The Wyoming Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Wyoming Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 212,727
4 Ratings (3.8)

In Commando Cowboys Capture Their Mate, believing Sara Calhoun is a spy, the Wyoming Warriors kidnap and fly her to Ranch headquarters, where their leader, Mitch Stanton, waits to interrogate her. Justin, Mitch's commander, suggests they might have the wrong woman. Mitch visits his prisoner and is stunned by his body's reaction to the pretty captive.

In Commando Cowboys Rescue Their Bride, Morgan O’Malley is drugged at her boss’s party. Ethan Wright rescues her in spite of the chance it might involve her in his assignment. Almost immediately, he notices his body’s strong response to her. But he needs to keep his head. She may be part of the group he’s infiltrating.

In Commando Cowboys Seduce Their Woman, Ellen Simmons is being followed. When she signals the Commando Cowboys for help, Sahale Connor arrives at her door. With his beautiful eyes, gorgeous body, and delicious scent, he stirs feelings she's kept repressed. At the ranch, she discovers his best friend, Jack Talisman, affects her in the same way.

In Commando Cowboys Reclaim Their Love, Cassandra Venitia returns to Lovettville, Wyoming, after ten years. Her mother is ill, and the two Wyoming Warriors she left behind have haunted her memories. When she sees Lang Connor and Nick Kenric for the first time since her return, the old feelings come back. Can they pick up again?



A Siren Erotic Romance
Paige Cameron is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Wyoming Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
4 Ratings (3.8)

The Wyoming Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Wyoming Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 212,727
4 Ratings (3.8)
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I loved these books. There was plenty to keep me interested and wondering how these warrior cowboys would catch their girl.
Sara Anderson





Sara heard the roar of engines. Where was she? Her mind was blank. She tried to open her eyes, but they felt like weights held them down. Gradually, her memory began to come back.

She’d been dizzy, sick, and closed her eyes. Was she dreaming?

There was a rumble that vibrated through her seat. Seat? A plane? She was traveling on a plane? This time when she tried to move her eyelids, they opened a slit.

The ceiling above her didn’t have the rack to hold baggage like a regular jet. She turned her head slightly, and nausea washed over her again. Moving more slowly, she tried once more to look around.

She was on a small jet. Her seat was wide and soft. Her hands had been fastened in front of her with one of those plastic ties. A pillow had been placed behind her head.

“She’s awake.” An unfamiliar voice to the right of her spoke.

A brown-haired man, dressed in a black suit, stepped in front of her chair. “Do you want something to drink?”

Sara nodded. Her parched throat ached. She heard a bottle top being opened, and someone handed him a bottle of water.

“Let me sit you up.” He moved a lever and helped her straighten in her seat, then held the bottle to her lips. She swallowed rapidly, almost choking herself. “Slow down or you’ll make yourself sick.”

“Did you drug me? Who are you?”

She saw a brief twinkle in his eye. “Well, if I told you, I might have to kill you.”

“I must be dreaming. They only say that in bad movies.”

He laughed. “You’re not dreaming. We have you secured good and tight.”

“But, why? What do you want with me? I don’t have any money or any rich relatives.”

“The boss will explain when we get to our destination.”

“You have the wrong person. I’m a very dull girl. This is like out of a bad spy movie or something.”

People in the background laughed. Sara looked around, realizing there were at least four kidnappers in the plane with her. “It took four of you for one little woman?” she sneered.

“Come on, Miss Calhoun, you’re not just any little woman. We know you work for the biggest international spy ring around. You’d have never come quietly, so we put you to sleep,” the dark-haired man said. “Well.” He glanced at a woman sitting to the side. “We hoped you’d be asleep.”

“You’re wrong. You’ve made a big mistake. Where are you taking me?” she demanded.

“You’ll get your answers soon enough. For now, lay back and be quiet.” He motioned to one of the others. “Watch her. She’s smart. I’m going to call the boss from the other room.”

