Pack Law, Volume 1 (MFMM)

Pack Law

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 146,781
6 Ratings (4.2)

In Set Me Free, Michelle Barclay has just moved to Aztec, New Mexico. One night, she is cornered against her car at the library where she works by a large, wolf-like dog, only to be saved by the animal’s owner, Jonah Friess. Jonah is the lead Alpha of the Friess Pack, sharing the position with his two brothers, Mikhail and Brock. He knows that Michelle is their mate, and the brothers set about wooing her into their bed, but Michelle is hurt by a jealous female pack member. Instead of being angry with Kirsten, however, Michelle confronts the three Alphas and lets them have a piece of her mind. Little does Michelle know that she has just claimed them.

In Keira’s Wolf Saviors, Keira O’Lachlan, a wealthy heiress, is on the run from her brother, who intends to kill her for her money. Afraid to leave a paper trail, Keira refuses to touch her account, but quickly runs out of cash on the road. With nowhere to go, she walks into the Aztec Club in Aztec, New Mexico, and asks for a job. Keira is bewildered when three of the hottest men she has ever met hire her to tend the club’s books and offer her a place to stay in the meantime. Will werewolf brothers Jeff, Greg, and Devon Domain be able to woo Keira into their bed and hearts? Or will her brother and his cronies find her first?

In Mate for Three, Talia Black is on the run from her ex-husband and ends up stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and no spare. Luckily, Dr. Blayk Friess arrives on the scene and offers her a place to stay. Blayk Friess and his brothers Chris and James know immediately that Talia is their mate, and they will do anything to protect her. But then her ex arrives and wants to experiment on her, changing her DNA and turning her into a werewolf. Talia manages to escape, only to end up in the arms of a crazy mobster that plans to rule all werewolves with Talia as his mate. Talia’s life hangs in the balance. Can her mates get to her in time?

In Werewolf Mates, Samantha Winters has been on the run for six long months. Tired and broke, she finally ends up in Aztec, New Mexico, desperate for work. Thankfully, she meets Justin, Roan, and Chet Domain, and the brothers offer her a job at the Aztec Club and a place to stay. Little does she know that the three men are werewolves, and she is their mate. The brothers Domain have their work cut out for them trying to convince Sam that she is their mate. But just when she finally starts to relent and let them into her heart, danger follows Sam to Aztec. Can the three werewolves keep her safe? Or will they be too late?



A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Pack Law, Volume 1 (MFMM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Pack Law, Volume 1 (MFMM)

Pack Law

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 146,781
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing
A beautiful and moving story with wonderful and steamy sex scenes! Could barely scroll fast enough! LOL!





“Yeah, they do. We have a lot of business ventures and most of the people here are family, so it just made sense that we all live together. Besides the house is large enough and we all have our privacy as we all live in different wings of the house,” Jonah replied.

“Well, that certainly makes sense.”

“How long have you lived in Aztec, baby?” Brock asked from behind her. Michelle looked over her shoulder to answer Brock and caught him checking out her ass. When he raised his eyes to hers, he gave her a wink and a wicked smile.

“I moved here three weeks ago. I inherited a small cottage from an uncle I didn’t even know I had. How those lawyers tracked me down is a mystery. So anyway, I decided to transfer to from the library in Mullen to here so I wouldn’t have to pay rent.”

“Where does the rest of your family live?” Mikhail asked from her other side.

Michelle turned to him and looked him in the eye. “I don’t have any family. I was raised in a convent and in foster homes.”

“That explains the uptight façade,” Brock muttered behind her.


“Don’t worry about it, baby, just talking to myself,” he replied. Michelle turned back to Jonah as he took her hand in his and led her through the large living room and to a games room. The room was full of handsome men and a couple of women, including the intrepid Kirsten. The woman shot daggers at her with her eyes. Michelle wondered how she was still standing. She should have keeled over from that glare. Mikhail moved up to her side and placed himself between Kirsten and herself. His back was to her. She had no idea what Mikhail had done or said. Even if he had spoken, she hadn’t heard him, but the next moment Kirsten stormed from the room, slamming the door behind her.

