[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen Ménage ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]
Cameron is struggling with what was done to him by a low-life Hunter. Etienne is evil incarnate, and he will stop at nothing to get Cameron back. When Taz and Emrick enter his life, Cameron is forced to face a reality he never knew existed.
When Taz runs into Emrick in the bathroom at Beans and Buns, things heat up. Taz also knows the slim barista is his mate, but the human doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. However, Taz is determined to convince Cameron that they are fated to be together. 
Emrick works for a scumbag demon. He leaves for a few hours to find someone he can have a little fun with, unaware that he’s about to run into both of his mates.
Taz takes things in stride, but Cameron takes off and it’s up to Emrick and Taz to keep their human mate from running into danger—a danger that just might reveal to the world that nonhumans exist.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Taz (MMM)
47 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




Cameron was conflicted on the deepest level. On the one hand, Etienne had ruined a lot of things for him. He’d twisted Cameron’s view on gay sex and had taken a part of him that he would never get back.

On the other hand, seeing Taz and the bigger guy going at it in the bathroom was…Cameron wasn’t sure how to describe the deep, dark need that swirled through his gut and made his loins burn. Those two had been the most erotic sight he’d ever seen.

Cameron was unsure how to feel or what to think. It was late evening, so he clocked out, left the coffee shop, and just stood there on the sidewalk.

The image of Taz with his legs wrapped around the stranger kept popping into Cameron’s head. He needed someone to talk to, but he was afraid to say anything at all. If he called Zeke and asked to speak to him privately, what would he say? He’d have to tell Zeke about Etienne in order to explain why he’d done what he’d done to Jalen. He’d have to tell Zeke in order for the man to understand Cameron’s confliction.

He looked up and saw Zeke striding from Bad Habits tavern. Well, at least he didn’t have to call him now. Feeling desperate, Cameron hurried across the street. He followed Zeke for a block, then stopped short, losing his nerve.

He couldn’t verbalize his humiliation. Cameron couldn’t tell his cousin’s boyfriend what Etienne had done to him. He’d started to turn away when he saw Etienne coming out of the pizza parlor.

Cameron backpedaled, spun, and ran right into Zeke.

“Whoa.” Zeke held his hands up. “Slow down, Cameron.”

Cameron looked back over his shoulder. A block away, Etienne stood leaning against his car. His eyes narrowed and his lips thinned as he watched them.

“You okay?”

Cameron was getting tired of hearing that question. No, he wasn’t okay. He didn’t think he would ever be okay again. He looked up at Zeke. “Just stand here with me. Can you do that?”

Zeke glanced around, scanning the streets. “Someone bothering you?”

Cameron looked back over his shoulder. Before he could see if Etienne was still there, he noticed Taz and the big fella crossing the street together. Flashes of the two against the wall indulging in raw, erotic sex raced through Cameron’s mind. As he gazed at the two approaching men, he felt a primal urge to give himself over to them. Then he glanced to where Etienne still stood watching him, and those needs dried up like a riverbed in the hottest heat of the summer.

“Cameron?” Zeke touched his arm. “Talk to me.”

He looked at Zeke. His expression must have shown how torn he was because Zeke pushed Cameron behind him when Taz and his friend stepped onto the sidewalk.

Cameron was amazed Zeke would protect him after what he’d done to Jalen. That spoke volumes about what kind of man Zeke was.

“Can I help you two?” Zeke asked.

“We mean no harm,” the stranger with Taz said.

Taz stuck out his hand. “I belong to Zeus’s pack.”

Cameron had no idea what that meant. Was that some sort of a gang?

Zeke shook Taz’s hand. “Yeah, I remember you. You own Theo’s.”

Taz nodded. “This is Emrick.”

Zeke shook the bigger man’s hand. “I remember you, too. You're the one who fought Gabriel. Roxy's brother, right?”

Emrick nodded. 

“Is there something you two wanted with Cameron?” Taz asked.

Cameron looked past Zeke. Etienne still stood there.

“Fate,” Taz said, as if that one word explained it all. It didn’t. Cameron was even more confused.

Zeke heaved a heavy sigh. “This just got complicated.”

“Not really,” Emrick said. “We need to talk to Cameron.”

Looking behind him, Zeke raised a brow. “You want to talk to them?”

Cameron shook his head.

“I wasn’t asking.” Emrick’s gaze landed on Cameron, and his stare intensified, making Cameron quiver.

Taz held up a hand. “Need to work on your tact, buddy,” he said. “You can’t just scare the crap out of our ma-Cameron.”

Our Cameron? What did that mean? Too many images flooded Cameron’s mind. Scenes from his time with Etienne and images of Taz and Emrick together swirled, and Cameron felt as if he was being consumed with terror that wanted to destroy him.

“Then I’ll be there when you tell him,” Zeke said.

“The hell you will.” Emrick’s nostrils flared.

