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Crosspoint in Time
1 ratings
Massive, it dwarfed the Daehawk. It appeared to be built along the lines of a spider with far too many legs. But the most terrifying thing about it was the color. It was black, but if you watched one spot, it s MORE...
The Children Chronicles
Here are stories about eight young people with problems that must be solved. Do they succeed or fail?
Clockwork Dwarf
Gustov Stoneheart is an unlikely hero, a dwarf who’s magically torn from friends and family, thrown into a world where magic collides with steampunk. A prophecy predicts that he will bring down the human federa MORE...


Diana Kemp (Published by: eXtasy Books )
0 ratings
Spectral eyes watched from the timelessness of the vast tank chamber. Imprisoned in their liquid-filled tombs, the souls of the ancient Omoro kept vigil on the wondrous spectacle of their creation. They whisper MORE...
Lady Mechatronic on the Cannibal Island
Trapped on the infamous Cannibal Island of Bajea, Captain Hartwell must lead his evolving crew of cybernetic pirates through the cannibals’ jungle to safety. With danger all around, is this the time to be conce MORE...
0 ratings
Twelve teenagers were injected by The Doctor on that fateful day back in November. And twelve teenagers have been thrust into an intergalactic battle against their will. Orlando Holmes, JD Smith, and Cadence Si MORE...
Brynin 2

Brynin 2

Thadd Evans (Published by: eXtasy Books )
0 ratings
In the distant future, the OTA Corporation, an organization that is spread across many planets, has created elite clones called the C. The C, the smartest humans that have ever lived, fly and maintain OTA’s sta MORE...
Twelve Upon A Time... August: The "Yad Gnihton Taerg" on the Mirror Planet, Bedside Story Collection Series
This is the eighth book in a 12 book Bedside Story Collection Series spanning across the 12 months of the year. Each of the 12 bedside stories is reprinted in color from the author’s black and white third edit MORE...
Legacy: Phoenix and the Dark Star
Legacy: Phoenix and the Dark Star is a continuation of the story from Legacy: The Mark of Merlin. In Savannah, Georgia, on Halloween night, the benevolent sorceress Ellen Anderson learns from Andie Cornell (a f MORE...
Tevi's Dilemma
0 ratings
In life, there are no certainties, but extinction is forever and when nature points its wrinkled finger at the oldest species in the universe, nature learns the Oredals are able to fight back.
Journey to Pirate's Cove
Fleeing the persecution of a rogue admiral, Captain James Hartwell must reluctantly embrace the life of a pirate if he and his crew are to survive on the Caribbean Sea. Unfortunately, England has just declared MORE...
Portal 2212
0 ratings
Darius and his friends, occupants aboard an alien space ship, one these cloned humans landed on when they were infants, is headed for an unknown destination.
Touch Of Blue
0 ratings
Riggs, a retired Intel officer, is forced on a mission to help a government he despises expand their control into new regions of space. He discovers the truth about his wife, what’s happening on Adora Prime, an MORE...
Kybernatia was supposed to be humanity’s newest paradise but that dream is all but gone. Ruined in an horrible terra forming accident, the planet was deemed no longer fit for humanity. Gabrielle Burle, project MORE...
Defiant Dancer
0 ratings
Mikial drags her reluctant people toward a tumultuous future where they can stand against human incursion as a united race. She learns that the true cost of leadership is paid in fraying friendships and strain MORE...
0 ratings
Michael Brin, a homicide detective who has recently been transferred to mpStation-4, a remote space station, is sent to investigate a new murder. According to his partner, Jensen, who is already at the scene of MORE...
Beckoning Eternity
0 ratings
The inhabitants of Guardon, a planet singular in its religious devotion, believe their God to be merciful and loving, eager to usher them into an eternal world of heavenly bliss. With the literalness of this b MORE...
Abandoned in deep space brings some together while driving others over the edge, but that is just the beginning of their troubles… One hundred and fifty years in the future humans are finally reaching out to t MORE...
Artefact War
0 ratings
Shortly after the Great Disaster, the Viro priesthood began to preach that our Earth Mother holds intrinsic values that cannot be compared to human desires, that machines brought the Earth Mother to the brink o MORE...
Scavenger Lord
0 ratings
It is in a world of corrupt, blood-spattered priests that one brave monk decides to make a stand. Rhyka a twenty-three year old warrior monk dedicated to the Order of Lud has a bounty on his head, set by corrup MORE...
Waiting Weapon
0 ratings
Archaeologist Richard Pinn returns to the ruins of an alien city to find out why its vanished race had abandoned him and his female Me'Aukin counterpart. For three hundred years, he and Jamie Brinwall had been MORE...
Rogue Dancer
0 ratings
The last time Mikial's civilization turned on a savior, they were destroyed. Now Mikial is faced with repeating a disastrous history or defying it. Her people thought the humans had left for good. She believ MORE...
The Solar Sea
0 ratings
Humans settled the Moon and satellites orbiting the Earth were  a common sight, but with the abolition of NASA, humans had no desire to go further and space exploration died. Then, a technician from the Very L MORE...


Greg Ballan (Published by: LBF Books )
0 ratings
Erik Knight, a small time private investigator, always knew he was different from everybody else. Keener senses, heightened awareness and an enhanced physical strength that could be called upon by his sheer wil MORE...
Breach The Hull
HARDCORE NEGOTIATIONS HAVE BEGUN First in the Defending The Future anthology series. Get Ready for plenty of action-packed military science fiction as the dogs-of-war are let loose on an unsuspecting universe MORE...
So It Begins
Experience the Human Cost of War! The battle rages on in book two of the award-winning Defending the Future series. Witness sixteen accounts of hardcore military science fiction, from planetside combat to fleet MORE...
Children of the Old Star
The Cluster is a vast alien machine that destroys starships indiscriminately in its quest for something or someone. Commander John Mark Ellis, disgraced and booted out of the service when he fails to save a me MORE...
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