Sara wished she had super hearing and could listen in to that conversation. Fear crouched all around her. All of these men were well-dressed in black suits and shiny shoes. One of the group was a woman, but she had the same hard look the others wore. The men were big and looked very strong. When one of them moved, his coat jacket flared open, and she saw the butt of a gun. Her banter with them had been more to keep her own courage up than for any other reason. 

Shaking her head, she hoped she’d wake up and find this had been a nightmare. Ellen and Morgan would have a good laugh when she told them about it. Still, she wasn’t able to wake herself and get out of this horror movie.

The captain’s voice came over the loud speaker. “Prepare for landing in ten minutes.”

The men began to fasten their seat belts. One checked her before he sat.

“Won’t be long now,” one of them said. “I’ll be glad to get home.”

Sara wished she could say the same. She suspected her problems were just beginning.




Again his face held that mischievous, seductive smile. Where Mitch was darkness and mystery, Daren was light and openness. Two totally different men. Yet she wanted them both.

His mouth moved down to her opening, and he kissed her. Her body jolted. She tried to back away.

“You think too much, too. Let yourself go, have fun, embrace our differences.” He proceeded to put one finger, then another into her wet pussy, while his mouth licked and suckled her clit. All thought fled except for him, his outdoorsy fragrance surrounding her as his body demanded more and more. Her hips rose against his mouth to meet him.

“Please,” she begged mindlessly. Her every cell had become supersensitive to his touch.

“Give me more,” he demanded, his voice harder, huskier.

She pushed him over and straddled his legs. Her hand clasped his fully erect and hardened penis. With her other hand she cupped his sac. “This time you’ll beg.”

Her mouth brushed across the tip of his cock, tasting his salty flavor. Slowly, she took him in her mouth, little by little. Her tongue tasted and swirled around the warm, satin skin. His hands moved her head up and down his length. She heard him groan.

“No more. I want to be in you when I come.” He turned her under him, leaned over the bed, and pulled a condom out of his pocket. He tore it open with his teeth. “Put it on me.”

Placing the rubber at the tip, she rolled it down on his large cock. He covered her hand with his. “Feel me pulse with hunger for you?”

None too gently, he spread her legs and moved into position. Looking into her eyes, he plunged in fast and deep. She yelled out with pleasure as her body clamped tight around him. A flood of heat and tingles of electricity ran through her. She tossed her head from side to side then pushed hard against him and let herself ride the wave he’d created. From a distance she heard his shout as he moved in even deeper and held there.

Sara never heard Mitch enter. When she opened her eyes and looked across the room, he stood against his closed door. The lust on his face and in his eyes told her he wanted her, too. Her body reacted almost instantly.

Mitch strode across and pushed Daren to the side. “If you’re going to share, leave room for me to join.”

Daren chuckled. “I wondered when you’d arrive.”

“Just in time, it seems.”

She looked at both of them. “You really don’t mind?”

“Not at all. I planned to take you for a ride today, and discuss this aspect of our marriage, but Daren seems to have beaten me to it.”

“What a delightful surprise. If you’d told me she was waiting, I’d have moved the operation along faster,” Daren said.

“We need to discuss more than Sara, but right now I need to catch up with you two,” Mitch said while he quickly disposed of his clothes, and taking out a packet, he put on a condom.

Daren gently pulled Sara toward him making room for Mitch. Mitch slid into the bed, moving against Sara from the front. Daren lay against her back. She felt Daren’s hand brush her hair aside. He kissed her neck.

“Relax, honey.”

“I can’t relax. We need to talk about this—” She stopped talking when Mitch touched her below. His thumb steadily rubbed across her clit.

“You’re wet for me, and I’m ready for you.”

“We can’t make love. In bed here, together.”

“Why not?” both men said almost in unison.

“It isn’t done.”

“Her only fault I can find, Mitch, is she talks too much.”

