Welcome Neighbor (MMF)

Blood Wine 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,033
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, Menage, Paranormal, Vampires, MMF, HEA]

After Annalisa Santini is left stranded at the altar, she moves back home to Pleasantville, Pennsylvania. She welcomes her old life with open arms and takes a position at her parish church. While comfortable, life is as dull and bland as can be. Her only satisfaction comes in the form of a sex toy followed by some hot dreams that keep her up at night.

When her cat, Miles, escapes and she accidentally locks herself out of her house, she comes in contact with her new neighbors: Damien Hart and Mateo de las Noches.

The men are shocked and pleased. She is everything they’ve been hoping for. And everything they desire in a woman. The two come to her rescue, charming her in the process. Annalisa finds herself falling for her neighbors and fast.

Damien’s impatience threatens to ruin a blossoming love affair. Can the two men get it together and overcome Annalisa’s hesitation without scaring her away for good? Or will the vampires lose their chance at happiness and true love?

Welcome Neighbor (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Welcome Neighbor (MMF)

Blood Wine 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,033
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“When I heard what happened with Trevor, it saddened me. We are so happy to have you back here, though.”

Trevor. If I never hear his name again… Annalisa frowned.

“Your pain is still fresh? Must be.” Sister squeezed her hand.

Annalisa shook her head. She should only know. Her feelings rocked her like a boat setting sail in the middle of a hurricane. Sometimes, she wanted to cry while other times, she’d like nothing more than to find Trevor and punch the shit out of him. And the latter was happening more and more.

What did she miss most now? Besides having someone present in her life as shitty as the relationship was…the sex. And even that left much to be desired. After she rode his cock like a rodeo, he passed out in the bed. Like a senior citizen. And now, if not for her vibrator, a girl would lose her mind. But she couldn’t talk about vibrators or wet dreams, not at church. Instead, she fixed her gaze on the portraits alongside the wall of former priests and nuns.

“You must know he has something better planned for you. Maybe this time, you’ll meet the man who will love you for the rest of your days.”

Annalisa glanced down. The elderly nun still held tightly to her hand.

“Umm, Sister.”

“I won’t speak of your fiancé again. Ex-fiancé, I am sorry.”

“Thank you, Sister. It’s just that…you nearly are cutting off my circulation.”

“Huh? Oh. Forgive me.” The elderly nun frowned, releasing Annalisa’s hands from the death grip. “Annalisa, you certainly look flushed today. Like you’re burning up.” She felt the nun’s beady eyes pry at her with concern.

“It’s hot inside the church. That’s all.” Annalisa fanned herself.

“Hmm. I’ll make sure Jake lowers the radiator.” She raised a brow. Annalisa felt for a split second that the elderly nun didn’t believe her.

“There is so much to do. Can we get started, please?”

“Of course.”

* * * *

“Pleasantville? Yes. It most certainly is. This is it.” Damien pointed to the map with excitement. “The place we’ve been looking for. Most importantly, she’s here.” His eyes widened, and he threw his fist up into the air triumphantly.

“Who?” Mateo frowned, popping a piece of cinnamon gum into his mouth.

“Her. You know? Our third.” Damien lowered his voice to a whisper. He couldn’t have anyone in the apartment overhearing. And potentially getting wind of their plans or even stopping them. Being a vampire in the twenty-first century came with many freedoms but also many dangers.

“If you say so.” Mateo rolled his eyes.

“Do you hear that?”

Mateo shook his head.


“What am I listening to? I don’t hear anything.”

Damien put his hand on his lover’s shoulder.

“That’s just it. It’s silence. Nothing but quiet.”

“Yeah?” Mateo threw him a funny look like he was insane.

“You know how I enjoy sitting up at odd hours and thinking?”

Mateo smirked. “You’re no different than any other of our kind, man. Who the hell needs to compete with the buzz of daily living?”

“Ah-ha. In silence, it’s clear what we need. And that’s our woman, Mateo.”

Mateo grimaced, putting the last of their things in the boxes and loading them onto the U-Haul.

“I hope you’re right. Cause packing sucks.”

“You’ll see. This is the move, the place we’ve been looking for. The answer to all our…” His voice trailed off.

“Prayers, Damien. The word is prayers. If we are to have any, there are two things we need to agree on.”

“What’s that?”

“No mention of church and no mention of vampires.”

Damien frowned and crossed his arms against his chest.

“I’ll try, but I can’t promise you anything.”

“You better do more than try. Can’t keep running away. I’m tired of it.”

“Our third is coming. Then it won’t matter. We can tell her anything and everything.”

“No more secrets?” Mateo raised a brow.

