Vivienne's Space Pirate Trio (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,196
5 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Vivienne Cardero must escape her planet after her powerful warlord father is murdered. She is rescued from robotically enhanced mercenaries sent by her murderous uncle by three space pirates who have accepted a new anonymous job to bring Vivienne to Ancient Earth. But they must journey through a dangerous wormhole to deliver her before the poison she’s ingested kills her.
Jack Westerly, Parker Killian, and Ray Edwards, while seizing forgotten treasures from remote planets, rescue Vivienne. They have no intention of falling in love with her, but they do. Taking her to Ancient Earth will save her, but when their ship is fired upon before exiting the wormhole, they go adrift. They must fight to survive as their power and life support dwindle and Vivienne’s condition worsens.
If by some miracle they are liberated from this catastrophe, can the trio get their love to Ancient Earth in time? And what awaits her there? Sanctuary and a cure? Or the person who poisoned her?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.
Vivienne's Space Pirate Trio (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Vivienne's Space Pirate Trio (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,196
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very well written book with interesting characters




A cruel smile appeared on his curved lips. He lifted a hand and motioned her closer. “If you can kiss me with enough passion to convince me you desperately want to have sex with me, then I’ll bring you onboard my ship. Otherwise, you can take your chances with the multitude of robot-men here.”

Flashing an angry gaze of incredulousness likely wasn’t the best way to convince him, but it was her first reaction. She took a long look at Kell. He hadn’t moved, but when he did, she knew exactly what he’d do. The three strangers might use her, but they were human. Sex wouldn’t hurt nearly as much with them. “Fine.”

“Lose the attitude. I don’t care for brazen, angry women sharing my bed.”

Vivienne carefully picked her way through the frozen mercenaries, unwilling to purposely touch one of them for fear they were only pretending to be immobile. The sand beneath her toes was bone dry, yet soft and chilly as she walked the few steps to stand before the leader of the triad of odd strangers.

“Will you tell me your name?” she asked. Staring at his chest, Vivienne lifted her gaze to meet his cold blue stare.

She watched his lips move briefly in response. “You can call me Jack,” he said.

The unexpected clean, crisp scent of him wafted to her nose. She took another deep, appreciative lungful of him and was surprised when desire graced her body all the way to her inner core. Jack was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. His voice rolled over her skin like a prickly warm blanket and it didn’t hurt that he smelled nice, an unexpected boon.

Carefully, she placed her palms on his chest beneath the open jacket he wore. The firm muscles beneath his shirt warmed her hands. Simply touching him made her hot and wet in her feminine folds. Her pussy clenched in desire for the man before her. Showing interest for him would be effortless.

In fact, she’d been specifically trained in this particular scenario. The ways of her people demanded she be skilled in the art of seduction for the two men, or possibly three, who would eventually become her permanent mates. It was ordained by their planet’s strict covenant. Even being the daughter of a Warlord hadn’t precluded her from the mandatory school for young ladies on Retsgnag.

She didn’t have to like it. And she didn’t. But using what she’d learned to get the attention of a handsome pirate-stranger to take her out of a terrible situation was the first time she was glad she’d gone through the training.

“Jack,” she whispered. His name, already a favored sigh in her heart, rolled off her tongue with ease. “I do want you, Jack.” Her gaze never wavered from his eyes. She slid one hand from his chest to his narrow waist, and then to below his belt to caress his cock through the thickness of his pants. She might have imagined it, but she thought his eyes widened slightly. His shaft grew stiffer beneath the fabric of his trousers as she rubbed his cock, and if nothing else, she’d proven that she could get him hard.

Vivienne slid her other hand toward his shoulder and hooked her free arm around his neck. Drawing his mouth closer to hers, she licked the space below his bottom lip. His cock pulsed in her other hand. Jack didn’t stop her or resist when she pulled on his neck, drawing his face down closer to hers. She planted her lips hard on his mouth and slipped her tongue inside to explore his warmth.

He tasted sinfully dark and delicious as if he’d been eating something decadent before arriving on this barren asteroid. She stroked her tongue against his and slanted her mouth to go deeper. He allowed her forwardness, but only engaged his efforts minimally, as if testing to see how far she’d go. Her intent was to go all the way, if he’d allow it. Meanwhile, she squeezed his now very erect cock and then stroked the stiff length to the same rhythm  as her tongue licking in his mouth.

Jack’s cock got harder still as she worked to convince him that she desperately wanted to have sex with him. It was true and not just because he might take her away from this shithole asteroid and Kell, the murderous mercenary.

Footsteps quickly approaching from behind her, distracted Vivienne, or she might have tried to pull Jack’s pants off for a further demonstration of what she’d like to do to him. She broke the sultry kiss and turned her head as Parker rejoined them.

“I’ve got it,” said a deep voice from a few meters away. “Plus, I picked up some other things tucked away in there, too.” Parker sounded proud of himself.

Jack put his hands on her shoulders and distanced them by the length of his arms. He shifted his focus from her to Parker. She dropped her hand away from his trousers and the magnificent erection she’d brought about to secure her rescue from the threat she’d faced before they’d materialized here. Her sudden desire for this beautiful man hadn’t diminished. She resisted the urge to reach out and cling to him once more.

The man named Parker carried two large burlap duffle bags with ease as he neared them.

“Good. Let’s get out of here.” Jack released his light hold on her shoulders.

Vivienne took two quick steps to close the gap between them, pressing her body along his side. “Wait. Did I convince you?”

Jack’s cerulean gaze zeroed in on her again. “Do you really want to come with us?”

“More than anything.”