“I agree. Guess we’ll have to work on that.” Mitch leaned across the small space and planted his mouth on hers. His warm tongue caressed the inside. Behind her, Daren cuddled closer against her buttocks, and his hand moved to her breast to cup her and tease her nipple. Surrounded by their warmth, their musky scent, she shook with desire and all the salacious thoughts in her mind. Thoughts she didn’t know she had.

Mitch left her mouth to give his full attention to her other breast. All the time, his fingers explored her lower lips and moved in and out of her pussy.

“Damn, I’m hard again already,” Daren mumbled against her mouth as he took Mitch’s place, kissing her, nipping at her bottom lip. She lay flat between them. Each man touching, kissing, and arousing her body to a fever pitch.

“I can’t wait,” Mitch said. He pulled her legs further apart and put his cock at her opening. “Ready, darling?”

Eyes glazed, feeling drunk with pleasure, Sara nodded. She yelled out with hunger when he plunged in to the hilt.

“Yes, yes,” she screamed.

Daren chuckled in her ear. He whispered, “Give it all to him, sweetheart. The way you did for me. Fuck him.” The mixture of sweetness and naughtiness of his words sent her desire roaring.

Her hand reached out and clamped onto Daren’s hard cock. Her finger rubbed across the damp tip and around the edge, before mimicking the motion up and down as Mitch went in and out of her. Mitch’s eyes darkened to almost black with passion. He raised her legs over his shoulders and plunged in deeper and harder.





“I’ll stop now if you want, or you can tell me to continue.”

His impassioned words speared through her heart. Turn back? Her body throbbed with need and burned with the fire he’d kindled inside her. She was wet with the juice from her desire. Her pussy lips ached to clamp around his hard cock. She tried to think clearly, but her mind screamed to take him inside her.

She pulled his head down close to her lips. “Take me, damn you.” She whispered the words.

He bit her lower lip and whispered back, “Anything to please, my lady.” He spread her legs wide and plunged deep inside her. Her body arched with the intense pleasure. She pulled his hips tighter, pulling him in even more. All the time their eyes were connected by an unseen wire.

“Is that all you’ve got?” she taunted him.

“Damn you.” His sizzling grin sent a tremor of response rippling across her skin. Pulling her legs up to his wide shoulders, he sank as deep as he could go. Then just as suddenly he moved out. He bent his head to suckle her clit and taste her sweet honey. His mouth and teeth teased, tasted, and suckled all along her pink folds and across her nub.

Morgan screamed for him to take her, but he only laughed and continued to torment her, bringing her to the edge, backing down, and then doing it again. Finally, when she thought she’d explode, he moved to her opening and slid back in. This time he moved slow and easy. Her pussy clamped around him, and her inner muscles trembled against his hot cock.

“I love you, sweetheart,” he said, as he went in all the way and she split apart with the deep ecstasy of her release. From a distance she heard his shout of release.

“You two are having too much fun without me.”

Morgan managed to turn her head in the direction of her bedroom door. Justin sauntered in, dropping his clothes as he came.

Ethan rolled off of her and smiled across at his brother. “It’s your fault for not getting here sooner. I’m not sorry.” He spoke between gasping for breath. “She,” he said, and nodded at Morgan, “and I have had a wonderful time alone. But you’re welcome to join us.”

“No. I—”

Both men stared at her, but Justin continued to undress. He sat on the side of the bed and removed his boots, then stood to take off his jeans.

“You were saying, darlin’?”

“I can’t. This isn’t right.”

“Sure it is.” Justin climbed into the bed beside her. Ethan had moved over and pulled her with him. Justin leaned down and kissed her. “Sweetest kisser I’ve ever known.”

“And I’m sure you’ve known quite a few,” Morgan said.

Justin looked across her to Ethan. “I love her smart mouth.” His lips covered hers again, and his hand moved down along her neck to her breast. He barely brushed the palm of his hand over the tip of her nipple.

