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Damon (MF)

The Texas Senator's Sons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 43,227
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]

Can a lonely florist meet a hot cowboy, become a stripper, get snared in an FBI investigation, and fall in love in one week? Absolutely!

Meet Regan O'Connor, who plunges into a world of stripping and fabulous sex with Damon Radcliff, who fails to mention that he's the Texas senator's son. That little tidbit of information would have been helpful to know before Regan got herself involved in Damon's idiotic scheme of proving his brother's stripping fiancée is up to no good. Regan steps into the shady world of stripping to find that the fiancée-to-be is a very bad girl and more.

All Regan ever wanted was to look back on her life and know that she lived for the moment and smile while reminiscing. She gets that and more. Regan also finds her inner stripper, confidence in herself, unimaginable sex, and an adventure of a lifetime.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Fabulous! Hot and steamy, a must read.

- Barefoot Okie

I thought this book was outstanding. It was easy to relate to the characters and the reader didn't have to leave anything to the imagination. I really liked that. I am anxiously waiting to read Drew. ...

- dmerideth55

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Once she was content, Regan stored the arrangement in the cooler for pickup later. It was fun to make, but messing around with all the condoms and penis shapes did nothing for her overly anxious libido. She had to calm that down and soon. She was definitely not one to run out for a one-night stand as a way to handle this issue. No, she was the person that found any way under the sun to keep her mind off it.

This was Damon’s fault, she decided. If he hadn’t come into her shop looking all sorts of hot, she wouldn’t be in this predicament right now. She stomped back to the front of the store and looked around for anything to do. The door opened, and a courier stood with a box and an envelope in his hand.

“I have a delivery for Regan O’Connor,” he said as he read from his paperwork.

“That’s me.” Regan smiled, and he handed the box and envelope to her.

When the courier left, she laid the box on the counter and opened the envelope. Inside was a note and cash.

Regan, I really need your help. This should cover your expenses. Please meet me for dinner at Charlie Palmer’s. Seven o’clock. Damon.

Regan counted the money, and her eyes grew wide. “Holy Toledo! Five thousand dollars to help him for one week?”

Quickly she shoved the money back into the envelope. This was wild. He must really need help if he was willing to dish out that kind of cash, she guessed. It was too much, though. She would have helped for free just to get to see him again. She opened the box and rifled through the tissue paper on top to see a bright ivory-sequined cocktail dress. Confused, she pulled it out of the box. It was beautiful, but where did he expect her to wear this? She dug into the box again, pulling out more of the tissue, and found a pair of strappy, sequined ivory high heels to match.

Her heart thudded. Just the thought of him sending her this extravagant dress and shoes was exciting. The shoes, much to her surprise, were her size. “How did he know my shoe size?” she whispered and turned the dress skirt inside out and looked at the size. “Weird, size eight, how did he know?”

Well, outside of being extraordinarily gorgeous, the man knew dress and shoe sizes. Hmm. She reached in again and found a simple folded piece of paper. She opened it, and all it said was Please.

Now he had her mind reeling, not to mention excited. Regan picked up her phone and called Bree, of course. She needed advice or an extra shove because now, all of a sudden, her stomach felt queasy. She thought she could do this, but now she wasn’t so sure.

After telling Bree about the note and package from Damon and having her eardrums blown out from Bree’s squealing enthusiasm, Regan became quiet.

“What’s wrong, Regan? I thought you said you were happy about this?” Bree prodded.

Regan paced through her shop, looking around with the phone against her ear. “I know, I’m just…damn…I don’t think I can do it. I mean, I really don’t think I—”

Bree interrupted, “Stop. Just stop, Regan. You are psyching yourself out. I know you well enough to know that you wanted him to ask again. I could tell by your mood today.”

“You’re right. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in him, but that’s a pretty wild stunt to pull because I’m attracted to him, don’t you think?”

“I think it sounds fun!” Bree rambled over the phone.

“You would,” Regan replied dryly as she looked again at the dress in the box. She didn’t care about the money. She had a business that was successful. Right now she just wanted to live and, for once, be crazy and wild if only for a week.

“You have to do this. Do it for me!” Bree pleaded. “One of these days you’ll be able to look back and laugh at this, and it will be so fun to reminisce about. Make fun memories, girl!”

Regan laughed. “You sound like Doc Holliday in Tombstone telling Wyatt to live…live for me, Wyatt! Except there isn’t a darn thing wrong with you!”

That statement caused Bree to erupt in laughter. “I loved that movie! But seriously, if I was asked by that cowboy, I would have already said yes.”

“I know all too well you would have. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll go to dinner tonight and decide then.” Regan tried to suppress her enthusiasm about seeing Damon again. “If I do decide to help him then I need a disguise. I would hate it if anyone recognized me.”

“Oh, girl, you’re in good hands. I’m already planning!” Bree admitted.

“I’ll call you back later, bye!” Regan disconnected the phone.

