All Shy Avery wanted was a little ice for his Jack and Coke. Was that too much to ask without falling headfirst into a sexy cupid who was bound to tempt him into a night of endless debauchery? But that’s exactly what Shy gets when he runs into a real, live “cupid” at the ice machine.

After a brief flirtation, Shy retires for the night to drink his troubles away…alone. But not for long. When Cupid shows up, looking to hide out from the lecherous old ladies at the Valentine’s Dance, Shy and his mysterious visitor do a little dancing of their own… all night long!

Cowboy Cupid
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“Is that…a diaper?”

Shy leaned against the ice machine, feeling it hum and thrum against his sore, sweaty body.

“What?” The young man was long and lean and practically naked, wearing a white kind of towel-slash-diaper thing around his impossibly narrow waist. He wore soft, brown leather boots on his feet, a black cowboy hat on his head and, well…not much else.

“What you’re wearing there,” Shy said, pointing with his plastic ice bucket to the guy’s flat, glistening pelvis. “Around your package region.”

He blushed and smirked, showing off heavenly dimples to match the bedraggled plastic wings strapped to his back with rubber straps under his sweaty armpits. Spring was basically summer in tiny Garland, Georgia, or wherever the hell Shy was standing at the moment.

“Are you joking?”

Shy snorted, tugging his faded red ball cap down. “If I was joking, we’d both be laughing right about now.”

“I’m Cupid,” he explained, flashing soft green eyes under the harsh light of the vending area.

“What for?” Shy asked. “You into role play or something?”

The guy chuckled, soft and breezy, making his whole body tremble. That was when Shy noticed a kind of glittery shimmer up and down his hairless, naked torso. Suddenly, Cupid wasn’t the only one trembling.

“It’s this little thing we Americans like to celebrate every February the 14th called Valentine’s Day.”

“Holy shit.” Shy chuckled, shaking his head. He’d been on the road so long, done so many damn shows lately, he’d forgotten all about it. “Is that today?”

Cupid smirked, growing playful. “I assume that means you don’t have a valentine, Cowboy?”

Shy laughed and peered down at himself: damp cowboy shirt, big old belt buckle, faded jeans and scuffed black boots. It was hard to believe that less than an hour earlier, he’d been standing in front of a sold-out crowd at the Harland County Fair out on Route 19.

“Hell,” Shy sighed, “I can’t remember the last time I had a valentine. Maybe Mrs. Johnson’s third grade class? Maybe…never?”

The guy stepped back, as if seeing Shy for the first time.

Eager to avoid such scrutiny, Shy bent back to the task of covering the two cans of cola in his ice bucket with fresh cubes from the humming machine.

“You strike me as someone who’d need to beat the ladies off with a stick,” Cupid murmured.

There was a challenge in the guy’s tone, a kind of “wink-wink-nudge-nudge” quality that made Shy dizzy with anticipation. He wasn’t exactly in a position to live right out loud, the way he’d like. From the sounds of it, neither was Cupid.

He turned, bucket full, soda cans nestled beneath the frigid cubes of ice. Glad for the shot of whiskey he’d already downed back in the room—and the four he’d had at the bar across the street before that—Shy winked beneath the low brim of his weathered ball cap.

“Maybe,” he said, “but…ladies aren’t exactly who I like to beat off.”

The guy chuckled, a soft, rosy blush rising from his chest up his throat to those smashing dimples and wide, shimmering eyes. “Oh, well…” He stammered, not quite knowing there to look. “Well that’s, I mean… Wow.”

Sky chuckled, enjoying watching the guy squirm—in more ways than one. “Well,” he said, winking and tipping his hat with his free hand, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Cupid.”

The guy grinned, looking thoughtful as he bit his full, lower lip. “Yeah, you too, Cowboy.”

Shy sighed and limped away from the alcove that held the vending and ice machines. He was sore from the concert that night and, if he wasn’t getting laid, figured he might as well settle in and sip his Jack and Coke with a little gay porn on his laptop. It was a sad sack Valentine’s Day, to be sure, but maybe if he used the right keywords, he might just find a sexy video starring…Cupid.

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