She didn’t think her body could move after what she’d just experienced with Ethan, but her breast seemed to swell right in his hand, and a sizzle went straight to her pussy. His tongue slid inside her mouth and licked along the top and sides. She hadn’t realized she’d turned toward him until she felt Ethan’s hands rubbing her back and cupping her backside. His lips nuzzled at her neck.

Their scents and warm bodies enveloped her, and her head and body responded immediately. Her every nerve more sensitive than they’d ever been to a touch or a kiss. Her insides wept with moisture. She felt her pussy pulse with a craving to have one of their hot, hard cocks inside her.

Justin’s mouth traveled down her body. At the juncture to her thighs, he separated her pink folds and rubbed his thumb across her clit. She moaned. Ethan had moved to her breasts and suckled one while he teased the nipple of the other. A tremor started inside her pussy and traveled to every nerve. She had a voracious hunger for her two men that both thrilled and frightened her.

Her legs were spread wider. Justin quickly put on a condom and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He began to move in slowly as Ethan kissed her mouth, and moved his tongue in and out to match Justin’s rhythm below. Ethan still rubbed across her taut nipples, and Morgan was sure any moment she’d explode with the tension building inside her.





Ellen Simmons was sure she was being followed. Yesterday and today she’d deliberately left work early, parked her car in front of her apartment instead of in the garage, and hurried inside.

She unlocked her door and went to her bedroom. Standing to the side of the window, she looked out. Yes, the same van she’d spotted both days was parked down the street on the opposite side. Her heart was racing. Normally calm and rational, she was beginning to come unraveled. Without thinking, her fingers ran across the bracelet Sara had given her the last time she visited the ranch.

“This is something I want you to have. Mitch gave it to me to keep me safe when I worked with him and Daren. The bracelet is specially made so the person wearing it can call for help.” Sara fastened the gold chain with a little heart hanging from it around Ellen’s wrist. “You’re all alone now that Morgan and I are living at the ranch. If you need us, just push the front of the heart in firmly. You’ll hear a click. And you don’t have to worry about bumping the heart charm. It won’t send a signal that easily. Also, the GPS will let our guys know wherever you are. The signal will go to Mitch or Daren. Promise me you’ll wear the bracelet at all times.”

Ellen had reluctantly accepted her gift. She had no expectation of ever needing to use the bracelet. But there was one man she feared. He hadn’t contacted her in years. Yet she felt him out there, waiting.

She was not going to panic. She’d feed Montlief and herself, and then decide whether to use the safety button. Montlief? She glanced around. Where was he? He hadn’t greeted her at the door, but she’d been so distracted she hadn’t noticed.

“Montlief,” she called out as she went down the hall. Was that a whimper? She stopped and listened. Yes, coming from the front bathroom, where she kept one of his water bowls. She hurried to the doorway.

Montlief was lying on the cool tile floor. He barely raised his head when she entered. His eyes were half-closed and he’d been sick. Something was wrong. She had to get him to a doctor. But as she grabbed her phone to call, something stopped her.

They’d gotten to her dog to force her outside. But how? It didn’t matter. It was dark now. Panic flooded her system.

Sit, think. Her fingers grasped the little heart and pushed against it. She heard the click Sara had described that told her the signal had been sent. Now what? She couldn’t wait too long or Montlief would die.

What were the words, the signal to give Sara when she called? I’m fine? No. I haven’t heard from you in a while. That was it.

Minutes seemed like hours. Ellen paced the floor between her living room and the bathroom. She knelt and brushed Montlief’s fur. “You’ll be all right. Help is coming soon.” She hoped.

The phone rang, making her jump. She ran into the living room and grabbed the receiver. “Hello.”

“Ellen, it’s Sara. I was thinking of you.”

“I haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you?”

“We’re all fine. You should see Caitlin. She’s growing fast. She’s going to be very tall. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, but Montlief is not so good.”

“Sorry to hear that. He should see a vet soon.”

“I agree. I’ll see to it.”

