Morgan Ashbury's Special Cowboy Menage Collection (MMF)

Morgan Ashbury's Special Cowboy Menage Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 171,232
2 Ratings (4.0)

In The Lady Makes Three, take two hot-for-each-other cowboys, add one love-hungry, eager cowgirl, and what do you get? Three people who dare to overcome their fears, defy convention and take the wildest ride of their lives.

In Wanton Wager, Jonathan and James offer Tabitha a bet she can’t refuse. But as she gladly pays the price for her wanton wager, others lay odds they can throw the game. Will the past hold her back? Or does she dare to gamble it all for the chance of a two-for-one happy ending?

In Cowboy Cravings, Annie Rutherford came west seeking a new life, never dreaming lust and love would be part of the mix. The cravings cowboys Jessie Conrad and Grant Douglas incite are fierce – but the men soon prove they are more than up to the task of satisfying Annie’s hunger.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Morgan Ashbury is a Siren-exclusive author.



Morgan Ashbury's Special Cowboy Menage Collection (MMF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Morgan Ashbury's Special Cowboy Menage Collection (MMF)

Morgan Ashbury's Special Cowboy Menage Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 171,232
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Maddy tilted her head back, the water from her canteen hitting her square in the face, then running down the front of her t-shirt and onto her jeans. This heat wave was unusual for mid-May. But she’d worked through worse heat waves before with equanimity and couldn’t understand why today’s record temperature got to her so badly. I’m just tired, that’s all.

Stopping the deluge with a quarter of the bottle to spare, Maddy brought the metal to her lips. As she drank, she scanned the area. Chase and Luc were both giving her a hand with this fence repair job. Lucas stood about a hundred yards to her right, his button-front shirt open, sweat beading on his chest. She watched as his gaze traced the path of the water on her own shirt, noted the look of interest and the quick darting-away of his eyes.

Someday I’m going to have myself a few stiff shots of whiskey for courage and attack that man. She couldn’t deny that thoughts of Lucas, naked, had taken up residence in her mind on more than one occasion. She felt pretty sure the man viewed her the same way. She couldn’t figure out why neither one of them had made a move on each other after all these years. About the same age as she, Lucas had been a part of her life since they’d been teenagers. Neither one of them had a significant other nor could be considered butt-ugly.

Damn it, she was lonely. Cry-herself-to-sleep-in-the-middle-of-the-night-sometimes lonely. She wanted someone in her life, someone who would respect her and hold her; who would be there when she needed him but wouldn’t expect her to cater to him twenty-four seven. One thing she knew for certain: she really didn’t want a husband. She didn’t want the work, the worry or the responsibility of one.

She’d spent the last twelve years of her life caring for her father after he’d become sick. She’d had to make every decision, face every challenge, clear every hurdle, on her own, while catering to most every one of his needs. In other words, she’d filled the role of ‘wife’ of the household and had no desire to go there again.

Why the big deal in society about getting married, anyway? Her father had considered her lack of a husband to be her worst sin. Hell, marriage was nothing more than a vow, a promise and a piece of paper, none of which had any value at all, in most cases.

Chase stretched, catching Maddy’s attention. He stood only a few feet away, directly in front of her by the open tail gate of the truck, and the expansive movement definitely snagged her interest. Obviously he’d tossed his t-shirt in deference to the heat and she couldn’t help but notice and appreciate his well honed abs and pecs. She nearly jumped when his eyes met hers. His gaze bored into her. When he shifted his focus to her breasts, she felt a tingling response in the pit of her belly. Then his eyes met hers again and she had no trouble seeing the hunger in them. He tossed her a flirty grin and headed back to his piece of barbed wire.

Well, hell, now what? Was she so desperate to get laid that she could lust after two different men with an equal craving and at the same time? Images from her dream that very morning slithered across her mind. She’d brought those images back as she’d pleasured herself, and yes, in her imagining there sure as hell had been more than two male hands on her body as she’d come. Maddy turned her eyes away from the younger man as that reality hit home. Capping her canteen, she tossed it on the ground, pulled her gloves back on, and got back to working on the fence. She kept her hat brim down so she could look at both men without their catching her at it. Both worked quickly and efficiently as they attacked portions of the old boundary line. She saw Lucas turn his head toward Chase, but couldn’t see the expression on her foreman’s face. Then, a few minutes later, when she looked up again, she saw Chase treating the other man the same kind of look he’d just given her.

