[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
To his keep his animal from going insane, broken Alpha werebear Van runs the Howl4Alphas rescue hotline and shelter with his two bestfriends. Van has zero interest in love, and work is all that matters. Salvation unexpectedly comes in the form of childhood friend Travis. Travis is seeking shelter, but Van harbors unresolved feelings for the other man. Travis isn’t safe around him, especially when Van’s bear is out of control.
Omega wolf Travis recently escaped from an abusive relationship. He’s eager to get a fresh start and what better place than the shelter run by his long-time crush Van? Travis isn’t looking for a fling. He’s known since he was a pup that Van is his one and only, but the stubborn Alpha werebear believes otherwise. Outside forces might interfere with their relationship, but neither Van nor Travis can resist the mating call. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Safe, Sound, and Mated (MM)
12 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Van didn’t know how he managed to fuck up one conversation with Travis so easily. Swearing under his breath, he chased after Travis. He had one advantage at least. Van knew this town like the back of his hand, as opposed to a newcomer like Travis. 

Pity? Fuck. Van wanted to hunt down Owen and rip out his entrails, make the fucker scream and beg for mercy, but he wouldn’t give Owen any. What would Travis think if he knew Van had been thinking inappropriate thoughts about Terrence’s kid brother?

No, he ceased thinking of Travis in terms of a brother a long time ago. Travis came to him for help, and yet Van was acting like a predator, circling Travis’ wolf, eager to make the Omega his. God. When he saw Travis, he was shoved to his younger self all those years ago. His old self had struggled to keep away from Travis, because Travis was untouchable. Travis deserved better. Look what staying away had done to both of them.

Travis didn’t regret his time with Doug, but perhaps his visit to Martha had been a sign for him to move on. 

He exited the shelter, and caught a glimpse of Travis’ skinny frame across the parking lot. Van started his pursuit. His bear wanted to tear out of him. In animal form, he could run faster, but the bear’s instinct to mark Travis and mate the Omega would override his human logic. So Van ran on two legs. He didn’t overtake Travis, although he could easily do so.

Sometimes, running gave one a clear head. Travis ended up in the local park near the shelter, where he collapsed on the nearest park bench, breathing hard. He dumped his pack beside him, not even aware Van closed the distance between them. When Van was right in front of Travis, Travis jerked back.

“Jesus Christ, aren’t bears supposed to be loud? I didn’t even hear you.”

Van might not be able to take his words back. He understood he hurt Travis by prying too soon. Oh, Van wanted to get the story out sooner or later, but he’d give Travis some space first. Once Travis was ready, he would tell him.

“I lied. I asked you out, not as a friend, because I’m interested in you.” Van went for honesty this time. Depending on Travis’ reaction, he’d behave in the appropriate matter. If Travis merely wanted to be friends—

“Me, too.”

Scratch that thought. The bear in him reared up, wanting to growl in triumph. He kept his voice steady. “Travis, you came to me for a reason. What is it?”

Travis’ entire face flamed up. Van followed Travis’ line of sight upwards to the night sky. It took him several seconds to figure out Travis wasn’t looking at the stars, but the moon. 

“Oh.” It was all he was capable of saying. It would be full moon soon, the most miserable time of the month for him, because he spent it outrunning his frustrations in bear form in the woods. 

“Yeah.” Travis sucked in a breath. “Pretty stupid of me, right?

“No.” Van couldn’t tell Travis he was this close to kissing him, that his bear wanted to rut and keep him forever. “Let’s tackle one thing at a time. Why don’t I get you home? A hot shower, a warm bed. Tomorrow, we’ll iron things out.”

“Home?” Travis looked confused. “You mean the shelter.”

Van shook his head. “I’ve decided. It’s better if you stay with me. I live in a studio, but I don’t mind taking the couch.”

“Why? So you can keep a look out for me?” 

“Travis, I understand trust takes time to build. I’m not going to take advantage of you. You’re safe with me.”

“That’s the scary part,” Travis whispered the words, but Van heard them. They puzzled him, but he’d figure things out later. Travis continued, “I want to repay you, but I don’t have any money.”

“Did you come here, not just to see me again, but for a new start?” he asked kindly, electing to sit beside Travis. Fuck. Bad idea. Their shoulders brushed, and their skin touched, sending a surge of electricity through his body to his dick. 

Down bear.

“Is a new start possible for someone like me?” Travis asked, hope in his voice.

“Someone like you?” Van asked, confused.

Travis stared at his lap. “A loser.”

Angry that Travis would see himself that way, he closed his fingers over Travis and gave it fierce squeeze. Oh, Van wanted to do more to provide Travis comfort. He could pull Travis into his arms and pet him, stroke his little Omega wolf. 

Stroke. Pet. Caress.


Not yet, at least.

“Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone,” he said.

“You don’t.”

Van had to laughed. “You don’t know me. I’ve shed blood for the sake of keeping the dream of my friends and mine alive. I’m no saint. Hell, I can barely control myself around you.”

That seemed to perk Travis’ interest. “Really? Or you’re just making that up, to prevent me from leaving?”