When she hung up, Ellen knew from Sara’s words that someone was close, here in Rhodes Creek. He was tall, and if she understood correctly, he was a veterinarian. He’d be here soon. Her panic eased a little. But to help her dog, he’d better get here now.


* * * *


Sahale Connor had been trailing the men in the tan van for several days. Daren had sent him to keep a watch on Sara’s friend Ellen. Since Sahale rarely went on jobs stateside, he was the one least likely to be recognized. He wouldn’t need a disguise. Tonight he’d ridden a motorcycle and parked one street over. He’d blended into the shadows where he could watch the van and the windows of Sara’s friend Ellen’s apartment.

His cell vibrated in his pocket. He read the message and headed back to his bike. Gunning the motor, he swung around the corner, slowed, and found a place to park near Ellen’s car. He took his time unfastening his helmet. He reached into his leather saddlebag and took out a paper sack to carry inside. Days ago he’d managed to have a key made for the lock on the entrance door to the apartments.

He took his time and strolled to the entrance. A man came out as he was going in. Sahale greeted him, then walked to the elevators. He’d already checked out the place one day when he first got to Rhodes Creek. Number thirty-nine was the last door on the left, on the third floor. When the elevator doors opened, he strode quickly down the hall and rang the bell once, then twice rapidly.

A fairly tall, brown-haired woman opened the door a crack. She’d left her chain fastened. Like that would help her if I wanted to bust in.

“I’m Sahale, a friend of your friend.” Golden-brown eyes studied him from his head to his feet. “I can help your dog, but not from out here.”




She smiled at Jack. His blond hair was wavy on top, and fell in silky strands to his collar. Sherry-brown eyes had darkened to a chocolate color. Sensual lips were curved in a soft smile. He had a firm jaw. His broad shoulders filled out his light blue flannel shirt, and tight jeans hugged slim hips and long legs. He made her blood warm and race through her veins.

“See something you like?”

“Maybe. I’d have to unwrap the package to be sure.” For the first time she could remember, she was joking with a man.

Jack pulled her out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her. He dried her and carried her to the side of the bed before putting her down.

“Now you can unwrap your package.”

With hands not quite steady, she began at his top button. As she undid each button, she breathed in his musky, masculine scent. Her lips brushed across his chest as she managed to open his shirt and take it off. She stepped back, her legs bumping against the bed, and admired him.

He cupped her face in his hands, and gently kissed each eyelid, her cheeks, and briefly touched her lips. “Is that all the further you’re going?” The teasing lilt of his voice made her insides melt.

“Oh, no.” She undid his belt and button. Then moved his zipper slowly down. She glanced at his boots.

“No problem, sweetheart.” He sat on the bed and pulled first one and then the other off.

She pushed him backward onto the bed and yanked at his pants, pulling them and his underwear down and away. His large cock was fully aroused. When her hand circled him she felt the heat and pulsing. Kneeling between his legs, she explored the texture of his skin, the smooth top, the long ridge on the underside. A pearl of liquid tempted her. Her tongue licked across, taking the salty taste into her mouth.

Jack groaned. She looked at him. “Don’t stop now, darlin’.”

With one hand, she cupped his sac. With the other she held him firmly, and put her mouth over his satin hardness. She heard his sharp intake of breath. His fingers raked through the strands of her hair.

“Do you like that?”

He gave a harsh chuckle. “Do I like breathing?”

Becoming more confident, she moved her mouth up and down his cock as her pussy clenched and unclenched and desire swirled deep in her abdomen. Her lips tightened around his girth and her tongue ran across the top of his dick and along the edge.

Strong hands stopped her. “Darlin’, I want to be buried in that sweet, hot pussy when I come. Come here.” He pulled her up and over him onto the bed. In seconds he had their positions reversed. He’d grabbed a condom out of his pocket and tore the packet open with his teeth, then rolled it on. Spreading her legs, he tasted her and scraped his teeth across her nub.

