Mending Broken Hearts (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,380
11 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, MFMMM, HEA]

River Greene is a survivor who sets out to start a new life with the only family she has, her murdered boyfriend's father.

A new start in Warriorville isn't easy, especially having a scar on her jaw and neck made by the man who killed her boyfriend and wanted her for his own. She suffers from PTSD and fears starting any type of new relationship.

Then she meets Florian, a soldier withs scars, PTSD and a connection they share instantly. She meets his brothers, Honda, Rudy and Cobra and they fall in love. She isn't out of danger yet, and they are dealing with their own broken hearts and trust issues.

When their cousin, an agent, hides in Warriorville, they soon realize he is part of the same case and it's too late when River is abducted again. They must do everything they can to find her, and River must fight to live once again.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Mending Broken Hearts (LoveXtreme)
11 Ratings (4.3)

Mending Broken Hearts (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,380
11 Ratings (4.3)
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“Hey, you done already?” Honda asked, in that take-charge attitude of his. Rudy was still firing his weapon a few feet away and between the dividers. Honda looked towards the brunette. “Looks like Cobra isn’t staying focused,” he said and Honda squinted and then walked over that way. No more gunfire erupted and he knew that Rudy was done now too. Cobra secured his weapon in his holster and stepped back to look at what was going on over there.

“Honda, meet River.”

As his team started talking to Gabriel and this woman River he hesitated walking over, but the guys were talking to her and when he saw her face, he stopped short. Her eyes locked onto him and her eyes held his for a moment and he must have looked mean or whatever because she tilted her chin up, giving him a nod as he stared at stunning sage-green eyes that glowed against a tan complexion. She was well endowed and muscular too and then he saw the scar. Holy shit, his eyes landed right on the scar from her jaw down her neck into her top that appeared to lead to her breast. As he focused back on her she gave him a dirty look and turned away. She started gathering her gun and things.

“This is Rudy and over here is Florian.” Gabriel introduced them to her. She looked at each of them. “Nice to meet you.”

“These guys are good men. They know Dakota well,” Gabriel said.

“How do you know Dakota?” Honda asked her.

Florian noticed the exchange between her and Gabriel and before Gabriel could speak she did. “I’m renting a place he has on his property. He’s good friends with several people I know. Very nice man. Well, I should get my stuff packed up,” she said.

“One more round, River. I thought you wanted to try and reach that farther target like you did a few weeks ago,” Gabriel said and then someone called his name. A couple of people showed up and Gabriel excused himself and walked away. Florian just stared at her as Cobra flirted. “How is that car of yours doing?”

“Fine, just like I said it would be.”

“Car trouble?” Rudy asked and he wasn’t moving either. Florian and Honda remained a few feet back just kind of watching but Florian felt uneasy. What he did noticed was that River didn’t even look at the scars on him. He pissed her off by staring at hers. It shocked him though. The woman is gorgeous, had a great body and could shoot really well. What was with that scar? Did that turn him off? Hell, all women did because they were self-centered and once they got over the thrill of fucking a soldier with scars then they didn’t want to be seen with one sporting them.

“Gabriel said you were going to try and shoot a farther target. Which one?” Cobra asked and was right next to her.

“The two thousand mark. He was going to get me the other gun for that.”

“We got one right here you can use,” Cobra said, offering her to use his weapon. They were going to do some sniper shots right after this.

“That’s okay. He has one I can use.”

“You can join us since he’s busy now. Come on. We can show you some other things I’m sure Gabriel hasn’t.”

“I doubt that, plus I have a lot of experience shooting.” Cobra looked her over.

“Ahhh, I get it. You’re afraid we’ll show you up because we all have experience shooting.”

Florian could see the fire in her eyes, how her body tightened, and then she squinted at him. She looked him over and Jesus, Florian had to look away. Something was going on here. He could feel it. He glanced at Honda who was biting the inside of his cheek. Not a good sign and Rudy chuckled.

“Don’t tease her like that. She’s a civilian. No amount of practicing at the shooting range can prepare her to meet that kind of challenge from you, Cobra. Let’s go.” He gave Cobra a little smack to his arm. She turned away and looked like she was packing up her stuff. She blew them off. He took another look at her body in the tight jeans and then went back over to his section to grab his stuff while the rest of the team headed to the area of the shooting range where they could do long-distance shooting. That was when he saw Ray. Ray was in his twenties, closer to the brunette’s age, and Ray called her over, holding a gun as if ready to shoot with her. Florian didn’t know why but he felt this jealous feeling his gut. It shocked him and then pissed him off. So he went back to doing his thing and tried not to keep looking for the brunette with the stunning sage-green eyes.




