[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
The past two months have been hard on Alex White. He’s still dealing with the loss of his brother, and at times, the depression is crippling. He only went out that night to help himself forget his pain—little did he know he’d find his soul mate in the town’s beloved baseball star, Boston Farrell. 
Boston never expected one night of poor judgment to change his life forever. All he ever wanted to do was to play baseball and make his brothers proud, but all that changed when he met Alex. Now, Boston doesn’t know which way is up. This little hiccup in the road was something he never planned for. 
Boston is fighting something that is meant to be, and it’s up to Alex to prove to him that love can conquer all—Boston just has to have a little faith.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Wolf's Homerun (MM)
13 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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The house Alex had bought in Silver Creek wasn’t very big. It had three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a large bathroom in the master bedroom and another bathroom in the hallway. It was a cozy little white house on the outer limits of town. In the back of the house was a large patio with a portion of it screened in to make a large sunroom. Alex liked to go out there in the mornings to drink his coffee and read the paper. It was a calming sanctuary in which to unwind. Beyond the back yard was the thick forest that surrounded the town. Having access to the woods was also a major selling point for him. Alex liked letting his wolf free to run and hunt.

Alex kicked off his boots and pulled his wavy blond hair back into a tight ponytail. He walked into the kitchen and over to the crock pot and pulled off the lid. He had put a roast, potatoes, and carrots in there this morning and now the heavenly aroma filled the air. He scooped some out, then carried his plate to the back porch. He sat in his rocking chair and listened to the sounds of the wind whipping around the trees. It was late fall and the leaves had started to fall and the temperature had gone down, but Alex didn’t mind. His body temperature always ran a little hotter than usual and he could withstand the cold temps.

The grass had turned brown and leaves covered a large portion of his yard. Alex would have to spend his weekend doing yard work.

Alex finished his dinner and set the plate aside. He stared out the porch screens and lost himself in his memories of Jay. His brother had been a couple of years younger than him. Jay had struggled from a young age with his temper and when their parents died, things only got worse. Alex kept replaying that night in his head over and over, but he didn’t see any other outcome. If Alex hadn’t killed Jay, Jay would have killed Julian, Brandt, and probably him, as well. Alex had suffered from many bruises and cuts from his brother’s fist. He knew how cruel and angry Jay could be, but he still wished he had his brother with him now. Alex loved Jay no matter what and he wished that his love had been enough to heal his brother’s inner demons. But it wasn’t, and now Alex was all alone in the world.

“Fuck,” Alex groaned. He hated how his mind would go to that dark place of depression and self-loathing. He was beginning to wonder if the guilt he felt would ever go away. “Could I have done something different? Could I have saved him?”

Sick of waiting to hear an answer that was never going to come, Alex stood up and stomped out the back door and into the yard. Leaves crunched under his bare feet and the wind whirled around him like a tornado. Alex closed his eyes and breathed in the scents of fall. He continued to walk until he was safely hidden by the trees. He took off his clothes, then called upon his wolf. He was eager to shed this human skin.

Bones cracked and popped to reform into the form of his wolf. Alex hissed in pain but relished in the sensation. His skin stretched tight and then rippled in waves as his fur began to grow.

Alex fell to his knees and breathed deeply, relaxing into the torture his body went through to change forms. Once it was done, he sighed. He stretched out his neck, flicking his long tongue out to wipe off his face.

A powerful energy coursed through his veins and Alex took off. He ran as fast as he could, as if he were being chased by the demons of hell. The uneven ground was no match for him. Alex lunged and leapt over sections of ground. He ran so fast it was almost as if he were flying. The cool wind whipped around his face, causing his eyes to sting and water.

An owl hooted in the distance and the sound of small animals squiring away from him echoed in his ears. Alex loved it. He loved being in wolf form and loved being outside, free to be his true self.

Alex wasn’t sure how long he’d been running when he came to a clearing in the distance. There was a break in the trees and the crescent moon glinted in the dark night sky. Alex sat down on his haunches and stared upward. His wolf also mourned the loss of Jay.

It was times like this when everything stopped and Alex was forced to feel that he was truly all alone. Sure, he had friends, but no family. For Alex, there was no lonelier feeling than this right now.

His eyes welled up and Alex tipped his head back and let loose a howl that caused the ground to vibrate. Sometimes in life it just felt good to scream one’s frustration and Alex didn’t feel guilty for letting his voice be heard.

Alex knew he’d get through this but he just had to wonder how much longer it would take before he came out on the other side of being okay.




