help himself to. “Thanks, Cynthia. I won’t be long.”

“Just drop your dusty clothes outside the door, and I’ll throw them in the washing machine.”

“Will do.” He’d best head for a cold shower quick if he knew what was good for him.




“Let’s get these off, too.” Derek unfastened her slacks before she could, with her arms held back by her bra straps.

She felt a little powerless until Juan removed her bra and helped her stand. Derek slid her slacks down her legs and off her feet. She heard fabric rustle behind her and saw Juan’s clothing land on the end of the sofa, one piece after another. She wanted to turn and feast her eyes on him, but Derek held her still, facing him, his big hands bracketing her hips and then sliding her panties down.

The way in which the two of them worked together was a little overwhelming. Almost as rushed as her ex had been about getting her naked when he felt the urge. The important difference was that she participated willingly tonight.

Juan wrapped his arms around her waist, his familiar touch calming her nerves. She trusted him to protect her. He supported her while Derek slipped her panties from her feet, leaving her completely naked. One of Juan’s hands stroked down her belly until his fingers cupped her.

Derek watched as he knelt in front of her, his penis erect, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the head.

Juan slipped a finger between her slick folds and pushed inside her wet opening. She gasped.

“Querida, you’re beautiful. Your pussy is dripping with your juices.”

Derek stared at the swollen flesh between her thighs. “Damn, you’re pretty, Cindy, all pink and wet.” He slid his hands around her hips, smoothed his fingers between her cheeks, and held her hips with both hands, pulling her toward him.

Juan slid his finger in and out of her opening. Her channel pulsed with need, and she inhaled a swift breath. Juan’s familiar male scent mingled with Derek’s aftershave. The delicate, heady mixture filled her, a huge contrast to their strong male manipulation of her body.

Derek parted her cheeks, and Juan’s hard penis pushed between, teasing her flesh as he glided his cock back and forth, spreading her cream over his cock and her small hole. It felt decadent and tantalizing at the same time with his long finger inside her channel. The ache between her thighs burgeoned. The scent of warm men and musky sex surrounded her.

“My turn,” Derek said, his voice a soft rumble. “I want to taste you, Cindy, okay?”

The thought of him tasting her made her opening burn with naughty need. “Yes,” she hissed.

Juan’s finger slid from her opening. His cock slipped from her butt cheeks and rested against the small of her back, his pre-cum and her fluids marking a trail.

Derek cupped the outside of her thighs and nuzzled her folds.

His hot tongue pushed deep and teased her clit. A sharp moan escaped her. Laving and circling her sensitive flesh, he drove her need for more intense sensation.

His tantalizing lips and tongue left her. “Spread your legs, honey.” With his warm palms and fingers, Derek pushed against the inside of her thighs. She spread her feet wider apart, giving him the access he asked for.

“Wait.” Suddenly, Juan cupped the back of her thighs and lifted her feet off the floor. “Let’s try it this way.”

Before she could ask what, Derek bent her knees and positioned her thighs to rest on his shoulders. “Good idea, partner.”

Oh, my god. Kneeling on the floor as Derek was, she was wide open for him. It was almost too much. She choked back a whimper and swallowed hard. Her face blazed with heat. Tension forced her to grip Juan’s arms. “I’ve never done this before.”

“It’s all right, querida. You’ll like it.”

With Derek’s hands steadying her legs on his wide shoulders, her thighs hugged both sides of his head. Derek pressed his mouth against her damp labia, spreading the swollen folds. His hot, wet tongue stroked deep between and swept downward to delve into her opening.

“Oh!” she uttered on a sharp moan. His tongue licked from her opening through her wet flesh to her clit. He circled her clit, and gently squeezed with his teeth. She was going to come.

He let go of one thigh. His long, thick finger slid slowly inside her opening. She pressed her head back against Juan’s hard muscles as her body shook and tightened with her impending climax.

“Dios, querida,” Juan whispered, his voice sounding strained.

She gripped Juan’s arms tighter, her moan rising with her need.

Derek moved his head, his whisker-roughened skin abrading her sensitive thighs, his tongue tormenting her clit. He pushed his finger deeper inside her and swirled it. Her back arched, and with a sharp cry she climaxed, lights bursting around her as her body spasmed with sweet pleasure.

Juan pressed kisses against her face and throat. “Querida, you’re beautiful.”

Derek’s mouth and fingers stroked every highly sensitized place as pulses continued, until she rested, relaxed and lethargic, against Juan’s body, his cock still hard against her back.

“We’re not done yet, Cindy.” Derek gently lifted her legs from his shoulders. He rose, placed a soft kiss on her lips, and changed places with Juan, who helped her stand.

She marveled at how easily they supported her as they moved around. She was almost limp in their hands. They could position her in any way they wanted, and she wouldn’t care at this point.

“My turn,” Juan said. “Let Derek hold you a minute while I get a condom.”

Derek wrapped his arms around her from behind. He pressed kisses beneath her ear as his fingers smoothed over her nipples and kneaded her breasts. Was it possible to suffer sexual sensation overload?

Juan stood in front of her, rolled on his condom, and smiled at her, his eyes warm and smoldering with emotion. Her dripping-wet, swollen flesh was already aching again with need. She wanted Juan inside her now.

Juan lifted one of her thighs high against his hip. “Wrap your leg around me.”

She did as he said. He slid his cock through her cream, slowly back and forth, and finally positioned the head of his penis at her opening. He pushed a little way inside her passage.

“Your pussy is so hot. Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she said, breathless, longing for him to move deeper.

“I’ll hold her while you get the lubricant,” Juan said softly.

Why did he need lubricant? She felt wetter between her legs than she’d ever been. What were they going to do now?

Juan pushed inside her a little more. “I think you’ll enjoy this, querida.”





