Exception to the Rule (MFMM)

Beautifully Imperfect 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,144
8 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Reverse Harem, MFMM, HEA]

Selina Justice is shocked into speechlessness when she’s nearly arrested for using drugs. If Shanna hadn’t come to her rescue she may have been cuffed and taken to the police station.

When her accuser, Woody Winthrop a Carson City paramedic realizes he’s just made a huge mistake, he can’t apologize enough. He and his brothers, Ravi, and Rider buy Selina a drink but don’t think the attractive woman will want anything more to do with them.

Selina forgives them and even agrees to go to dinner with the three brothers.

The three men slowly gain Selina’s trust. When the Winthrop men find out she’s struggling financially, they ask her to move in with them.

Selina can’t resist the brothers, and finally agrees to be their girlfriend and to live with them.

Danger comes firing into their life but none of them know who the enemy is.

Baiting a trap, they lie in wait to take the enemy down and hope none of them are hurt in the ensuing storm.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Exception to the Rule (MFMM)
8 Ratings (3.9)

Exception to the Rule (MFMM)

Beautifully Imperfect 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,144
8 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I normally really love Becca's books but this one really wasn't enjoyable for me because of the medical content that was incorrect. I'm a type one diabetic myself and if I took insulin when my blood sugar was low it would likely kill me. Every time the main character had a low and had to quickly inject insulin I cringed. I just hope that medical conditions will be researched in the future prior to putting them in books.
I love this author but this book aggregated me. Insulin drops blood sugar. Every time the heroine had hypoglycemia (low sugar), they would give her insulin — ummmm NO! They basically killed her over and over again but she lived like a zombie. Make sure you research your medical conditions or you’ll end up like this book.


Selina took a sip of her Sauvignon Blanc white wine and blushed when she caught the Winthrop brothers gawking at her again then quickly lowered her gaze. Even though she was no longer looking at them, she could still feel their eyes on her and shifted in her seat uncomfortably. When a muscle above her right hip knotted and started to spasm, she bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from gasping and moved in her chair again. When the muscle cramped harder, she knew the only way she was going to get any relief was to walk it off. Placing her glass back on the table, she pushed her seat back, grasped her walking stick and stood, frowning when she felt a headache coming on. She knew exactly what that meant and she knew she needed to act quickly if she didn’t want the ache worsening. If she left things too long without injecting her insulin as her blood sugar dropped, she was going to end up feeling really tired and maybe going hypoglycemic.

“Are you going to the ladies’ room? Do you want me to come with you?” Kyla asked.

“No, stay here unless you need to go?” Selina raised a brow.

“I’m don’t need to,” Kyla stated.

Selina nodded. “I can go by myself.” Carefully moving out from between the chairs, she limped her way toward the back of the room and the hall where the restrooms were located, glad that she’d remembered to sling her purse which contained her medicine over her shoulder.

By the time she reached the hallway, the cramp in her muscle had lessened, but she could feel her body getting heavier and heavier and knew if she didn’t give herself a shot right now, she was going to be in dire straits. Glancing over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching or heading toward her, she leaned against the wall and dug into her purse for the syringe and vial of insulin. Ripping the needle packaging open with her teeth, she shoved the needle into the vial, drew out a measured dose, lifted her shirt, squeezed the skin of her belly between her fingers and gave herself the injection.

“What the fuck are you doing? Are you crazy? You can’t be shooting up with drugs where anyone can see you?”

Selina withdrew the hypodermic from her flesh then scowled up at Woody Winthrop. She wanted to tell him to fuck off and mind his own business, but the rage on his face and blazing in his eyes frightened her so much she froze. When he grasped her wrist in a firm grip she whimpered then closed her eyes and hoped like hell if he hit her, he wouldn’t knock her out or kill her. He was a big muscular man and could do a lot of damage.

“What the hell is going on?” Harlan asked.

Selina opened her eyes and shook her head.

“I just found Shanna’s friend shooting herself up with drugs.” Woody plucked the needle from her hand to show Harlan.

“Selina, you do drugs?” Harlan asked angrily. “What the hell did you take? I can’t believe I didn’t know you were a junkie and have been hanging around my wife and the other women. Fuck!”

Selina was so shocked, she couldn’t say anything. Harlan and Woody were looking at her as if she was something they’d stepped in. Tears stung her eyes, but she blinked them back and lowered her gaze to the floor. While she knew she should explain that she was diabetic, she didn’t want to since they’d jumped to conclusions. They’d instantly assumed that she was a drug addict and hadn’t even asked if she had any medical conditions. If they were the sort of people to judge without finding out the facts first, then she wasn’t sure she wanted to associate with them any longer.

“Harlan, what’s wrong?” Shanna asked from behind Selina somewhere. “I could hear how angry you are over everyone else talking.”

“I’m sorry, baby, but I’m going to arrest your friend and take her down to the station,” Harlan stated, then glared at Selina. “Are you going to come quietly?”

Selina knew a few simple words would have this all cleared up, but she was sick and tired of being stared at, of being judged and made fun of. Being arrested and taken to the police station wasn’t her idea of fun, but she also wanted to watch as the penny dropped and see how these idiots would react when they realized she wasn’t a druggie. However, then she thought of her tenuous accountancy position. If her boss heard that she’d been arrested even if she wasn’t charged and let go, he’d probably fire her on the spot.

“I’m a diabetic,” she said softly.