All right, that settles it. I’ve obviously got sex on the brain. She blamed that strange dream near dawn, which itself had likely just sprung—even if it had been a first, dreaming of two lovers at the same time—from her having neglected her body’s needs for so long. It had been years since her last lover. Narrowing her eyes, she tried to think back…holy hell, the last man she’d had a relationship with was Tom Parker, and that had been nearly six years ago! It had also been a long time since she’d given herself a really good session with her vibrator.

Tom Parker had been a scratch in response to an itch, nothing more. Just as well seeing as the man hadn’t stayed in the county very long after their half-hearted affair had begun. Her vibrator, now, she had no excuse there. She didn’t even have to worry about anyone else being in the house with her anymore, either, interfering with her privacy. Maybe this weekend she’d have a nice long bubble bath, a couple glasses of wine, and see what she could do about taking care of her inner woman with Bob—her battery operated boyfriend.


Maddy was shaking inside by the time she reached the house. Taking only a moment to kick off her boots, she practically ran to her bedroom.

Nothing like this had ever happened to her before. She’d been slightly aroused, thanks to Chase’s sly innuendos and blatant flirting. She’d watched him stroke Lucas, and that man had nearly melted under his touch. Then as the horses had performed, she’d looked over, caught sight of Chase and Lucas, both aroused. Chase had reached toward Lucas and suddenly her imagination had flashed a full color three dimensional freeze frame image of the three of them—Lucas, Chase, and herself—totally naked and fully engaged in hot, raunchy sex.

She’d nearly had an orgasm on the spot.

But she hadn’t, had in fact been left hot and high and at the very edge so that the only thing she could think, the only thing she could do, was squirrel herself away and do something about it, right now.

She honestly believed if she didn’t have an orgasm in the next few minutes she would incinerate from the heat running through her body.

Once inside her room she whipped off her tee-shirt and shucked her bra and jeans. Falling onto the bed, she didn’t even take time to remove her panties, only pushed them down and out of the way. Then her hand found her sex, lightly stroking back and forth, seeking out her clit. The friction seared, tiny shivers of arousal shooting sparks to every part of her. For one fleeting second she wished she’d gone to her dresser first to get her vibrator. But she didn’t want to stop long enough to get it now. She couldn’t stop. Her hand kept stroking, her fingers dipping slightly into the moisture that had already gathered. She burned so hot it nearly drove her insane. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on the image that had hurled her to this point of frantic need. She never would have thought the idea of two men being intimate together would turn her on, but it had. Maybe it wasn’t the idea of just any two men, but two who somehow, despite everything, she considered to be hers. And that vision of the three of them together… What would it be like? How would it feel? It had been so long since she’d had sex, she could barely recall  the sensation of a man’s cock pushing into her. What would it be like to have sex with two men at the same time?

Her climax eluded her and she whimpered, frustration mounting by the second. Bearing down with every ounce of will she possessed, keeping her eyelids closed even more tightly, she focused on the images that had catapulted her to this, tried to imagine how it would feel to have two lovers petting her, arousing her, servicing her at the same time.

As her hand brushed frantically against her feminine flesh, it was joined by another, masculine one. And then another.

Maddy gasped, opening her eyes wide. Chase stretched out on her right, Lucas on her left. Both men had a hand each on her pussy, their touch both strange and familiar at the same time. She froze, a cry trapped in her throat. The heat of embarrassment flooded her face.

“Hush, honey. We’re here now. We’ll take care of you. We’ll all take care of each other.” Chase’s outrageous pronouncement was accompanied by that devil grin, and the sensation of his finger penetrating her.


She turned instinctively to Lucas. Her name had been a whispered plea that brushed her face, his voice hoarse with need. His lips came down on hers, his tongue bold, the kiss totally carnal. One of his hands caressed the top of her head while the other settled more firmly between her thighs. Then, he mimicked Chase and plunged one of his fingers deep inside her.