Fire raced along her nerve endings. She bucked under him as his tongue licked along her pussy lips and his thumb rubbed her clit. An ache built inside her. “More, more,” she moaned.

His heated gaze speared her. He rose and moved upward, taking her pebbled nipple between his teeth. His hand cupped her other breast and his fingers brushed across her peak. Then he spread her legs wider with his knees, moved his cock into position, and pushed inside. She came apart instantly. Her body filled with extreme pleasure. Her moist pussy clamped around his cock as her inner muscles rippled around him, draining all he could give.

“You two are having fun without me.”

Ellen raised her head to see Sahale undressing, putting on a condom, and joining them. “Wait. I don’t—” She didn’t know what to say next.

Sahale moved onto the bed at her backside and pulled her hair aside to kiss her neck. “You don’t what, honey?”

“I’ve never been with two men.”

“I’d hoped not.” Jack spoke from where he lay close against her front. He slipped down and sucked on her breast.

She was surprised to feel her body respond again so quickly. Her heart gave a lurch when Sahale kissed all along her spine. His hands cupped her buttocks and massaged. She felt moisture flowing out of her pussy.

They didn’t give her time to think. Jack rolled her to face Sahale. Sahale took her mouth in a hot, hard kiss. His tongue raked the soft interior, demanding a response. Before she realized it she was kissing him back.

His fingers played over her already-sensitive breasts and tight nipples. He moved down and nipped at one. “You smell like roses and taste like strawberries.” He suckled hard on her breast and her pussy tingled.

When she groaned, Jack reached around and slipped two fingers into her hot, moist pussy. He moved them in and out while his thumb rubbed her most sensitive spot. Her whole body was on fire. She wasn’t sure where one of them began and another took control. They kissed her, touched her, brought her to a peak, and then pulled back until she screamed, “Damn it, take me.”

Jack held her back snug in his embrace while Sahale pulled her legs apart and entered her fast and hard. His tongue went in and out of her mouth, matching his rhythm below. Jack kissed her along her back and whispered in her ear. “Your pussy is hot and wet perfection. Give it all to him, baby. Suck his cock dry.” His naughty words made her hotter and her pussy clench tighter. Sahale reached between them and put pressure on her nub.





Cassandra Venitia parked her car after returning from Ellen, Sahale, and Jack’s wedding. Her insides still quivered from the sight of Lang and hearing his beautiful voice. For ten years she’d pushed the thought of the two men she’d left behind down deep inside her. Since she’d been home she’d gone out of her way to visit her mother on the ranch when she thought Lang Connor and Nick Kenric would be working. Until today, she’d managed to avoid seeing them.

She climbed the back stairs of the wooden building to her apartment. The first floor was her shop. She’d rented the space when she moved back to Lovettville, Wyoming. Entering her small apartment, she went to the cubbyhole kitchen and put on the teakettle. Her mother had given her some of Nanna’s teas during her last visit. Nanna, Lang and Sahale’s grandmother, created teas for various ailments. This particular one was supposed to have a calming effect. The way Cassandra’s insides felt right now, she definitely needed to relax.

She slipped out of her dress and heels and put on a faded pair of jeans and a T-shirt, leaving off her bra. Might as well be comfortable. Her friend, Cindy, enjoyed working in the shop and didn’t expect her back for at least another hour or so.

The teakettle whistled. Cassandra poured the hot water into the small china teapot and left it to steep for a few minutes. She walked across her living room and stared at the small town and in the distance to the snow-covered mountains. Just looking out at the natural beauty made her feel better.

After living in crowded metropolitan areas, Cassandra had been ready to return home. Funny, when she’d lived here, she had never thought of it as her home, had in fact rejected the ranch and the town.

Her tea was ready. She poured a cup and sipped the sweet liquid. The warmth spread into the cold parts of her body. When the doorbell rang, she jumped.

Who could be at her door? She never had company. She tiptoed cautiously across the room. She didn’t have a peephole. Keeping the chain lock in place, she cracked the door open.

