Shaky Ground (MFMM)

Beautifully Imperfect 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,172
5 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, MFMM, HEA]

For Kailin August anxiety, grief, pain, and rejection are a constant gnawing ache and though she’s still breathing, she isn’t really living.

Seymour, Tanner and Cody Keen, who grew up in Montana with Kailin following them around, don’t think they’ll ever see Kailin again, and are devasted when they realize she’s gone.

When their Carson City SWAT team is called to a bank holdup, Cody and his brothers are shocked and worried when they realize that Kailin is in danger. However, after the peril is over, the three brothers are determined to keep Kailin now that they’ve found the love of their lives again.

The brothers help Kailin work through all her issues and the emotional pain. The men are devastated when they learn what she’s been through and though she has anxiety, they still want her.

Earning her faith again isn’t as easy as they thought, but they eventually gain her confidence.

Can they keep it?

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Shaky Ground (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Shaky Ground (MFMM)

Beautifully Imperfect 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,172
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Kailin finally stepped up to the window, but before she could tell the teller what she wanted, she heard a soft thud and then some of the female customers started screaming and crying. She spun, nearly tripping over Chester as she almost lost her balance, trying to see what the ruckus was all about.

Chester started growling, the hackles on the back of his neck and along his spine standing on end.

“Get down on the ground. Get down! Get down, now! This is a hold up!” One of three masked men covered from head to toe in black, with some sort of automatic rifle clutched in both hands, shouted forcefully.

Kailin’s heart skipped several beats then thumped hard and painfully against her ribs. She tried to move, but she was in shock and frozen in place. The two other men also holding guns spread out, aiming their weapons threateningly. Chester barked and snarled, but the aggressive sounds he made seemed to be coming from a long way off.

“Are you fucking deaf?” the man who seemed to be the leader of the robbers yelled, and it was only when she shifted her gaze toward him that she realized he was talking to her. Just his eyes and mouth were visible through the strategic holes of his black balaclava, and she started panting when those cold green eyes pinned her own.

She started shaking so hard it was a wonder her teeth didn’t clack together or her knees knock against each other. She began to get lightheaded as she hyperventilated and her legs buckled beneath her just in the nick of time because he lifted the barrel of the gun and aimed it at her chest. She dropped to the floor, rolled onto her stomach, and wrapped her arms over her head to protect herself as the leader of the armed burglars stopped in front of her. It was only when something tugged on her arm that she noticed the handle of Chester’s leash was wrapped around her wrist. He was barking and snarling with protective aggression and pulling at her hold on him.

She tried to gather herself together so she could gain control of herself and then her growling service dog, but a loud ringing set up in her ears, and her heart was beating out a loud, rapid staccato drowning everything else out. Her stomach roiled with nausea, and though she tried to stop trembling, she couldn’t seem to help it. She was so scared, Kailin felt sick to her stomach.

Kailin whimpered when something hard poked into her shoulder. She was about to curl up into a small ball, wanting to make herself as small as possible, but she ended up removing her arms from over her head and looking up when she was jabbed again. This time was much harder than the last, and she was sure she could already feel a bruise forming on her skin. She pushed her long black wavy hair out of her face wishing she’d taken the time to put it up in a ponytail and almost laughed hysterically. Why did it matter what her hair looked like when she was probably going to die?

The man standing so close to her glared at her with cold evil eyes. Even though she could see his mouth moving, she couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. When he turned the gun toward her dog, Kailin sprang into action, shoving up onto her knees and wrapping her arms around her dog, trying to protect him. “Chester, sit!” she said as forcefully as she could, shocked that her voice came out even instead of shaky and that she actually heard herself.

She breathed out a sigh of relief when her dog sat and stopped barking and growling. However, he watched the leader and the other two men intently. “Keep that fucking dog quiet or I’ll blow his fucking head off!” The man stared at her as if awaiting for a response, so she nodded.

Though Kailin had no idea if any of the staff had managed to push the button to the silent alarm, she hoped so. Yet she also worried that if an employee had pushed that button to alert police to a bank hold-up, she and the other customers would be stuck inside the bank for hours. She was in a mental quandary, not sure what she really wanted to happen. If the police arrived before the thieves got what they wanted things could escalate. The three men had guns and could very well start shooting people, using the threat of life for leverage. If they got the money they’d come for, they could be gone within minutes without a shot being fired and everyone would still be alive. Though she hated that greedy people got away with stealing and not working hard to pay their own way in life, she’d prefer everyone got out of the horrid situation safely.

Kailin, sat on her ass, urged Chester to lie down beside her and keep quiet while wishing that she hadn’t forced herself to leave her apartment to come to the bank. If only she’d decided to wait and come tomorrow instead of today… If she had, she wouldn’t be stuck in the bank with three armed men and a lot of other frightened people.