Tabitha found it interesting that Jonathan could toss out an outrageous sexual innuendo without batting an eyelash, but blushed when offered sincere thanks for what truly was a generous offer.

The use of Farenough land for a wild horse sanctuary, complete with donated feed and irrigated watering spots should the pastures suffer undue drought, all underwritten by the Kellers, would be an enormous help in the Bureau’s wild horse and burro program.

All the existing holding facilities were in Kansas and Oklahoma. This one, in the west where so many of the horses and burros roamed, though not a holding facility, would provide an additional sanctuary that could be monitored and maintained—and all without taxpayer money.

All that was left to do was to turn the paper work over to the attorneys. Jonathan offered to have one of the casino staff courier them over to Tabitha’s office. Looking from one to the other of the Keller men, Tabitha wondered if they both maybe had an idea that the little game they’d been playing since they’d met the day before was about to come to a turning point.

“Why, thank you. That means’s my work day will be done all that much sooner. Then I can really begin to relax and…play.”

A knock announced the arrival of a young woman, impeccably dressed in business casual. James scooped the file folders off the table and handed them to her. If the woman thought it odd she was being asked to take the files to the BLM office in Carson City, she didn’t show it.

In moments Tabitha was alone once more with the brothers Keller, although the door to the meeting room remained open.

“Playing is highly underrated. So tell me, darlin’…what kind of game did you have in mind?” James’s voice, smooth hot fudge over pure vanilla ice cream heated her blood and melted her joints.

“Have any idea where a girl can get a little private action? I was thinking maybe a few hands of Texas Hold ‘em.” It wasn’t hard to make her voice breathless. She’d felt breathless since meeting the pair.

“Oh, we can arrange a private game, no problem,” Jonathan said in a voice no less smoky than his brother’s.

“We were thinking maybe one game. One hand. With a very personal wager.” James smiled as he offered that.

“But what if I want to play more than just one hand?” Was that her, putting that cock-teasing pout into her voice, licking her lips just to incite these two sexy studs? Was she out of her ever-loving mind?

“Now, darlin’, you have to know there’s more than one way to play...and more than one game in town.” Jonathan pitched his voice low, and Tabitha felt it rumble in her belly.

“What did you have in mind?” They were good, damn good. Tabitha felt the moisture gathering between her thighs and the humming low in her womb as if her inner atoms were busy cleaning house because they knew that company was coming. Thank goodness she was still sitting down. The men wouldn’t know her knees had gone weak.

On the other hand, they were both standing, and it only took one glance to realize they were both already semi-hard, and that their relative positions put their cocks on nearly the same level as her mouth, making that water, too.

Tabitha felt totally aroused and completely reckless. Not a good combination at all.

“If one of us wins, you come home with us today. You become…ours. We’ll pleasure you until you melt; both of us together, and one of us at a time. And we bet you, Tabitha Lambert, that together we’ll be able to meet every one of your needs and fulfill every one of your fantasies. You’ll become…addicted to us. And darlin’, this game would be for keeps.” Such emotion filled James’s voice that Tabitha realized what was happening between them wasn’t entirely a game. These men were serious—or at least believed themselves to be. She swallowed hard and looked from one to the other.

Even though she was well rid of her ex-husband, the failure of her marriage and the dissolution of the relationship had stung. Not playing now, she gave them her honest-to-the bone reaction. “What good would that do me? You’d be putting me into a position where I would have to choose between you. That’s a recipe for heartbreak if ever I heard one.”

“Oh, no, darlin’. You’ve missed the point entirely. We do want you to choose. But we want you to choose us both, not choose between us,” Jonathan explained.

 Oh my God. They were absolutely serious. They were offering her something she’d only admitted a hunger for in her own personal fantasies. Holy hell, this room had become awfully hot, awfully fast.

“Um…and what do I get if I win?”

“Anything you want,” Jonathan replied for the both of them.

“And you expect me to accept this…this wanton wager?”

The men looked at each other, then looked at her. “We can smell your heat, and you’re no coy miss. You’re a woman with one hell of a good brain who knows her mind, and makes her own decisions. And you’re a gambler.” James smiled as he said all that, obviously enjoying the shock she knew she wore. She’d been married to Ed Lambert for over a year, and these two men already knew her better than he ever had.