“Would you like to see the gardens, Michelle?” Jonah asked, pulling her gaze around to him.

Michelle gave a nod and followed as Jonah led her out the side glass sliding doors. Her head was really beginning to pound now, and she wanted nothing more than to get in her car and go home, but she sighed and followed the man who, for some reason beyond her comprehension, fascinated her. She wondered why Jonah had asked her out to his house for lunch. To be honest she didn’t know what he wanted from her but was too intrigued by him and his brothers to care.

Michelle was sick and tired of being a good girl. She wanted to let loose and go wild for a while, just to see what the attraction was and how the other half lived. She knew deep down she was different from how she portrayed herself to the world, but she was too scared to let go. She’d never had anyone in her life to really worry about, but she wanted to keep her polite, cool façade in place in case she met someone and they didn’t like her true personality. She knew that beneath the front she hid behind, she was a real wild woman, but she kept herself on a tight rein. Deep down Michelle was a closet romantic, believing in the happy endings she knew she would never have the chance to experience.




Jonah sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed one of his fingers into her tight, wet heat. Her vaginal walls rippled around his digit, which had him at the brink of his control. He eased his mouth away from her cunt, withdrew his finger, and moved his body into a sitting position between her splayed thighs. He grabbed the base of his hard cock in his hand and pumped it a few times, before he aimed for her small hole. Her flesh enveloped the head of his cock, and it was pure nirvana. He heard her whimper and knew she was having trouble adjusting to his size, so he reached for her clit and began to massage the small bundle of nerves with his thumb. He groaned as her skin stretched and her muscles relaxed enough for the tip of his rod to slide into her sheath. He held still, letting his mate become accustomed to the intrusion, all the while lightly massaging her clit.

He began to pump his hips, moving only in small, shallow thrusts but gaining a little more depth each time. His brothers were taking turns devouring her mouth and nipples, keeping her arousal at its highest level without pushing her over the edge. He slid in more and more, his thrusting hips taking his cock deeper with every slide and glide in and out of her flesh. He froze when he felt his cock hit her tight muscles and looked down to their joined flesh to see he was only halfway in his mate’s body. He let out a howl of possessiveness and joy, knowing for a fact his mate had never been with another man. He had suspected as much by her uptight persona but hadn’t really known for sure. Until now.

Jonah carefully slid his legs beneath Michelle’s and pulled her thighs wide. He moved his body over hers and shoved his brothers to the side. She looked up at him, her eyes glazed with passion, her lips swollen from his brothers’ kisses, and her nipples moist and hard. He lowered his head to hers and gave her a kiss so carnal they both went up in flames. He held her hips still between his hands as he kissed her, slid his cock head to the entrance of her cunt, and slowly slid back in all the way. He didn’t stop, capturing his mate’s small whimper of discomfort in his mouth, and then froze when he was embedded balls-deep in her tight, rippling cunt.





Keira moved through the house. It felt so empty and still without her parents here. They had been gone for nearly six years, and she still couldn’t get used to them not being around. She walked along the thick-carpeted hallway, heading for David’s office. She loved the feel of the plush pile beneath her bare feet. She often walked around the house with no shoes or socks on. She stopped outside David’s office and raised her hand to knock on the door. She stopped her fist from connecting with the wood just in time. The door was slightly ajar, and she heard David talking on the phone to someone. He’d mentioned her name.

“Nah, Keira’s a dumb little bitch. She has no idea I’ve been using the estate money. No, I’ll deal with her. Besides, she doesn’t trust easily and she trusts me. She’s always trying to be nice and friendly to her only brother. I’ll have her out of the picture by the end of the week, just like I did with our parents all those years ago.”

