Isaac and Mohammed’s Story

Isaac Bronstein likes his life the way it is. He lives in a town, he loves his two best friends, and is doing great in school and at work. So, what’s not to like? It’s the other people in his life who find his existence disappointing, namely his parents, especially his mother, Sandra.

Mohammed Connelly is straight. He’s been straight all his life. So what if he has sex with men? That doesn’t mean he’s gay, does it? If he were, why would he have a girlfriend and why would his parents constantly be dreaming of his wedding day? There was only one problem—Mohammed didn’t want to get married to his girlfriend, or any girl for that matter. He just couldn’t see it in his future. What he could see was sharing a life with Isaac … who happened to be a man. Certainty turns to uncertainty when he begins to ask himself—Am I man enough to be gay?

Reader Advisory: This Gay Romance will make your heart race and your breath catch. You are not dying. It’s just a hot read!

Deception (MM)
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Cover Art by Poppy Designs

“That was fast.” Isaac watched Josh walking toward the cash register where he was standing and supposedly working, except that his mind kept wandering to the night before instead of tracking hourly sales like his boss wanted him to do. But he didn’t care how many pima cotton tees he had sold in the last hour or about the new, slim-cut faded jeans that every gay boy in town kept calling to ask for and put on hold. He had more important things on his mind. Mohammed.

“I was driving by when I got your text.” Josh’s eyes roamed the sales floor. “Where are those jeans everyone’s been talking about?”

“I didn’t ask you here so you could do some shopping.” Sometimes Josh could be so one-dimensional. “My life is unraveling.”

“What are you talking about?” Josh stroked a long-sleeved shirt in lilac. “Last night you left with the cutest guy in the club. What could be so bad?”

“He’s cute alright.”


“And he’s straight?”

“W–w–what?” Josh stuttered, now paying attention, his eyes the size of quarters.

“Yep,” Isaac said in a whisper. “You heard me. He’s straight.”

“But didn’t you have sex?”

Isaac nodded. “A few times.”

“Then he’s not straight.”

“I saw a picture of his very pretty girlfriend.”

“That’s his beard.” Josh rolled his eyes. “The dude’s in the closet because straight guys don’t suck cock.”

“Or he could be bisexual.”

“How selfish.” Josh made a tsking sound that sounded like disapproval. “Bisexuals are so greedy. It’s just wrong. No one should be allowed to have all that choice.”

“What am I going to do about it?” The store phone started to ring, but Isaac ignored it as he waited for Josh’s answer.

“Do you have to do something?” Josh shrugged. “I mean you don’t really have to see him again.”

That was not what he was expecting to hear … or wanted to hear. “I guess not, but there was this connection between us. I’ve never had sex like that in my life. He did everything right. It was as if he was reading my mind and then fulfilling everything I wanted him to do to me.” Just talking about it started to make Josh’s cheeks flush and his underwear grow tight. “I don’t know how to explain it, except he drove me wild.”

“Damn, dude, that’s unfortunate.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you have it bad. I can tell.”

“I know. He’s perfect in every way.”

“Except that he’s a closet case and a cheat.”

“I was trying to forget about those things.”

“That’s why I’m here, to remind you.”

Isaac was beginning to regret texting Josh. At first, he had considered Mitch but remembered that he was at work too. He gazed around the store that was beginning to fill with customers who were giving him looks as if to say, “Would you help me please?” He groaned and pointed to a wall full of built-in shelves. “Those jeans are over there. I hid two in your size on the bottom shelf. Don’t tell anyone I did that for you, or I’ll have all the guys begging me to do it for them. I have to take care of some of these people.”

Josh darted toward the shelf in question as Isaac helped a couple who spoke little English and sported fresh sunburns. After selecting two outfits for each, so they could be the envy of their small German towns, he rang them out and found Josh standing in front of the three-way mirror admiring his jean-clad ass. Isaac had to admit the pants did work wonders for the butt.

“What do you think?” Isaac asked, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at Josh, posing and posturing.

“I think I’m hot. I’ll take both pair.”

“That’s nice to know, but I was referring to Mohammed.”

Josh turned to face Isaac. “The way I see it is, there is nothing you can do. He’s not being true to himself or to his girlfriend. Do you really want to walk down that messed up path? I know I wouldn’t, because it leads to confusion and, I venture to guess, heartache. So, save yourself some, chalk it up to a night of great sex with a hot guy, and move on. You’ll be glad you did.”

Isaac knew that his friend was right, but why was he struggling so much? If the shoe was on the other foot and Josh was asking the same questions, wouldn’t he be giving the same advice?

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