“Come on, darlin’. Take a chance,” James finished.

A shiver coursed down her spine. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d done something totally impulsive. But it sure as hell would be the most interesting. And hell, when it came right down to it, either way the cards fell, how could she possibly lose? She was an unattached adult woman with a growing itch and time on her hands.

She answered them both, but directed her words to the one she sensed was in control. “All right, Ace. Cut the cards.”



Two erect cocks sprang free of confinement, and Tabitha knew she was about to experience heaven.

James knelt on the bed to her right. Because he was the first to get closer, her gaze focused on him, on the sheer beauty of his body. His chest and arms exuded strength and virility, the dark hair that dusted his pecs and trailed down his abdomen to nestle his sex gleaming even in the low light. His cock stood erect and bounced with his movements and his response to being the subject of her adoring scrutiny.

“No second thoughts?” he asked as he moved closer, as he grasped his penis in a way that said he would feed it to her if she wanted it.

“None. James, please.”

But he didn’t do the expected, didn’t deliver that hard part of himself for her oral pleasure. Instead, he stretched out beside her. Jonathan came down on her left, but her attention was captured by James. Stroking his hand through her hair, he turned her head so that she faced him and then settled his mouth on hers.

Subtly different, this kiss epitomized carnal pleasure. Slow, deep, his tongue explored, tasted, dominated, and she felt seduced. Hot, delicious and wet, his mouth fed her the potion of arousal, taking her higher, farther, than she’d ever been before. When he eased, when he weaned his lips from her, another hand gently guided her head to the left, and Jonathan was there to woo and entice.

Tabitha lost herself in the sheer pleasure, in the mind-numbing eroticism of their mouths on hers. Only kisses she thought when words would form in her sex-drugged brain. Only kisses and she was already on the verge of a climax. They kept taking turns, taking her higher.

Just when she thought she was going to come apart at the seams, they laid hands on her. Breasts and arms, belly and thighs, masculine hands stroked and petted, pinched and cupped. Unable to control herself, she writhed under their ministrations. Deep masculine chuckles teased but she didn’t care. She would have rushed them, rushed this, but they had set the pace and thank God for it. They lavished her with attention, and taught her without words that she could take more than she believed she could, that she could soar higher than she’d thought possible. Her skin shivered, her nipples puckered, and the dampness from her sex nearly became a rain.

“Now, darlin’,” James cooed as he plunged two fingers deep into her pussy.

“Oh, God!” Tabitha screamed as the orgasm exploded over her, bowed her off the bed, as the electric jolts cascaded from her clit to her fingers and toes. Wave upon wave of bliss consumed her, ravaged her.

Her lips had abandoned Jonathan’s when she’d begun to come, but he had continued using his mouth on her, licking his way from her neck to her breast. Now he sucked her nipple into his mouth, using his teeth to nip and his tongue to soothe, and her orgasm only settled down a little. And then it began to build again.

“Your pussy squeezed my fingers so hard, Tabby-cat. Will you squeeze my cock the same way?”

“Oh God, I…I can’t,” she felt the arousal climb, knew she was going to come again. She honestly didn’t think she had anything left, that she could bear another dose of such extreme pleasure. Shivering, shaking, she reached for the climax even as she wondered if she would survive another. Sound and movement penetrated dimly, the tear of plastic, jostling motion and the sound of a slick slide.

Jonathan released her nipple and eased away just as James came down over her, settling between her legs.

“Yes you can. Let me come inside you, Tabitha. Take my cock into your hot little pussy.”

Had she believed she couldn’t take any more? The moment she felt his latex-covered cock against her wet, sensitive folds, she burned to have him deep, deep inside her.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me, James. Now, fuck me now!”


She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he pushed into her. His cock felt bigger than what she’d been used to and she reveled in the sensation of being filled completely.

“God, woman, you feel so damn good around me. So hot.”

He had sunk into her completely and for a long moment seemed content to just stay put. Tabitha surged her hips, so close to another orgasm she thought she might die if he didn’t move.

“More. Damn it, James, fuck me!”

“Soft and slow? Or hard and fast? How do you want me to fuck you, darlin’?”

