[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewoves, HEA]
For five long years, Dawson Ingram has plotted his revenge against Wyatt Siefert. He’s left with scars from the man that will never go away, and he wants to make him pay. But all the planning in the world couldn’t have prepared Dawson for the knowledge that Wyatt is his fated mate. Finding a mate was something Dawson never expected—and how can he love someone he’s hated for so long?

The pressure of going away to college and the fear of letting his family down has Wyatt tied up in knots. Sure, he’s the hometown basketball star, but will it be enough once he’s in college? Wyatt doesn’t know and is starting to question all the choices he’s made. Maybe a change wouldn’t be so bad.

While out for a midnight run, Wyatt’s attacked and his freedom is snatched away…but when he wakes up, Wyatt can’t really see a downside to being Dawson’s prisoner.

A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author
An Unexpected Love Story (MM)
17 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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As Wyatt headed home, he turned off the air conditioning and rolled down the windows in his truck. The humid summer air rushed through the cab of his truck and warmed his skin. Wyatt inhaled the fresh scent of recently cut grass and the flowers in full bloom that grew all over Silver Creek. The moon was high in the clear, dark night sky, and the stars shined like little diamonds in the vast blackness. It was beautiful, and Wyatt was going to miss being here.

A gust of wind came through the window, and a dark rich scent of brewing coffee tickled his nose. It was in such contrast to all the other odors filling the night air. It was unique and smelled better than any type of coffee Shane concocted at the Early Bean Café. It made something stir in his gut, and Wyatt’s senses went on high alert. But just like that, it was gone. The delicious scent vanished. The wolf inside Wyatt whined and howled its displeasure. It was weird.

Wyatt’s body was too worked up to sleep. The odd scent awakened something in him. Instead of taking the right turn that would lead him home, he turned left. He headed out onto the back roads that would take him into the thick of the woods. He could hear the owls hooting and birds soaring through the night sky. Crickets chirped an excited melody as he drove down the dirt roads. Wyatt pulled off to the side and shut down the engine. He was surrounded by complete darkness. He’d been here several times over the past years. It was his little getaway when he wanted to be alone. It was pack owned land, so it was safe from being spied on by any humans.

Wyatt got out of his truck and removed his clothes. He tossed them back into the cab of his truck, shut the door, and then stepped naked into the protection of the forest. He willed his change and his body jerked forward. His bones snapped and reshaped. It stung a bit, but Wyatt welcomed the bite of pain. His skin prickled as the coarse, red fur sprung up from his pores. He stretched his neck from side to side as his muzzle grew into place and his teeth lengthened.

In the matter of seconds, he was down on all fours and howling up at the moon. He was free.

Wyatt took off and chased nothing as he dashed over the rugged forest floor. He heard as other, smaller animals scurried away from him. Wyatt smiled and pushed his legs harder. He wasn’t in the mindset to hunt tonight. No, he just needed to get away. Away from the responsibilities that were set upon him now. He was an adult, and about to move away to live on his own to an entirely different state away from his family. Part of Wyatt was excited as hell, but another part was terrified by the idea. So many questions lumbered through his brain. Would he succeed in his classes? Would he be able to keep up with the other guys on his basketball team? Would he figure out whatever this gnawing feeling he’d been having over the past few months meant?

A gust of wind slammed into his face, and there it was again. Wyatt stumbled to a stop and raised his nose in the air. It was gone. He whimpered and pawed at the ground as he frantically searched for that rich aroma. Distracted, Wyatt never heard the footsteps until it was too late. The coffee scent grew stronger, and as Wyatt spun around something knocked into him. A sharp pain lanced through his shoulder and he fell to the ground with no grace whatsoever.

Wyatt tried to sit up, but he had no control over his limbs. His eyes grew heavy, and he was seeing double. His head lolled from side to side. Wyatt could hear the footsteps growing closer.

Fuck! I really screwed up this time. He did his best to growl and push himself up, but it was no use.

The rich coffee smell surrounded him now, and he felt a little comforted by it. His eyes fell shut and he struggled to open them.

“Not so tough now are you, Wyatt?” a low voice said softly. Wyatt snarled as he tried to move. “No use fighting it, you spoiled brat.” The man’s tone was crisp and cold. “Now just go to sleep.” The man chuckled. “It’s not like you have a choice.”

Wyatt’s left eye opened just a little, but it was so dark out. All he could see was a dark figure in front of him, but the lack of light obscured his face from Wyatt.

Whatever the man did to him had taken control of all his senses, and Wyatt’s body went limp. His mind was screaming for him to fight, to get away, but Wyatt was helpless and too tired to do a single thing. He felt as the world spun around him, and he tumbled into the sweet numbness of sleep.




Wyatt growled and thrust up into Dawson’s touch. Dawson loved how eager and wanton Wyatt was. It made him want to claim the brat, bury his nine-inch cock deep inside Wyatt’s tight hole and never leave.

