[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]
Olivia "Livi" Brackin is hired to take a photo of the elusive white wolf. To complete her assignment, she may have to turn against the three men she’s falling for. They want her to forget the white wolf and stay with them, but she’s not sure she can give up the life she’s worked so hard to obtain.
Tony, Eric, and Nick Parker have found the woman Tony fell in love with five years earlier. When she unexpectedly shows up in their small mountain town, they’re ready to make her theirs, but a photo of the white wolf in a national magazine could expose skinwalkers as real. Trying to talk Livi out of using the photograph of them in their skinwalker forms is one thing. But keeping her alive is a whole lot harder.
Will another woman, obsessed with having them as her own, take Livi away from them? Or will Livi be the one to destroy their chance at happiness?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Chasing the White Wolf (MFMM)
9 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved this book, the twists & turns - a book to read over & over again!
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4.5 STARS: "Tony Parker and Olivia "Livi" Brackin met five years ago and shared a memorable weekend in Las Vegas. Tony woke to an "It’s been fun..." good-bye note and a broken heart. He and his brothers, Eric and Nick, searched for years before finally accepting that she was lost to them. Suddenly she shows up in their home town of Lost Hills. Livi has been hired by the Fact or Fiction magazine. She has come to the White Mountains of Arizona in search of the rumored white wolf. The Parker brothers cannot let her publish such a picture. They want her to stay in Lost Hills with them as their mate. Unfortunately someone else is determined to claim the Parker brothers and will do anything to remove Livi from the path to obtaining that goal. Can the Parker brothers keep Livi from exposing the town’s secrets? Can they save her from the one set on harming her? Will Livi live long enough to decide if she can accept three loves into her heart and life? Will she still love them after she finds out what they, and most of the residents of Lost Hills, really are? This is a totally different paranormal romance series from the creative mind of Jane Jamison. There are many different supernatural beings mentioned. She also tells us of the difference between a shifter and a skinwalker. Like most small mountain towns Lost Hills is picturesque with warm and friendly residents. Marring the beauty is something no place is immune to...prejudiced minds bent on destroying anything or anyone different. I would love to meet Dorrie and Mitsy. Perhaps if I am lucky I can meet someone as caring as the Parker brothers and their forceful personalities. I do not know what I expected to find when I began reading "Chasing the White Wolf", but I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoyed it. There is a touch of suspense, the mystical and whole lot of romantic tension and fulfillment to be had. Readers get strong, defined characters that come together to bring the town to life. The descriptions given of the town make me think of a restored and updated town of the 1800's, of a place and time when towns and their residents were self-sufficient, but also close knit. Everyone could depend on each other to be there to lend a helping hand in a time of need. Chasing The White Wolf is the second in the Skinwalker series and it can be read easily by itself. The best thing about this book is that it sets up a firm foundation for future stories. Lucky for us book one is still available as well. If you enjoy book two as much as I did, pick up a copy of book one, Leather and Lace and let the journey continue. If you still wanting even more paranormal romance to enjoy, check out Jane Jamison's Werewolves of Forever, Texas series as well. Any series by Ms. Jamison is worth your time to read and your time will be repaid with hours of enjoyment and pleasure." -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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“Holy shit! You’re really here!”

Tony Parker couldn’t believe it. The girl he’d had a wild fling with, the girl who had been gone before he’d woken up, was in Lost Hills. He squeezed her as hard as he could without hurting her and made another quick circle around with her. She clung to him, yelping as he’d snatched her off her feet and taken her into a bear hug for the swing.

“Damn it! Put me down!”

He dropped her back on her feet. The slap on his jaw sent him jerking his head to the side. He held his jaw and gaped at her. “What the hell was that for?”

“Who the hell are you?” She shoved him hard enough to make him take a step back. “Do you go around picking up strange women all the time? Or am I lucky?”

“Strange? Okay, I’ll give you that. Although I only have our last encounter to base that on. You’re more than likely a lot more normal than I am.” He grinned and drank her in. She was even better looking than she’d been five years earlier when they’d hooked up in Vegas.