“You let go with us. We’ll catch you,” he whispered and she looked at him and then Honda before she nodded. Honda gave her a wink. “Oh yeah. Oh hell, honey,” he said as he nudged and nudged then thrust the rest of the way into her pussy. He gasped and she squeaked a small cry of relief before he lowered down and hugged her. She hugged him back, held him against her chest as he squeezed her tight. “Mine,” he whispered and then lifted up and began to thrust into her. She held on to him, was thrilled that it felt so good, and that he was big, thick, hard and took his time making love to her. He was really going slow and she wanted, need more. “Harder, Honda. I’m okay. I feel good. This is perfect.”

“Thank God,” he whispered and that was it. He began to set a nice steady thrusting in her cunt. Over and over again he marked her his woman and she felt her heart attach to his. It was incredible and she truly had thought she would never be able to be close like this. To love like this, but here she was, making love to Honda and he was healing her broken heart.

“I’m there, sweetness. So fucking there. My God, you are everything to me,” he said and came inside of her cunt. They kissed one another gingerly until Florian cleared his throat.

“I need her. You can cuddle later, Commander,” he teased.

“Just wait, bro. Wait until your cock is buried deep in our woman and you’ll see how difficult it is to let go,” he said and eased out of her, trailing his finger along her breast, tickling her before he got up. Florian was there next. Big, burly Florian with all his tattoos, the scarring so intense on his chest the most. “Come kiss me, Florian,” she said to him. And as he lowered down she gripped his hips and he lifted as her lips touched his chest. He froze. She could feel how tight he was but then she kissed along the scarring. “River,” he said and she tilted her head up as she kissed higher and higher. He lowered until her lips were against his shoulder, his neck. and she straddled his hips, her pussy pressed against his midsection as he cupped her cheeks and held her gaze. She could see the emotion in his eyes.

“I love you already. Know that. I didn’t need to make love to you to feel it.” A tear fell from her eye. His sincerity struck her to her heart. “As I love you too, Florian. All of you saved me and healed my heart.” He stoked her scar and jaw with his thumb, trailed it gently down her throat, over her chest and down to her breast. He lowered his mouth to her lips to kiss her, as he cupped her breast and thumbed the nipple. She felt her pussy clench, amazed at what their touch, their eyes and their words could do to her. He eased his hand between them, aligned his cock with her pussy and held her gaze as he nudged into her pussy. Her lips parted. “Florian.”

“River,” he said through clenched teeth then stroked all the way in. He held steady and she gasped as he thrust faster and faster into her. The feel of his heavy body over hers aroused River even further. She gripped his shoulders as he held her hip and under her hair and head and began to thrust deeply while staring down into her eyes. She came from that, and he followed as his eyes darkened, the veins by his temples pulsated and he grunted as he came next. Florian hugged her, his beard tickling her skin on her neck, and she tried hugging him back but he was so wide and solid.

The bed dipped and Cobra lay on his side, naked and looking ready to make love to her next. She glanced at him and worried her bottom lip.

“I need you,” he said and Florian lifted up slowly but not before he kissed each breast and then her belly as he slid down and off of her. Cobra lay there as Rudy stood by the side of the bed. “My heart is racing,” Rudy whispered and took a few unsteady breaths. She slid her palm over Cobra’s cock and he tightened. “Jesussss,” he hissed.

“My heart is racing too,” she whispered and then lowered closer to kiss Cobra’s chest. He ran his palm along her hip and then over her ass. He lifted her with ease and she felt his thick, hard cock against her pussy. When he shifted he moved so that his legs were off the side of the bed and she straddled his hips. He cupped her breasts. “Oh, woman, you are gift. One we will honor forever,” he said to her and Rudy cupped her hair and head and she smiled then looked up at him.

“Pleasure, that’s what we’ll bring you always. Love, compassion, honesty, and all you need to do is let go and trust us.”

“I do trust you.” He winked as he slid his palm along her ass while he held her hair and head and Cobra cupped her breasts and pinched the nipples.

“Good,” Rudy said as he moved his palm over her ass and slid a finger along her asshole and crack. Her lips parted. He stroked her again, and again. Her pussy wept. He slid that finger and dipped it into her cunt from behind as he held her gaze.

“So very wet. Cobra and I are going to make you come so hard, darling. We’re going to get every hole ready for cock, because you’re ours, always and forever. Understood?”

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