Keira didn’t hang around to hear the rest of the conversation. She rushed up to her bedroom, flung some clothes into a bag, grabbed a spare quilt and pillow, and took off. She stopped at the closest ATM, withdrew the daily limit, and didn’t look back.

Keira woke herself up whimpering and sobbing. It had been the same night after night since she had left her home in Seattle. She was shaking and sweating from the aftereffects of her nightmare, and she was so tired. She knew she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again, so she turned on the bedside lamp, propped herself up on the pillows, and stared at the walls and ceiling. She’d come a long way from home and didn’t know what to do about her brother. She’d thought about going to the police and reporting him, but she had no idea what he was up to. He could be running drugs or weapons. All she knew was the brother she had worshipped wasn’t the man she’d thought he was. She didn’t think she could deal with the reality of sending her brother to jail, but she didn’t know what else to do. She pulled her legs up close to her body and rested her head on her knees. She’d been surviving on little sleep and knew it was catching up with her. She wanted nothing more than to roll over and sleep for a week, but she knew that wouldn’t happen.

By the time the sun began to lighten the sky, Keira was exhausted. Her eyes began to droop, and her body was aching from staying in one position for so long. She eased her legs down the bed and leaned back on the pillows. She would just rest for a moment, and then she would get up and get ready for her first day on the job. Her eyelids closed, and she went to sleep.




The sight of her kissing Jake and Devon suckling on one of her nipples had his wolf pushing for control. He had to claim his mate. Greg aimed his cock for Keira’s cunt and began to push in. She pulled her mouth from Jake’s and arched her neck and bucked her hips up at his. He groaned as he slid another few inches into her tight, wet pussy. He held still and breathed rapidly, trying to keep his wolf at bay and to give Keira time to adjust to his intrusion, but she wouldn’t let him.

“Greg, please,” Keira sobbed.

“Please what, baby?”

“Fuck me!” Keira yelled.

Greg glided his cock back a couple of inches, then thrust into Keira’s pussy until he felt his balls connect with her ass. He nudged his brothers aside and covered her body with his. He licked down her neck until he reached the place where it met her shoulder. He let his canines elongate, and he bit down through her skin and flesh. He heard Keira scream, and she writhed beneath him as she climaxed. He withdrew his teeth as they retreated back into his gums and licked the mark he’d made on his mate. He shifted to his knees between her splayed thighs and began to fuck his woman.





“Shit, that’s not good. Where is she from?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know. As I said we haven’t gotten beyond the introductions. I’ll need your help to get her to open up. She had a couple of boxes in her car and a suitcase. She’s either moving or she’s on the run,” Blayk stated.

“What do you think?” Chris asked. “What’s your gut telling you?”

“She’s in trouble and she’s on the run,” Blayk replied.

“I agree. She’s so skittish. When we walked into the room I could smell her fear. She was nearly panicking. Her heartbeat was fast and so was her breathing,” James stated.

“How the fuck are we going to get her to trust us and stay here? We can’t let her leave. She’s our mate,” Chris stated.

“She obviously trusts you, Blayk. Otherwise she wouldn’t be here. How did you get her to come home with you?” James asked.

“I offered her the spare room and I showed her my ID. I think the fact that I’m a doctor helped to sway her decision. Plus I don’t think she has anywhere else to go, and by the looks of the heap of junk she’s driving, she has no money either.”

“She’s such a tiny little thing. She can’t be much over five foot. Man, the top of her head doesn’t even reach up to my chest. She is so petite, I’d be scared of hurting her when I touch her,” Chris said with a sigh.

“Boy, does she have curves in all the right places. And her hair. God, I’ve never seen such white, fine hair before. Her eyes are gorgeous. They remind me of the deep blue sea,” Chris groaned.

“My wolf’s pushing against me already to claim her. What the hell are we going to do? She says she’ll be out of our hair first thing in the morning. How the hell do we keep our mate here and then break the news to her that we are werewolves? She is going to freak out. She’s already scared shitless. I don’t want to frighten her any more than she already is,” Blayk said with a sigh.