“Hard. Fast. Deep. Yes. Yes.” Reality became only this moment, only this man filling her, fucking her, so that the all she wanted in the whole world was to come and come and come. He gave her what she’d demanded, hard and fast and deep. The bed shook with the force of his thrusts. When he pushed his chest away from her, her arms slid to the surface of the bed. When he lifted her legs and spread them wider, when he placed one foot on the floor to brace himself so he could change his angle, she felt him hit deeper and harder.

A stroke on her hair had her turning her head. There, Jonathan knelt, his cock just inches from her mouth. Hungry, she opened wide, and when he slid his hand under her head and lifted her just that little bit, she closed her lips around his penis, eagerly sucking him in.





Grant dismounted and looped his reins over a low hanging branch. Sandstone, the chestnut gelding he’d ridden, was a gentle old horse, quite content to stay where he was put. Grant flexed his shoulders so the straps of his backpack slid down his arms. He set the bag on the grass, then came over to Jesse and Annie.

“Lift your leg over, honey,” Jesse instructed as he helped her raise her right leg over the horse’s back. He only let go once Grant had his arms up to receive her.


Jesse flicked his glance down. He figured Annie’s startled exclamation had been prompted by being held close by Grant, sporting as big a hard-on as he was.

“My legs are a little stiff,” she said when the other man set her down.

Jesse caught the nervousness in her voice. He couldn’t help but smile. Any doubts about Annie’s awareness of both himself and Grant as men were gone now. When he spoke, he let the hunger he felt for her come through in both his expression and his words.

“That’s just because you’re not used to having your legs spread, honey.”

Grant hadn’t stepped away from her once he set her on the ground. He stood just on the other side of her. Jesse knew his best friend was on the same page when he said, “If you let us, we’d both like to help you with that.”


* * * *


Annie felt her heart thud heavily in her chest. She knew her mouth hung open in shock, but she couldn’t seem to close it. This was not what she expected when these two handsome devils came calling. They said they wanted her to come out and play, but of course they hadn’t said what kind of play they had in mind. It took some effort to close her mouth. She let her gaze wander from one man to the other.

“We know how you feel on the subject of marriage and relationships,” Grant said in his quiet, thoughtful way, “because over the last few months, you’ve said some things, and we’ve put two and two together. But you’re far too young, and far too responsive to want to live the rest of your life like a nun.”

Since both men made a point of looking at the way her nipples pebbled under her T-shirt, she couldn’t deny the accusation of being responsive. Neither did she think it would be smart to tell them she only seemed to be responsive to them.

“We’ve both been drawn to you, right from the beginning, from the first moment we laid eyes on you. But we’ve been best friends forever and had no intention of letting anyone get in the way of that friendship,” Jesse said.

“When we realized our feelings for you weren’t going away, and that you didn’t want any kind of committed relationship, we thought that maybe there was a way for all three of us to enjoy ourselves without either getting mired down with expectations of marriage, or damaging a life-long partnership,” Grant said.

“We could all just be friends together…friends with benefits,” Jesse finished, flashing the sexiest grin she’d ever seen.

For a long moment, Annie couldn’t think of a thing to say. “Wow,” she finally exhaled, “that is a lot of thinking.”

“We’ve done ours. Now you do yours. Jesse and I will get our picnic set out.”

Those two rogues did not just propose they both become her lovers and then move right along to setting out food!



“Up, baby.”

Jesse’s urgent whisper enflamed her, and she helped as they lifted her to sit on the edge of the table. Then Grant eased her down, supine. Jesse spread her legs and she rejoiced in being naked and open wide before them. She was theirs. Maybe not forever but definitely for now, and she willed them to take what they would.

Grant bent over to feast on her, his mouth hot and wet, devouring hers. The slide of flesh, tongues, and lips sparked heat and a shivery kind of excitement that electrified her, drew her in to the maelstrom of sensations like a moth to a flame.

Jesse inserted a finger into her pussy and she bowed off the table, whimpering in need as her passion spiked, internal flames shooting for the sky.

“You are so wet, baby, so ready for us.”

She sensed Jesse stepping back, and that image became swamped by Grant’s mouth as it continued to seduce her, his hand as it wandered from breast to breast, then down, slyly, to test her liquid heat for himself.