“The choice is up to Cameron,” Zeke said.

Cameron made the choice. He spun on his heel and raced toward his car. His legs felt heavy and he struggled to breathe. Cameron tried to shut his thoughts down, but the images wouldn’t fade quietly into the night. He sped up as he left everyone behind. 




Cameron had roamed the French Quarters all day with Emrick and Taz. It was an experience he wouldn’t soon forget. The sights, the smells, the food. It made him feel as if he’d stepped into another world.

And he wasn’t talking about the demon realm.

They were now back at Barryn’s place, and Emrick was sitting on the balcony, rocking on the back legs of the chair he was seated in. Cameron joined Emrick as Taz took a shower. This city never seemed to sleep. People below them partied as different kinds of music blared from the various bars. The French Quarter felt alive as Cameron took a seat and sighed.

“You have fun today?” Emrick took a drink of his tea. Cameron was still amazed that a man the size of a bull, and a bossy one at that, enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey.

“I did.” Cameron leaned his arms on the metal railing and smiled at the men on the next balcony over. They had their hands filled with colorful beads as they whistled and yelled at the women below to show their cans, breasts, hooters, and a few other descriptions that had Cameron grinning widely.

Emrick tugged on the hem of Cameron’s shirt. “Got some beads I can throw at you if you show me something worthwhile.”

Cameron’s face heated. He still hadn’t had sex with either man, but the temptation had grown by leaps and bounds over the past few days. Cameron not only felt the connection Taz had talked about, but watching Emrick and Taz, spending time with them, seeing how easy falling for them would be made him realize that not all gay men were sadistic and evil.

“Sorry, I don’t have hooters to show you.”

Emrick’s gaze dropped to Cameron’s lap. One of his brows rose as he smirked. “No, you have something much more interesting that I’d like to see.”

When Emrick pulled Cameron to his lap, Cameron found himself trembling. Emrick’s smoothed his hand down Cameron’s back as he kissed Cameron’s neck. “Gonna show me?”

Cameron got lost in Emrick when they began to kiss. His heart raced. His cock hardened. His body trembled with need.

Emrick set his cup aside and kept his hand on Cameron’s back as he palmed Cameron’s flourishing erection with the other. Suddenly, a host of beads flew their way.

The men on the next balcony over were smiling. One shouted, “Give us a show!”

Emrick growled. He stood, lifting Cameron with him, and carried him inside. He left the doors open, but no one could see them. The air felt magical, and Cameron whimpered when Emrick set him on his feet.

Emrick skimmed his hands down Cameron’s sides, then back up again, making Cameron shiver. “I’m scared,” he admitted. “The first time I had—”

Emrick shook his head. “No memories of another guy. Just you and me, Cam.”

“Okay,” Cameron said, nodding. He lifted his arms as Emrick tugged his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. The noises outside blended together as Emrick lowered to his knees, taking Cameron’s shorts and underwear down with him. Cameron kicked his sandals off, then lifted his legs one at a time until he stood there completely naked.

Cameron trembled as the warm breeze caressed his skin. Emrick nuzzled his inner thigh and licked at Cameron’s salty skin. A soft moan escaped Emrick as Cameron stood there with his arms dangling at his sides.

Emrick looked up at him, and his dark eyes filled with need before he took Cameron’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh, God,” Cameron said on a long moan. His head fell back as he carded his fingers through Emrick’s hair.

A wall of flesh pressed Cameron’s back, and Taz’s arms slid around his waist as he kissed along Cameron’s shoulder.

Cameron closed his eyes, trembling harder. Two men were touching him, tasting him, and Cameron was enjoying it—relishing the feel of their hands on his body.

He’d seen this moment coming since he’d found out what a mate was. Cameron thought he couldn’t go through with it—was positive he couldn’t. But as Emrick sucked Cameron’s cock to the back of his throat and Taz ran his fingers down the crease of Cameron’s ass, all he wanted was to feel one of them inside of him.

He was desperate for it.

He wanted Etienne’s memory erased and replaced by the promise of what these two men could and would do to him.

Taz’s fingers disappeared. Cameron’s almost begged him to put them back, but they returned, wet, circling his aching hole.

Taz nibbled his way up Cameron’s neck and sighed in his ear as one of his fingers breached him. Cameron whimpered as Taz’s finger sank deep, then began pushing and pulling in and out of his ass.

Of their own accord, Cameron’s hips shot forward. He pushed his cock down Emrick’s throat, then arched backward, impaling his ass farther on Taz’s finger.

“You want another?” Taz whispered into Cameron’s ear.

“Yes!” Cameron hissed.

A second finger worked inside of him. Taz stretched them wide and thrust them in and out, biting Cameron’s neck playfully as Emrick pulled back. Emrick lapped at Cameron’s balls and tugged at them, making his sac grow tight.

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