Over his shoulder he asked, “Is there enough power to transport four, Ray? Vivienne would like to join us.”

The man holding the black box answered, “There’s plenty of juice. Bring her along. All sex slaves are welcome.”

Jack grabbed her hand and led her to where the three had materialized only a few minutes before. “Stand in the center of the three of us, but don’t touch anyone, got it?”

“Yes.” She guessed it would be inappropriate to ask for time to return to the ship and gather her meager things. She already concealed the most important possession she owned beneath her nightdress, so she remained silent and stood between the three strangers and hoped with all her heart she wasn’t flash transporting into a worse situation.

“Three. Two. One. Now,” Ray counted down quietly.

The sudden chill to her skin of flash transportation nearly burned her with its intense cold, but she’d taken worse trips.

The last thing she saw before the white light of flash transportation consumed her vision was Gilbert’s crumpled, bloody body. Sacrificed for her short-lived well-being, he deserved better, but her options were limited to either sex slave or rape victim.

Sex slave to strangers was truthfully her only choice.




“What if I want to be your onboard sex slave?”

She couldn’t have said anything more surprising, but he covered his shock with a quick response. “Then I’ll let you.”

“Good.” She was apparently ready right this second. Her arms shot around his neck and she kissed his mouth. Like the scorching kiss on the planet surface, this kiss lit his libido like a blowtorch to a matchstick. He folded his arms around her and lifted her to his height. She wrapped her legs around his waist, tilted her head to one side, and licked inside of his mouth with possessive gusto.

This time, instead of a passive role, as he’d exhibited on the planet surface, he gave as good as he got. He thrust his tongue inside her mouth to explore and devour. She tasted even better than he remembered.

Jack hadn’t expected to receive another kiss from her once she learned why he brought her along. But with her tongue tangling ferociously with his and the exquisite pressure of her unbound breasts against his chest, his cock decided it was time to join the party.

The remembered response to her touch from below on the planet surface made his erection snap to attention even faster now that they were so sensually engaged. Being all alone in this room together didn’t lessen his desire.

Vivienne broke from him first. They both panted from the wild kiss they’d shared. “Thank you for saving me,” she whispered. Her hand caressed his jaw. “I don’t think anyone ever has before.”

“My pleasure.” Jack loosened his grip slightly and pulled away to see her flushed face. “Are you ready for some food or—”

“I want sex.”

“Believe me, so do I.” He glanced over his shoulder, ostensibly to locate the door and propel them through it as fast as possible on a trajectory to his quarters, but paused. It had been months since he’d been with a woman. He’d forgotten how much he missed the simple act of being pressed so intimately to soft feminine flesh. Vivienne was deliciously desirable. And if she wanted to have sex with him, she couldn’t be who he thought she was initially.

While he was distracted, she licked his neck. Trailing her tongue from the pulse at his throat, all the way to his jaw to take a nibble, Jack growled at the unexpected sensuousness she displayed. His cock took the occasion to pulse in agreement and lengthen further.

“Do that again and we won’t make it to my room.” His lust for her grew by leaps and bounds.

“Fine. Let’s stay. I like it here just fine. And I’m quite ready for you.” Her hips shifted. With her legs open and squeezed around him, the warm opening of pussy ground against the top of his cock. His legs weakened in delight ready to sink deeply into her body once their clothing was no longer a barrier.

“Right here in the flash room?” he asked.

“Sure. Why not?”

“I have a cabin on board with a bed.”

“Too far to go.” She glanced over her shoulder. “Just press me against that wall.”

“Are you kidding?”

“No. I’m so turned on I can’t think straight. I need you. Now.”

“You do understand that it was never truly my intention to make you the onboard sex slave—”

“Too late.” She grabbed his face and pressed an aggressive open-mouthed kiss across his lips. Curling her tongue around his with exquisite precision, she made his mind go blank. His cock was harder than petrified granite. It had been too fucking long since he’d had the opportunity to give in, let go, and accept potential release.

The smell of her, the taste of her, and the feel of her all conspired to make sex with her inevitable. He wanted her with a lust he wasn’t sure he could control. And she didn’t seem to be interested in stopping him. Here and now was as good a time as any.

Jack took three long steps and pressed her against the wall next to the flash transportation station. Her legs still surrounded his waist, and he slipped one hand beneath the hem of her dress, which had ridden up to one thigh. Sliding his fingers toward her ass, he realized she was only wearing the filmy nightdress and nothing else. Body tightening in further arousal, Jack slid his hand higher along her thigh until he pushed his fingers inside her gushing pussy.

“Oh!” Vivienne slid her mouth to his cheek. “Take me! Please. You feel so amazing. Please.”

He shifted her to one side so he could retrieve his cock from his trousers. Without another word, he fed his dick into the slick opening of her pussy and rammed inside as fast and hard as he could, but the awkward angle only allowed an inch of his cock to disappear inside her heated slit.

She was superbly tight. His lizard brain leapt forward to take over the coming sex with aggressive resolve, but Jack gained a modicum of control, sending Mr. Lizard back from where he came.

Vivienne moaned, “You’re so big…stars above, please don’t stop.”

Jack thought she was more small than he was big, but the feeling of her vise-tight pussy gripping his cock stilled his thoughts to only two phrases “fuck her” and “do it harder” for the time being.

He pulled his shaft out of her warmth for a second, shifted her body into a better position to accept him and promptly thrust forward until his balls bounced against her butt cheeks. Something unexpected happened along the way to his first penetration. As the tip of his cock pushed inside, he felt the flesh within her body resist for a moment and then give as he burst through her virginal wall.

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