Thanksgiving in Sanctuary (MFM)

Welcome to Sanctuary 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,692
28 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with M/M elements not involving heroes, public exhibition, sex toys]

When her husband, Martin, announces his intention of opening their marriage to his brother, Robert, Anna Ryan panics. She runs to Sanctuary, where all four of their children—Spring, Winter, Summer, and Autumn—now reside, hoping to find answers. When Martin and Robert show up the next day in Sanctuary, Anna has calmed down. With Martin’s assurance that he is not using Robert to replace himself, Anna finds the idea of two men in her bed arousing. She did tell her daughters two men was every woman’s dream, but she never expected to be in such an enviable situation. When someone leaves Winter and his mates an unexpected gift that will change all their lives, Anna, Martin, and Robert must work together to offer support to their growing family. Will Anna agree to love two men as her children have? Will Robert and Martin be able to share Anna without jealousy driving them apart?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Thanksgiving in Sanctuary (MFM)
28 Ratings (3.9)

Thanksgiving in Sanctuary (MFM)

Welcome to Sanctuary 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,692
28 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Wonderful story. I hate to see this series end. love it!
Barefoot Okie
Love Sanctuary
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Anna Ryan thought life was good ...with a loving husband of thirty-two years and four children, happily married or close to it, until her husband drops a bomb on her. One Sunday morning after an explosive orgasm, her husband informs her that he's going to ask his brother to join their marriage since he is moving in with them after retiring from the military. Hours later, as she drives to Sanctuary, she is a nervous wreck as fear, anger and dread washes over her. She argues with herself about the best way to tell her children that she has left their father without having to explain why. This is one Thanksgiving that she's not looking forward to. When Martin arrives at Sanctuary the next day, with his brother Robert, he is both angry that Anna left the way she did and relieved that she had arrived safely. After the brothers quiet her fears about a triad relationship, they make love into the night. Surprise announcements of babies on the way and babies left on the doorstep give the Sullivan/Ryan family a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day and Autumn/Evan/Frank's wedding turn out beautiful. But can the lawyer in Anna keep her mind from cross-examining her decision? The fifth and final book of the Sanctuary series, Thanksgiving in Sanctuary again brings the Sullivan and Ryan families together. I enjoyed the story for its commitment to the family. I don't think I could get involved in a triad relationship, but it worked for these trios. It was a nice twist to see the parents take a chance at happiness. This whole series was an excellent read and I would recommend it to anyone. When I think of the word sanctuary, I envision a place of peace and tranquility; all of these couples have found their happiness in Sanctuary." -- Pam S., Fallen Angel Reviews

2011 Nominee for Best Book in LR Cafe's Loop

4 NYMPHS: "Martin decides that he would like to have his brother, Robert, enter into a triad relationship with him and his wife, Anna. Anna runs to Sanctuary, where all their kids are to think about what Martin wants. In the fifth book of the Welcome to Sanctuary series, Thanksgiving in Sanctuary unites the Ryans with their children and their respective spouses. The author did a good job portraying Anna’s feelings and insecurities. One thing that came through is how much the brothers loved Anna. There was a surprise within the story that I am not sure what to make of it. Does this mean there will be another story about Winter? In some ways this seemed out of place, though the outcome of this mini drama was great. I also had to laugh at some of the antics. I like the idea of a wedding on Thanksgiving, even though it makes for a lot of work. The fact that there is a special ceremony for the triad relationship is wonderful. One thing the author did gloss over was some of the problems that Anna, Martin and Robert will possibly encounter since they won’t be living in Sanctuary. I do think this book brought the series full circle and I will be reading this series again. Readers should read the rest of the series before reading Thanksgiving in Sanctuary." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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She looked at Robert with wide eyes as he slowly stroked his cock with one hand. When he released it and it bobbed in the air between them, she leaned forward. Parting her lips and dropping her jaw, she leaned forward, taking as much of the thick length as she could into her mouth without gagging.

Robert swore softly as she closed her lips around him and licked at the head of his cock. His hands coming up to rub up and down her back, setting off sparks of heat and arousal everywhere he touched.

With each move she made, he made a corresponding small sound of pleasure, making her feel daring as she took more and more of him into her mouth. Shifting her weight to one arm, she stroked the other up the inside of his leg. Cupping his balls earned her another gasp and a twitch of his cock.

Anna was so focused on the cock in her mouth that she jumped when Martin made his move. He licked from above her clit all the way to her back hole, his tongue hot, wet, and rough as it caressed the tender tissues of her body. He did it a second time, and then his tongue began to flick her clit back and forth. At the same time, a cool, well-lubed finger pressed for entry through her puckered star as two others slid into her pussy.

Her attention now divided between what she was doing to Robert and what Martin was doing to her, Anna found her arousal pulsing, expanding to near orgasm as she focused on Martin sliding a second finger into her back hole as he sucked on her clit, then retracting as she concentrated on giving Robert pleasure.

She was so close, so tense, and so needy that she began to silently cry.

“Anna?” Robert asked when hot tears splashed on him. “Martin, something’s wrong. She’s crying.”

“Anna? Honey, what’s wrong?” Martin lifted up and covered her back with his heat even as his thumb and fingers went deeper into her.

“I need you,” she said breathlessly. “I need both my husbands to love me. Right. Now.”

“Oh, baby, all you had to do was say something,” Robert said. He shifted his legs to lie between hers and then pushed himself down beneath her until his cock brushed against her clit. “Martin, I need a condom so I can fill Anna’s delicious pussy while you take her ass.”

Anna felt his hands move between them as he sheathed his cock in latex. In the next moment his head brushed back and forth, teasing her wide-open pussy.

“Oh,” she moaned as her husband slid a third greasy finger into her, filling her ass nearly as full as her pussy. “Please, Martin. Fuck. Me. Now.”

“Not yet, honey,” he said.

He pressed his fingers deeper and twisted them from side to side, stretching her muscles even more than he had previously with the dildo. As he fucked her, he kept a steady hand on her lower back to keep her where she was, lying across Robert’s chest.

“Ready?” Robert asked. “Cause I’m about to blow, with or without you.”

“Hold her,” Martin said.

Anna felt him slide his fingers free, but before she could miss the fullness, his condom-covered cock slid into her.

“Oh shit, she’s so tight,” Martin said, slowly pushing deeper and deeper, his hands running up and down her back in a soothing stroke.

“And her pussy just clamped down on my cock like a vise,” Robert said, his hands kneading the flesh of her hips as he held her.

“Anna, are you okay?”

“Too full,” she panted, trying not to scream as her arousal grew tighter and tighter in the spot just behind her clit.

“You’re not hurting, are you?” Martin asked, leaning over her to kiss the back of her neck, sending shivers all the way down her spine.

“Fuck. Me.” She groaned in response, fighting their holds so she could move. “Please. Fuck. Me. Now.”

“Sounds like the lady knows what she wants,” Robert said as he began to move her hips in a motion that went up and down and back and forth all at the same time.

Anna could not comprehend the movement to try and repeat it, but then she realized she did not have to. Her men would take good care of her, and in this position there was no way she could control anything.

“Relax, baby. Relax and enjoy,” Robert said through teeth held clenched as their movements grew faster and harsher. “And let loose of that damned control of yours. Come for us, baby. Come now.”

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