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Rivers of Wind (MM)

Cowboys of Snow Lake 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 79,986
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M]

A gay city boy looking for rest and escape. A mourning cowboy with grudges.

Jayden Frost has been through an ordeal and finds himself staying at a relative’s bar/diner in the mythical Midwest. He’s been gay all his life, but lately he’s been forced to question many aspects of his life, and there are hungry ghosts from the past haunting him.

Mal Ryder co-owns a local horse ranch. His kind sister invites Jayden to stay with them for the duration of the local customary horse and cattle auction. Mal finds himself drawn to Jayden, whose past is catching up to him. Inexperienced and unsure as to how to deal with his newfound emotions, Mal must find peace within himself to help Jayden be free from his demons.

Together they must overcome burdens of the past and dangers in the present to find true love.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
This book is unusual because the author has gone into great detail with each scene. The prose gets a little flowery, at least compared to most contemporary writing. The writing reminds me of Jane Aust...

- Jilrene

I honestly am not sure why I purchased this I don't usually read M/M stories....but I have to say that this was one of the hottest and sweetest romances I have ever read about! Very intense...

- arpcook

Professional Reviews

4 SWEET PEAS: "Susan Laine writes a long, slow buildup for Jayden and Mal in RIVERS OF WIND, and I have to say she paced it just right. Jayden arrives in Snow Lake seeking respite from a past lover who hurt him in more ways than one. His aunt introduces him to Mal and his family who own a horse ranch. Mal at first appears to hate Jayden for reasons Jayden can’t understand. In fact, Mal is a closeted gay cowboy who is conflicted about his feelings for Jayden. His family things he is sad because his fiancé died in a car accident a year ago but there is much more to that trauma than anyone knows. Jayden and Mal help each other overcome their past as well as a hateful man who vows to destroy their happiness just as Mal is ready to come out to his family and community. There is also a planned robbery to throw another monkey wrench in their future plans. RIVERS OF WIND is a good beginning to a contemporary western series and I’m certainly looking forward to reading the rest of the books." -- Mrs. Condit, Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

4 STARS: "Rivers Of Wind is a great read. A compelling story and likeable characters made it difficult to put the book down. Jayden is a New York college student who came to visit his aunt in search of peace and quiet to think and recover from a situation he is involved in. When his aunt forgets his coming and his visit coincides with the realization of the Annual Horse and Cattle Auction, she proposes that he stay on the horse ranch of her friend, May Ryder and her brother Mal. After an awkward first meeting on the ranch, Mal and Jayden grow close and give way to the attraction between them. Rivers Of Wind was a very enjoyable read. The story is not perfect with some minor flaws but nothing too detrimental. The romance between Jayden and Mal is built slowly and the plot is interesting enough to hold your attention. Jayden and Mal are two characters who are still suffering from their past. Their relationship begins gradually, they do not go immediately to bed despite the attraction between them. This was something that I liked about this story. The secondary characters also have their charm, especially Mal's sister and his niece. The interactions between the two made me laugh. So if you like a slow pace and sweet romance, Rivers Of Wind is the book for you." -- Midia, The Romance Reviews

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“Oh, Jay, you feel so good.” Mal’s compliment was met with a bubbling giggle from Jayden’s sweet mouth.

Finally, Mal felt his thighs against Jayden’s ass cheeks and knew he was all the way in. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feel of being inside his lover so deeply and fully. His brain melted. No rational thoughts appeared through the bloodred haze. He couldn’t think past the need to come inside his lover—and to make him come, too. The ass muscles around Mal’s cock twitched and contracted as Jayden couldn’t contain his body’s aching needs, and the young man made little whimpering sounds that were like a sweet symphony in Mal’s ears. God, how badly he wanted to do this. To be with Jayden.

Jayden’s back arched. “Please, move, Mal. Please, move. Fuck me. Oh, please, fuck me.” His plea was made with a raspy, quivering voice that shattered at the end. He was so engulfed in sexual desire, and Mal loved the way the young man sounded, so eager, so vulnerable, so exposed. He wanted to give the young man pleasure.

Mal took a stronger hold around Jayden’s legs. He pulled his cock out, all the way to the edge of the young man’s anus, only the tip of his cock inside, and then pushed back in hard. Jayden let out a cry as his body tensed up, his back arched again, his head tilted back, and his hands made fists on the green grass. Damn, if that wasn’t the sexiest thing Mal had ever seen.

Pulling out again and pushing back in, Mal began to fuck the young man in earnest. He both felt and heard his balls slap against Jayden’s ass as he moved in and out hard and fast. The rhythm seemed beyond his control. Some unspoken of basic need jerked the movements out of him, an excruciating external force pulling and pushing him to take what he so desperately craved. His whole body was taut and strung as he kept pushing in and out, Jayden moaning and panting underneath him. God, he wished he never had to stop.


* * * *


The grass was warm and slippery underneath Jayden’s back, and that odd sensation just made the feel of his lover’s grip on his legs and cock inside him that much more distinct. God, Mal’s dick inside him. It felt so freaking good. Mal was big and hot, and his thrusts made Jayden tingle and flutter all over, on his skin and inside his hole. He never wanted the moment to end.

Mal took a hold of Jayden’s right foot and flung it over his shoulders while shoving his left foot onto the small of his back. Then Mal dropped forward onto his left hand above Jayden, still pumping hard and fast the length of the young man’s hole inside with his cock, and with his right hand he began to stroke the young man’s pretty prick. Jayden moaned out loud as he felt his lover’s palm around his prick, pressing and squeezing and rubbing.

“Oh, Mal, so good. So fucking good. You make me so…oh…so hot.” Jayden’s impulsive statement was met by Mal’s rumbling laughter deep in his chest.

God, the man was a fucking god—a god of sex. Jayden’s dick was beading pre-cum in hot, white little pearls, and Mal smeared them away with his thumb every time he reached the tip, spreading it along the length of Jayden’s shaft with every stroke. Clearly Mal relished what he was doing since his fingers dug deep into his sensitive cut flesh, and Jayden figured his lover had never touched a cut dick this way. That was fine by Jayden, who ate it up, the special treatment.

Stunned by his lover’s touch, Jayden stared up at Mal, whose grin was smug and oh so hot. “You look pretty pleased with yourself—Oh, God!” Jayden was distracted by the waves of pleasure washing over him, and again Mal replied with a thundering chuckle.

Jayden was no newbie. He’d been butt fucked so many times he never thought he’d feel anything new about it again. Only someone new. But this was all that and more. It wasn’t the physical sensation that brought it on. It was because it was Mal. He touched Jayden through the skin and flesh, muscles and blood vessels, all the way to his heart. His lover wasn’t caressing his cock but smoothing over the cracks in his heart and pulling out the pain like he was pulling out cum from his dick. All the bad was washed away, and all that was left was the good.


* * * *


Mal could no longer hear the slap of his balls against Jayden’s skin, and knew that it was because his balls were drawn in tight against his body in anticipation of his release. He was so close to coming. The rhythm was heated now, hasty and intense, his cock buried to the hilt inside his young lover’s ass, again and again. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer and pumped the pink prick in his hand even more vigorously.

“Oh, God, Mal, yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck me! Just like that! Oh, God! Oh!”

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