[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
One bar. Four rough, possessive, and sexy werewolf brothers looking for love.
Dominant werewolf Devlin is the oldest of the Winter brothers. The Howling Wolf bar and taking care of his brothers is his life. Dev has no time for love or mates, only one-night stands. But when a brave little Omega enters the bar looking as though he needs to prove something, Dev knows Saz is trouble. Saz isn't his ususal type, and the Omega certainly deserves more than what Dev could give, but Dev has a problem staying away.
Saz is an Omega wolf on the run from his abusive ex. He’s eager to start fresh in a new town and bravely enters The Howling Wolf bar. The bar caters to the rough crowd in town, but Saz’s wolf instantly recognizes the rude but sexy bartender as his mate.
Dev thinks this is just a hookup—but Saz knows there could be so much more between them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Devlin (MM)
26 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is a wonderful story about a omega that is trying to take back his life from being abuse. When Saz moves to a new town and trys to let lose. He ends up at Dev family bar. Dev is all Alpha and does not have time for a relationship while trying to get his family bar and brothers together. What happens when Omega has set his sit on his Alpha and will not take no for answer? With the threat hanging over head things take a wild twist Highly recommend this book
virginia lee




“Alone, Omega?” asked a new, oily voice.

A huge bald shifter took the seat next to his. His wolf identified the man as a werebear.

“Let me buy you a drink,” the guy continued.

“No, thanks. I’m fine.”

The stranger frowned. “Come on. Let’s have a good time.”

Maybe being blunt and getting right to the point was the best option. “I’m not interested.” 

The werebear snarled, narrowing his eyes. “What are you, some kind of uptight bastard?”

“N-no, it’s not that.”

“There’s only one reason why an unmated Omega would come to a place like the Howling Wolf,” hissed the man, grabbing his elbow.

Saz tried to tug it back, but the guy’s grip felt like iron. “I’m new in town. I only wanted one drink.”

The stranger laughed. “Stop playing hard to get. One good hard fuck would make you feel all better.”

Genuine fear crawled down Saz’s spine. He was twenty-two and still a virgin Omega. Saz ran away from Thad knowing the bastard wasn’t his Mr. Right. Giving up his purity to this asshole wasn’t an option.

“I didn’t come here to fuck. Leave me alone.” 

His response seemed to only enrage the werebear, who tightened his grip on his arm.

Oh God. Saz could already see this asshole dragging him to some dark corner and having his way with Saz. Didn’t the bartender, Dev, already warn him he didn’t belong here? Why didn’t he leave the moment he realized this place catered to an unsavory crowd?

“Didn’t you hear what the Omega said, Dave? He’s not interested,” said a deep new voice. The next thing Saz knew, Dev was standing outside the bar and beside his shoulder. When did Dev get there? Why would someone who’d been rude to him earlier decide to help him?

“I was just being friendly, Dev,” Dave complained. “This Omega’s been giving me strange signals.”

“I wasn’t. I said I wanted to be left alone,” he replied.

“Let him go or I’ll toss your sorry ass out of my bar,” Dev said careful, tone serious.

Saz blinked. Dev owned the Howling Wolf?

Dave growled under his breath. “You want this Omega for yourself? Fine.”

The werebear must have been frightened of Dev because he walked away without a fight.

“Thanks,” he told Dev gratefully.

The dominant wolf snorted and returned to his bar. Saz went back to his seat and sipped his beer. He didn’t have to enjoy it yet.

“You’re still here?” Dev asked, skeptical.

“What, you’re going to throw me out, too? I haven’t had my beer,” Saz protested.

“You’re trouble.” 

Saz looked at his beer. “I know that.”

“Apparently stubborn as hell, too.” 

“Why did you save me?” 

“I don’t want a fight breaking out. My brothers and I have already gotten in trouble a week ago,” Dev muttered.

“Not because you like me?” Saz had the courage to ask. 

“Nope. You’re not my type.”

“How can you decide that? You don’t know a single thing about me.” 

“Then tell me.”

A customer wanted to order, but Dev didn’t turn. “Cade, handle him.”

The other bartender lifted his eyebrows and studied Saz before turning to the customer.

“Uh.” Fuck, but Saz always got nervous when he became the center of attention. It didn’t help that Dev looked intense.

“I heard you mention to Dave you just moved in,” Dev pressed.

“You heard that?” Saz asked with some surprise. He looked down at his beer. “I wanted a new start for myself. All my life I’ve relied on others, and they’ve been making decisions for me all my life. I wanted to change that. “

Dev looked contemplative. “Why Green Creek Valley? There’s nothing here.”

“It’s quiet here. There’s no dominant animal group who claims this town as their territory, and the supes seem to integrate well with the humans.” Deciding he wanted to know more about Dev, he asked. “How about you?”


“You opened a bar here.”

Dev shrugged. “My brothers and I grew up here. This bar belonged to my family for generations. Green Creek is our home.”

“That’s what I’m looking for,” he finally said. “A home.”

