Claiming the Emerald Spitfire (FF)

The Spectrum 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,921
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, F/F, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Burned by love once, can two broken individuals risk the fire a second time?
An outsider always looking in, Deirdre “Dee” Taylor has never felt like she belonged anywhere because of her unique magic. When the psychopath stalking her murders the man she loves, Dee ends up in the city of New Furor and in the arms of Jeanette Carver.
Jean’s a dedicated city Enforcer, but she doesn’t know why she’s putting her life on the line for Dee. A dominant, proud, and stubborn force of nature, Dee’s someone to be reckoned with. Especially since she’s capable of rekindling a sizzling fire Jean thought was long dead. Having been badly hurt before, Jean’s terrified of exposing herself to someone who could easily cast aside the defensive wards she’d set around her heart.
If the shadow from Dee’s past doesn’t find them first, the two of them might just be enough to finish each other off.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Claiming the Emerald Spitfire (FF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Claiming the Emerald Spitfire (FF)

The Spectrum 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,921
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Everything about the woman called and beckoned to her, from her exotic beauty to the alluring and passionate emerald jewel around her neck. Dee briefly wondered how it would be like, to melt away that entire arrogant ice-cold exterior. Dee wasn’t sure why that thought crossed her mind, but some part of her somehow knew that there was heat beneath all that coldness.

What would it be like, if she slipped her small and clever fingers against the smooth material of her leather uniform. Would the fabric sigh in pleasure as Dee parted it from her smooth and creamy flesh? Would the Emerald Wielder cry out under Dee, when she closed her mouth over one of her supple breasts? What would it feel like, to grind her teeth and tease the other woman’s nipples? If Dee slipped her wandering hand to slide down the zipper of her skin-tight pants, would she find it wet with uncontrollable desire?

Dee didn’t think she’d ever be attracted to a woman. Hell, she didn’t think she’d ever be attracted to anyone after Renee, but the Tiger-eye around her neck burned, confirming her suspicion. It wasn’t Chris it reacted to, it was this unknown stranger.

Relief filled her, at the thought of not hurting her first friend on purpose, but then it was replaced by weariness. This unnamed Emerald Wielder was dangerous.

“So, is this the Carnelian the higher-ups are interested in?” the woman asked in a bored voice, barely sparing Dee a glance.

Look at me truly and see if you can still dismiss me by then. Dee silenced her jewel. Her hand still closed over it protectively.

“This is Dee. She isn’t a Carnelian, Jeanette,” Chris said cautiously, handing her a file. “She’s—”

“Whatever, I guess I owe you a thanks for fetching the runt. Come along then. I’m Enforcer Jeanette Carver, the investigations officer assigned to your case,” Jeanette said dismissively and flicked through the file absentmindedly.

“I’m not a runt, you arrogant noble-bred puff,” Dee huffed, her hand curled tightly around the Tiger-eye.

It definitely reacted to Jeanette Carver, but Dee was wary of her attraction.

“What did you say?” Jeanette said in a voice speckled with anger. “What the hell did you just say to me, you low-class Carnelian?”

She knew about Jeanette Carver’s kind. Most Spectrum Wielders in New Furor came from the nobility, and those that weren’t heirs found positions in the government. They were privileged and spoiled, and saw themselves superior to those in the lower rung of the Spectrum and the rubes. It irked her how she’d simply dismiss those that she saw beneath her, like Dee or even someone from a servant class like Chris.

Thoughts of slipping her hand against Jeanette’s smooth flesh still danced around in her head. What would it be like, to bring down such a proud and arrogant woman to her knees?

The thought made Dee shiver. No. This won’t do. This wasn’t why she came here. She had no time for an affair. Except, a voice inside her head whispered that this wasn’t at all like an affair. Far from it.

Even my attraction to Renee wasn’t this passionate or this intense. It didn’t seethe or burn like this.

That made Dee uncomfortable. Something inside her desperately rattled and screamed. It wanted to be let out. It wanted Jeanette Carver badly. It wanted to know the taste of flesh sliding against flesh, of lips melting against each other and of hands touching each other tenderly in the most intimate places. It wanted to know and taste love again, even if it came with a price.

Jeanette Carver and myself. We can burn each other out. The thought excited Dee, but she surpassed her emotions.

“She’s not—” Chris interrupted, but Dee reached over to touch her hand.

Thankfully, her Tiger-eye didn’t react. It was silent, alarmingly contemplative almost.

“Why can’t you deal with my case, Chris?” Dee told a wary-looking Chris, and said to Jeanette in a sweet and venomous voice, “If I had to choose, I’d prefer Enforcer Skinner to someone like you.”

“Uh, everyone, let’s calm down.”

Chris’s voice was drowned by Jeanette’s indignant outburst. “What the hell do you mean by someone like me? No one ever chooses a Familiar over me and no one rejects my services.”

Dee could feel waves of anger radiating from her. She stalked with all the grace of a predator toward them. She batted Dee’s hand away from Chris, and poked one dark pink painted fingernail into Dee’s shirt.

“You’re mine, you understand?” the Emerald spitfire snarled.

At those words, heat suddenly danced across her cheeks. So, she can be embarrassed too, Dee thought with slight amusement.

That’s nice to know.

“I only meant you’re my case now. Besides, this one here,” Jeanette said, jabbing a finger at Chris’s direction, “is only good for beating people up. You don’t want a thug, you want someone with smarts and the power to match it.”

