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Dr Nof is Missing 3
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The shape-shifting robot could be aboard the platinum spaceship. If it is, Detective Brin must find the ship and capture his fugitive. The only beings on Wacev, the Dooyen, fishermen, and fisherwomen, spend mos MORE...
The Sacrifice
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The Sacrifice is a time travel romance/adventure that takes place in Melbourne, Australia, with multiple scenarios that alternate between 2017, the early 1900’s, 1960, and 1975. The tale begins in 2017 where t MORE...
The Incredible Aunty Awesomesauce
Sam Aushumness, sixteen, orphan and high school outcast, meets his long-lost aunt at his parents’ funeral—or the woman he thinks is his aunt. It turns out that she isn’t his aunt, isn’t from around here, and is MORE...
Elysian Dawn
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Marianne Arcadia expected to marry Jeremiah and raise a family. Edsen Balm had no more hope than to stay close to Marianne. Jameel Singh intended to travel home to Terra to meet his fiancée’s parents. Hanaka MORE...
Blend and Defend
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The pilots of Bot City have been focused on securing the safety of their people, and incidentally the human city, for the last few days. With one final battle to expunge the Tokkel before they can try and get MORE...
Counter Spike
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With a grasp of the situation and a weapon that can reach a descending ship required, the engineers get to go back to doing what they do best. Those who aren’t designing have the past coming up to bite them, th MORE...
Engineering a Plan
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The pilots have gotten their bots under their control and are now ready for the next phase in the attack strategy. They are meeting that plan with one of their own. Back to the city yet again, the pilots are c MORE...
City Strike
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With the transformation from engineers to pilots, the ladies must fight the memories of their ancestors in order to keep their focus on finding the defensive weaponry that goes with their bots. The city holds t MORE...
Break for Home
0 ratings
The six engineers of Bot City cross the wasteland in a desperate attempt to gain the trained pilots for the bots they are driving need. While the women can make the bots move, they don’t know how to use them as MORE...
Burning Day
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A human colony preparing to celebrate three hundred years on its new world is suddenly faced with an enemy that hearkens back to their early days on Hera. The giant bots that saved the colony have been dormant MORE...
Sixers - Volume 1 of Macroglint Series
"Tense, involving, Sixers is a smart near-future thriller with a startlingly real sense of plausibility. In a world that's falling apart, can one ordinary person make a difference? Tremendous stuff! Kavanagh ca MORE...
Sanctuary Creek - Book Three in the Macroglint Trilogy
In Sanctuary Creek, the third novel in the pop culture Macroglint Trilogy set in the near future, Chicago is the new home of the Papacy and the American Pope. But all is not peaceful. This American Century of n MORE...
0 ratings
Martin Calder and his girlfriend Dana—no last name given—are back. Their powers are now known to the general public, and their wish is to help out those who need it. However, those in the law enforcement world MORE...
Star Maps
0 ratings
Carl Thornton, seventeen-year-old stargazer and total nerd, resides in Reno, Nevada, and lives for watching the night sky. His dream—discover a UFO. His mantra—“Seeing is believing.” He meets Grace Paxton, an MORE...
Dr. Nof Is Missing
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Dr. Nof, a biochemist who has traveled to a moon called Barom in order to find a cure for plagues, is missing. Because dangerous beasts roam Barom’s jungles, finding her will be a challenge.
Jade Mountain
0 ratings
Michael Brin, a homicide detective, is sent to a sparsely populated moon called Fara to find two missing scientists.
The Goblins of Christmas
0 ratings
It’s Christmas time in Athens, and when George discovers that his Rovani partner, Yeraki, has never celebrated the holiday, he and the rest of their taverna band gleefully fill Yeri in on the mythology surround MORE...
Weekend at Prism
Tense, involving, Camden’s Knife is a smart near-future thriller with a startlingly real sense of plausibility. In a world that's falling apart, can one ordinary person make a difference? Tremendous stuff! Kava MORE...
Brynin the War 2
0 ratings
Falcon company lands on the planet, Pl5, joining the battle to defeat Harcus’ armies, ones that have taken over this entire world.
An Outcast State - Winner of the 2014 Dante Rossetti Award for YA Dystopian Novel
Winner of the 2014 Dante Rossetti Award for Best Young Adult Dystopian Novel Will Corbin choose redemption or revenge? Corbin, a brilliant, aloof young loner, is a survivor determined to do the impossible – m MORE...
Space Station 14, Part 1
A detective in homicide, Michael Brin, is sent to a Space Station 14, a town on an alien planet, to investigate the disappearance of two miners.
0 ratings
Harry Goldman is back once more, and this time he’s living the domestic life up in the Catskill Mountains with Anastasia, his transgenic girlfriend. At the end of Catnip 2: Rise of the Transgenics, he went thro MORE...
Portal 9 Part 3
0 ratings
An alien spacecraft has transported several refugees to a new world the refugees haven’t been to before. The craft has left, not telling them why they were sent to this planet. Then the refugees find out they m MORE...
Darkness Falling
0 ratings
Sart was never a people person. From a young age, he always had trouble with his peers. He tried to go through the correct channels to change things, but it never worked out. After his attempts to help a young MORE...
Portal 9 Part 2
0 ratings
Can these refugees, a small group traveling on foot, reach higher ground before a tsunami strikes?
The Equus Mars Mission
Captain Tucker Conway lands on Mars with the cargo of twenty horses requested by the space settlers. The colony survives, but the planet itself has a secret, one that the young captain is determined to discover MORE...
EF Benson and the Etiquette of Alien Invasion
Life for the great and the good is a pleasing round of lunches, dinners and delightful soirées. The talk is delightful, the food is excellent and the company is the best of society. God is an Englishman, and al MORE...
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