“I think we just have to take one step at a time. If she leaves, we have to follow. We can’t keep her here against her will. So we follow her and woo her. Blayk, you set it up with Jonah to get someone ready to take over our duties if need be. Did you get her license plate number?” Chris asked.

“Yeah,” Blayk replied and told his older brother the number. “Are you going to run it?”

“What do you think?”




“You feel so good, darlin’. Your pretty little cunt is so hot and wet and tight. I love making you feel good, Talia. Your eyes get glazed when we pleasure you. Your skin is so soft and sweet. I love the taste of your cunt. I could spend hours eating out that pretty little pussy,” Chris said on a groan as he thrust his hips forward. “Does that feel good, darlin’?”

“Yes,” Talia replied and then sobbed out her pleasure. “I need more.”

“More what, baby?” Blayk asked.

“I want all of you. I need you to love me at the same time,” Talia cried out with desperation.

“Are you sure, sugar?” James asked. “We don’t want to hurt you after this morning.”

“I’m fine. I need all of you.”

Chris stopped pumping his hips and pulled Talia up onto his lap. He moved to the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, and lifted her up off his cock. He turned her around so her back was to his front. He placed her legs over his and spread his thighs wide, giving James access to Talia’s pussy. He watched his brother lean over and kiss their mate, and then he stood up, bent his knees, and began to penetrate Talia’s sheath. Chris moved out of the way when James lifted Talia into his arms. His brother lay down on the bed on his back, taking Talia with him so she was lying on top of James.

Chris moved up behind Talia after he grabbed a tube of lube from the bedside, and he kissed along her spine as he began to massage the cool gel into her anus while James held her ass cheeks open. He was careful and gentle with her as he penetrated her canal, stretching her muscles out in preparation for him to fuck her ass. When he was satisfied that her ass was relaxed and loose he began to push his cock into her anus. He groaned as the ring of muscles clamped down on his erection. She was so hot and tight, and he was in danger of climaxing too soon. He sighed when he felt Talia push back against him, easing the tightness around his rod, and he was able to surge forward gently until his balls were flush against her skin. He held still, giving her time to get used to being so full of cock.

“Are you okay, baby?” Blayk asked.

“Yes,” Talia moaned.





Now she wasn’t so sure she’d just been succumbing to paranoia. The sensation at the back of her neck wasn’t going away.

She finished her coffee and left money on the counter for the bill. She hesitated for a moment as she sifted through her last remaining dollars, but in the end she left the tip the waitress deserved. Having waited tables herself, she knew how much tips mattered, and at this point it didn’t matter how much Samantha tried to hoard her pennies. She was going to be out of cash soon.

As she left the diner, her eyes took note of the shops lining the main street of Aztec, but she was also aware of the people around her as they went about their business. She still couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. She had thought she was safe here, so far away from her hometown of Sebring, Florida.

She decided to step into a store. If anyone was following her, maybe she could give them the slip. Glancing up, she saw a doorway and, beyond it, racks of clothes. She darted inside without a second thought.

The sales clerk gave her a slightly cool welcome accompanied by a dubious once-over. Samantha wasn’t wearing anything half as fancy as these clothes, but she gave the clerk a smile and went to the rack near the front windows. While her hands sifted through the clothes on the rack, her eyes watched the pavement through the window. Beyond the well-dressed mannequin, pedestrians passed in both directions, but she saw no one suspicious.

Being on the road for so long was getting to her. Between her weariness and the financial strain of being on the run, she wondered if maybe she ought to hang out in Aztec for a little while. All she really needed was to find a job.

Samantha warmed to the idea. Maybe she could even work here. Her gaze went to the jacket she’d been pretending to examine. I can see myself wearing something like this.

Then she flipped over the price tag. She let go of the jacket like it had burned her.