“You rushed away from the reception and didn’t give me a chance to say hello.” Nick, sunlight shining on his golden-brown hair, leaned his tall body against her doorframe. “Aren’t you going to ask me inside?”

“I didn’t see you at the wedding.”

“No, you were too busy looking for Lang and trying to decide how to get out of there before he joined the group at the reception.”

“How do you know what I was thinking?” She frowned at him.

“Honey, I always could read you like a book, except for that last time. We didn’t expect to not see you again for ten years. Can I come in to talk?” he asked again.

She started to tell him no, to say she wasn’t feeling well. But she’d never been a coward. There was no need to start now. She shut the door and unfastened the chain, then opened the door to him.

“Come in. Do you want a cup of tea?”

Nick strolled to the kitchen and sniffed her cup. “Ah, one of Nanna’s famous brews. I think I’ll pass. I don’t guess you’d have a beer in that tiny box.” He nodded to her refrigerator.

“It is small.” She smiled. “No beer, but I do have an open bottle of wine.”

“No thanks, I’ll pass.” He strolled around her living room, looking at the paintings on the walls and the view outside. “Nice little place, Cassie. Not what I’d expected, nor is your shop.”

Inside, Cassandra’s nerves were jumping and her heartbeat tripped double time. His particular scent filled the air, and he was even more handsome than she remembered. The ten years had refined the young man’s looks. His shoulders were broader, tight abs were defined under his blue T-shirt, and snug jeans hugged lean hips and long legs. She wet her dry lips and caught a flash of lust flaring briefly in his summer-blue eyes.

“When did you visit my shop?” she finally managed to ask.

“One day last week. You were out.”

“It must have been the day I took my mother to the city for her treatment.”

Nick’s eyes darkened. “How is she?”

“Not good. The treatments for her cancer aren’t working as well as we’d hoped.”

“I’m sorry, Cassie.” Nick stepped toward her. She backed away.

No one had called her Cassie in years. She hadn’t allowed it. The name reminded her too much of the way it sounded when Nick or Lang said “Cassie” in their deep, husky voices.

“How is Lang?” she asked.

“Lang doesn’t change. He’s the immovable object, calm, cool, able to deal with any emergency.”

“It always surprised me that you two were such good friends,” Cassie said. “He had all the patience in the world and you had very little.” Seeing Nick reminded her of their uniqueness and how she’d admired and loved them. At least in the way an eighteen-year-old loved. She’d been full of angst, lots of emotion, and incredible lows and highs. She’d walked away from the feelings and the men.

Nick sprawled on her sofa. “Sit down, Cassie.”

“Is that an order?”

“Still have that chip on your shoulder?”

She grinned reluctantly. “No.” She sat in the chair across from him.

“Why did you leave? We waited for a message.”

His eyes pierced into her. She looked down at her hands. “You didn’t look for me.”

“Yes, we did.”

Cassie glanced up and saw the truth in his facial expression, one of regret and sadness.

“But you didn’t contact me.”

“We searched to make sure for ourselves and your parents that you were all right. But it was always your choice to come back, not ours to bring you.”




Cassie stared up at him. “I can’t.”

“Sure you can. See how easy it is?” He lifted her into his arms. “You put your arms around my neck and your head on my shoulder, and I’ll take care of you.”

“I’m too tired to fight.”

“Good, because you’d lose.” He grinned. “I fight to win.”

Her head sank onto his wide, strong shoulder as her arms curled around his neck. He smelled of pine, and the outdoors, and his own special essence. She took a deep breath and, without thinking, kissed his neck.

The rumble of his laughter vibrated against her chest. Through all the tiredness and stress of the day, the desire for him still rose, flooding her system with warmth. Gently, he sat her in the passenger seat of his truck.

“I’ll have you home in a moment.” Walking briskly around the front of the truck, he got in and drove toward the cabin. She’d been there once long ago.