She looked at Damon’s note again and smiled. Nice penmanship for someone with such large hands. Hmmm…capable, expert hands.




When Regan heard the door open, her breath caught. The warmth of her excitement trickled down her leg. Through the privacy glass of the shower she could see his figure, lean and muscular. His shirt came off in seconds. Even through the blurry glass she could see a tan, wide chest. Tiny shocks tickled her inside and out. She stood still and watched with hungry eyes.

Damon slid his boxers off in one motion and moved toward the shower. Regan stood like a statue watching him. She wanted him, and she hoped to get all of him.

He opened the door and gave her a smoldering glare. Regan took in the man before her, noting each defined muscle across his wide chest. Her eyes traveled south, taking in his six-pack abs and glorious erection. Oh, my word. Further down, his legs were thick and muscular. It was obvious that he was no stranger to hard work and took very good care of himself. “You about done being a gentleman?” she teased.

Damon’s eyes were wild and piercing as he stepped in and closed the door behind him. He offered no words when he pushed her against the wall of the shower and took her mouth with his own fiercely. Regan whimpered and opened for him, allowing his tongue full access.

His kiss was hot and possessive as his tongue darted in, exploring then pulling back and thrusting in again. Those lips were soft yet strong, loving yet rough.

Regan felt his cock lightly brush against her belly, and she moaned. So close, she was so close. His mouth broke free, and his eyes opened. He stared into her eyes with a look that promised complete satisfaction. He kissed her softly then began to travel down slowly. Regan moved her hand to grab his cock and instantly he grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head.

“I can’t handle you touching me. Let me please you.”

His eyes flamed brilliantly, and Regan nervously nodded. His mouth continued to kiss her neck, his lips sensuous with each touch. Regan’s arms were still being held above her head. She closed her eyes and allowed the feeling to wash over her. Breaths became quick and short, and her breasts jutted forward to find his warm mouth.

Damon teased her nipple with his tongue, outlining it, flicking it. Regan pulled his mouth hard against her chest, arching her back as the water streamed down their bodies.

“Please,” Regan wailed. There was too much stimulation. It was excruciating to have her heart pound in her chest, to feel his mouth devour her breast, and feel her pussy contract and tingle, wanting his touch.

Damon looked into her eyes, giving her a wicked smile, and nipped her bottom lip. “Please what?”

“Take me, please!” her raspy voice cried out.

He allowed her arms to fall and grabbed her face with both hands, kissing her rough. His hand trailed down her chest to her waist. When he reached her hip he pulled her hard against him. “Feel what you do to me,” he hissed out between clenched teeth.

Regan felt her release hovering close. It would only take the simple flick of his thumb to make her blow like Mount Vesuvius.

Both of his hands caressed her body while his mouth left a trail of kisses down her stomach to her abdomen. On his knees, Damon pulled her leg over his shoulder, wasting no time, and began to devour the spot that craved his attention the most.

A tidal wave smacked Regan full force when Damon’s tongue slid between her folds. The tile was hard and cold against her back and his mouth hot between her legs. It was overload. She screamed out his name with her hands tightly wound in his hair, pulling him closer and harder. His talented tongue darted in and out of her while his thumb rubbed her clit.

“Damon, yesss!” Regan groaned and tried to catch her breath. Stars flashed through her vision, blinding her. She blinked her eyes trying to keep from passing out, the adrenaline rush too strong.

Damon lapped at her clit, teasing her. He groaned and stroked his cock with his free hand. Regan watched, sure she’d never witness anything so hot. Water trickled down his determined face. Gorgeous. With a light kiss to her folds, his mouth made its way up her stomach to her breasts where he lightly flicked his tongue over each. Regan hummed while flicking her tongue out to trace her lips just before his mouth met hers, locking into a sensual and loving kiss.

Damon leaned back and grinned.  “Do you taste yourself on me?”

“Yesss,” Regan rasped out.

“Sweet, aren’t you?”

“Yesss.” Regan rolled her head to the side from her high, allowing his lips to kiss her neck gently.

Damon rolled on a condom effortlessly while he nuzzled her throat. God, she had to have him now.

“I think you’re ready for me, beautiful,” he whispered and wrapped her leg around his hip.

Regan’s eyes flashed open when he nudged at her entrance. Her hands gripped his biceps, waiting. When he eased in, she bit her bottom lip to keep from coming apart. His cock was large and thick, and so damn fantastic feeling. Her pussy stretched to accommodate him, and she heard his growl and felt his hands grip her hips tighter. Ecstasy fluttered inside her, spreading out, pleasuring each and every nerve ending she possessed. It was like eating the most sinful and dreamy dessert the world had to offer. He continued to ease in at a rate that was driving her delirious with want. She could feel each ridge of his cock, inch after glorious inch.

With one last thrust up, Damon was seated fully inside her. His mouth grasped hers furiously, his tongue lashing inside hers. She felt his hunger and desire pour into her. “Sweet heaven,” she whispered between kisses.

“Are you ready for more?”

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