Hazarding a glance over her shoulder, she found the sales clerk watching her through narrowed eyes. Samantha felt her cheeks burn. Squeaking a thank-you to the clerk, she went back outside.

The prickling on her neck had relented inside the store, but now it was back. Feeling more unnerved than ever, she stood on the sidewalk and tried to figure out who was giving her that feeling. Kids walking home from school? No. Mailman? Nope.

Samantha looked directly to her right and froze.

Gorgeous guy standing by a tree?

About twenty feet down the sidewalk, a very tall man wearing a black T-shirt was fiddling with his cell. At least, he was now. Samantha was almost certain that a moment before she’d set her eyes on him, he’d been watching her.

She put her back to him and made for her motel. Hurrying down the street to the room she had booked a couple of hours ago, she knew she wouldn’t feel safe again until she was behind a closed, locked door. But the feeling she was getting now wasn’t exactly fear. She wanted to look over her shoulder and see the tall guy again. The idea that he might be following her should have been scary, but she found it strangely comforting.

Girl, you’re losing your mind. The last thing she needed right now was anyone following her, tall and good looking or not.

Back in her room, she crept to the curtain-covered window and peered out into the parking lot of the motel but couldn’t see anything.

Sighing, she moved over to the bed and sat down. That moment of feeling watched and protected had fled. Now she just felt watched and scared again.

God, what am I going to do now? I have only a few dollars left and am down to the last quarter tank of gas.




Not moving for a brief moment, Chet savored the first contact of her mouth to his, then, growling, he brushed his flesh over hers in soft, slow passes so she could become acquainted with his touch. Again, when she didn’t protest or pull away, he deepened the kiss.

He opened his mouth and licked her lips with his tongue. Her soft moan made his balls ache and his cock throb. Pushing his way into her mouth, he tasted every inch of her sweetness. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, which only made it harder for him to control his wolf and his raging desire. Her warm, wet pussy was now against his crotch with only the material of his jeans as a barricade, and the heat of her seared his cock. She whimpered into his mouth as he moved his hand from her ribs down under the robe to her ass. Kneading her fleshy globes, he thrust his cock against her wet, fragrant pussy as their mouths stayed connected and their tongues fought for supremacy.

The sweet aroma of her desire called to him and his wolf. He had never smelled anything so delectable in his life. Wrapping his tongue around hers, he drew it into his mouth and suckled on her like he imagined her doing to his cock, making his wolf howl. Moving a couple of steps, he planted her back against the wall in the hall and pinned her with his body. Easing an arm beneath her ass, he slowly untied the robe, spreading the material aside so he had access to her naked flesh. Growling into her mouth when she withdrew her tongue and finally her mouth from his, he rested his forehead against hers and opened his eyes and nearly came in his pants.

Her irises were nearly hidden by her largely dilated pupils and were glazed over with lust. Following the pink in her cheeks he looked down her neck and chest. She was absolutely exquisite. He knew she would be, but his imagination hadn’t done her justice. Hard brown-and-rosy nipples stood out on her breasts, which were creamy white, the delicate blue veins visible under her skin, and her mounds were a delectable handful.

Chet moved his hand up and cupped her warm, soft flesh, groaning with delighted arousal as her turgid peak stabbed into the palm of his hand. His mouth salivating for a taste, he kneaded her breast and slowly lowered his head. Her citrusy scent wrapped around him, and he opened his mouth, sucking the hard tip in between his lips, and he knew in that moment that one taste of his mate would never be enough.

He let her flesh go, moving his hand away, but kept suckling on her sensitive nub and smoothed his hand down over her belly. She bucked her hips into his and mewled when he thrust his forward. His jeans were becoming damp from the juices leaking out of her cunt, and he needed to feel her slick heat against his fingers. Moving his palm down over her stomach, he caressed his way around her thigh, touching her soft, wet labia with the tips of his fingers. She was so hot and wet and her scent was calling so strongly to his wolf, he could barely restrain his animal from taking over and claiming her right then and there.

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