Dawson shoved Wyatt’s pants down the rest of the way. Wyatt was only able to get one foot out, but that’s all that Dawson needed. He had plenty of room to play with Wyatt’s virgin ass.

Dawson sat back on his knees and stared down at the beautiful sight. Wyatt’s skin was flushed a bright pink and his nipples were hard and standing up straight. His heavy cock lay to the side, leaving a wet trail of his pre-cum on his hip. Dawson reached out and wrapped his fingers around the base of Wyatt’s cock. His length wasn’t as long as Dawson’s, but it was thick and veiny. Dawson leaned down and closed his lips around the heated flesh. Wyatt shouted and jerked his hips upward.

Dawson sucked up and down the twitching shaft. Wyatt tasted so good, like candy. Dawson’s cock was pressing at the zipper of his jeans, and he reached down to unfasten it and set his dick free.

Wyatt’s soft whimpers and lusty moans filled the room. Dawson thought it sounded like the best music in the world.

Dawson continued to suck Wyatt’s cock while he moved his fingers down to rub at the sanative flesh between his balls and back entrance. Wyatt jumped and clenched his legs together.

“Dawson,” Wyatt said his name softly. Dawson ran his thumb over the tight opening, and Wyatt said his name louder to get his attention.

“What?” Dawson sat up and did his best not to glare at Wyatt.

“I…uh…” Wyatt reached down to cover his cock but Dawson slapped his hands away. Dawson tapped his fingertip against Wyatt’s hole, groaning when he felt the little muscle quiver. Wyatt was begging for it, even if he didn’t know it. “I’ve never done this before!” Wyatt shouted. Dawson looked up to meet his gaze. “Well, not with a guy.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Dawson looked back down at where his thumb was caressing the wrinkled opening. Wyatt shook his head no. “Good, and besides,”—he winked at Wyatt— “I kind of already knew that.”

“How?” Wyatt popped up on his elbows.

“There’s not much I don’t know about you, Wyatt Myers Siefert.” Dawson raised his hand up and stuck his finger in his mouth. He held Wyatt’s stare all the while. He then lowered his hand and pressed his wet finger at the tight bud and pushed the tip inside. Wyatt cried out, but didn’t pull away. “Now just relax and enjoy it.”

Dawson moved forward to press his lips to Wyatt’s. He thrust his finger in deeper, then snuck a second in alongside the first. He swallowed down Wyatt’s little whimpers. Dawson’s cock hung out of the opening of his jeans, and he slid his length against Wyatt’s rock hard abdomen. He covered his sticky juices over the corded muscles.

The fire burning in his balls was getting too hot. He needed to find his release, and he wanted it to be inside Wyatt. Dawson pulled his fingers from Wyatt’s ass, then stood up.

“Where are you going?” Wyatt looked hurt as if Dawson was abandoning him.

“I’ll be right back.” Dawson rushed to his bedroom and grabbed the lube out of his nightstand, then hurried back into the living room where he left Wyatt. Dawson pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it the floor. He kicked off his pants as he made it around the front of the couch, and he liked the way Wyatt just stared at him. His big green eyes gazed at his hard, thick, and long cock, and the bitter stench of fear clouded Wyatt’s sweet aroma.

“Look at me, Red.” Dawson climbed back onto the couch, shoving Wyatt’s thighs further apart. “Don’t be afraid.”

“Are you insane?” Wyatt looked from Dawson’s cock back to his eyes, then back again. “How’s that going to fit?”

“Oh, it’ll fit.” Dawson grabbed Wyatt’s hand and pulled him up. “Now roll over onto your knees.” Dawson helped position Wyatt. “Lean forward on the armrest.” Wyatt did as he was told. His whole body was tensed and covered in goose bumps. “Hey, relax. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“Okay,” Wyatt whispered.

Dawson knew he was asking a lot. Wyatt had no reason to trust him, but the man did. He was allowing Dawson to fuck him, be his first, without a fight. They both wanted this so badly nothing else mattered.

Dawson popped the cap on the lube and poured some onto his hand. He then reached down to rub his slick fingers over Wyatt’s twitching hole.

“Breath for me, Red,” Dawson whispered against Wyatt’s ear. Wyatt nodded.

Dawson slipped one finger in easily. He finger fucked Wyatt for a few minutes, then he added another. Wyatt whimpered and started to thrust back his hips, sinking his ass further and further onto Dawson’s thick fingers. Dawson added a third, scissoring them in and out, stretching Wyatt’s virgin hole.

The need to claim grew too strong. The wolf inside him wanted Wyatt just as badly, and Dawson was done waiting. He pulled his fingers free and covered his straining cock in lube. He placed his left hand on Wyatt’s hip and used his right to guide his cock to Wyatt’s glistening hole. He pressed the rounded head at the opening and met some resistance, but he didn’t stop. He continued forward, not stopping until he was buried all the way.

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