He groaned against her lips when he inserted his fingers into her slick passage.

Jesse stepped back between her splayed legs. Grant traced his hand back up her body. She felt the brush of the back of Jesse’s hand against her opening.

Then his hot, latex-covered cock pressed against her, feeling impossibly large as he grasped her hips, leaned forward, and slowly began to enter her.

It felt as if every nerve she possessed rushed to her pussy. Gasping, she broke away from Grant’s hungry mouth. “Hurry, oh please, hurry.”

“Don’t worry, baby,” Jesse’s voice sounded strained with self-mockery. “It’s going to be in a hurry. I’m so damn triggered, it won’t take….oh, yeah.”

Annie couldn’t manage more than a moan of bliss as Jesse’s cock sank deep inside her, filling her completely. The heat of his groin against her labia, the sway of his balls against her ass as he pulled out and then sank into her again, and then again, the friction of his cock moving against her tunnel, turned her on more than anything she’d ever imagined.

Grant straightened beside her, but kept his hand busy stroking and kneading her breasts. She could see him watching Jesse and her, watching Jesse fuck her. She, too, turned her gaze on the man inside her. Such a look of absorption, of pure pleasure lit his face that her breath caught.

“You feel so good around my cock, baby,” he whispered. Then he leaned over her, opened his eyes.

She could see the strain of his control. Sweat dotted his forehead and one bead of it slid off him, landing almost exactly between her breasts. Annie reached out to him, curling her fingers in his hair. She tugged and he came forward, heeding her unspoken demand.

Her mouth fastened onto his, her tongue drinking his flavor, stabbing and swirling greedily. And as she took Jesse’s taste into her mouth, his cock into her pussy, her other hand stroked down Grant’s chest, down until she brushed against the denim covered ridge of his erect penis. He leaned against her touch, and his cock grew larger.

She weaned her lips from Jesse’s, met his gaze. Plying rarely used muscles, she convulsed her sheath around his cock. “Fuck me harder,” she said.

“Oh, God.”

She saw his control snap. Eyes glittering, teeth bared as if in pain, Jesse withdrew from her body and surged home again and again. She felt the tension in him, could smell him, the musky scent of his sweat and his sex, as he drove into her, as he pleasured them both.

Then he reached down, found her clit with his thumb, and began to rub.

Annie came hard and fast, her orgasm so damn big that she wondered that she didn’t fly right off the table. Jesse’s one hand anchored her hips even as he continued to thrust into her and rub her clit. Grant caressed and pinched her nipples, his hands anchoring her as he bent down to take one hard pebble into his mouth and suck strongly.

Annie didn’t recognize the sounds she made as ecstasy flooded her body, emptied her mind. Jesse pressed forward, a feral growl emerging from his throat. She felt his cock pulse inside her, knew he was coming, filling the latex that protected them both. She hooked her legs around his ass and lifted her pussy to press more completely against his groin, wringing every drop of pleasure from her orgasm that she could.

Annie closed her eyes as Jesse collapsed over her, his breathing as rapid and harsh as her own. She felt movement beside her.

“Nothing has ever turned me on the way watching Jesse fuck you just did,” Grant said, his voice barely above a whisper. “Here, baby. I’m so horny. I need to feel your sexy mouth on my cock.”

Annie turned her head, the sight of Grant’s hard, naked cock instantly rekindling her fires. She’d never done this, never believed she’d want to. Yet now her mouth watered, and she could think of nothing she wanted more than to slide that hot flesh between her lips, taste Grant’s essence as she pleasured him.

She met his gaze and gave him a smile that felt wicked. She only needed to shimmy over toward him a couple of inches.

Trusting her men to keep her from falling, she stretched out, nuzzled his cock. Inhaling, she took in his scent, an aroma that inspired images of afternoon trysts and heated couplings.

Grant hissed in a breath and his cock twitched from the brush of her nose and the moist heat from her mouth.

Sighing, she extended her tongue, lavishing a long, slow lick as if he were an all-day sucker and she had just that long to devour him.

Then she closed her lips over the head of his cock and sucked him into her mouth.

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