She crossed her arms and studied him. Even with her brow scrunched into lines and her beautiful blue eyes narrowed, she was sexier than any woman he’d ever seen.

“Our last encounter? What are you talking about?”

He leaned closer, drawing in her amazing scent. He’d put that aroma in his memory five years earlier and she still smelled the same way. If he hadn’t seen her first, he would’ve recognized her fragrance the second he’d walked into the bar.

“Wait a sec. You don’t remember me?” He placed his palm over his heart. “I can’t believe that. After what we meant to each other”—he leaned even closer—“after what we did that night, I kind of figured you’d never forget me.”

But she had. That was all too apparent in the way she gaped at him.

“Liv, that’s fucked up. I remember everything about you. Sure, we’re a little older now, and we’ve both filled out. You in a major good way, of course. But I would’ve known you anywhere. Don’t you remember our night in Vegas? It’s me. Tony.”

Those incredible eyes grew bigger the moment she remembered. Part of him didn’t blame her. He’d changed a lot in those five years. When they’d met he’d been twenty-five, and for some unknown reason, hadn’t filled out like his brothers had. Hell, like most skinwalkers had by that age. A year after he’d run into Liv, his body had changed, going from a gangly skinny kid to a bulked-out hulk of a man. People who had grown up with him said that his face had grown broader, more masculine.

“No way.” She let her gaze slide down then back up, not once, but twice. Then a third time. “Tony? Is that really you? You look so different.” She arched an eyebrow. “But in a major good way.”

“Thanks.” He lifted an arm and made a muscle. He didn’t care that it earned him chuckles from the peanut gallery. He was always down for a good laugh as long as it wasn’t at anyone’s expense other than his own or his brothers’. “I kind of buffed up.”

“You sure did.” She shook her head. “Wow. I can’t believe this.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing.” He took her hand and dragged her to a booth against the wall. Although he wanted to slide in beside her, especially after getting a feel of how hot her body felt next to his, he took the seat across from her. “Did I tell you how great you look?”

She laughed, bringing up the memory of her infectious laugh. “Yeah, but a girl can never hear that enough.”

“Fine. You look great. Better than ever.”

“I’m glad I’m getting better with age. Or at least better than I was at twenty-two.”

He had to resist licking his lips. “If you get better with age, I want to be around when you turn eighty.”

She fought the smile that finally came to her lips. “You sure do a lot for a girl’s ego. I remember that quite well.”

“So you remember me now, right?” Her breasts were bigger for one thing. But he doubted she’d appreciate his telling her that. “And meeting me at the bar at Caesar’s Palace?”

She laughed again. “Oh, yeah, I do. I can’t believe I forgot the only guy I’ve ever seen get slapped not once, but twice in less than two minutes. All because of me.”

“Hey, I wouldn’t have gotten slapped if you hadn’t told those girls that I was a producer making porn movies. And, damn, they put some powerful behind those slaps.”

“For Pete’s sake, pull up your big boy pants and stop whining.” She softened her words with another smile. “I made it up to you. I bought you a nice dinner.”

“And some drinks. Lots of drinks.” He could still see her in his mind’s eye, the short-short blue dress she’d worn that had made her hair look like it was on fire. They’d gone to dinner and then drinks, exchanging no real meaningful information, not even their last names, as though they’d silently agreed to keep everything light and easy. He’d only gotten her last name out of her after he’d taken her to bed and fucked her four times. They’d spent the next two days and two incredible nights together. On the second night, exhausted and half-drunk, he’d passed out and had awakened the next morning to find a note on the pillow beside him.

“That was a lousy thing you did. Leaving me to wake up alone.”

He sounded like the heroine in a chick flick, but he didn’t care. Finding the note that had thanked him for a “fun time” had hit him hard in the gut. He’d never admitted it to anyone other than his brothers, but he’d fallen in love with her that wild weekend. After her, no other woman had ever measured up. Having only her name, he’d tried to search for her, had even visited Vegas several times, returning each year on the exact day they’d met and even sitting at the exact spot at the bar. But he’d always come up empty. Then, without warning, here she was, back in his life.

This time I won’t let her get away.




“Look at me, Livi.”

