Wings of Passion (MF)

Pack Untamed

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 69,700
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sienna falls out of the sky and into Adam’s life...

She’s a shifter with the ability to turn into a golden eagle and she’s fleeing danger, but with an injured wing, she crashes onto the balcony of Adam, a man who likes to be in control.

Adam’s orderly world is turned upside down with the arrival of the golden eagle, and now that he has her, it’s clear that control is over-rated. If it means keeping Sienna, then he’ll embrace the wildness.

Once they commit, Sienna and Adam will do whatever it takes to keep each other safe, and with the hunters determined to capture Sienna, that might not be easy. To stay together, they’ll have to learn to rely on each other and embrace the bond growing between them.

Wings of Passion (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Wings of Passion (MF)

Pack Untamed

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 69,700
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

Retracing his steps, he stalked back to her, and before she knew it, she was pinned to the wall by her sexy, infuriated man. “I’m fucking furious that you’re on a hunter’s radar, and I’m enraged that you’re endangering yourself because of it. You don’t ever put yourself at risk.” His face was so close to hers she could taste his breath on her tongue. “Yes, you can fly and yes, you’re an eagle, but I saw the damage to your wing, and it only happened this morning. If an emergency happens, if the hunter finds you and you need to fly, then do it, but don’t cause yourself more damage. Don’t put yourself in a position where there’s nowhere for you to go if he finds you because you didn’t take the time to heal.” He narrowed his eyes. “Don’t be impatient, and don’t be goddamned foolish.”

“I’m not being foolish.” She spoke her words sharply as she scrambled to hold onto patience, but damn, he was challenging it. “I was testing my wing.”

His jaw clenched. “You had to do it from the balcony? You had to do it on your own?”

“You weren’t here,” she snapped. “Instead, you crept out while I slept.”

He folded his arms over his muscled chest, and his head tilted to the side as he stared down at her. It took him a while before he said, “I had an errand. I didn’t want to wake you.”

“You should have.” Or he should have at least left a note, so that she hadn’t been given the chance to believe he’d skipped out on her, waiting for her to leave.

He sighed, rubbing his neck where the muscles were tense. “I thought you needed your rest more than you needed to know where I was going. I didn’t expect you to attempt suicide while I was gone.”

She snorted. “That’s dramatic.” It was hardly suicide.

He shrugged casually, but his expression was fierce. “You scared me.”

She didn’t know whether to be frustrated or endeared. In the end, her heart took over, and tenderness dawned in her chest. If he was going to be adorable about it, she was going to struggle to stay mad at him.

“I’ve been by myself a long time.” She spoke softly and found herself stroking his shoulders. Even though he was human, she thought it might calm him, and when she felt the tension seep from his muscles, she knew she was right. “I’ve looked after myself since I was a teenager.”

“You’re not by yourself anymore,” he said deeply. “When you think of doing something stupid, spare a thought for me.”

Or maybe it wouldn’t be hard to stay mad at him, if he was going to be annoying. “It wasn’t stupid,” she said through her clenched teeth. “Maybe a little premature, but testing my wing is something that needs to be done.”

“Not yet.”

“Fine.” She tried not to get annoyed at him, she really did, but when he acted like she was being irrational, it was deeply irritating. “But keep in mind, every time you call me stupid or foolish, it makes me want to jump off just to spite you. I can fly. I’m not an idiot.”

His forehead dropped to rest against hers. He gentled his tone. “I’m not calling you stupid. You’re beautiful and bright and intelligent, but you have to understand what it did to me to see you standing up there. My heartbeat won’t calm.”

“I’m a bird,” she said, pointing it out again. His concern was sweet but unnecessary. He needed to have faith in her: animal and human.

“I know.” He spoke deeply. “My fear was instinctive. I saw you balancing on a ledge, and it controlled me, but imagine the situation reversed and tell me you wouldn’t feel the same way.”

Sienna sighed. “It’s not the same. You can’t fly.” In all honesty, though, she’d have reacted with anger too, only she might have been worse. She’d definitely have yelled more. “I’ll think of you next time.” That was a promise. “But it might be wise not to call me foolish, even if something I do stands on the precipice. It makes me act impulsively.”

“Okay,” Adam said in agreement, a small smile curling his lips. He stroked his finger down the bridge of her nose.  “You’ve got yourself a deal.”

“Should we shake on it?”

“Let’s kiss on it.” His lips moved against hers, and his tongue stroked languidly into her mouth.

“Are you finished being angry at me now?” she asked, holding onto him with her arms over his shoulders after he lifted his mouth from hers.

In a rough, deep voice, he said, “I wasn’t angry at you.”

Sienna frowned. “Yes, you were.” Why deny it? “You were furious.”

“Not angry at you.” He shook his head. “Scared for you.”

“Adam, you said yourself, you were angry.”

“You’re being hunted.” His muscles were rigid again, and she returned to petting him. “Angel, I’m fucking furious, and if whoever is after you comes anywhere near you, I’ll tear him apart.”

“You’re angry at Darren?”

Adam’s lips pulled back in a snarl. “That’s his name?” Ferocity flashed in his eyes, but he made a move as if to straighten the tie he wasn’t wearing, and with a clench of his jaw, the wild rage was banked.


Brushing his hard jaw over Sienna’s temple, he said, “Okay.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You can tell me more over dinner. Let’s go eat.”

He lowered his hand to squeeze her hip, dropped another kiss to the corner of her mouth, and then turned to cross the room.

Sienna shook her head. Crazy, stubborn man. “I can’t go out. I have no clothes.”

His languid gaze traveled down her body. He paused to stare at her breasts, between her legs, down the length of her legs and back up again, stopping at all the same places again.

“You look good in my clothes,” he said with a smirk.

She felt her glare was enough of a response. No words were needed.

Adam chuckled, picking up a leather bag from beside the door. “It’s lucky for you I’m a thoughtful guy.”

“Oh yeah?” Sienna scoffed.

“Follow me, angel,” he said, chucking her under the chin as he passed.

With a roll of her eyes, she tailed him back to the bedroom where he set the bag on his bed and opened the zipper.

“A little bag of gifts for you.”

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