“No more secrets. And no more running,” Damien replied, pulling Mateo into a kiss.




She turned off the TV and watched Miles leap off the bed.

“Yep, sweetie. Mommy’s about to go to sleep. See you later.” She kissed the cat on top of his fluffy head.

Miles opened his mouth and yawned.

Annalisa pulled back the blinds and looked.

“Mateo and Damien? They’re going for a swim now?”

The two men floated in the pool in matching shorts.

“Damn.” She whistled. “They are perfection. Living works of art.”

Mateo climbed out, dripping water from his body.

Her jaw dropped as she watched him move. Beads of moisture anointed his lower abdomen, making Annalisa’s mouth water.

Damien followed, slipping out of the pool behind him. The men played around, tugging on each other’s shorts.

“Please do,” Annalisa whispered. She cupped her breast in her hand and pinched it between her fingertips. She closed her eyes and bit her lip.

“Don’t tease me…finish what you started,” she moaned, sliding her free hand down her stomach.

The moisture pooling between her thighs was too challenging to ignore.

She wanted something else there besides her hand.

Annalisa imagined grinding her lower body against Damien’s as Mateo spread her legs. Then, he played with her slit.

“Do you boys know how to touch a woman? I hope so…” she sighed, rubbing her throbbing clit.

From the corner of her eye, Annalisa could see Mateo pulling down Damien’s shorts.

“Fuck him… I want to see you fuck him,” she grunted, her own orgasm nearly ripe and ready.

Mateo rubbed something into his hand.

Then he touched Damien’s ass.  Damien threw his head back. Annalisa could imagine the moan coming from his lips.

“That look on his face,” she sighed. I can’t wait…”

Mateo took his cock in hand and moved Damien on top of him, guiding his hips until he entered him.

“He’s so big. Umm.” Annalisa sat mesmerized, watching Mateo fuck his lover from behind.

With each pump of his cock, Annalisa fingered her pussy.

Mateo rode his lover faster until the two men grunted in unison.

Annalisa joined their orgasm, screaming their names. Her juices coated her thigh.

“There are no words. That is so sexy.” She smirked. I never knew how much I’d enjoy watching two hot men make love.

As if they were suddenly aware of being watched, Mateo and Damien moved from their places. Damien led Mateo back inside the house.

She pouted. “Damn. The show is over.”

They emerged a short time later dressed in their swim trunks.

She saw Damien’s lips move but couldn’t make out the words.

Mateo nodded his head as they both took a seat.

Damien presented him with two wine flutes. Then, he poured white wine into their glasses, followed by a vial of red liquid. The pale drink turned a deep shade of eggplant.

The two men toasted and drank up heartily.

“That drink?” Annalisa raised a brow.

The memories of the other night hit her like a bolt of lightning.

“Holy shit… That’s what I drank? One of them put something in my drink?” The color drained from her face with the realization.

No. They wouldn’t. Couldn’t. What kind of sickos did that? Mateo seemed so kind. Such honesty in his eyes. Yet, why did her head hurt the way it did? And the thoughts about the two of them…played in her mind relentlessly. Like they slipped her a drug, but more than that… Like a love potion of some kind? All she could think about was them. The thoughts swam wildly in her head, and she struggled to find the answers.

No, she told herself. That’s ridiculous. But then again, what did she know about these men? Her new neighbors? What if they weren’t who they said they were? After all, that liquid looked an awful lot like…blood? Mateo had even mentioned the word immortals in conversation. 

She rolled her eyes. She was starting to sound like Father Donovan.

No. She just had too much to drink. And that was all.

Besides, they were too beautiful to be so dishonest.

Too sexy to be criminal. Or so she hoped.

“Mateo,” she said imagining him. If she closed her eyes, she could even smell his fragrance. Warm and spicy but also fresh and calm. God. Such a beautiful man. She ran a finger over her lips, pretending it was his lips on hers. She sighed. I wonder if he knows…if he could tell how much I wanted him. If they both do?

Did he feel it too? She saw his hardness, which he barely disguised.

They look like the type who knows just how to satisfy their lovers.

Truly make love to both her body and her mind. But also be faithful.

Between their bodies built for a woman’s pleasure and their faces… She could watch them all night.

The men clinked their glasses. Mateo lifted the glass to his face, and the vermillion liquid spilled down his chin. Damien licked it off, tracing a path to his neck.

Annalisa sucked in a breath.

“Holy shit. Could they be…?” She didn’t dare say the final word.

Damien grasped his lover by the shoulders. He opened his mouth and flashed a set of perfectly straight and sharp teeth.

Then, he answered Annalisa’s question, sinking them into Mateo’s neck.

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