She obeyed, as she knew she always would.

“Do you want me? Us?”

She couldn’t have lied if she’d tried. “Yes.”

Tony plunged two fingers into her pussy. “Let’s make sure you’re really ready. Does that feel good?”


She’d wanted Tony from the moment she’d left him in Vegas. After spending five years convincing herself that it was a thing of the past, two nights to remember, she’d finally given up on ever seeing him again. Then to find Nick? It was enough to make her believe in dreams coming true.

But what about Eric?

She eased around just enough to search the shore for Eric. Having him join them would make everything perfect. But where was he? Her heart sank to think that he’d left to give his brothers time alone with her.

Tony slipping below the surface wiped away her disappointment. She reached for him, but couldn’t find him. When he put his mouth to her pussy, her knees almost buckled. Only Nick holding her up kept her head above the level of the shiny water.

She was theirs. She knew that in a quick flash of recognition as Nick moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her to play with her breasts. She didn’t have to know them long. She could sense their goodness, their kindness, and their honesty. The fact that they were masculine and sexy as hell only added to the wonder of them.

But where was Eric?

Their hands massaged her, caressing her body as though she were a treasured prize and ridding her of thoughts of Eric. Tony’s tongue circled her clit, then dove in and out of her pussy. How he could stay under water so long was a mystery, but one she didn’t care to solve.

They drove her body into a wild whirlwind of sensations. She hungered for them, thirsted for them like a woman who hadn’t known what food and water tasted like until now. Her body shook with the electricity rolling through her as Nick nibbled on her neck and kissed her earlobe. She leaned against him, letting him support her physically as she had no doubt he would emotionally. They were an invading force attacking her with all the ferocity they had, ready to win the spoils of war. And yet she’d already surrendered to them, ready to submit to all their demands.

Tony rose up from the water, taking her along with him with his arms hooked behind her legs. She met his gaze as he wrapped her legs around him and placed his cock to her entrance.

Nick tugged her face toward him. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Please.”

He kept his eyes on her as he pushed his finger into her butt hole. “This way, too?”

Her clit ached as Tony rubbed his cock against her, teasing her. Together they were driving her to the edge of insanity. If they didn’t give her what her body needed, her mind would surely break.

Tony gripped her thighs and groaned. “I can’t wait any longer. Not after five years of needing you.”

His cock pierced her sex, pushing into her so hard that Nick rocked on his feet. Tony gripped her, holding her as he filled her again and again, stretching the limits of her pussy, driving the friction hotter.

Nick moved first one finger then another in and out of her dark hole, preparing her. He stretched her, murmuring that it would hurt without lube, but she didn’t care. She was already prepared in her heart where it mattered the most.

“Please, Nick.”

He groaned, then held his cock and pressed it against her resisting wall. When he pushed his shaft inside, she cried out and clung to Tony’s neck. Nick stopped, his hard breaths warming the chilled skin of her neck. Tony paused, too, sensing that they needed time.

She whispered, unable to speak any louder. “It’s okay. Please.”

Her words broke apart any resistance they had. They groaned as they shoved their cocks in to fill her from both sides. Water splashed around them, as they moved, bouncing as though they rode a wave in the ocean.

She’d known Tony was the man of her dreams, but had pushed that aside as an unattainable fantasy. Nick was his own unique man, yet he was the same in so many ways. She needed him just as much. Whether it was fate or luck, she didn’t care. She’d come to Lost Hills looking for an elusive white wolf and had found the men she was meant to be with.

Again, she searched for Eric and saw nothing. She thrust that hurt aside, determined to deal with it later.

Nick and Tony. They were all she needed for now.

Livi couldn’t get enough of them. She felt like she was in a scene from a romance movie and had not one, but two heroes for her to lean on. Their cocks stretched the limits of her insides, plunging to demand that she give way even more.

The sun beat down on her shoulders and her body grew warm under their touch. Their hands caressed her, their tongues raking over her body to wipe away the drops of water.

The chill of the water was long gone. Her body hummed, like a fine engine that only they knew how to keep running. If they stayed in the water until the sun fell and the moon rose, it wouldn’t be long enough for her.

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