“Why don’t we get out of here and take a walk. You’re safe in this neighborhood.”

“Sounds great. I’d better change into some clothes, though.”

“We wouldn’t need any clothes if we shifted.” He raised his eyebrows in question.

She stared at him and then smiled. “That would be nice. I haven’t shifted in ages. What if someone sees us, though?”

“No one will notice. The people in this neighborhood drive into their garages at night and don’t come out until they drive back out the following morning. We can leave our robes over the chairs on the back patio.”

“Lead the way. I’m ready.” She jumped up from the sofa.

He stood and took her hand. “The door’s over here.” He led the way to the oversize doors between the great room and the kitchen. The doors opened onto the patio and backyard. He crossed the length of the patio into the shadows. “Leave your robe here.” After tossing hisacross the back of a lounge chair, he helped her out of her robe and draped it over the back of the chair as he indicated the gate in the rock wall.

“There’s a path along the top of the foothill we can follow.” He took her hand and escorted her through the gate, which he opened and closed behind them.

“When will we shift?” Her voice sounded eager.

“Right now if you want. No one can see us behind this wall.”

“I’m ready. You go first.”

He chuckled and grinned at her. “Ladies first. I insist.” He needed a strong emotional reaction in order to shift and figured the sight of her shifting would be just the thing.

“Okay. The moonlight is beautiful on the desert. It makes me want to run.” She took off along the path heading north, away from the neighborhood.

Derek watched, enthralled as the moon revealed her shape-shifting. She quickly morphed to a were form, the actual shape of a wolf, her hair pale silver. She stopped running, her beautiful wolf shape and shining fur revealed to him as she turned. A smile on her wolf face, darker fur outlined her pale blue eyes that gleamed in the moonlight.

She was a sight to fire any wolf’s blood. Charges of electricity swept the length of Derek as he began to morph. 




Derek opened the door for her to precede him. She walked into the room, her attention caught by a metal bar hanging from the ceiling by chains. More chains hung from each end of the bar. “What’s that?”

Jared stood on the other side of the room. He also wore a white terrycloth robe. He smiled at her.

“Don’t be alarmed,” Derek said. “I agreed with Jared this needs to duplicate as close as possible the testing situation. The bar and chains will take the place of the guys who will be holding your arms, supporting you during the testing. There are soft padded rings on the end of the chains that will go around your wrists.”

Kelly couldn’t keep from shivering at the implications.

“If you’d rather not, it’s okay,” Derek said softly behind her.

“No. I’m fine with it. Let’s do it.” She turned to look at Derek.

“We can put our robes on the bed.” He shrugged out of his and took hers from her.

A big bed took up most of the other half of the room. Covered in a honey-colored satin bedspread, it was piled high at the headboard with large pillows in the same fabric. She watched the play of Derek’s muscles and his tight ass while he crossed the room to toss their robes on the bed.

Still in his robe, Jared crossed to the chains and waited for her. Derek placed his warm hand on the small of her back and walked with her to join Jared. He carefully opened the padded cuff and closed it around her wrist.

“Stand in the middle under the bar, hon.” Derek helped her find the position. When he was satisfied, he lifted her hand and Jared placed the other cuff on her other wrist. 

She felt sort of trapped. But this was nothing compared to how she would feel during the testing. It was best to get used to this now. Derek had been gentle with her, and Jared, as a friend of Derek’s, would be gentle, too. She had no idea if Rafe knew the meaning of gentle. So, she needed to be prepared.

Derek moved close behind her and curved his warm hands around her waist. Jared moved in front of her, stark-naked. She inhaled swiftly, surprised that Jared was in front of her. Whatever he and Derek had planned, she had to go along with it. She wouldn’t have any choice with Rafe and what he planned.

Derek’s gentle kisses brushed over her shoulders, first one side then the other. His hands caressed her waist and slipped lower where he cupped her butt cheeks. Jared’s hands skimmed over her ribs and curved beneath her breasts. When he tweaked her nipples, her body reacted and sent a hot jolt to her pussy. She breathed deeply as her labia swelled. Warm fluid pooled at her opening.

“Spread your legs, hon,” Derek directed from behind her. His hands returned to her butt cheeks, parting them and smoothing lubricant along her crack from above her anus to her slickened opening. His fingers spread the lubricant and pleasured her at the same time, sliding through her slit and back to her little hole. He circled that tight flesh with the pads of his fingers.

Jared lowered his head and took a nipple in his mouth, drawing hard, stroking it with his warm, wet tongue. Another heated surge swelled her labia and the opening to her channel. Fluid dripped from her opening and dampened her thighs. Tension grew with both men drawing incredible pleasure from her most sensitive flesh. How would she control her body and resist Rafe’s sexual caresses?

Jared left her nipple and pressed a line of wet kisses down her midriff and over her belly to her folds. He parted her folds with his fingers. His ravaging tongue delved deep to her sensitive clit. Her thighs shivered from the stimulation of a man who was more stranger than acquaintance to her. 

Derek slid his thick, hard cock between her butt cheeks, pushing her body against Jared’s mouth. A moan of pleasure escaped her. Jared rose to his feet and latched his mouth onto her other nipple as his long fingers delved through her labia and circled her clit. Derek positioned the head of his cock at her needy opening and pushed inside her with one thrust.

Their actions threatened to make her cry out, almost overwhelming her as Derek filled her with his cock. He rubbed the head against her sweet spot, drawing a sharp moan from her. Jared tormented her clit and her nipple. As Derek slid in and out over her most sensitive place, tension coiled to the breaking point inside her. Her back arched. She would have collapsed but the padded cuffs held her. She shuddered as her orgasm slammed into her, rocking her. “Derek!” she cried as incredible ecstasy raced through her.

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