“You need to speak up,” Harlan commanded in a hard voice. “I couldn’t hear you over all the other noise.”

Selina took a deep breath, lifted her gaze, glared angrily at both men, and opened her mouth to repeat herself but before she could Shanna said, “She said she’s a diabetic.”

“Is that true, Selina?” Woody asked as he glanced at the needle in his hand then into her eyes. “Where’s your insulin?”

She glanced at the floor while rummaging in her purse for the vial of serum, grasped it, pulled it out and held it up for the men to see.

“Shit! I’m so sorry for jumping to conclusions,” Woody said. “I should’ve fucking realized… Are you feeling all right now? Do you need to sit down? Do you want me to get you something to eat?”

“I’m fine,” she said through gritted teeth, carefully took the used needle from him, covered the sharp tip with the plastic cover then without looking at any of them again, limped her way toward the bathroom to dispose of the syringe in a sharps container. As soon as she’d freshened up, she was going to leave.




Selina couldn’t believe how brazen she was being or how decadent it felt to be naked outside. She carefully limped toward the steps and when the water was lapping at her thighs, she pushed off the bottom of the pool and swam underwater for as long as she could.

Having the cool water against her bare skin felt like soft caresses. She’d never felt so hedonistic in her life but it was an amazing sensation. She surfaced, gasped in a breath, and pushed her hair out of her face.

“How does it feel to swim naked?” Ravi asked, pulling her up against his body, his hard dick pressing into her stomach. Her already hard nipples peaked further and began to ache. Her pussy and clit throbbed and her folds got wetter.

“It’s wonderful. I feel naughty, a bit exposed but I also feel free.”

“You’re amazing.” Ravi lowered his face toward her then parted his lips over hers.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, sighed into his mouth and kissed him back. The kiss was hot, passionate, and wild. She loved how he and his brothers tasted and couldn’t get enough. Her desire smoldered hot and fast in her lower belly and she kissed Ravi back with a fervent urgency.

When she felt his cock pulse against her, she put a bit of space between them, then gripped his dick. He broke the kiss with a groan, then licked and nibbled at her neck. She didn’t even realize he was moving them through the water until he pinned her body to the pool wall. He cupped one of her breasts, rolling and tweaking the nipple until she was so turned on she thought she was about to combust.

Selina was so hot and needy, she didn’t even stop to think about where they were, or that they might be heard. She looped her legs around Ravi’s hips, notched the head of his dick to her pussy and sank down onto his cock.

“Fuck!” Ravi gasped as he lifted his gaze to hers. “My brothers and I all want you, sweetheart. We need to get out of the pool so we can love you.”

She nodded, pressed her nose against his neck, inhaled his spicy aroma then sucked on his skin. She kept up her sensual torture as Ravi moved them through the water again. She heard splashing and figured that Woody and Rider were swimming toward the steps too, but she was so hungry, she didn’t glance at them.

When Ravi ascended the steps she whimpered and moaned as his cock moved inside of her, making her cream and clench with need.

“Inside or out?” Ravi asked as soon as he was on dry land. He was gripping her ass and she could feel his dick pulsing inside of her.

“Inside,” she answered, then unhooked her legs when he lowered her feet to the ground. She felt so empty now that she no longer had his dick in her pussy.

Woody, who’d already dried off, came up behind her, wrapped her up in a towel, scooped her up into his arms and carried her toward the house. Ravi and Rider followed as soon as they’d quickly run their own towels over their sexy bodies.

As soon as they were in the bedroom, Woody put her on her feet, yanked the covers from the bed, then gestured for her to climb up. While she was crawling to the middle of the mattress, Rider and Ravi entered the room. They waited until she was settled on her back before all three of the men got onto the bed with her.

Ravi reached into the nightstand and pulled a tube of lube and condom from the drawer.

Rider, who was near her feet, pushed her legs apart, dropped onto his belly between her spread thighs and dove right in. He licked up through her folds, twirled his tongue around her clit then lapped back down to her entrance. She moaned.

Woody cupped a breast, squeezed her nipple then slanted his mouth over hers.

Ravi cupped the other breast, flicked his tongue over the peak then sucked on it.

The flames melting her insides leapt higher, sending molten heat through her blood, her body.

Rider lifted his head, sucked in a breath then said, “I love how you taste, Selina. As sweet as honey.”

She moaned and gasped when Woody broke the kiss, then groaned when he suckled strongly on her nipple. Ravi licked and nipped up her neck and when he scraped his teeth over the tendon, she shivered.

Rider pressed two fingers into her pussy, slowly thrusting them in and out, waking up all her sensitive nerve endings and creating a delicious friction which caused her to cream herself. She was so wet she was dripping and she couldn’t wait until she was making love with all three of her men at the same time.

* * * *

Ravi passed Rider the lube and though Rider wanted to line the head of his dick up with Selina’s sexy cunt and bury himself inside of her snug heat, he needed to prepare her ass so that he and his brothers could take her together.

He thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy while squeezing some lube onto the tips of two fingers and then he pressed them against her star. She gasped and moaned then spread her legs wider.

Lightly swirling the tip of his tongue around her clit without caressing the most sensitive part of her pearl, he slowly penetrated her ass with a finger. He stopped when she clenched around the digit and then he swiped his tongue right over the top of her clit. Her ass loosened and he pumped his finger into and out until it was buried in her back entrance.

When Woody then Ravi groaned, he glanced up and watched as Selina caressed her hands up and down their dicks.

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