She should’ve listened to her gut when her anxiety had started festering and her chest had tightened at just the thought of stepping outside, but she couldn’t change anything and she prayed that herself, Chester, and everyone else in the bank were all able to walk out of here under their own steam.




“You smell so fucking good, baby. So fucking sweet.”

Other than when he’d lost his virginity at the age of fifteen, Seymour had never been nervous or so turned on in his life that he’d been trembling. He felt as if his whole body was shaking as the floor shifted beneath the bed.

He’d wanted Kailin for so long, and now that he was finally going to make that dream come true, he was a little nervous. He needed to make this so good for her that she would want him again and again. This was step in the right direction for him and his brothers to get her back in their lives and keep her. She was so fucking stunning, sexy, and sweet, and if he played his cards right, she’d be theirs for the rest of their lives.

Pushing his edginess aside, he got back on his feet, wrapped an arm around her waist, pulled her smaller, curvier, body against his, sifted his fingers into her hair, tilted her face up to his, and slanted his mouth over hers. He kissed her like he’d never kissed another woman before. The sharing of their tongues and lips was so fucking passionate he was on fire, but he put as much emotion, as much love into the action as he could. Without breaking their lip lock he lifted her feet from the floor, stepped toward the bed, lowered her to the mattress, and followed her down.

Shudders of need ripped up his spine when she caressed her small, soft hands over his shoulders and back before threading her fingers into his hair to hold on. When his lungs began to ache from lack of air, he lifted his mouth from hers, then licked and nibbled his way down her neck toward her chest.

He moaned after inhaling through his nose, her clean, fresh, feminine scent so familiar and such a turn-on. He’d always loved the way she’d smelled, had missed the scent of vanilla mixed with honeysuckle.

Working his way down her chest, he shifted out from between her legs, holding her in place with a hand on her belly, and with his free hand he flicked open the front clasp of her bra. Her breasts were so pretty, full, and soft and topped with dusky-rose hard nipples. She wasn’t overly large, but she wasn’t small either. If he had to hazard a guess—even if he was no expert on women’s sizing—he figured she’d be a C cup.

Just looking at her flushed face and creamy skin had precum bubbling up to the tip of his dick. He couldn’t wait a second more, and since there was no need, he cupped one of her breasts in his hand, kneading and molding the globe, listening to her moans and gasps, and then rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb.

She groaned, arched her chest up higher, and closed her eyes. Seymore heard movement heading down the hallway toward the bedroom, but he didn’t glance at the door or acknowledge his brothers as they entered. He’d expected them to join him much earlier but was glad they hadn’t. Lowering his head toward her chest, he circled her areola with his tongue and then drew that hard peak into his mouth and suckled on it strongly.

Cody climbed up onto one side of Kailin, and after rounding to the other side, Tanner got on the bed, too.

Tanner cupped her cheek with his hand, turning her toward him, and waited for her to meet his gaze. Her already dilated pupils blew out wider, and then his brother was kissing her passionately. Cody cupped and massaged her other breast, then tweaked the nipple.

Though Seymour wanted to spend hours worshiping her sexy body, he craved the taste of her on his tongue. So far she’d been sweet, but he needed more. He wanted all of her and he was going to get it.

Slowly scooting down the bed as he licked and kissed over her torso, over each rib and her belly, he paused to rim the tip of his tongue around her navel. He smiled when goosebumps raced over her skin and glanced up toward her. Tanner was now suckling on one of her breasts and Cody was kissing her hungrily.

Seymour shifted further down the bed, skimming his hands over her smooth legs, and when he was kneeling near her feet, he pulled her panties down and threw them over his shoulder. Caressing his hands up her legs again, he pushed them wider and groaned when he saw the small creamy drops of dew clinging to the trimmed black hairs on her cunt. There was a scar just below where her pubic hair started, and he guessed that was the incision site of her hysterectomy. He kissed along the scar then groaned when the scent of her musky honey lodged up his nostrils. After taking a deep breath and trying to get the hunger flaming through him back on a leash, he dropped to his belly, uncaring that his legs were hanging over the end of the bed, hooked his arms around her upper thighs, and spread her wider.

The delicious aroma of her pussy filled his nose again, causing him to salivate, and after he swallowed, he lowered his head and took his first lick. Just as sweet as he’d thought she’d be with an added hint of spice.

Seymour lapped up through her folds, twirled his tongue around her clit, and then worked his way back down. He dipped into her soaked entrance, then stiffened his tongue and fucked into her as far as he could.

She moaned and he growled when her pussy spasmed around his tongue. Opening his mouth wider, Seymour set about devouring her until she screamed.

He licked from bottom to top, nibbled on her engorged clit with his lips while rimming her cunt with his finger.

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