“Clothes off. Now,” Alex snapped. He was already hard at work removing his own clothes. Alex yanked up his shirt. The material got caught around his head and Alex couldn’t help but laugh as Boss started to argue with the shirt and struggled with getting it off. “Here, let me help you.” Alex’s cock was eager to get started but there was something so sweet about Boss that had him slowing down to take his time. It was cute how goofy Boss was acting.

Boss’s arms were still tangled in his shirt’s sleeves and Alex took the opportunity to caress his hands down the hard, muscled planes of Boss’s chest and stomach. His nipples were erect on top of his defined pecs. His stomach was flat and grooved with valleys of muscles. Alex leaned his head down to lick a path to the waist of Boss’s jeans. The salty flesh ignited his taste buds.

“A little help, please,” Boss begged. His body squirming underneath Alex’s touch. “You keep touching me like that, and I’m going to cum in my boxers.”

“Can’t have that, now, can we?” Alex sat up and helped Boss out of his shirt. He made quick work of Boss’s zipper and pulled down his jeans and boxers all in one go. Alex wasn’t proud of the whimper that escaped his lips once he got a good visual on Boss’s pretty, thick cock. It was pink, smooth, and hard. The tip glistened with clear juices.

“Come on, man.” Boss grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. “Want to see you, too.”

Alex jerked his shirt off, and then stood up to kick off his boots and yank down his pants. His hardened cock was so heavy it hung downward. He wrapped his fingers around it and pumped his fist a few times, watching how Boss’s chest hitched. His tough little mate wanted his dick.

“You hungry for it, baby?” Alex climbed back on the bed, staying on his knees as he moved to straddle Boss. “How about you open that pretty mouth of yours and suck me?”

Boss nodded his head, his eyes fastened to Alex’s thick meat. He moved his mouth toward Alex’s wet tip and mouthed it with sloppy kisses. His tongue flicked out to lick along the sides. Boss moaned and raised his hands to touch Alex’s thighs. “Yeah, that’s it.” Alex’s head fell back on his shoulders.

Boss’s technique was sloppy and a few times his teeth got in the way. Alex would yank at Boss’s hair and the younger man seemed to get the hint. He’d back off and suck around the head and use his hand.

Alex assumed it was nerves and eagerness that had Boss fumbling at times, but still, it was the best blow job Alex had ever received. His toes were curling and a jolt of electric fire was building up behind his balls. If he didn’t get his dick inside Boss soon, he thought he might pass out.

Alex pulled from Boss’s mouth and pressed his lips over Boss’s until the man began to whine. He lightly shoved at Boss’s shoulders until he was lying down. Alex bent down and captured one erect nipple in his mouth and sucked, hard. Boss jerked upward but Alex pushed him back down on the bed. He tormented the tight little peak, then moved over to show the same attention to the other one. Alex laved the tender flesh over and over again, then moved downward. He sucked up little bruises as he went relishing the loud cry that left Boss’s lips.

When Alex finally reached Boss’s hard cock, he tucked his nose in close to where his leg and torso met and breathed in deeply. The spring rain smell was sharp in this area and Alex flicked out his tongue to taste his heated flesh. He let his hands roam up and over Boss’s heavy ball sack and his fingertips tickled along his shaft. Boss cried out and thrust his hips upward, silently begging for more.

Alex sat up and grabbed Boss under the knees and pushed his legs forward. He looked down at the light furred pink bud at Boss’s center. The opening looked so small and tight and Alex couldn’t wait to work his hole open. He wanted to see the little bud red and swollen and dripping with his cum.

“Yes.” Alex lunged forward and buried his face between Boss’s tight cheeks. He licked over the tight opening and spat on it. He worked his tongue in, caressing the snug channel.

“Oh God, oh God!” Boss’s body jerked and heaved, yet couldn’t break from Alex’s hold.

Alex held him down and feasted on his luscious body. He sucked at the opening and brought up his right hand to push one finger into the squeezing tunnel. The walls were smooth and hot and so fucking tight. Alex worked in another finger. He sat up and reached for his nightstand to grab some lube.

Boss had his eyes clamped shut. His body was covered in sweat and his muscles tensed with each wiggle of Alex’s fingers. He was gorgeous, with the artificial light from the ceiling highlighting his impressive body. Boss’s hands were clutching the pillows up by his head and his mouth hung open.

Alex’s balls clenched and he knew it was now or never. He was about to come long and hard and he’d be damned if he wasted the first load meant for his mate on the damn bedspread.

Alex used his teeth to pop off the cap on the lube. He placed the tube down at Boss’s opening and pulled apart his fingers to squeeze a generous portion up his tight ass. He began fingering Boss again, adding a third finger for good measure. Alex squeezed a line of the clear gel on his heated shaft and rubbed it in.

“You ready for me, baby?” Alex asked. 

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