She saw lights in the windows and smoke curling out of the cabin’s chimney as they got closer, a welcoming sight that beckoned to a feeling buried deep.

Nick carried her to the door. Lang stood in the entryway. “Take her on to bed. I’ll bring her tea.”

“I can walk,” Cassie protested.

“Let us look after you.” Nick’s soft voice had her under his spell. She didn’t want to move, just stay cuddled up against his warm body and feel safe.

He sat Cassie on her feet and pulled the spread back on the king-size bed. She glanced around at the room. “Your bedroom?”

“What gave it away? All the pictures of towering buildings and unusual bridges?” His hands touched the top button of her blouse. “I’ll help you undress. Lang will get the water adjusted and you can soak in the tub before going to sleep.”

Lang set the teacup on the bedside table. “Take a sip of this while your bathwater is running.”

“Sit,” Nick instructed and handed her the cup.

“I really am a big girl. I can take care of myself.” But I don’t want to. I want to let them baby me and hold me close. I want to stop thinking for just one night and only feel.

“Are you going to sleep sitting up?” Nick raised her head and looked into her eyes. He held the cup in front of her.

“Sorry. My thoughts took me away for a minute.” She sipped the sweet, hot tea.

“Water’s ready.” Lang walked to her, set the cup to the side, and pulled her up. He finished unbuttoning her blouse before she got the energy to protest. Nick unfastened her bra, and both were thrown to the side.

Shivers of desire brushed across her skin, puckering her nipples. Lang’s gray eyes darkened. He lowered his head and took the nearest nipple into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the tip.

“Ah.” The sound barely escaped her lips. Her legs went weak, and Nick’s arm pulled her against his hard frame.

“Do you want us to continue, babe?” Nick asked. “We can stop, let you bathe, and put you in bed.”

Surrounded by their scent, the heat from their bodies radiating against her skin, all her mind could comprehend was her desire, the feeling of safety, the overwhelming need swamping her.

“Hold me, take me.” The words whispered out through her tight throat. “I’m starving.”

Nick chuckled against her back. “I don’t think she means food.” He spoke above her head to Lang. Lang had raised his head, waiting for her answer. Now, he undid her skirt and tossed her scrap of panties to the floor. Picking her up, he laid her on the bed.

Cassie watched as he and Nick undressed. Lang covered his large cock with a condom. The anticipation of pleasure hummed through her blood. Each one went to the opposite side of the bed and joined her.

Lang turned her to face him. He kissed her face all over before finally running his tongue across her lips. She opened her mouth, and his tongue went inside to caress and taste and brush along the edge of her teeth. Behind her, Nick wrapped his arm around her body, and his hand closed on her breast. His thumb grazed across the pebbled nipple while he kissed her neck and across her shoulders.

Her whole body was on fire. Her pussy clenched with the hunger to be filled by one of their hard cocks. Moisture seeped from her pussy. They turned her on her back, and as Lang moved downward, Nick straddled her upper body. She took his cock into her mouth, licking the salty drop from the top and taking him in deep. Her tongue licked all around. She heard him groan and her body trembled with her hunger for them both.

Lang pulled her legs wide and spread her folds, exposing her most private area to his view. He licked across her nub and down her folds to the opening to her pussy. “You taste incredible.” His tongue flicked just inside her opening, and she raised her hips in response. The fire building inside had her sucking and licking Nick’s cock harder.

Nick reached behind and pinched her nipple just as Lang swept his tongue deeper inside her pussy. Spasms of pleasure began to tremble in her muscles. She moved her head faster, up and down Nick’s cock, and tasted his salty release. He groaned and moved away as Lang plunged in, stretching her inner walls. Her powerful orgasm hit her with a jolt of euphoria, almost painful in its intensity.

Her inner muscles held Lang tight and rippled around his cock. He moved in and out furiously. Leaning down, he bit gently on her nipple as another surge of pleasure spilled through her. She screamed as it swept her away.

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