“You never had a place to call home?” Dev asked.

“I had a house, well, lived in a pack house with ten other families, but I never considered it home.” A laugh slipped out. “I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. You’re practically a stranger, a rude one at that.”

Dev let out a laugh that went right to his dick. Oh shit. This dominant wolf was bad news, and yet Saz was captivated. Mesmerized.

“Let me remind you, Omega. I saved your cute little ass.”

No. Saz would never forget that.

“I have a name you know, Dev.”

The man raised his brow.





“What are you doing to me?” Saz finally asked.

“I should be the one asking that. You strut into my bar, taking away reason. You make me want to be a better man, Saz.” Dev’s words shocked the fuck out of Saz.

“I like you the way you are,” Saz replied.

Dev paused, raising his head to meet his gaze. The sight of the dominant’s wolf golden gaze, full of desire and hunger, added fuel to his own. Saz culled the urge to bend, to offer his neck to this male and beg Dev to take him.

“No. You hardly know me. I’m not good enough for you.”

“Then why aren’t you stopping?” Saz had the audacity to ask.

“Because being bad is what I’m good at and I fucking want you.”

Saz looped his hand around Dev’s neck. “Then stop stalling.”

“You wanted to tell me something earlier.”

He took a deep breath, hoping revealing the truth won’t put off Dev. “I’m a virgin.”

Dev reeled back, as if Saz delivered one hell of a punch. 

“I’m not going to change my mind,” Saz said before Dev made a silly decision out of respect for him. “I choose you.”

At Dev’s silence, Saz continued, “Dev, talk to me. Are you disappointed?”

Dev let out a wobbly harsh laugh and shook his head. “Fuck no. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard, knowing I’ll be your first. I won’t ask again. Are you sure?”


His answer seemed to rev up Dev, who took his left nipple into his mouth and sucked. Saz cried out when Dev bit down. At the same time, the dominant wolf curled his fingers around his shaft and began to pump his prick. The overload of sensations, of pleasure and pain, was nearly too much, but once more he held his orgasm back.

Dev raised his head and Saz noticed the perfect imprint of his teeth on the bud. The sight, knowing Dev marked him, gave him indescribable pleasure.

“Mine,” Dev said. 

It sounded more like a growl than an actual word. Saz shuddered at the possessiveness there. At the same time, he was pleased.

“Don’t end up breaking my heart, Dev,” Saz whispered.

Dev let out a soft growl, as if the very suggestion offended him. Relief filled Saz. Dev continued making a path of kisses down the line of his body, as if reassuring Saz his worries were unfounded. Finally, Dev reached his groin. 

The dominant wolf parted his legs wider, exposing his hard prick. Dev slipped out a tongue and licked away the pre-cum gathered at his tip, shattering all of Saz’s expectations. An Omega was expected to be doing all the giving in the bedroom, that was what he was taught. 

“More,” Dev said, lapping at the sensitive spot under his cockhead. 

He squirmed, certain his face and neck were red by now. Dev easily held his thighs wide apart and used his tongue to trace Saz’s length from tip to base. Saz’s balls, Dev took into his mouth and sucked hard.

“Oh God.” Saz whimpered, unsure how much more of this sweet torment he could take before coming.

As if reading his thoughts, Dev warned, “no shooting without my permission, Omega.”

“I’ll try.”

“You will,” Dev commanded.

Saz wondered how he was able to do that, when Dev could easily wrestle control of his body from him. Opening his mouth, Dev finally took his cock between his lips. The sight of his dick disappearing down the dominant’s wolf’s mouth was astounding. 

Dev applied careful suction. Needing something to hold onto, Saz clawed at the carpeting. Dev bobbed his head up and down. Certain the pressure building inside him was about to break open, Saz began to beg. “Please, Dev. I can’t hold back any more.”

Dev pulled his mouth away, raised himself up again, and took his lips. The dominant wolf ended the kiss by saying, “Come for me, Saz. Give me your surrender.”

With a loud shuddering cry, Saz came, spilling his load over Dev’s hand, splattering some on Dev’s abs.

“Good boy,” Dev said after.

Contentment and pride fluttered in his belly. His limbs felt languid, but Saz knew they were far from done. He dragged his gaze to Dev’s rock hard member and licked his lips.

“Let me return the favor.”

Dev grinned and rose to his feet.

Saz settled on his knees and looked up at Dev uncertainly. God. Dev was really huge. 

Fear of disappointing the dominant wolf arose. “Tell me if I’m doing something wrong.” 

“I will. Besides, I need you to get me ready. I intend to finish in you.”

Blood rushed to his prick at those words. By the time he satisfied Dev, he had a feeling he would be hard, too.

Dev speared his fingers into his hair, tugging him close. When the dominant wolf nudged his dick between his lips, Saz took him in. He sucked tentatively at first, marveling at the feel of Dev inside his mouth. Dev felt like heated steel encased in velvet softness.

“Fuck,” Dev murmured. “No gag reflex?”

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