“Dee, are you okay with this?” Chris finally asked. Dee was surprised she didn’t lash out at Jeanette. “Despite appearances, Jeanette is the best there is with these matters.”

Dee couldn’t really think very well with Jeanette standing this close to her, with one leather-clad thigh brushing against her shoulder. Her Tiger-eye wanted to escape from the confines of its jewel and brush against the fiery passion emanating from Jeanette’s emerald. It wanted to claim the emerald stone just as Dee wanted to claim the woman.

Dee gritted her teeth and silenced the sentient jewel.

“Fine. I’m all yours,” Dee finally said, crossing her arms.

It was a pleasure at least, to see the other woman blush furiously.




Dee tore her mouth from Jean’s to say, “Clothes off.”

Jean didn’t argue. She was tugging off Dee’s jacket and shirt in such a hurry, she practically ripped them apart. She was eager to see and touch the smooth flesh it hid beneath. Desperate almost.

It’s been so long, so long since I’ve reacted to anyone like this.

“What’s taking you?” Jean said through gritted teeth, feeling small hands fumble for the zipper of her uniform. Those fingers insistently tugged at the leather again to no avail.

“Your top’s so bloody tight,” Dee grunted.

That determined expression filled her face again. Jean gasped when the zipper tore open.

“You’re going to pay for that,” she grumbled, letting her unzip her bottoms as well.

Then Dee looked at her. The sheer intensity in those eyes overwhelmed Jean, as well as the stark naked hunger there. Dee’s gaze not only told her that she badly wanted her. She also needed her.

“For such a small woman, you’re too intense,” Jean muttered.

Now that Dee was standing naked before her, she wanted nothing more than to run her fingers over the other woman’s soft and creamy skin. Dee looked like an exquisite and perfect doll. Jean wondered what it would be like, to place Dee on her lap and take her time laying kisses on her small exquisite breasts. Then she’d leave a trail of kisses down her ribs and slender body. What the hell was taking her so long?

“You’re so beautiful,” Dee whispered. Her voice was thick with need and her eyes were dark with unconcealed desire.

Jean’s cheeks began to heat up. The emotion behind those three simple words shouldn’t have affected her this much. The men and women she’d been with in the past always said she was beautiful, and she’d used her looks as a weapon on more than one occasion in her job, but hearing those words on Dee’s lips felt different. It made her feel exposed and Jean wasn’t sure it was a feeling she liked.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me?” Jean demanded.

A devious smile appeared on Dee’s lips.

“Of course not, I just like to take my time savoring the sight of you from afar. Then I’ll devour you.”

Jean was bright red. How dare the other woman say such things without an ounce of embarrassment and with such confidence?

Jean’s lips finally moved, but none of the words she wanted to say came out, “My room’s through that doorway.”

“That’s too far.” Dee suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her to her.

They barely made it to Jean’s living room, stopping short of the carpet. Jean somehow found herself on her back on the floor with Dee above her.

“Damn. The couch would’ve been much more comfortable,” Jean muttered.

“It wouldn’t be as fun though,” Dee said, pushing one leg between her thighs.

One single brush of her knee against Jean’s already moist pussy was enough to summon moans of pleasure from Jean. She let the other woman take both her hands and hold them captive above her head.

When Dee lowered her head to kiss her again, Jean was more than eager to respond. She didn’t imagine the desire leaping from her mouth to Dee’s, or the throbbing energy of the emerald around her neck.

It was real. Her own emerald energy reminded Jean of a flustered heart, seeking to beat in tune with its mate. To beat in tune with Dee’s Tiger-eye, which was only happy to fuse with each other and ignite an inferno she wasn’t sure she was quite ready to face.

Dee’s kisses only grew hotter and more passionate each time her lips landed on Jean’s skin. Jean was vaguely aware that Dee was no longer holding down her arms. Instead, she’d somehow allowed the other woman to weave a rope of golden energy to restrain her wrists together.

The bonds didn’t hurt, they were cool to the touch like water, but Jeanette wasn’t worried. For some reason, she placed unexplainable trust in this stranger she’d just met.

Dee only paused once to look back at her.

“Beautiful,” she murmured again and that single word sent a shiver down Jean’s body.

Dee didn’t just look at her like she was the most precious treasure in the world. She also treated her as one. The kisses she left on Jean’s skin felt like the gentle caress of light rain. There was also something about the reverent but possessive way Dee stroked and caressed her skin that shoved her desire to the edge.

By the time Dee lowered her mouth to one of her nipples, Jean was buckling and moaning for some release. Dee sucked slowly and carefully, as if she was savoring a delicacy and sheer concentration on her face nearly made Jean come on the spot.

“Are you going to take your time?” Jean managed through gritted teeth.

Her body was beyond her control now, and it betrayed her in exciting and embarrassing ways by attempting to grind itself on the smaller woman.

Dee withdrew her mouth and licked her lips.

“Of course. No use rushing things.” She thumbed Jean’s other nipple, and it immediately hardened at her touch.

Her body felt hamstrung and tense, and she was becoming aware of the growing between her thighs. Gods of Furor, just what was it about this woman that could render Jean helpless to her will? If she had to be truthful, a large part of her immensely enjoyed being at the complete mercy of Dee Taylor. Jean growled her frustration.

“What was that?”

“Damn you,” Jean whispered, but even the protest sounded weak to her ears.

“Only if you say the magic word.”

“You can’t be serious—” Jean was cut off in midsentence when Dee slipped a finger down her belly and over her sensitive clit.

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