Did Travis always have a mouth on him? His bear responded to the challenge. Travis needed to know who led the dance here, so Van tipped Travis’ chin. Fear flickered in Travis’ eyes, but the defiance was still there. He thumbed Travis’ bottom lip, surprised when he sucked on his finger. A growl rattled out of his chest, unbidden. Travis widened his eyes, but he could smell the Omega and his arousal in the air.




“Fuck, but I’ve dreamt of this moment,” Van said against his ear, making him shiver.


“Seeing you being undone, all thanks to me.”

“I—” How could Travis string two coherent words together after that admission? He groaned, panting as Van gave his balls a squeeze. “Me, too.”

“Tell me.” Another command. “Sit forward a little.”

Travis obeyed, blushing harder as Van yanked his jeans further now. He found out soon enough why Van ordered him to do that, so Van could drag a finger nail past his balls, the space between his package and finally reach his hole. He squirmed when Van circled his entrance. 

“Not there.”

“You like it. Admit it.” Van teased his puckered hole, but never pushed in.

Travis’ discomfort and lust mounted. Omegas were self-lubricating and his asshole was already slick and ready. “Yes.”

“Tell me about your fantasies,” Van said, pushing a finger into him.

He gasped as Van added another. Travis’ dick was so hard, he could have come right there and then. He held back though, because he didn’t want the game to end. Plus, he wanted to show Van he wasn’t just some undisciplined pup who lacked control.

Without shame, Travis rocked back and forth on Van’s prodding fingers. “I need,” he whispered.

“I only want to get you off, to help you let off some steam. I can’t fuck you.”

“Why?” Travis demanded.

“Because that would make me an asshole. That would be taking advantage.”

“What if I’m willing?” he asked.

“Fuck.” Van stopped but Travis could see Van considering it.

What was he doing? Travis knew Van’s bear was so close to taking over, and all he was doing was encouraging him, but it was so close to mating season. Plus, he was lonely. Heartsick for the only man he ever wanted. Back then, he was merely a kid, but now, Travis was adult. Adults knew what they wanted.

His wolf sang and longed for Van’s bear to claim them.

“We should go back,” Van said abruptly, about to button his jeans again, but Travis stopped him.

“Don’t you want to have your way with me? I want that. All my life, I’ve dreamt of a strong, protective male capable of taming me. That’s you. You’re all I ever wanted.” Honesty seemed to do the trick to change Van’s mind, because his eyes changed color.

Both Van and his bear stared back at them, and unlike the man, Travis had a feeling the bear wouldn’t compromise. Good, because he wanted it all. 

“Come here,” Van said, voice edged with lust. The werebear was suddenly far from the bench, and stood behind one of the thick trees behind the bench. 

Could bears move that fast? Van apparently could. An unexplainable magnetic pull urged him to his feet to go to Van. Once he was within reach, Van grabbed his waist and spun him. It happened in a span of a second. Suddenly, his front brushed against a tree. He mewled with want. 

All at once, he felt dirty, wanted, and needed. 

This wasn’t a random fuck though, not some temporary arrangement. Both of them knew it. Van pressed himself against Travis’ back. Travis felt every hard plane of muscle, most notably, Van’s erection straining against his jeans. 

“Are you sure you want to find out what I’m like when I’m in the mood to rut?” Van asked. Even Van’s voice turned shades deeper, more of a growl. 

He shivered, both in fear and excitement. The combined emotions were potent, lethal.

“Don’t you know, honey bear?” he drawled. “I was made for you.”

Van yanked his pants all the way down to his ankle, exposing his ass and dick. The texture of the wood kissed his dick, as Van’s denim jeans caressed his bare ass.

“Do you know what happens to naughty little Omegas?” Van asked. “Especially one particular Omega who rightfully belongs to me?”

Belong. To. Van.

Oh God. Van certainly knew how to do excellent foreplay, unless the words were true. Just thinking of being under the complete control of Van made his skin burn feverish, and his heart sing with longing. 

The ugly truth was, even when Travis was with other men, his thoughts always strayed to Van. After parting from Owen, his internal compass pointed to one direction, to Van. Maybe fate drew them apart only to reunite again after several years for a reason. 

Well, he’d figure out the answer later on. Right now, he wanted to be fucked good and hard.

“No. Tell me. Better yet, show me.”

Travis heard the sound of Van unbuckling his belt. He spread his legs without needing Van’s command, only to feel Van’s wet tip against his entrance. He moaned and thrust his ass at Van in offering. 

“I’m going to blow your fucking mind, Omega.” Van secured his hands over Travis’ waist and pushed in. Travis drew a sharp breath as Van sheathed himself all the way in, until Van’s balls brushed against his ass. He let out a little gasp. Van paused. “You hurt?”

“No. You’re just so thick.”

“Compliments like that won’t earn you brownie points.” Van nipped at the side of his neck, making him shudder. The urge to beg Van for his mate mark arose, but that would make him needy. What if that turned Van off? 

Van asked, “Ready for me to move?” 

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